Mrs. McGinty's Dead

In this classic Hercule Poirot mystery from the Queen of Crime, a kindly widow is bludgeoned to death Is her lodger guilty Or is he being framed Either way, the condemned man s time is running out The plot is perfect and the characters are wonderful San Francisco Chronicle Well, it s no wonder The plot suspicion for an elderly woman s murder falls on her mysteriIn this classic Hercule Poirot mystery from the Queen of Crime, a kindly widow is bludgeoned to death Is her lodger guilty Or is he being framed Either way, the condemned man s time is running out The plot is perfect and the characters are wonderful San Francisco Chronicle Well, it s no wonder The plot suspicion for an elderly woman s murder falls on her mysterious lodger is from Agatha Christie The wonderful character happens to be the world s most famous sleuth, Hercule Poirot.
Mrs McGinty s Dead In this classic Hercule Poirot mystery from the Queen of Crime a kindly widow is bludgeoned to death Is her lodger guilty Or is he being framed Either way the condemned man s time is running out The

  • Title: Mrs. McGinty's Dead
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780425175453
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Alas, Mrs. McGinty; we hardly knew you.Really. I mean that. She was a widow, a woman who cleaned houses and took in lodgers to make ends meet; had a niece whom she saw at holidays, and was perhaps a bit of a nosy parker; nothing extraordinary to fill the obituary. When Inspector Spence visits the retired Poirot, he shares his troubling concern that the man he arrested for murdering Mrs. McGinty, and who is now facing the death penalty, is not truly guilty. Yes, yes; the circumstantial evidence w [...]

    2. Mrs. McGinty's Dead (Hercule Poirot, #28), Agatha ChristieMrs. McGinty's Dead is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1952 and in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 3 March the same year. An old woman apparently struck dead by her lodger for thirty pounds that she kept under a floorboard. When, however, he is asked by the investigating officer to take another look at the case to stop an innocent man going to the gallows, [...]

    3. ‘I should, perhaps, madame, tell you a little more about myself. I am Hercule Poirot.’The revelation left Mrs Summerhayes unmoved.‘What a lovely name,’ she said kindly. ‘Greek, isn’t it?’Now this is a Poirot novel that strays from the script a bit. It's fascinating but there seem to be three parts to this novel and the crime/mystery part is the weakest one. Yet, I really liked the book because first and foremost, Christie made me laugh out loud quite a few times. Eh bien, let's sta [...]

    4. Fussy. Fastidious. Vain. Brilliant. Poirot's back, but is a little bored, and spends his time carefully considering his meals. And then Superintendent Spence discusses a case with Poirot of a man who was convicted for bashing his landlady on the head. Spence isn't comfortable with the verdict, and gets Poirot to revisit the case for him. Poirot goes to the town of the murder and must stay in a dreadful bed & breakfast, while interviewing the neighbours and generally getting people agitated a [...]

    5. مثل بقیه آثار نویسنده جذاب و خوشخوان بود.گره های داستانی خوبی داشت، اما نه لزوما تمام آنها.نکات روانشناسی، جرم شناسی جالب و قابل تأملی داشت.خوب بود.

    6. "Mrs. McGinty's dead. How did she die?Sticking her neck out, just like I."Dame Agatha's penchant to use children's rhymes as an underlying theme for mysteries, enhancing the creepy aspect of many of them, coming to the fore once again. (Really, I hope someone would do a monograph on this quirky aspect of her novels one day.)Mrs. McGinty was a charwoman - at the beginning of the story, she is dead, bludgeoned to death apparently by her lodger who has been convicted of the crime. But Superintenden [...]

    7. Mrs. McGinty's dead. How did she die?Sticking her neck out, just like I."“Had Mrs. McGinty a drab life?” (Poirot)“Ghastly, I expect,” said Mrs. Summerhayes vaguely. “Always on your knees scrubbing. And then piles of other people’s washing-up waiting for you on the sink when you arrive in the morning. If I had to face that every day, I’d be positively relieved to be murdered. I really would.”After 2-3 books of literary pretension (Hercules Poirot as Hercules, on a quest for detect [...]

    8. “ The truth is I’m not very good with people.”“I adore people, don’t you?” said Robin happily.“No,” said Mrs. Oliver firmly.”Mrs. McGinty's Dead is, as far as I can tell, a unique product of Christie's prolific mind. To begin with, it's unusually funny and ironic, far more (good-naturedly) mocking toward the Adorable Egg-Head than I would have expected from the book that initiates the final phase of his career. Secondly, in a few occasions it offers delicious examples of meta-t [...]

    9. This was a fun read to start the year. Once more we are faced with a puzzling murder. Was the man arrested and charged the murderer, or was he framed? The latter of course, which brings our favourite mustachioned Belgian detective to the scene. As you expect, Agatha offers us plenty of red herrings However, the reason I enjoyed this novel was for the whole comic angle the author added. Our poor Poirot has to suffer by staying in accommodations that are less than suitable, with nothing that could [...]

    10. This is really a *fun* mystery--I don't normally think of Dame Agatha as funny, but she is quite capable of delightfully dry British humor, and by the time she wrote this novel (in the 1950s) she was well into her long career and comfortable/confident enough to play with a lighter tone when she felt like it. I don't mean that poor Mrs. McGinty's death is treated lightly; it isn't. In fact, few of Dame Agatha's novels feature working-class protagonists, and so I was struck by her sympathetic port [...]

    11. Come un libro ti possa tenere incollato fino all'ultimissima pagina.Agatha Christie era un genio. Un genio della trama. È capace di creare dal nulla, ma veramente dal nulla, un meccanismo che ti porta all'esasperazione, all'incredulità. Vorresti sapere chi è l'assassino, vorresti capirlo anche tu, insieme a Poirot, chi è questo benedetto assassino. Ma spesso gli indizi sono comprensibili solo all'autore stesso, il lettore non può far altro che seguire, sconcertato, il succedersi degli event [...]

    12. An interesting plot, enough suspects to keep you guessing till the end & a satisfying end (with a usual twist) to tie all ends up. Overall a enjoyable murder mystery that keeps you engaged till the end.

    13. This book went on forever. Past the point of anything making sense with so many things thrown at the reader I was past the point of keeping straight anything that was happening. It was a relief when the end came just because I was heartily sick of reading this book at that point. The only saving grace I really found was that we had Poirot in this book from beginning to end and not just his usually "spotlight" appearances in the book.We begin with Hercule Poirot being visited by Superintendent Sp [...]

    14. Choose Your Own Adventure!You are Mrs. McGinty. If you are not Mrs. McGinty, choose /review/showIf you are not Mrs. McGinty, and you killed Mrs. McGinty, choose/review/show/

    15. él primer libro que leo de Agatha Christie. y la verdad me esta gustando como escribe.Un libro magnifico, no he descubierto quien era el asesino hasta que lo ha dicho Poirot.

    16. Such an engaging story with soo many suspicious characters and soo many options for the motive of the murder.

    17. So why didn't I love this!? The writing for this was brilliant; Poirot was brilliant; Mrs. Oliver, who is a recurring character in the Poirot books, was hilarious! Her moments all made me laugh out loud so I enjoyed all of that. So what were the negative things that overpowered those positive points? The suspects and the mystery itself felt very rushed. The reason for this is that if we step back and look at it, there aren't any definitive suspects other than James Bentley and so Poirot has to i [...]

    18. Praticamente viene commesso un omicidio: una povera vecchietta, la signora Mc Ginty, domestica a ore, viene trovata assassinata con un colpo alla testa Subito i sospetti cadono sul giovane affittuario dell'anziana signora, ma il poliziotto che sta conducendo le indagini non ne è molto convinto e chiede aiuto al suo amico investigatore Poirot. E qui comincia la storia Poirot, con la sua incredibile calma, gironzola per tutto il villaggio di campagna e conosce i vicini di casa della signora anzia [...]

    19. Well,i did not enjoy this very much.Sometimes it felt comfusing and kind of rushed,though i was not able to guess the muderer.Once again Agatha Christie caught me by surprise with the explanation which was unexpected!Three stars from me!!!

    20. Един от най-заплетените случаи на Еркюл Поаро, в който всички герои изглеждаха подозрителни. И въпреки, че съм изчела толкова много книги за този прословут белгиец отново не познах убиеца. Продължавам със следващото убийство.

    21. A solid mystery. I thought I had it figured out at one point; I actually had a very Agatha/Poirot idea for who did it and why and how Poirot would handle it. ButI was wrong. I was actually surprised by the resolution, which I enjoyed. The book moves a little too slowly for me. The first murder has already happened when the book opens, and the second one happens too late in the story for my liking, but overall, the progress is paced well, and the resolution is semi-climactic. It's a good, three-s [...]

    22. Hercule Poiroit at his best. A gripping story that leaves you in amazed at how skillfully the ace detective with little luck to support manages to solve the crime. Agatha Christie paints a rich tapestry of a small English village with its distinct population. Slowly and slowly she builds each character and as a reader you feel satiated that the author could fulfill your desire to know the real characters. That a crime could be solved after so many years tells a lot about the author's ability to [...]

    23. Awalnya tidak berekspektasi banyak ketika memulai membaca buku ini. Dan ternyata, saya sangat suka! bahkan menyelesaikan buku ini dalam waktu kurang dari 2 hari. Yang saya suka dari buku ini: Kerja sama antara Poirot dengan Inspektur Spence. Di banyak buku detektif yang saya baca, kebanyakan polisi akan berpuas dengan kesimpulan mereka dan tidak mau tahu hal-hal kecil yang terlihat tidak signifikan. Inspektur Spence berbeda.Hal kedua yang saya suka: latar cerita yang begitu solid dan menarik, te [...]

    24. Not as intriguing as many of Christie's books: I'd never heard of the title before I stumbled upon it going cheap in a second hand bookshop and it's not nearly as good as some of her other work. That doesn't mean that it's a bad book though just that it seems decidedly run of the mill when compared to some of her more original mystery plots. The reader is led astray as usual and suspects nearly everyone but the eventual unmasked murderer of killing the Scottish charlady of the title. When the mu [...]

    25. "Penjahat yg bijak tidak akan pernah buka mulut, tp penjahat jarang ada yg bijak dan biasanya sombong dan banyak bicara-makanya kebanyakan penjahat akhirnya tertangkap."RereadInspektur spence yg akan pensiun tidak yakin akan vonis yg dijatuhkan kepada mr. Bentley minta tolong ke poirot karena menurutnya dia bukanlh pembunuh sebenarnyaN poirot yg terpanggil untuk membantu teman lama pun terpanggilDengan tanya sana sini dan bantuan Ariadne oliver (altar egonya agatha) seperti biasa poirot berhasil [...]

    26. Now I really don't recall this one, except that it has Mrs. Oliver and that wonderful dotty landlady from whom Hercule Poirot must rent a room while investigating Mrs. McGinty's murder. Am listening to Hugh Fraser's narration which is delightfulNAL: in the end it was another of Christie's classic mysteries where the misdirection is in clear sight. I recalled the big turning point but was still guessing at the end.

    27. I really enjoyed this! There's a cast of characters at the beginning (at least in my edition) which is really helpful. There's also a great twist that becomes completely obvious once you go back and look at all the clues. As an avid watcher of Criminal Minds, I'm fascinated by the psychology of people and how that factors into decisions on whether or not someone is capable of doing things (mostly murder). This is one of those cases where Poirot is convinced because of the psychology which is alw [...]

    28. I definitely LOVED Mrs. McGinty's Dead. I really, really, really LOVED the surprise appearance of Ariadne Oliver. But, of course, the main star of this one is Hercule Poirot. The novel starts off rather unpleasantly with Poirot thinking to himself how wonderful he is, how marvelous he is, and how much he needs someone to talk to so he can show off how wonderful he is. So when he receives an unexpected visit from Superintendent Spence who is asking him to take on a closed case, well, he can't res [...]

    29. * * * 1/2About what I expect of an Agatha Christie story -- a closed circle of suspects, Poirot being his usual self-assured self, the police not having many leads to go on, and everything being pulled together very deftly and correctly at the end. This final twist was particularly clever, and that is why there is an extra half-star on my rating.Some very colourful characters in this one, particularly Mrs. Summerhayes, whose cluttered house makes my rather untidy apartment seem like the home of [...]

    30. Old Aggie didn't take herself too seriously here, went easy on the racism, and made a totally innocuous gay joke. Basically knocked one out of her own park, as it were. I do get tired of these nursery rhyme/rhyming game themes, though; they become tedious after the first repetition and every one thereafter increases my irritation with them exponentially.

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