Strange things were happening in Drake House A perfect rose appearing on a pillow antique dress materializing out of nowherea mysterious spirit roaming the hallsFive years after Rachel Lindquist had left California to chase her dreams, she returned home to care for her aging mother, only to find herself chasing a ghost Addie Lindquist insisted a presence hauntStrange things were happening in Drake House A perfect rose appearing on a pillow antique dress materializing out of nowherea mysterious spirit roaming the hallsFive years after Rachel Lindquist had left California to chase her dreams, she returned home to care for her aging mother, only to find herself chasing a ghost Addie Lindquist insisted a presence haunted Drake House and had hired noted parapsychologist Bryan Hennessy to investigate, but Rachel knew better than to believe in what she couldn t see or to surrender to the strong current of desire pulling her towards Bryan.Bryan had dealt with skeptics before, but convincing Rachel was the biggest challenge of his life The enchanting beauty had lost faith in everything that wasn t practical, and that included matters of the heart As Bryan fought her reluctance to succumb to feelings she couldn t control, a second, sinister force began to stalk them, threatening to drive them from Drake House and from each other a force that could be banished only by a man who believed in the power of love andMagic.
Magic Strange things were happening in Drake House A perfect rose appearing on a pillow antique dress materializing out of nowherea mysterious spirit roaming the hallsFive years after Rachel Lindquist had l

  • Title: Magic
  • Author: Tami Hoag
  • ISBN: 9780553290530
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Actually a lot in this book is ridiculous. I could nit pick and tell of all the absurd situations but in the end they do not matter because they are coupled with the most wonderful characters in the most wonderful houseI first picked up this novel when I was a busy mother--years and years ago. I was able to immediately slip into the easy storytelling and forget the sometimes unpleasent things that I was dealing with. And I am still able to. So it doesn't matter if a lot of things are ridiculous- [...]

    2. I got tricked into reading this. I'm a fan of Tami Hoag's mysteries and this was listed as "suspense" in the library. While the suspense involves paranormal activity and a mystery of missing gold, those components are a thin veil for a standard romance novel. For a romance novel it's fine; that's just not what I was looking for or wanted to read from Tami Hoag.

    3. Don't let the cover fool you. This is actually a 20-year-old romance novel, and it reads like one. Bad, bad, bad. I kept reading my husband passages from it aloud, because they were so painfully awfulerefore hilarious.

    4. When the hero found out that the daughter of the old woman who lets out her house for ghost hunting is returning after 5 years without word, he is fully prepared to think the worst of her. Who could just abandon a sweet, albeit mentally unstable, elderly woman? The hero may not be family to this woman but he is the one who cooks her breakfast every morning and who takes the sees out of the empty birdcage just so the old woman doesn't fear her imaginary bird has fallen ill. But when he comes face [...]

    5. Well, I might have enjoyed this if I was expecting a romance but as it was I was expecting more of a horror novel & so I was a might disappointed! From the cover blurb I at least expected it would be romantic suspense."secrets & lies can be more terrifying than ghost" & "they must unravel a mystery which may be rooted in a cold reality more sinister than anything they had anticipated"h! - did I read the same book?Even as a romance (which I do enjoy at times) I felt it poor, the chara [...]

    6. I LOVE reading about GHOST ! I guess I could go back and read #1 through #3. I will see. I will probably learn the beginning of the story with Bryan Hennessy, Faith Kincaid, Alaina Montgomery and Jayne Jordan. Their college days?Page 11 . . . Jayne was leaving to seek fame and fortune in Hollywood as a writer and director. Faith was heading to a managerial position in a business office in Cincinnati. Alaina was staying on at Notre Dame to attend law school. Bryan had been accepted into the gradu [...]

    7. Well, this was not exactly what I was expecting from Tami Hoag. I enjoy her dark, detective novels, but this was more of a romance novel. Not quite as formulaic as some, but, still more a romance than not. Perhaps that is what she is going for in this series. If so, I will have to look more closely before borrowing it from the library. (To those of you who really like romance novels, I don't mean to belittle them in any wayI am simply not a big fan.)

    8. After reading a couple of Tami Hoag's novels and enjoying them, I was surprised by the drivel of this one. I don't mind romance, but the 2 characters were falling over each other from the moment they set eyes on one another. It was so overdone and trite.

    9. This story is about an elderly woman who had a falling out with her daughter and hasnt seen or spoken to her in 5 years. The elderly woman is suffering from Alzheimers . She lives in an old run down estate and she thinks she sees ghosts so she hires a ghostbuster to take care of it. The Doctors call her daughter Rachel and inform her that her moms Alzheimers is getting worse and she should come home to take care of her. When her mom Addie sees her she calls the cops and tries to have her removed [...]

    10. I was disappointed of how predictable the entire story is and it is all about romancewasn't what I expected when I picked it up.

    11. Bryan is a paranormal investigator with a 6th sense (in which he reads minds or senses things about people) who is looking for the ghost in Drake House. Rachel has come to Drake House to reconcile with her senile mother and take care of her. Bryan is something of a dreamer (although a responsible one), he believes in magic and eternal optimism, while Rachel calls herself practical and a realist - and given that she just wasted 5 years of her life on a dreamer, she's reluctant to get into a relat [...]

    12. From 1996 and really dated. The paranormal aspect was ghost haunting an old house and the main character's profession is a parapsychologist which is a profession I'd come across before in 80's and 90's romance - so all I can say is thank god that paranormal now means vampires, shifters and angels.Bryan, the hero was the "manic pixie dreamgirl" in this book, he'd spontaneously break out in song or start dancing in the garden and pull magic coins out of peoples ears. I found his scenes with his be [...]

    13. I confess to skimming this book, something I rarely do with a novel. I picked it up at a rummage sale because I've read a couple of Tami Hoag's romantic suspense novels and found them compelling. Not this romantic paranormal, which is apparently one of her earlier books. I skimmed through the frequent and numerous love/sex scenes--something else I rarely do!--to get to the plot because I was hoping something would satisfy me. Honestly, I didn't find much. Alzheimer's isn't funny no matter how ou [...]

    14. Before Tami Hoag became the Queen of Mysteries, she wrote some really sweet romance novels. This one stands up to anything that is published today. It also has a paranormal (friendly ghost) angle and a view of life with an Alzheimer's patient. Life is not fun dealing with a parent and that disease, but it can be magic.Bryan lost his wife a year and a half ago and has been drifting since. He ended up in Anastasia, CA with his three best friends and their families. He feels it is time to get on wi [...]

    15. This is the story of Rachel Lindquist, who returns home when her estranged mother falls vctim of demensia. Only the strained relationship is made worse by the addition of Bryan Hennessay, professional ghost hunter, to the house. But Drake House holds more than one secret, as they mixed bag of guests and friends witness the bizarre occurences, even Rachel has to believe that something supernatural is going on. This was a 'sweet' mystery - a bit obvious in places and no real surprises, but enterta [...]

    16. A little bit of magic, ghosts and love to make another great Tami Hoag read. Rachel Lindquist returns home to try and reconcile with her aging and ailing mother. She has to deal with not only her mother's deteriorating mental condition; but with Bryann Hennessy who is searching for a ghost in the Drake House. Rachel does not want Bryann there but has difficulty dealing with her growing attraction for him. Bryann has his own baggage to deal with and does not want to be attracted to Rachel. The tw [...]

    17. I've bought a few of this author's books in the past year or two, although still unread, so, thinking I'll have a change, I started this book. All the books I have are listed as 'thrillers' and the blurbs talk of horrors inside. Expecting something along the lines of Dean Koontz or Stephen King I was amazed to find myself reading something which seemed to be soft porn with a rather elusive Walt Disney plot. I persisted, waiting for the promised 'sinister' element to find that this was provided b [...]

    18. I have read most of Tami`s books and she is one of my top 10 authors,but I somehow missed out on this book even tho I`ve seen it on the TBRs forever!I really liked it,it was a very good light love story-A Mom with Alzheimers that is quite advanced never gave in that she ws the one that finally chased her daughter away trying to make her an opera singer.So 5 yrs later Daughter returns hoping it`s not too late to make her Mom love her and forgive her for trying to live her own life.A male helper g [...]

    19. 4th in the series and I liked it least. Maybe because the protagonist was a male and I liked the 3 women better. Also did noy really like the heroine, though I did like the ending. A little bit of paranormal in this one, and more fun if you have read the previous 3. This is a very early Hoag, 1990, so she has progressed as a writer. Also, all the smoking bothered me. People just don't smoke in books any more thank goodness.

    20. Brilliant! A sweet story with a touch of cheesiness, mystery, romance, and a wonderfully written (tense) relationship between a mother (who is swept away with the agonizing reality of Alzheimers) and her daughter (who has returned home, after having been thrown out years earlier for pursuing her passion).I highly recommend this book if you are feeling like the magic in your life has been lost. This is a beautifully gentle pick-me-up romp back into believing.

    21. If I could give this book a negative rating, I would. This might be the worst book I've read in the past 5 years (and I've read a lot). It's the first time in my life when I put down a book without finishing it. I read the first 100 pages in the course of 5 days - a book this short would take me a couple of hours at the most. I had to force myself to read which took a lot out of the joy I usually experience when I read.

    22. The heroine has come to take care of her mother with Alzheimer's. (Must be early onset, since the heroine is only 25.) The hero is a paranormal researcher hunting the ghost her mom chats regularly with, instantly arousing the heroine's suspicions that he's a con artist. She doesn't believe in ghosts or anything she can't see, smell or touch, including love. He's a ghostbuster. It's a nice story with a tiny mystery thrown in.

    23. Rachel Lindquist moves back to the California coast to look after her mother Addie, who is convinced that she has a ghost, so she hires a paranormal investigator, Bryan Hennessy, with whom Rachel has somewhat of a past.Rachel distrusts Brian and his profession and thinks he's misleading and taking advantage of her mother who is getting older and somewhat scattered.It's readable, nothing earthshattering but quite readable.

    24. It's a while since I've read a Tami Hoag book- and although this wasn't what I was expecting I still enjoyed it. Rather than a dark mystery chiller- this was a romance with a 'ghost hunter' as one of the main characters who has been called in to find a ghost in the family home. Rachel has been called back to take care of her mother who is increasingly suffering from dementia.

    25. The characters are likeable and the author doesn't confuse you with too many. Brian is a nice guy who believes in ghosts and magic. He lost his wife and lives with Addie - an elderly woman with Alzheimers. Addie has a ghost in her house. Addie's daughter comes home to care for her mother and falls in love with Brian. Simple, cute.

    26. In spite of the bad reviews I actually enjoyed this book. More than suspense it was a Romance Novel with a touch of a ghost and an old house with secrets. This was the 1st Tami Hoag book I have read and I have no regrets reading it. It was a good read. NB: Never conclude a book is bad until you have read it yourself. Your choice may always differ from the others reviews.

    27. This was my first Hoag book to read, and I expected it to be much more mystery and supernatural (because of Wimsey the ghost). but is was just a bodice ripper that seemed quickly thrown together without deep characters or a rich story. Should I scratch Hoag off my list?

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