Ruin Me

In her head, Robin wants to marry her boyfriend Everything about her relationship with Jay makes sense makes her happy but she can t bring herself to accept his proposal Her body has unfinished business with Patrick, the man who saved her life six years ago For a long time she assumed her potent feelings for Patrick were born of fear, wrapped up in the night she was attIn her head, Robin wants to marry her boyfriend Everything about her relationship with Jay makes sense makes her happy but she can t bring herself to accept his proposal Her body has unfinished business with Patrick, the man who saved her life six years ago For a long time she assumed her potent feelings for Patrick were born of fear, wrapped up in the night she was attacked, but now she s realizing it s far simpler than that She wants him Always has, always will.More attached to Robin than the idea of her being faithful, Jay gives her the green light to go after Patrick in the hopes that it will demystify the man and get him out of Robin s system It begs the question if you ve got permission, is it still cheating And which will ultimately sway the heart reason or attraction Reader Advisory Robin makes some decisions that might seem to stray into the realm of infidelity but with a temptation like Patrick, who could blame her
Ruin Me In her head Robin wants to marry her boyfriend Everything about her relationship with Jay makes sense makes her happy but she can t bring herself to accept his proposal Her body has unfinished busine

  • Title: Ruin Me
  • Author: Cara McKenna
  • ISBN: 9781419927430
  • Page: 154
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Super hot, but if you think of this as a romance, it fails. I thought of it as erotica, so it worked for me. I read it straight through with no breaks. Steamy steam for people who don't mind cheaters. Now part of Strange Love: Remastered Tales anthology.

    2. Truth be told, the premise for this one is more than a little fucked up. Jay wants to marry Robin, and Robin wants to want to marry Jay, but then there's "that asshole," as Jay refers to Patrick. You see, six years ago, before she and Jay got together, Patrick saved her from a knife-wielding assailant, then did a stint in prison for assault and battery for beating the snot out of the guy. Ever since then, Robin's been obsessed with Patrick, though she was always afraid to act on it. "More attach [...]

    3. "He wants you so much, he’d let you be with another man if that’s what he needed to do to keep you.” I nod. “I want you so much that if I was him, I’d kill that other man.” My eyes dart between Patrick’s as I try to guess if this is poetry or hyperbole or the honest-to-God truth. “And I’d spend another fifty years in prison,” he says, “and it’d still be worth it.”It has been way too long since I've read a Cara McKenna story. I swear, the woman can sell me on anything, w [...]

    4. Sweet Jesus, is there anything Cara McKenna writes that's not hot? Holy cow!Ruin Me is a stand alone novella that depicts Robin, a woman with a live in boyfriend, who still harbors a deep seated longing for a guy from her past. Said guy is Patrick, the man who saved Robin's life while she was held at knifepoint outside a local bar. He served 7 months prison for aggravated assault and wouldn't change a thing. Robin's weekly visits got him through. When Robin's long term boyfriend, Jay proposes to [...]

    5. 4-Stars!I think any woman who says men are predictable should try fucking an ex-con lumberjack and a cuckolded technology journalist in the same day and see if they don't just have a change of heart on the matter.This is Cara McKenna, so a few things are a given:Smokin' eroticaand witty as heck content.I'm trying really hard not to appear too eager. Actually, I think I'm overdoing it a bit, acting as if this whole situation pains me greatly. If there's a tightrope for people walking the line bet [...]

    6. I REALLY liked this book, I wasn't sure how to review it but I think I liked it so much just simply for the fuckedup-ness of it. :)The story begins with Jay & Robin and the fact that Robin can't say yes to Jay's marriage proposal because she is in love obsessed with Patrick Whelan, who six years before saved her life when a possible mugger/rapist held her at knife point. An act that, because Patrick beat the guy to a pulp, landed Patrick in prison for 6 months. Robin visited him every week. [...]

    7. 4.25 for the story, 5 for the eroticism of it.Talk about hot!!! Wow - Cara McKenna, you are one of a kind! Is it even possible to love what we usually hate?!!Because for every reason I should have hated this one, I loved it. It truly was erotically exceptional and well written.Cara, I hope that I get to read everything you've written in the past, that you're writing now and that you write in the future - you're truly the Queen of Eroticism.

    8. Cara is a very brave author. Ruin me is not so much a romance, as it is an exploration on how the human heart works. It's not logical. You can't choose who to love and who not to love. And sometimes, love can be primal. Robin is torn between two men: one who she wants, and one who she thinks she loves. Cara doesn't take the easy way out. She doesn't belittle Robin's emotions, but nor does she make her innocent. Robin knows what she is feeling isn't acceptable, but is so confused about how to han [...]

    9. I started reading and before I knew it I was hooked. This author has an unusual style from a lot of what I read and I like it. Also, without getting too spoiler-ish, I was a little concerned the guy I liked wasn't the guy I was supposed to like because it was a guessing game as to where the characters would ultimately go. Really enjoyed and already have my next Cara McKenna title in line.

    10. I don’t know who I hated more, Robin or Jay. Part of my wants to say Jay, but he was under some magical vagina spell for him be like, “Ok, I’ll let you have sex with this other dude in order to keep you.” So I think I hate Robin more for agreeing to it even though she knows she wouldn’t allow the reverse to happen.Back to Jay, why would you be with someone who you know going into the relationship, was in love with someone else? I guess anyone could make the argument that you think that [...]

    11. Another very beautifully written, short, sexy story by Cara McKenna. It's been a few months since I read & was more than impressed by Willing Victim, and with the renewed interest in that lovely gem, I decided to seek out a few of McKenna's other titles. This one also takes you to the fringes of a somewhat taboo type of relationship but as with WV, turns it all on it's head via brilliant storytelling & unmistakably real characters.Honestly the only thing holding me back from a 5 star rat [...]

    12. 2.5 = actual ratingI don't know I guess this book just wasn't for me. I thought I could do it, but the entire time all I kept feeling was rage toward Robin. She had this guy who loved her and she swears she loved him but she's lusting after this other guy? THEN they think they can just fuck each other silly and get it out of her system? *shaking my head* cuz we can all just imagine how that's going to play out.And WTH is wrong with Jay to think this would be a good idea and what man that was in [...]

    13. 4.5 Stars.In the most recent book by Cara McKenna I read, Ready and Willing, I gave it 2-stars because I felt it was too short and the sex seemed to overshadow what could have been a promising developing relationship.This book is also short, the same length as R&W and there is lots of sex. But the relationships in this book are developed great. For some reason, what didn't work in that book worked excellently in this one. Not only that, I think this book was the exactly right length for the [...]

    14. The wake of the sex is like the days following a hurricane. Things are askew, scattered, altered, and my sense of safety and normality is battered. There’s cleanup to do and adjustments that need to be made but I’m not ready for all that. I want to rest here in our smoking rubble for a long time and appreciate the force of the storm.This quote from Cara's book pretty much encompasses the entire story. I read it like someone had stuck me on an island and told me I couldn't read, eat, or have [...]

    15. The story starts out with Jay and Robin getting (almost) engaged. Robin has been with Jay for 4 years and is deeply in love with him - but when he proposes, Robin can't make herself say yese of Patrick. Patrick is a man that saved her life many years before she met Jay. He even served 7 months in prison for beating up the guy that attacked her. She visited him often while he was in prisonbut when he got out, then barely saw each other or spoke. But ever since that night he saved her, Robin can't [...]

    16. I had very mixed feelings which resulted in a love/hate conclusion to Ruin Me. My problem lies with the heroine (Robin) and the fact that she has been involved with a man for over four years that she truly never loved or viewed as her soulmate. Robin clings to the security and stability in her relationship with Jay, however her passion lies with Patrick. This results in Robin wanting to "have her cake and eat it too" and I just had serious issues with Jay knowing this, condoning this and encoura [...]

    17. 4 Crazy Ass starsThis book was absolutely crazy!! I won't go into all the details, but just know going in that there are a couple, "What the fuck?" moments, with a shit ton of, "Holy fuck, that was hot" moments!I really wish this could have been a full length novel so we can get a better understanding of Patrick & Robin's connection from their past, but no worries, these two still have an unmistakable connection & fabulous sexual chemistry, with loads of sexual tension from the beginning [...]

    18. SoI'm not really sure how to feel about this one. It was DAMN hot, and McKenna is such a fantastic writer. Normally I steer clear of books with even a whiff of infidelity, but since this was infidelity with permission (!!) I decided to give it a go. It's a bit of a mindfuck, but a hot one! I won't give away too much other than it's definitely worth the read and is on par with McKenna's other works. And if you're anti-cheating in your books like I am, it won't piss you offo much. The ending could [...]

    19. 4.5 Stars, another hot and steamy read from Cara McKenna. I loved Patrick the sexy Lumberjack right from the get go and was rooting for him all the way through. Love these steamy but emotional stories, perfect for an evenings read.

    20. Another steamy hot read by an author I'm glad I was introduced to! I didn't know how this one would end but I will say I was not disappointed! It will not be my last read from Cara McKenna!

    21. "You are one fucked-up couple, Robin.""He wants you so much, he'd let you be with another man if that's what he needed to do to keep you""I want you so much that if I was him I'd kill that other man." Patrick Whelan/ Ruin MeInstead of a review, I added the lyrics of a song text. They are a little spoilerish and smut-for-the-smart readers will figure out their meaning regarding the story. So just read the blurb, look at my rating and you can do the math for yourselves. For all those who are rathe [...]

    22. My first favorite Cara McKenna book, though Curio might have upended it.Ruin Me was only my third reading excursion into the land of erotica, and I’m still somewhat mystified about the genre, but I was so enamored of Cara McKenna due to the glory that is Skin Game, it was only a matter of time before I started buying up her backlist. Ruin Me is told in the first person by Robin, who really loves her boyfriend, Jay, and would totally agree to marry him if it weren’t for the fact that she brea [...]

    23. *** OCTOBER 28, 2012 ***3.5 starsautifully written. i get the feeling that cara mckenna pretty deeply respects each of her characters, vastly different from one another though they may be. this was a quiet poem of a story, laced with a sad yearning. mckenna managed to formulate a tricky plot set-up and resolve it in a satisfying way that was fair to the characters, believable, and nothing close to pat. somehow she manages to write her happily-ever-afters without ever veering toward saccharine. a [...]

    24. Emotionally, psychologically, and sexually complicated. I read McKenna/Maguire for her difficult (and realistic) heroines and the way she threads issues of power and struggle and desire into the relationships and not-relationships she writes, and Ruin Me didn't disappoint on those counts. The characters got under my skin, and the attraction and conflict between them all felt very organic and inevitable. McKenna has a consistently lucid writing style, clear and descriptive, and it's kind of neat [...]

    25. Smutty-smutty-smut-cough-threesome-cough-smutGirl can't get over some guy she has a crush on so her boyfriend tells her to get with the crush to get "him out of her system"!

    26. 4 UNEXPECTED STARSSo what would you do if your significant other longed for another person and just couldn't shake the need?Would you, could you let them be with that person? Risk losing them to give them what they craved?This is the dilemma Jay faces with his longtime girlfriend. She has been obsessed with the man that saved her life years ago. She can't shake it. The way she feels about him is all consuming. It's eating her alive and Jay feels the only way to get past it and move into their fu [...]

    27. This was a complicated storyline. It's a story of second chances and a catalytic event of being proposed to sets off a chain of events that changes all of their lives. At one point I couldn't stand Robin, what she put her boyfriend Jay through. But then he compromised himself too much and that was interesting to see what he was willing to go through to keep her. The fact that Patrick was the one to stop their attempt at ménage told me a lot about how deep his feelings were for her and how despe [...]

    28. I am an unabashed Cara McKenna fangirl. When it comes to thoughtful, emotionally provoking, sensationally written erotica, almost no one can match her skill (on par with Megan Hart, who is the queen of emotional erotica).I read Willing Victim recently and it led me to buy everything of McKenna's I could get my hands on. I didn't love LOVE Ruin Me the same way I loved Willing Victim, but that's sort of like saying "I didn't love this fantastic and delicious ice cream as much as I loved that OTHER [...]

    29. I have only started reading Ms. McKenna's work this June. Now i have read three, going on to four books. Of all the books of hers that i have read, this one really had my mind in a maze. How can a girl who is inlove with her boyfriend not say yes to a marriage proposal over a guy she does not have any romantic or sexual relationships with?(I guess in a way Ms. McKenna justified that as the Patrick is a hero in Robin's eyes.)This is not really my favorte of her books, but still Cara McKenna's sty [...]

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