The Valley

In 1863 a group of gold prospectors break through into a high valley in Montana They are looking for gold, but find a land that time forgot, and soon they are fighting for their lives, and the lives of everything in the valley.
The Valley In a group of gold prospectors break through into a high valley in Montana They are looking for gold but find a land that time forgot and soon they are fighting for their lives and the lives o

  • Title: The Valley
  • Author: William Meikle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. When I was about 7 years old I watched "The Valley of the Gwangi" on TV with my older (and much more cruel) cousins. Hit up if you want the synopsis in full, but after watching cowboys fighting a dinosaur I was more than a little freaked out. And I loved EVERY second of it."The Valley" by William Meikle gave me a similar response. The author weaves together elements of conventional Westerns and jams it in the middle of Sir AC Doyle's "Lost World" with a dash of Warren Fahy's "Fragment" added fo [...]

    2. “The Valley” is an adventurous story that gets going very quickly and soon reveals itself as crafty little pulp-style novel that was right up my alley. Writing dime novels myself, this book couldn’t have been a better match, as its style so closely resembles the way I tell my own stories - or at least, I try. Concise, to the point without a lot of flourish, but instead with a lot of panache and action that immediately grabs the reader and pulls them along for the ride.As the cowboys in a r [...]

    3. "Land of the Lost" meets "The Wild Wild West".In search of the mother lode, a cliched group of greed-stricken men release into the world something that was best left buried and open a world that might have been Montana 10,000 years ago.3 STARS

    4. In the tradition of The Lost World comes The Valley, a rollicking Western set in 1863. A motley crew of gunfighters and semi-honourable men arrive at Ruby Creek, a Montana mining village to provide security. They have been promised gold for their labours but upon arriving discover the town wrecked and everybody is missing. One of the missing men is Jake Stratford's older brother, George who has left a cryptic note describing an explosion in a cave that unearthed more gold than they had ever seen [...]

    5. I enjoyed this onecopied: In 1863, a group of mercenaries are hired to help out a mining town in Montana. They arrive to find the town empty and some of the buildings wrecked and strewn over a wide area. A new cave leads them to a land that time forgot, a high valley full of animals that are extinct elsewhere, but have thrived in the remote environment. But something else is loose in the land, something even older that has emerged from the cave system.Soon the remaining men are fighting for thei [...]

    6. A little pulp, a little 50's style cheese, and a whole lot of adventure! This story makes for an obvious comparison to that stop motion classic, The Valley of Gwangi. Both feature cowboys and prehistoric animals. It's typical William Meikle, which means plenty of action, a dash of suspense, and just the right amount of blood. If the "creature feature" story is something you enjoy, check it out.

    7. Once upon a time the pulps used to be famous for rip-roaring adventures. This novel belongs to that genre. By judicious characterisation & plotting, the author has succeeded in achieving something that many authors have tried and failed to achieve: having a "Lost World" adventure in a Western setting. A brilliant read. Recommended.

    8. Well, Mr Meikle has done the near impossible and made me enjoy a story set in the Old West (not a great cowboy fan). Last writer to do this was Edgar Rice Burroughs at the beginning of the first Mars story. Great mix of lost world, monsters and old fashioned heroism. As with all William Meikle books I've read so far, recommended.

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