Perfect Girl Evolution Vol.15

Sunako was once a typical junior high school girl until the guy she had a crush on told her she was ugly Sunako then turned her back on the world Now there s going to be a reunion at school and guess who s going to be there
Perfect Girl Evolution Vol Sunako was once a typical junior high school girl until the guy she had a crush on told her she was ugly Sunako then turned her back on the world Now there s going to be a reunion at school and guess

  • Title: Perfect Girl Evolution Vol.15
  • Author: Tomoko Hayakawa
  • ISBN: 9789792723502
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The Wallflower Vol. 15 was so much fun! This volume contains four chapters (“mini stories”). The first one, chapter 59 involves Sunako being invited to a mixer - and all this talk of love sends Sunako spiraling into depression. Luckily she has Kyohei (and a Bat) to knock her out of it! (Let me clarify, Bat as in the flying mammal, not a baseball bat - and he isn’t literally knocking it out of her). Let’s just say what Sunako-chan ends up doing is pretty hilarious! Chapter 60 introduces [...]

    2. So she finally meets the guy who calls her ugly (view spoiler)[ at least she doesn't care anymore! Also Takano I seeeeeeeeeee youuuuuu! ;))))) You really do care for her don't you? ;))))))))) Ah I love them <3 (hide spoiler)]

    3. I love this series. It's cute, it has all of the things I like, & the main character started off as a verifiably ugly girl. However, the only problem I have is that this series drags out every plot point (whether it's a main event or if it's a minor plot point). The series has almost a "monster of the day" quality to it in that almost every other chapter Sunako has some sort of crisis where she's forced to dress up "like a lady", rebel against dressing up, have people call her ugly, only to [...]

    4. Overall Rating: BSynopsis: A Shōjo comedy/romance manga created by Tomoko Hayakawa. At the beginning of the manga, Sunako Nakahara confesses her love to a boy, who utterly rejects her and tells her she's ugly. As any reasonably young person would do, Sunako then discards all traces of her femininity, and retreats into odd and morbid hobbies, such as collecting skulls. Fortunately, Sunako's aunt owns a mansion that four gorgeous boys live in (huh?). Apparently, the boys pay rent to live in the m [...]

    5. This book was very disappointing. Sunako had a "reunion" for her junior high school where she was supposed to see her old friends and the horrible boy who called her ugly after she told him she loved him. She didn't want to go, but she thought it would be nice to see her old friend Suzu-chan. Kyohei was being such a dick to Sunako. First he called her ugly and then told her she was stupid for letting the memory of the guy who first called her ugly bother her so much, because she'd done nothing t [...]

    6. The only chapter that was weak was the one where Noi-chi and the other girl go to a Host Club, and Takenaga has to work there to pay the bill. Of course it was funny, because Noi-chi is silly and crazy over Takenaga, and very possessive if other girls are around him. But Ranmaru and his girl MEH.Chapter 60 with Yuli's little siblings too cute! I love how Sunako is motherly, and what impressed me was how Kyouhei saw her inner beauty. Last chapter, 62, where Sunako has a reunion with her ex-classm [...]

    7. This volume continues the saga of Sunako's life with the four beautiful boys. This volume has the arrival of Yuki's younger twin siblings, Takenaga's turn as a club host and Sunako's class reunion. This last event shows us why Sunako turned to the darkside. Full of the alternating cute and beautiful manga style of Tomoko Hayakawa, the story moves along briskly with its soap opera story line. You do wish that Sunako and Kyohei would end up together, but that won't happen until this manga is finis [...]

    8. While this series makes me laugh a lot, it does lack a few things. Great opportunities for character growth are well written, but no character growth happens. Part of the difficulty is that neuroses and immaturities are the defining humor of the series. Real character growth would end the series, though could potentially create a new one. Hmmm. Perhaps it's a case of, "Be careful what you wish for."

    9. Is anything of any substance EVER going to happen in this series?Goth girl who is ugly-but-actually-is-gorgeous-with-makeup lives with 4 hot boys who try and make her into a lady but also somehow want her to stay the sameH.This is book 15 for goodness sakes and the plot hasn't moved an inch. I feel like I could pick up any book in the series and start reading without having to have read the previous volume. The story doesn't flow and continue on in a linear fashion.

    10. The sixteenth volume of The Wallflower offers up some back history to explain Sanako's mindset, along with a couple of plots spotlighting the supporting cast, including Noi. While it's generally predictable, it's well done and that does count for something.

    11. Overall series review (mostly) 4 Stars - so far, I’ve still got a few to go… Additional: Like most long running series there are some duff chapters/volumes See: /review/show

    12. Loved this series. I love reverse harem type series especially when the girl is considered to be 'plain.' Nakahara was a hilarious character and I loved all of her creepy ways.It was similar in my mind to Boys Over Flowers. Same general concept and characters.

    13. For some reason this book didn't hold my attention the way some of them have. The last of the stories was the best, and honestly should have been made longer (something the author said she'd considered). It gives a very final feelkes me wonder where the series goes from here.

    14. It was cool to see Yuki's family for a change. He is usually a bit overlooked I think, so him being more and more developped is good

    15. I would have totally loved to see the face of the guy who dumped Sunako, I bet hes a snob.Poor Sunako :'( But at least shes happy with her life. I wonder how many more volumes there are

    16. The story is going a little flat. I got a few laughs during the host club chapter, comparing it to ouran, But i thought the reunion chapter should of been way better and a series ender.

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