Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider

What if your bestselling novel attracts the wrong kind of attention Author Beth Rider s second vampire novel has hit number one and she is flying high on her new found fame But at a fated book signing that runs late into the night, Beth is confronted by an evil she d only experienced in nightmares Jack Dawn, a supernatural monster belonging to an ancient race of bloodthWhat if your bestselling novel attracts the wrong kind of attention Author Beth Rider s second vampire novel has hit number one and she is flying high on her new found fame But at a fated book signing that runs late into the night, Beth is confronted by an evil she d only experienced in nightmares Jack Dawn, a supernatural monster belonging to an ancient race of bloodthirsty immortals known as the Rakum, vows to track down and kill the young writer because of the vile redemptive message her book is bringing his people The Rakum have spread evil among mankind since the Beginning, growing in strength and influence with every passing century A respected Elder among his brethren, Jack recognizes the novel s destructive potential and his duty to destroy her before the book s promises annihilate his Kind His method of subduing the novelist is an ancient punishment perpetrated against humans who bring them the ultimate displeasure Jack marks her as a Rabbit By forcing her to ingest his poisonous blood, Beth s body now regenerates endlessly and she is set free to be tracked by his hungry brethren The plan His people will torture her, slowly, night after night, until she goes insane Marking her was easy now Jack only has to sit back and wait for the Rakum to do their worst Jack s proselyte Michael Stone was brought up from his youth to be strong, sensible and oftentimes, brutal But at one hundred and thirty, Michael is old enough to appreciate the quiet and ordered life he d carved out for himself over the years Aware that his Elder has marked a human for death, Michael is on the lookout as he leaves work late one night When he stumbles upon the beautiful and apparently innocent Beth Rider, he is instantly smitten, despite the fact that a few seconds later he realizes that she is the target of his Elder s fury Puzzled by Jack s unreasonable condemnation, Michael takes it upon himself to protect the lovely author from the limitless lust of his brethren Rakum grunt Javier Millier was never one to question the Fathers nor doubt the word of the Elders but after reading a curiously odd vampire novel, he begins to doubt the understood deity of his race Soon identified by Jack Dawn as a traitor, Javier goes on the run with Elder Roman and a mortal with a personal hidden agenda They also are in pursuit of the book s author, although their intentions are quite dissimilar from those of their brethren Facing the most terrifying trial of her life against creatures known only in fables, one simple woman will unintentionally threaten the very existence of a powerful and accursed people In the climactic mle, it is a race to the death, or if Beth has her way, a race to the life of every Rakum who makes the choice.
Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider What if your bestselling novel attracts the wrong kind of attention Author Beth Rider s second vampire novel has hit number one and she is flying high on her new found fame But at a fated book signing

  • Title: Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider
  • Author: Ellen C. Maze
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I have no idea if this will end up being a review or a bitch fest. I guess it can be both. My feelings are running strong. This book shaved off some of my IQ points and I have a limited amount to spare. This book made me angry. The majority of it is insulting, condescending, and full of in-your-face heavy handed, judgemental, and simpleton religious fervor. The main character is an emotionless nutt job, so high on her beliefs, that she has zero common sense. I am going to share a little story ab [...]

    2. I've been thinking about how to write this review all day. It's going to be very difficult to explain all the different reasons why I loved this book, but I'll try:It's a totally new concept. The story is fresh and I didn't know what to expect. I was so pleasantly surprised that I could be surprised. I have this horrible habit of trying to guess the outcome of a book (I guess it's the writer in me), but the story of a race of vampires (Rakum) and their social structure, living amongst the human [...]

    3. NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: this listing is the 2nd edition, improved and re-formatted RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER from TreasureLine Books. I am honored to bring it to you, so much closer to my vision than the original version. For over 75 rave reviews of this book, please see the Outskirts version on for all the reviews. Below my signature is the most recent rave review from an ecstatic reader.This book is categorized as Christian Fiction/Horror/Vampire.Enjoy!Author, Ellen C. MazeReview ByErika Nelso [...]

    4. The real significance of the expression “truth is stranger than fiction” becomes apparent to novelist Beth Rider one seemingly normal evening at a book signing, when she is suddenly accosted by a stranger who later marks her as a target, a “rabbit,” to be hunted by a legendary ancient race. What follows is one of the most original and inspiring vampire stories I’ve ever read.Explaining all the reasons I love Ellen C. Maze’s “Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider,” without any spoilers, is a [...]

    5. Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider is at heart a vampire/fantasy novel. Deeper than that, it's a vampire/fantasy novel with spirit and soul. I never thought I'd see a vampire novel with Christian underpinings but Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider fits the bill! I am totally amazed at how well vampires and God fit together in this book!Beth Rider is an author who writes a series of novels whose main characters are very similar to species of beings called Rakum. Somehow a leader in the Rakum race stumbles across [...]

    6. Beth Rider, an ordinary Christian woman of extraordinary faith, writes vampire novels. Successful ones. So successful, in fact, that the Rakum, a race of wraiths/vampires, are now reading them and turning toward God. And a certain Rakum Elder can’t allow that.Ellen Maze has created a new, wholly original kind of vampire story. Her world is intricate and vivid, with a history that stretches back thousands of years (I love how the Old Testament is woven into the plot). It is populated by the anc [...]

    7. This is one of my favorite books by far. I am now reading the second in this series. VERY well written, not hokey, very Spiritual and moving. I absolutely love Beth and am inspired by her strength and more importantly her FAITH! I always knew a book of such topics as monsters/vampires could be written with real love and honesty and with out someone having to have sex every other page. I love this story, how refreshing. Ellen you are one of my new FAVORITE authors. you write very well, discriptiv [...]

    8. I tried reading Chasing Beth Rider though I am not much of a horror fan - particurlarly because my idea of horror comes from the era of Vincent Price and Jack Palance where horror movies featured goosebunmps and terror as opposed to icky blood and guts that came about in later years.But this is why Ellen Maze's novel intigued me as she has formed a style of horror unique to itself.Maze's novel is the story of Beth Rider, an author we meet on tour at a booksigning when she encounters a stalker wh [...]

    9. This is the story of Beth Rider who got marked, by the blood of an elder, as a 'rabbit' which means every Rakum will be after her to do whatever they want with her for an eternity or as long as she will last. Why is she marked? Well her novels come with a message that changes the very 'soul' of the Rakum who reads it. And of course there is someone who just doesn't take this and marks her. We meet a few characters, Rakum and human, and they all have their own take on the marking of Beth, the boo [...]

    10. Just when I thought I was satisfied with the vampire genre as is, even beginning to feel it was over-saturated (with blood?), the first of a trilogy found its way into my hot little hands and into my heart.Look out Stoker. Beware Meyer. Ellen C. Maze and "Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider" has found a niche like no other: Christian Horror/Paranormal.While staying true to many of the accepted perameters of the vampire-verse, Maze adds a Christian touch that is neither heavy-handed or preachy, but at the [...]

    11. When Beth Rider wrote a best selling novel, she had no idea that its popularity would someday bring her into a battle as old as time—the battle between good and evil. At one of her book signings, Beth encounters Jack Dawn, a vampire from an ancient race known as the Rakum. Angry at what she wrote, he marks her as a rabbit, the worst thing a Rakum can do to a human. This marking makes her a target for every blood lusting sadistic Rakum who finds her. Enough said; its scary being a rabbit. Discl [...]

    12. What would be the most frightening feature of Ellen C Maze’s wonderfully horrific, paranormal thriller, Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider? Would it be the nefarious Jack Dawn- the vampiric Rakum who violently marks his prey: the “Rabbit,” best-selling novelist Beth Rider? Would the epitome of horror be found in Father Abroghia, the sadistic taskmaster and ancient leader of the relentlessly ruthless race known as the Rakum? Would the most terrifying aspect be the manner in which the vicious Rakum [...]

    13. I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of this book for review and must say that I am very glad that I did. While normally I shy away from books with a religious theme, I decided to give this one a shot, based on others' reviews of it. Immediately, the book draws you in with an intriguing interaction between the main character, Beth Rider, and an unknown assailant. It continues to keep you on the edge of your seat, as you follow Beth through horrendous (and some, not so bad) dealings with beings [...]

    14. Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider by Ellen C. Maze is a unique entry in the vampire genre, portraying its characters as neither tortured romantics nor soulless bloodsuckers. Her Rakum are more of a race of lost people, embracing darkness or seeking Truth.Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider tells the story of a novelist, Beth Rider, who is targeted by the ancient race of blood drinkers, the Rakum, because her books have inadvertently caused dissent in the ranks of these vampire-like creatures. As she tries to su [...]

    15. I found Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider quite fascinating. It reads fast, has a strong Christian message, and presents an interesting mythos for the vampire in her story. (Rakum, they’re called.) It has a bit of a Twilight feel to it, in that the blood-suckers are living among us and manage to blend into our society. Yet they have a society all their own, and their own unique motivations and history.The plot was interesting and moved at a good pace. At no time did I feel bored or find the narrative [...]

    16. I bought this book after seeing a recommendation from the Kindle blog and I've had a happy surprise.I don't usually read books about vampires because I'm always disappointed after being weaned on Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire and Bram Stoker's Dracula.But Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider was like a breath of fresh air in the "always the same" vampire craze that's hitting the bookshops now. Ellen C. Maze has taken a completely different angle on the genre and created a believable tale. She has be [...]

    17. Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider was brilliant. I wasn't expecting the ending, it was awesome. Not your typical vampire book. Maze brings you in and feel like you know each character.Rider takes you on the ride of her life. The books ending gave me chills. It made me think about my life as a Christian and the trials I face. Would I have been able to wear Rider's shoes? A MUST READ!!!! Thanks Ellen for writing Rabbit. It's what makes horror beautiful. After reading Rabbit you'll see what I mean.

    18. A thought provoking and creative vampire story for sure. Ellen has created a whole new genre of vampire story, one that involves religion in an interesting way and mixes it with a whole new breed of vampires. With scenes that seem to flow seamlessly and characters that grab your attention while reeling you in, this is a definite page turner and should be added to any vampiraholic's list.

    19. 5-stars for this edgy Christian vampire thriller, ranked #1 on in horror and occult. At this link, you can get it along with a FREE copy of the companion book "Loose Rabbits of the Rabbit Trilogy" for $16 total (includes shipping). Until May 31st. Here is the link: ellencmaze/spring-clea

    20. this is a great book, im a vampire freak and love all book pranormal so this book i fall in love with, it's a page turner.i would recommend to all.

    21. I actually gave the book 3.5 stars, but GR won't let me add the half :). Given the recent popularity of vampire tales, it is challenging to come up with something original. This story is a mixture of old vampire lore with a new twist that most stories either avoid, or hesitate to offer any explanation for because the unknown is typically the allure. Why do vampires exist and where did they come from? This question is as old as the vampire itself. Maze does not shy away from providing an answer, [...]

    22. Interesting Christian Paranormal read…I’ve often wondered what makes vampires so intriguing to humans. Is it the sheer mystery of it all or the sensual way they are portrayed in books and movies? I wish I knew the answer because I’ve never been drawn to them as others have. It makes me wonder if I am missing something. I read one of the Stephanie Meyers’ books because I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. Although I thought the one story I read was a good book, I had no desire [...]

    23. I downloaded the Kindle version last month and started reading. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew from reading some of the reviews and the book synopsis that this was about a vampire-like race of creatures known as the Rakum. I like good vampire stories so I was intrigued. Also the reviews mentioned the spiritual aspect of this book and the faith in God of the main character Beth Rider.How would the book play out? I've read other stories and seen movies where there was a religious c [...]

    24. Ellen Maze can write! That is the first thing I look for in an author - someone who can spin a world, and draw you into it for a great ride."Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider" is one of the most original and courageous novels I've read in a long time. There's no way around it, so I might as well just spit it out: this is a Christian story about vampires. Or possibly it's a vampire story about Christians. If that offends thee, you might as well stop right here! Ellen herself is an interesting person, wh [...]

    25. A Rabbit’s Secret WeaponEllen Maze’s novel, “Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider,” offers a clever take on the popular Vampire genre. In this story, a vampire-like race of beings called “Rakum” are shaken to their core by something they never suspected possible.Novelist Beth Rider has written an inspirational piece of fiction that is having a strange effect on a handful of Rakum. After reading her book, these Rakum begin to wonder about God and question His influence on human believers. They [...]

    26. he sub-genre of Christian vampire novels is a relat ively new one, and as a Christian and a vampire novel fan, I am always looking for more of them to read, so when I was offered the opportunity to review Beth Maze's RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER, I jumped at it. And in reading it I discovered a unique, fascinating world. Beth Rider is a southern novelist who's written a best seller which brings a message of redemption to the Rakum, a vampire-like race who prey upon humans, making some of them into [...]

    27. This is no ordinary “vampire” story. The world of Ellen Maze’s Rakum is well thought out and has a real-life feel to it. In this book you don’t have to take the world of vampires “on faith”, as some oddity of nature that just happens to exist for no particular reason. Throughout the book, Maze builds a much more rational world, complete with a history of how these “abominations” came into being, and an evolving future for them as well. I put “abominations” in quotes because h [...]

    28. Although she approached the vampire story a bit differently than I would she came closest. The thing that I really loved was that she shows the truth of the Scriptural statement, "For when I am weak, then I am strong." For it is in Beth's moment of trial, at her weakest point, that she receives the grace to confound her enemies. Other great verses of Scripture that she helps put pictures to are, "The weapons of our warfare are spiritual, not carnal," and "No weapon formed against you shall prosp [...]

    29. Beth Rider has just written a novel that has caught the attention of a group of demon-like entities called "Rakum" who have lived for thousands of years carrying out their blood-thirsty, vampire-like exploitation of human beings. Now a virus is running rampant amongst the Rakum and the Rakum Brotherhood is threatened with extinction. What is causing this?ey are reading Beth Rider's novels and are being transformed. Why?e her novels point them to her Savior and they are being redeemed by His mess [...]

    30. A christian novel about vampires that both intriguing and inspiring so much so I've read this book over 6 times. In all my efforts to be able to put it down, I simply cant.Its romantic and suspenseful, Ellen has done a truly amazing job withh this book thats brought the characters to life and snatches you away directly into the story.Beth runs from the Rakum because she has suggested in her recent work that its possible for them to leave their demonic state, Beth runs for her life. Only to find [...]

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