Priscilla and the Pink Planet

Priscilla lives on a planet where everything is pink Pink, pink, pink she cries with fright Pink to the left and pink to the right Priscilla dreams of seeing the world in other colors and ends up teaching the Great Queen of Pink that diversity leads to true beauty Told in lyrical verse, here is a clever read aloud that s sure to become a modern classic.Priscilla lives on a planet where everything is pink Pink, pink, pink she cries with fright Pink to the left and pink to the right Priscilla dreams of seeing the world in other colors and ends up teaching the Great Queen of Pink that diversity leads to true beauty Told in lyrical verse, here is a clever read aloud that s sure to become a modern classic.
Priscilla and the Pink Planet Priscilla lives on a planet where everything is pink Pink pink pink she cries with fright Pink to the left and pink to the right Priscilla dreams of seeing the world in other colors and ends up teac

  • Title: Priscilla and the Pink Planet
  • Author: Nathaniel Hobbie Jocelyn Hobbie
  • ISBN: 9780316735797
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Priscilla and the Pink Planet”

    1. The text falls flat with me. The author was trying a little too hard to hit her meter and rhyme scheme, and some of the verses go on too long. When I read it to the nieces, I'm in the habit of skipping four lines at a time as I go along, they just grate on me that much and it just takes so long otherwise.Honestly, if they didn't love it as much as they do, I'd rate it a star lower. I love the artwork, I think it's darling and delightful and all sorts of other great d-words - but the text just is [...]

    2. My daughter is obsessed with pinkd fancy. I loved this book because it explores the idea of sometimes having "too much of a good thing". It initiated a conversation about moderationwhy we don't eat cupcakes at every meal. I thought it was a cute story with an important message for childrend adults!

    3. Priscilla is a wonderful girl who simply has had too much of a good thinge color pink! She sets out to find another color, ANY COLOR in her rosy hued world. When a potential find is made, she discovers there's more to this single colored land than meets the eyebut with a little eye-opening suggestion from Priscilla herself, perhaps the beauty of the color can be found anew.This was another unexpected find at my library's second chance bookstore and boy am I ever glad I found it! It reminded me v [...]

    4. Technically I read this years ago probably around the time it was first published however I failed to write a review at the time so here it goes READ THIS BOOK!!! It never flew off the shelf on its own. I always had to hand sell it. Sometimes I failed. Occasionally I succeeded. It is one of those titles I wish could be shared with every child so that they could write their own “Me and the _____ planet” story.

    5. Priscilla and the Pink Planet is such a cute book in which children learn that too much of a good thing is not so good. Priscilla absolutely loves the color pink and goes to a planet where even the soles of her shoes and concrete on the side walk are pink. in the beginning of the story she couldn't be happier but after some time she starts to get tired of eating all thinks pink and wearing every shade of pink. She goes on an adventure to find more colors and learns to try new and different thing [...]

    6. Priscilla is really just too cute! This book was playful, an silly, but very accessibile for young readers. It shows Priscilla's courage as she sets out on her perilous quest for other colors and confronts the Queen of Pink, and it shows her conviction that she stands up for what she believes, The sing-song nature of the book lends itself to Suessian poetry, and the quirky plot is quite fantastical. Overall, I think very young children would find this book entertaining and be able to derive life [...]

    7. Priscilla lives on an entirely pink planet, but becomes bored with her monochromatic life and sets off to find new colors. She eventually finds the queen of pink and convinces her that a little variety would make the world even better. The moral of the story is that new things can be good. The rhyme scheme is similar to that of a Dr.Seuss book. It might be a good book for Pre-school and kindergarten when learning about colors. A child might be in upper elementary before they are able to read thi [...]

    8. I used this book to teach a problem/solution lesson with. A girl named Priscilla lives on a planet with nothing but pink everywhere. She decides to go on a search to find any other color. She finally comes across a queen fairy whose favorite color is pink, but she convinces the queen fairy that pink cannot truly be beautiful without any other colors to compare it to. The queen fairy agrees and brings back all the colors she banished. There are also a lot of adjectives that younger first or secon [...]

    9. Priscilla loves pink and everything becomes pink when she eats too much pink porridge. She lives on a planet where everything is some shade of pink. She goes searching for a different color. She meets the Great Queen of Pink who only likes pink. Priscilla decides to change the queen’s mind and bring back all the other colors, not just pink.

    10. Priscilla explores the pink planet. Come to find out, the Queen of Pink hides all other colors. Can Priscilla figure out a way to change the Queen of Pink's spell on colors?? A great book for rhyming and using imagination!

    11. Appropriate k-2, Even if you don't love the color pink, I think you'll love this book. It is written in verse like a Dr. Seuss book. Everything in Priscilla's world is pink and, even though she likes pink, she would also like a little variety.

    12. Priscilla and the Pink Planet is a cute little story of a Priscilla's search for some color. The story is filled with sweet illustrations and rhymes.

    13. This is by far my favorite and the best Priscilla book. With the flair of Dr. Seuss and the character that Pinkalicious wishes she was, Priscilla and the Pink Planet is a really fun book to read aloud and to look at!

    14. I love the "poetry" of this book. I bought it thinking my daughter would get the message that pink is not the only good color in the world. I think maybe, at 4, she's still too young to grasp that, but she definitely loves the book!

    15. This is my first Priscilla book and I have to say it was pretty good. The rhyming was Seussish without being obnoxious; the illustrations likewise. It was one or two pages too long on the pink stuff descriptions but the overall message was great.

    16. My highest praise for this book will be that Devin read it to the girls, and he loved it. He's a tough critic to please.

    17. This reads like a good ol' Dr. Suess book. First children's book of this brother (author) / sister (illustrator) duo.

    18. Anything to get my daughter to consider that there may be other colors!!Plus I like that Priscilla is a clever girl to outsmart the Pink Queen.

    19. A fun, well-illustrated, girl's picture book with a good message. However, it is better suited for the older girl since the story is rather long.

    20. If you have a little girl obsessed with pink, or any child obsessed with just one color, this one might alter their opinion of a world with only pink! Love the artwork and the rhyming text.

    21. I don't like when Priscilla finds out that the butterfly got caught in the net by a bigger Priscilla. And I would not like when she gets the little butterfly out. (age 5)

    22. Priscilla searches for other colors on a planet with only pink! Fun, quirky illustrations and cute rhyming text makes for a fun read. My 4 year old loves Priscilla!

    23. Gotta love a book that puts your daughter to sleep three times in a rowReads like a Dr. Seuss book, very fun!

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