JSA, Vol. 3: The Return of Hawkman

In JSA, Vol 3 The Return of Hawkman, one of the most legendary heroes of all time returns from the dead as his true origin and history are told for the first time ever When the JSA travel back to Thanagar, home world of the Hawkpeople, Hawkgirl learns that everything that she believed about her past is false Further she discovers that she holds the key to her beloveIn JSA, Vol 3 The Return of Hawkman, one of the most legendary heroes of all time returns from the dead as his true origin and history are told for the first time ever When the JSA travel back to Thanagar, home world of the Hawkpeople, Hawkgirl learns that everything that she believed about her past is false Further she discovers that she holds the key to her beloved Hawkman s reincarnation But before she can hope to be reunited with the winged warrior, the JSA must defeat an omnipotent despot determined to ravage Thanagar This book marks the triumphant return of Hawkman and the beginning of a new era in his legend.Collecting JSA 16 25
JSA Vol The Return of Hawkman In JSA Vol The Return of Hawkman one of the most legendary heroes of all time returns from the dead as his true origin and history are told for the first time ever When the JSA travel back to Than

  • Title: JSA, Vol. 3: The Return of Hawkman
  • Author: David S. Goyer Geoff Johns Stephen Sadowski Steve Yeowell
  • ISBN: 9781563899126
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Re-read in 2015.This story arc is all about LEGACY. Or to put it another way: Why the hell should anyone care about these old school DC characters?Goyer and Johns begin to answer that one by crafting an old school superhero adventure with modern qualities. Naturally, the big thing that occurs here is that Hawkman returns. Something that I personally didn't give a damnn about when I read this back-in-the-day. (Hawkman never really inspired me, whichever version I was reading.) But somehow the cre [...]

    2. DC went crazy in the 1990s. Thinking that all their characters have become too archaic for the cutting-edged tastes of today's readers, they systematically set out to eliminate all their "old" characters and replace them with "new" characters. Thus we have all the big "events" of the 1990s - the "death" of Superman (to be replaced by FOUR Supermen - and finally the original returned with long hair), the "maiming" of Batman (to be replaced by a psychotic, badly-drawn Jean Paul Valley), the "defea [...]

    3. Hawkman's back! He's always been one of those characters that looks cool, but I have very little interest in. David Goyer and Geoff Johns do a decent job bringing back the often-retconned character, blending all the different versions of Hawkman into one guy that emerges from a magical portal (it sort of makes sense.) Hawkman and Hawkgirl then defeat Onimar Synn (who controlled Thanagar with Hawk-corpses) with the power of their eternal love, which seemed kind of lame. I do like the dynamic betw [...]

    4. This volume just made me happy. I'm a big Hawkman fan, and it was great to see him return at long last. Goyer and Johns, in telling a fresh and exciting adventure story, also manage to streamline and consolidate all the disparate threads of Hawkman continuity into one cohesive origin that really works. Return of Hawkman also sets up the new, surprisingly different relationship between Carter Hall and the new Hawkgirl, Sheira Saunders. Nicely done.The opening story, before the Hawkman tale, featu [...]

    5. Geoff Johns takes the convoluted mess that is Hawkman's history and sorts through to find the good stuff and cleans it all up so he can bring him back from comic book limbo.Great story that travels from ancient Egypt to outer space while juggling a lot of comic book history and some decent relationship stuff.Johns is an incredibly hit or miss writer, but his work on the JSA series was one of the hits and the love and effort he made to get Hawkman back in action is much appreciated by me.

    6. A great book, one of the best storylines of Johns' run on JSA. Brings Carter Hall back into the fold and clears up the continuity mess surrounding the character.

    7. Menos malYa creía yo que mi percepción antiguamente no estaba en muy buena forma.Este tercer volumen de la JSA sí supuso un paso adelante. Nuevamente dos historias, en la primera de ellas tenemos la verdadera amenaza de la Injustice Society, curiosamente uno o dos de sus miembros ponen en jaque a varios miembros del grupo, lo cual pone en entredicho aún más el absurdo número en que WildCat era capaz de acabar con ella solo. Buen final con un Flash en plan estrella y que acaba desplazado en [...]

    8. Very interesting! I read this as background for Legends of Tomorrow show, I had never really even considered Hawkman as a credible character until this series! I think Geoff Johns did a masterful job of distilling what seems like a very convoluted back story into a very entertaining read. It's fun and very enjoyable. The art is of the time period, early 2000s, and whilst at times it seemed a bit static or not capturing some of the bigger battle/action sequences, I give great credit for the sheer [...]

    9. What a great book! David Goyer wrote great JSA stories, before he went on to write and/or direct movies and cable tv shows ( the Blade Trilogy, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Dark City) He really put the JSA on the map (with the help of Geoff Johns and some great artists) Stephen Sadowski and Michael Bair did great work on the art, and JSA also had some great guest artists. If you want good, intelligent superhero stories, look no further than David Goyer and Geoff Johns JSA.

    10. Admittedly, this JSA collection of comics was not my favorite of the series. However, I did find myself more and more excited about Hawkman. I have really enjoyed the other characters of the JSA, but "The Return of Hawkman" has a clear emphasis on him, Hawkgirl, and Black Adam. While it was good getting to know those characters better, I have to admit I missed the presence of some of the other characters. Overall, however, it is still worth reading.

    11. The Goyer/Johns JSA is a bunch of interesting ideas that are just executed really boringly. Frankly, I gotta put the blame on Goyer. The ideas themselves feel like Johns - stuff that bridges superheroing, emotional resonance, and continuity in ways that aren't quite as impressive as they think they are, but still lead to interesting places. But the scripting feels very flat, melodrama that gestures vaguely at that emotional resonance but doesn't really engage with it.

    12. Exceptional story. Without a doubt in the Golden Age there was nobody that was the heart and soul of the Justice Society was Hawkman. I find it odd the circumstances of his death aren't fully mention nor is that of Hawkgirl/Shiera Hall but all I'm glad is that Carter is back and how he begins his relationship/partnership with Kendra. The rest of this story goes by quick with a good pace. Still this is for my love for Hawkman & Hawkgirl only.B

    13. The Johnny Sorrow story that leads things off is a fun romp, though the initial battle against the Injustice League [8/10] is more interesting than the later battle against the King of Tears [7/10]. The "Guardian Angels" one-off is a nice look at several of the characters [8/10]. The "Return of Hawkman" that follows is a generally good story [7+/10] that does a good job of trying to figure out the mess that is Hawkman continuity

    14. I love the golden age superheroes from DC and the new JSA brings these original heroes back into the modern age along with their legacy namesakes. Well above average art and plot keep these 70 year old comic characters interesting and entertaining. Very recommended

    15. I'm enjoying this run of JSA. The Hawkman portion seemed to jump around a lot so that made it a little tough to follow, but still solid.

    16. Solid writing and artwork.Just what I want when I pick the JSA.Fun story, the voices of each member felt correct.I really liked this one.Time for more

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