Listen for the Singing

Anna faces prejudice that stems from her German heritage, and contends with small problems like her first school dance Tragedy strikes when Anna a brother, Rudi, is blinded, and it is her turn to provide the love and strength Rudi needs to face his new life.
Listen for the Singing Anna faces prejudice that stems from her German heritage and contends with small problems like her first school dance Tragedy strikes when Anna a brother Rudi is blinded and it is her turn to prov

  • Title: Listen for the Singing
  • Author: Jean Little
  • ISBN: 9780064403948
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Listen for the Singing”

    1. YOU GUYS THERE IS A SEQUEL TO FROM ANNA!! I loved that book as a kid - I still love that book. It's perfect. I can't believe I didn't know there was a sequel until last week. I'm so glad the hold came in fast.So, Anna is starting high school, the same one her siblings attend and not a sight saving one - and thanks to a move, Isobel is now at a new school so she has to navigate it and new friendships all on her own. It's also 1939 and WW2 is just beginning, which is not a good thing for a German [...]

    2. I think I must not have read this one as a child, probably because I was reading Jean Little books when I was seven or eight and this one focuses on Anna's first year or so of high school. But I'm glad I picked this one up with the rest of the lot, because it was good to see how things turned out for Anna and the other Soldens. Now that World War II has actually begun, things get tricky for Anna and the other Germans living in Canada (and, I'd imagine, any other country on the side of the Allies [...]

    3. This is a sequel to one of my favorite books, From Anna. It is of the same high quality as its predecessor and follows Anna into high school and the beginning of World War II.

    4. Considering the terrible title (I mean really, you can't help but go in with low expectations), homegirl pulled it off. It helps that she's a fantastic writer and storyteller.

    5. I recently ordered a copy of Jean Little's "From Anna" for my son to read and decided to purchase the sequel, "Listen to the Singing" as well. I loved "From Anna" as a child but had somehow missed this continuation. (I can only assume my local library never ordered it, so I never knew it existed.) As always, Jean Little creates vivid characters whose actions and emotions ring true. This story was not quite as gripping as the original, but I was happy to spend time again with Anna and her family. [...]

    6. I reread From Anna recently and enjoyed the weep it provided. It was then I learned that Little wrote a sequel. It's believable and right except that Little changed Anna's favorite apple, from a Pippin Sweet (I'm pretty sure) to a McIntosh, which has never been and could never be anyone's favorite.

    7. A great squeal to the first book but even if you haven't read the first one you can read this one without being confused

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