Drömmen förde dej vilse

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Dr mmen f rde dej vilse Den gamla Gotlandsmyten om havsfrun ber ttar om en ung kvinna som drunknade p sin egen br llopsnatt Sedan dess f rs ker hon i sin osalighet locka med sig m n ned i djupet Myten v cks till liv en tidig

  • Title: Drömmen förde dej vilse
  • Author: Anna Jansson
  • ISBN: 9789113026268
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I purchased a copy of "Killer's Island by Anna Jansson, a Swedish crime writer, after I heard such good reviews about this novel. I was not disappointed, as this was a fast paced crime novel.On the Swedish island of Gotland, there have been a number of vicious and ritualistic murders. The killer seems to know a great deal about his victims. He is highly intelligent, emotionally disturbed and full of anger. He is described as a man in a dark cape, a sleepwalker, a drunk and evil. Maria Wern, a po [...]

    2. This is the first English translation of Swedish author Anna Jansson's crime series featuring Detective Maria Vern. Although this title is the 11th book in the series, Maria actually doesn’t figure much in this story, so I didn’t feel I was missing essential plot elements by not having read earlier installments.On the Swedish island of Gotland, there have been a number of vicious and ritualistic murders. The killer seems to know a great deal about his victims, who share some similarities. Ma [...]

    3. If like me, you are seeking other Swedish crime thrillers, I recommend skipping this one. It takes most of the book to understand the two lead characters (Detective Inspector Maria Wern and her friend/co-worker Erika Lund, a forensic technician), probably because this is Book #11 in a series. Maria stops to defend a young boy being viciously attacked by a trio, and is rewarded by being stabbed with a syringe filled with blood. The police are making no progress on this case, when Maria is called [...]

    4. In the idyllic seaside town of Visby on Sweden's Gotland island, murders are cropping up. Cop Maria Wern is attacked and beaten when she tries to intervene when three masked men are stomping a young boy to death. Because she was involved, Maria is excluded from investigating this case, but she does get called to action when seemingly the same criminals begin killing other people in the same neighborhood. The novel asks some existential questions: do the police prevent or punish crime, for instan [...]

    5. Excellent Scandinavian Noir. Kept surprising me to the end. Horrific crimes but more time spent on character development & relationships than graphic descriptions.

    6. The story of Anna Jansson's "Killer's Island" takes place in and around the town of Visby on the picturesque Swedish island of Gotland. The story begins when three men attack a boy, and Detective Inspector Maria Wern unsuccessfully tries to stop the assault. She is severely beaten and injected with possibly infected blood, and the boy dies in the hospital. The plot includes two more killings, and Maria and her colleagues work on finding the connections and solving the cases.It could have been a [...]

    7. "No hay nada que genere tanta culpabilidad como el amor. El amor y las deudas de gratitud, el amor y la traición, el amor y todo lo que uno es capaz de hacer para que no lo abandonen."Ok, ¿por dónde empezar? Me gustó, pero hay muchas cosas que siento que tengo que criticarle. Bueno, la historia en sí resulta muy atractiva y atrapa durante toda la lectura, pero cuando todo está centrado en los personajes, ahí es donde quise golpear a la autora TOO. MUCH. DRAMA. Todo lo interesante del ases [...]

    8. Detective Inspector Maria Wern and her friend and co-workers Erika Lund, a forensic technician, were out for an evening when Det. Wern decided to head home. On her way, she heard a young boy's cry for help. Up ahead Det. Wern saw three men standing over a defenseless young boy punching and kicking him. When Wern yelled 'Police! Stop!' the men turned to her and gave the boy another kick and he appeared to stop moving. The men then went towards Maria and began hitting and kicking her until one of [...]

    9. Maybe it's because this a later book from an ongoing series, but Maria and Erika especially felt like unexplored characters for me. I didn't care too much about them. The first chapter is as easy as the first 20 minutes of saving private Ryan. I almost didn't keep reading. After the really brutal deaths were over, and I started my own hypothesis of who the murderer was, I was a lot more invested in the story, even though I wasn't attached to the characters.

    10. This was a slow starter, but once it got underway, I found it a really solid police thriller, if a bit implausible. Some translation problems, those are forgivable.

    11. En av Anna Janssons bästa böcker!oj, vilken spänning hela boken igenom. Det gick inte att lägga ifrån sig boken.

    12. This book started out well, lots of red herrings to keep you guessing, but the actions and responses of some of the characters became unbelievable towards the end.

    13. Det är sommar och dags att angripa några av mina bokhögar. I en av dessa hittade jag Anna Janssons Visbydeckare "Drömmen förde dej vilse". Det är den elfte deckaren i serien med Maria Wern men den första jag läst. En stor del av lockelsen för min del var att jag var i Visby nyligen och kände igen mig i miljöbeskrivningarna. Detta var även en stor del av behållningen av boken. Det är en dussindeckare, på gott och ont. Boken erbjuder en stunds förströelse så här på sommaren och [...]

    14. Ever since the The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson I have been exploring the genre of Scandinavian thrillers, and am always excited to read the works of a new (to me) author. This is the first of Anna Jansson’s books I have read, and I was drawn in by the premise of an old Nordic legend being connected to modern day murders.One of the main protagonists. policewoman Maria Wern, is attacked early in the novel when coming to the help of a young boy being viciously assaulted by a group of men. [...]

    15. I’m a fan of the differing perspectives in foreign novels (yes, my fellow Americans, there is a world outside the U.S.) and I’m a particular champion of the dark world of Swedish mystery writers. Killer’s Island is the action-packed seventh Detective Inspector Marian Wern book and the second of Anna Jansson’s – I think – translated into English, this one skillfully retold by Enar Henning Koch. I wish I spoke Swedish because – after reading this book – I’d love to read the rest [...]

    16. Killer's Island is a good, fast paced murder mystery set on Gotland Island in Sweden. This is the 11th book in the Maria Wern series, but the first book I had read by Anna Jansson. One of the strongest points of the story, in my opinion, is that most of the characters were very relatable. Whatever questionable decisions were made, it would be easy to see oneself doing the same thing if placed in that situation, such as swimming out to sea to save someone you love. In this story, Maria is attacke [...]

    17. noranydroptoread/2013/11/0I guess I’ll classify this one as “meh,” but as it turns out to be the eleventh in the series, I think I’ll go back to the beginning and give the first a try. Unfortunately, the publisher decided to publish the eleventh book in English before any others, and the seventh after that, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when that might be possible. It’s a bizarre choice for a series. KILLER’S ISLAND was interesting and started out with promise, using the Gotland m [...]

    18. I'd looked forward to this recent translation of Anna Jannson's Maria Wern series because I liked Strange Bird so much. Killer's Island, however, did not appeal to me as much as Strange Bird. Maria Wern is on her way home when she happens on three men brutally attacking a young boy. Her attempts to intervene result in her own severe beating. When the boy dies, Maria has a difficult time dealing with the boy's death and her inability to save him. She also must face her own injuries and the fact t [...]

    19. Reseña completa en mi blogAmé como hace que cada personaje sea importante en el argumento de la historia. Uno va leyendo y piensa que este personaje secundario es de relleno, o que solo aparecerá en esta escena y luego nunca más NONONONO! Ese personaje puede haber tenido relación con este otro y ese con este y lo que provocará que esto pase o que ._.¡Anna es genial! La amé por eso y por cómo uno no se espera lo que puede venir, o si lo hace, luego termina siendo otra cosa que en verdad [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book. Her style reminds me a lot of Camilla Lackberg's, but a little darker. Most of the 'cast' is a bit tortured or dark, though they're easy to relate to and for the most part, likeable. The mystery is good, and while it's well written, the ending wasn't a shock. Getting there was part of the fun though, and the plot twists were pretty creative.I was a bit disappointed in Maria and Erika's choice of partner - both are strong women, and I had hoped their taste in men would [...]

    21. It didn't do it for me. The first to be published in English, but it is number eleven in the series, so you definitely feel as if you are missing some backstory. This being the eleventh in the series and the first to be published into English makes me think this is meant to be one of the strongest of the series. If I am right, I dread to think what the earlier books are like. Being so late in the series, I would've hoped Jansson would have honed her craft, but it reads like a shaky early attempt [...]

    22. This is my twenty-first novel of the Scandinavian murder mystery genre. All have been real treats some more than others but each of the previous entries left me wanting to read more. Not so with "Killer's Island" by Anna Jansson. I had real difficulty getting into the story and even more difficulty getting to know Jansson's characters. Listening to the constant self-doubting inner thoughts of the various characters, as they fretted over weather they should do this or that, made turning each page [...]

    23. For anyone that like crime stories I strongly recommend the Swedish Anna Jansson's books about the police woman Maria Wern. A few of them like Killer's island are available in English. Most of her books are set in Gotland, Sweden's biggest island with lots of wonderful historical remains. Anna's books does not only concentrate on the criminal story but also on the personal life of Maria Wern and her friends. Also they are usually concentrated on a contemporary problem in today's society. This is [...]

    24. The 2nd novel by Anna JanssonThis story clearly develops the main characters and their relationships to each other. The main character is MAria Wern, a police officer. Her best friend and co-police officer is Erika.The story begins when a young boy is being beaten by 3 young men and Maria witnesses the attack. She tries to intervene and stop the attack and is beaten herself - she is also injected with blood that may be infected. Soon after this incident, a gruesome murder occurs of a young nurse [...]

    25. Ruotsalaiset naisdekkaristit ovat joukolla kääntämässä selkäänsä sille vähällekin yhteiskunnallisuudelle, jota monen alku-uralla kirjoista oli vielä luettavissa. Anna Jansson on yksi heistä.Unissakävelijässä tapaamme jälleen yhden psykopaatin, jälleen epäonnistuneet perhesuhteet ja rakkaudettomuuden sekä suoraviivaisen kyökkipsykologian. Marian suhde Periin saa jälleen uuden iskun, eikä toivoa paljonkaan ole muuallakaan.Pitkään olen jaksanut Marian ja lasten kanssa, nyt v [...]

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