Cats for Dummies

The most essential information for both potential cat owners and feline fanatics Find out how to choose, housebreak, groom, and even travel with your feline friend.
Cats for Dummies The most essential information for both potential cat owners and feline fanatics Find out how to choose housebreak groom and even travel with your feline friend

  • Title: Cats for Dummies
  • Author: Gina Spadafori Paul D. Pion
  • ISBN: 9780764552755
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Cats for Dummies”

    1. having just adopted my first feline, i am indeed a dummy, and this book made me feel less so. especially helpful was the chapter on feline body language. the writing is a little cheesy (these people are OBSESSED with cats and i am not quite there yet) but as far as i know the advice is solid.

    2. Very informative, but a bit dated. I've had cats all my life and I still learned from this book. But it was written in 2000 so I noticed a few things that are no longer true.

    3. A very basic guide to cat care. If you are looking for in-depth health and medical information, keep looking.

    4. At times Cats for Dummies seems like it's written by a crazy cat lady, but it ends up being a wealth of information. Quite comprehensive, the book covers breeds, grooming, cat-proofing homes, healthcare, and much, much more. However, authors Gina Spadafori and Paul D. Pion pass the buck on many issues by saying "ask your vegetarian" or "see how your pet responds." Additionally, the book gets rather repetitive after a while; as each section is meant to function independently. Also, the authors ge [...]

    5. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was because of the incredible amount of repetitiveness when it came to altering and indoor vs outdoor cats, but a lot of that has to do with the style of the series and they're important enough points I can't blame the authors too much. Extremely straightforward, not overly cloying or dismissive of issues in its attitude towards the subject matter (all too often devoted hobbyists tend to gloss over negative aspects of their favorite pet).

    6. I suppose since I am going to be a cat owner on Friday, I should learn something about them. This is going to be an adventure :)Soooo, I can't read an entire book about cats. I'll use this as a reference if I need help with the ole kitty, but it's so boring that I can't take it. Maybe that makes me a bad cat owner, but seriously.

    7. the photos could have been better but all in all it was not a bad book. Very informative and the section debunking cat myths was amazing. from kittens to elderly cats I would keep a copy of this book handy for reference on illness and other emergencies.

    8. Il massimo dell'utilità, come tutti i libri della serie "for dummies", massima comprensione, tanti consigli utili, informazioni chiare e precise.Se come me state per prendere un micio per fari compagnia, vi consiglio di partire da qui.

    9. Bought at a yard sale for a dollar. Surprisingly contains no informations pertaining to cats and christmas trees. Although the only problem i've ever encountered concerning this is that they like to sit on the presents. oddd<3.

    10. I thought this book was informative on cats. It listed different breeds along with pictures. Recommended. I would read this book again.2014-Summer-Reading-Review

    11. Informative and well-organized. The book's chapters can be read on their own and make total sense. A good reference book.

    12. Another great book in the Dummies series. I have been a cat owner since before I can even remember, & I laughed & learned all the way through this book.

    13. Interesante y sin duda -amén a la "fama" de la colección Dummies- aporta información adecuada y acertada para inicarse en el mundo de los felinos.

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