TheLongest Whale Song by Wilson, Jacqueline ( Author ) ON Sep-30-2010

A tender and gentle story that will captivate readers of 8 from bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson.Ella s mum s in a deep coma having just had a new baby That means Ella has to live with Jack, her hopeless stepfather and cope with her tiny newborn brother, as well as worrying about Mum The only thing that s going right is her school project It s all about whales andA tender and gentle story that will captivate readers of 8 from bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson.Ella s mum s in a deep coma having just had a new baby That means Ella has to live with Jack, her hopeless stepfather and cope with her tiny newborn brother, as well as worrying about Mum The only thing that s going right is her school project It s all about whales and how they sing out to each other to attract a mate sometimes for hours Maybe a whale song could reach Mum, wherever she is, and bring her back to Ella and baby Samson Surely it s worth a try
TheLongest Whale Song by Wilson Jacqueline Author ON Sep A tender and gentle story that will captivate readers of from bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson Ella s mum s in a deep coma having just had a new baby That means Ella has to live with Jack her h

  • Title: TheLongest Whale Song by Wilson, Jacqueline ( Author ) ON Sep-30-2010
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780385618151
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is a brilliant book. Narrated in the first person by Ella, it is the story of a snapshot of her life and how she struggles to cope when her mum falls ill. Ella is left with her stepdad, Jack, who she does not like and refuses to get on with. The issues of family life and bullying are dealt with in a simple yet very efficient manner by Wilson. The one fault I found is that I felt it ended too abruptly, which results in the reader feeling that the story is unfinished. It would have been nice [...]

    2. Weird book. It actually talks about whales for a total of not even 2 pages. The rest of the story is something completely different, and the role of the whales in it could have been taken by cats, dogs, dolphins, or any other mammal who has a voice and makes sounds. If the purpose was to get kids interested in whales I think the book does a very poor job because the whales are absolutely marginal to the story line, which involves a girl whose mom is in the hospital, and so all the emotions tied [...]

    3. بد نبود. داستانش خوب بود و مناسب بچه های اوایل دوره نوجوانی، شاید از 9 تا 13 سال. خصوصا اگه مشکلات خانوادگی مثلا جدایی والدین یا بیماری اونها رو داشته باشن. البته خب شاید از نظر یه بچه تو اون سن حجمش زیاد به نظر بیاد ولی در واقع حجمش کمتره و به خاطر قطعی که افق انتخاب کرده برای کتاب [...]

    4. My 10 year old self: This is a great book! It's about a normal, young girls life, but when her mother comes down with a sickness, things are everything but normal. Through the journey, friends are lost and made, bullies make everything bad, a baby brother is delivered into the world, after school club takes place, and a whale project is made.

    5. Jacqueline Wilson writes books about different things that could happen in a child's life.Her books are amazing, and what she writes about can happen to any child, so her books are so helpful in this way.The longest whale song is about a girl named Ella, whose mother is in hospital pregnant, but later falls into a coma.Ella writes letters to her every week, and visits her in hospital almost every day.However, since her mum is in hospital, Ella has to live with Jack. Her stepdad, which Ella never [...]

    6. This was one of the best books I have read. This book describes the challanges of life and really entertains the reader. Once you start reading this, you can never stop. Throughout the story You'll be like, Whats going to happen next?

    7. I am currently reading it and think it is amazing! I love how Jacqueline has set it out, I think its perfect and would reccomend it to anyone!!

    8. I really like this book and think that it has a very nice storyline to it. It is about a girl named Ella who's mum just had a baby boy but she is now in a coma. Ella has to cope with her step dad Jack and her baby half-brother Samson. She really likes whales and is doing a project about them. Things happen at school like her best friend going of with someone else. In the end the mum finally wakes up and they are all happy again.My favorite character is Ella because she copes with everything goin [...]

    9. همه‌ی کتاب‌هایی که تا حالا از جکلین ویلسون خوندم عالی بودن. موضوعاتی که انتخاب می‌کنه واقعا خوبن و نحوه‌ی پرداختنش داستان رو خیلی بهتر می‌کنه. اینکه شخصیت اول همه‌ی کتاب‌ها دخترهای نوجوان هستند خیلی برام جذابه. یادمه وقتی که خودم نوجوان بودم دوست داشتم کتابی پیدا کنم که ق [...]

    10. If I could do halves, I would give this book 4 and a half stars. The book is about a girl who's mum is having a baby and the labour doesn't work out that well so she has to go to hospital and ends up staying there for ages. The girl keeps sending her letters and once, she sends a letter all about whales and she wrote 'Did you know mum that the longest song ever sung (by a whale) went up to twenty-three hours!(Review by Maya, age 8, Rebecca's daughter)

    11. I read a lot of Jacqueline Wilson's books when I was younger and I loved them all so much. The Longest Whale Song is such a sad, but sweet story. However, the writing seemed slightly off and it finished too abruptly, in a very honey-sugary/gooey way. The book has beautiful morals and can teach young readers some very important lessons, but I simply didn't enjoy it as much as her other books. It saddens me to give this 3/5 stars.

    12. Great book! This is about a girl who goes through a difficult situation with her mom in hospital while being in the care of her Useless stepfather. Not to mention her baby brother.

    13. For those who have been avoiding Jacqueline Wilson because of the crap she's been churning out the last few years: this one is safe

    14. sorry Jacqueline :( I have never ever not liked one of her books until this one, and I didn't finish it either not one of the greatest books I have read from her collection BUT I still love her and always will ❤️

    15. I wrote a detailed review here. littleseabear/ Feel free to subscribe using the right sidebar (or footer on mobiles/Tablets)

    16. I read this book when I was eight so 5 years ago and I still think about it and it's still on my book shelves. It is one hundred percent one of my favorite books.

    17. اولین رمانی بود که ازین نویسنده میخوندم.زیاد تعریف ازین کتاب شنیده بودم ولی راستش خیلی خوشم نیومد.برای مخاطب نوجوان زیادی بچه‌گونه‌س و مخاطب کودک دیگه باید خیلی باحوصله باشه که بتونه تمومش کنه.شک دارم متن اصلی پایان همینقد خوش و یهویی داشته باشه و فک کنم از همون تحریفای(متأس [...]

    18. When Ella's mum goes into a coma after the birth of Ella's half brother, Ella has to deal with living with her stepfather, changing friendships and the uncertainty as to whether her mother will ever wake up.A lot of the reviews I've seen say that this isn't a book about whales at all, but I disagree. Whales, and learning about them, are Ella's way of coping with everything that's happening to her. I mean, sure, Ella could have easily focused on, let's say, wolves or deer instead, but Jacqueline [...]

    19. This is the 4th book I’ve read by this British author, recently introduced to US readers. It is a contemporary novel, suitable for middle grade readers, unlike the Hetty Feather series, set in the past. The story begins with Ella, the main character, and her mother practicing breathing for the coming birth of Ella’s new step-sibling. This young girl has had lots of adjustments in recent months, new stepfather (father is rarely around), new house (but she gets to stay in her old school), and [...]

    20. Ella adores her mother, a teacher, and isn't thrilled about her stepfather Jack being in the picture. She is even more concerned that the expected baby will take even more time away from her. When her mother suffers from eclampsia and ends up in a coma after delivering her brother Samson, Ella and her stepfather are at a loss as to what to do. Samson stays in the hospital for a while, but eventually has to come home. The two manage to find a babysitter while Jack and Ella are off at school, but [...]

    21. Oy, my heart.This is a beautiful, highly emotional middle-grade story about a girl whose mother slips into a coma while giving birth to her half-brother. Suddenly this girl, Ella, must cope with the absence and illness of her mother, a new baby brother, and being under the primary care of her stepfather (who she's pretty sure she doesn't like). This is pretty much Heartbeat but for middle-grade. And British. And published first. My heart got completely wound up in Ella and her stepdad, Jack, as [...]

    22. This story is touching and heartbreaking and quite well-written for children around 4th to 6th grade level. Ella is in around second grade or so and has a rather tragic time of things. Her mother goes into a coma when she gives birth to Ella's baby brother leaving Ella with her newish step-father whom she does not really like much to care for both her and the new baby as they visit her mum daily in the hospital hoping that she will come out of the coma and get better. In the meantime, Ella also [...]

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