Roget's International Thesaurus

Roget s International Thesaurus , fifth edition, is the original now completely expanded, reorganized, revised and updated the definitive thesaurus for the 21st century.While retaining Dr Peter Mark Roget s fundamental and brilliant category concept which groups all synonyms, antonyms and related words together for quick and easy comparison without all the needlessRoget s International Thesaurus , fifth edition, is the original now completely expanded, reorganized, revised and updated the definitive thesaurus for the 21st century.While retaining Dr Peter Mark Roget s fundamental and brilliant category concept which groups all synonyms, antonyms and related words together for quick and easy comparison without all the needless repetition and cross referencing of alphabetical thesauruses, this new fifth edition is the most up to date with 1073 categories including 31 entirely new ones concerning such topics as the body, fitness and exercise, substance abuse, all kinds of sports, books, motion pictures and computer sciencedefinitive based on extensive word association research into how words are actually used, resulting in the most current reflection of the language today and including the latest phrases, slang and commonly used foreign termsthe most comprehensive thesaurus available 325,000 words and phrasesan invaluable source book with many additional features boldface type for the most commonly used words in a category, usage and foreign language labels throughout and a unique and useful feature of word lists including lists for measurements, gods and goddesses, manias and phobias, groups and movements, state mottos and time tested this definitive, updated edition retains the original time tested format that allows much depth of information
Roget s International Thesaurus Roget s International Thesaurus fifth edition is the original now completely expanded reorganized revised and updated the definitive thesaurus for the st century While retaining Dr Peter Mark R

  • Title: Roget's International Thesaurus
  • Author: Peter Mark Roget Robert L. Chapman
  • ISBN: 9780062700148
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Just got this, and it's still the best - "The original Roget's", as the dust jacket says. The way it's organized is counter-intuitive, at least for me, but it works better than anything else I've found. I've been accumulating - collecting sounds too organized - dictionaries and thesauruses (thesauri?) since I was a teenager, and I always come back to the original-format Roget's. Believing that using exactly the right word is important, for me this book would be worth buying at twice the price.

    2. Besides being a "use-full" book, I consider Roget's a sort of "holy" book. I could write a book about this book; not a biography of the author, but, how this book can change one's life, how it can guide and order a life. It has so much power. Perhaps I'll take on the project of explaining the way I perceive this book; how I use it. I've tried, verbally, but always fail and leave the listener yawning. I will work on it, and change this review when its done.For now, let it suffice get the oldest e [...]

    3. synonums, but also antonymsRoget's Thesaurus of synonums & antonymsEasy to useComplete IndexMany New WordsOver 100,000 wordsSelect the Right WordClassification of WordsKey Words in Bold Type

    4. I forget the precise point in my life where I finally got my hands on this magnificent volume; it was either late in high school or in the ramp-up to college. But whenever it was, it was a watershed moment.This is definitely a tool that takes some getting used to, particularly if you have already been using an alphabetical-entry thesaurus. The Roget's, with its categories and its massive index (it must be a third of the page count) was very daunting and a bit unfriendly to a young user. But once [...]

    5. Roget's unique categorical organization of words makes it an enduring classic. It was, perhaps, slightly more difficult to figure out how to use when I was a child than alphabetically-organized thesauri, but once I understood the system, Roget's helped engender a love of words in me that assured me top marks on the SAT, GRE, and the verbal sections of all other standardized tests. I actually read this thesaurus for fun![return][return]It seems odd to be so passionate about a reference book, but [...]

    6. A friend of mine scoffed at my high school era thesaurus, as she vastly preferred the older 1946 edition. Tracking down a copy for myself was the first step in what has turned into a collection of Roget's Thesauri. It's definitely different from the later editions. I can't say it's better or worse, but I do like checking between them from time to time when I'm not finding quite the right word.

    7. maybe one of the few books on my shelves really deserving the five-star ratingdispensable.i'm not sure if this edition has the format i prefer: a dictionary in the back, and the front arranged with synonyms opposite antonyms all arranged by concept (from abstract to specific)not only indispensable but for anyone reading english as a second-language, required

    8. the alphabetical versions are for cowards-- wrestle with the numbering system as a steppingstone to understanding the semantic web, etc

    9. Usually I read a book twice, to be sure, before reviewing. This one, however, I haven't read through even once.Roget's International Thesaurus was not designed to be read. It's wonderful for browsing, though. The real charm to it is that it is organized by topic, not alphabetically. You can drill down from the overarching concepts or look up the section in the index in the back. But once you have gotten to it -- well, in an alphabetical one, since they have to repeat the synonyms for each word, [...]

    10. Even though I've had this book since I graduated from high school in 1989 (thanks Ms. Delcarpio!), I have not read the whole thing. Show me someone who has read the enitre Roget's Thesaurus, and I will applaud that person for being a bigger word geek than I am.This book has helped me so much with my writing. When I need a new word, this book is where I turn. I love it!

    11. Yes, I read an entire thesaurus, thank you. I unpretentiously but diligently devoured it cover to cover in approximately 4 hours and now I am not bragging about it, but merely informing you of my accomplishment. Ah, the review. I found it trite, convoluted, and absurd. It was ingenuous in its rare attempts at humor.

    12. a fabulous reference tool for anyone that has to use the written word to communicate effectively. I couldn't live without a thesaurus in my house ok, well I probably could, but I woudn't want to!

    13. I love this book. It's helped me when I've been stuck. Yes it's a thesaurus, but the information is pertinent to life. It will help you make connections you hadn't realize existed, and remind you of one's you've forgotten.

    14. I don't know who this Roger guy is, but I have to say, this book confused the hell out of me. If there’s a plot, I couldn’t find one, or any main characters. Also, it seems awfully repetitive, and where the hell was the Minotaur?

    15. A gift from my dad--was it seventh grade? Sometime in middle school. And I took it to college with me. Forget Merriam-Webster online--this is one of my most valuable possessions! It's full of not just synonyms, but literary references and turns-of-phrase.

    16. Thesauruses are much better than Word's synonym finder--and this one is the best. This hard copy is much better than anything available online. More important tool for a writer than dictionary!

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