Rebels and Devils: The Psychology of Liberation

Features some of the most talented, controversial and rebellious people including William S Burroughs, Dr Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Aleister Crowley who focus on bringing freedom to their world.
Rebels and Devils The Psychology of Liberation Features some of the most talented controversial and rebellious people including William S Burroughs Dr Timothy Leary Robert Anton Wilson and Aleister Crowley who focus on bringing freedom to their

  • Title: Rebels and Devils: The Psychology of Liberation
  • Author: Christopher S. Hyatt
  • ISBN: 9781561841530
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Rebels and Devils: The Psychology of Liberation”

    1. This is a great book for removing the cobwebs one gathers over time as parts of the brain switch off and stagnate as we get stuck in the monotony of daily life. It is a 'get back on track' book, for me at least. The 'interview' sections between Hyatt and Regardie I did find rather tedious and long winded and somewhat 'cringey', and also almost 'thee' last chapter 'ov' the book, wrote by some Genesis P-Orridge fellow was like trying to climb a frickin mountain, I know brain change is not meant to [...]

    2. I started reading this book a year or so ago, and just finished it yesterday. It wasn't that it was really bad; it was mostly just because I never put time into reading it. The contents of the book was a collection of writings from different authors. Some where personal experiences, historical events with personal opinion / interpretation.Others where personal philosophy, the central theme was told from the point of view of an outcast of society. Supporting this kind of life style, so of course [...]

    3. A rather eclectic collection of essays and excerpts, which I think is true to its title in having the idea of personal liberty as its connecting thread more so than the concepts of spirituality, magick generally, or chaos magic specifically, as one might expect on the basis of Dr. Hyatt's other work, though all of these are well represented.Of particular interest to me were "Living Thelema" by Jack Parsons (not be be confused with the similar title by David Shoemaker) on which I wound up basing [...]

    4. Most sections seemed to be just filler-text, but a few articles changed my perspective and opened me to new worlds.

    5. It is easy to assume from the outside that Satanism is merely ceremonial anti-Christian devil worship, and drug use and homosexuality are something between personal choice recreations and tolerable societal ills. Hyatt combines over 400 pages of articles from William S. Burroughs, Austin Osman Spare, Timothy Leary and more to intellectualize such activities as some of the manifold paths to realizing full human potential. It is in the analysis of the life and motivations of Aleister Crowley and t [...]

    6. This book reaches really high and gets most of the way there through strong writing by many of the 20th century's best publicly known esotericists, such as William S. Burroughs, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Austin Osman Spare, Genesis P-Orridge, Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, Jack Parsons, and others

    7. there is no god without devil. and neither matters. this collection of writings by a multitude of front-line practitioners is simply amazing. be a rebel and browse through it, if yr strong enough to consider yr own grisly death daily.

    8. Would reread essays in first two thirds. Last third was not very interesting or good. Favorites were beyond the event horizon, crowley's rebellion. Parts 1 and 2 definitely the best.

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