Closer to victoryor closer to death An army of darkness is on the march Who won t escape with their life The fourth book in the New York Times Bestselling TUNNELS series At long last reunited with his dad, Will now spends his days exploring the land of the second sun, decoding the cryptic glyphs carved into its three mysterious temples or eyeing the wild animalsCloser to victoryor closer to death An army of darkness is on the march Who won t escape with their life The fourth book in the New York Times Bestselling TUNNELS series At long last reunited with his dad, Will now spends his days exploring the land of the second sun, decoding the cryptic glyphs carved into its three mysterious temples or eyeing the wild animals with renegade girl Elliott Chester, meanwhile, has finally returned Topsoil, where his homecoming is rapidly becoming a horror show But an army of darkness is on the march And the ruthless Rebeccas have once cheated death With a corps of cold blooded Limiters at their command, they re determined to hunt Will to the bitter innards of the earth This time, who WON T escape with their life
Closer Closer to victoryor closer to death An army of darkness is on the march Who won t escape with their life The fourth book in the New York Times Bestselling TUNNELS series At long last reunited with his

  • Title: Closer
  • Author: Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams
  • ISBN: 9780545201155
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Well, that was another rollercoaster.My good friend who read these before me said, in answer to my question about whether they were still as good this far in to the series as they were at the start, that they were getting better if anything. Perhaps, yes, perhaps. Certainly no worse, still intense and vaguely infuriating in the way of all slightly bleak situations that aren't going the way one would hope they might.The series has a terrible, though entertaining, habit of people not dying when th [...]

    2. Brilliant addition to the Tunnels series. Very fast paced and action heavy, it was a quick read and better than the book that came before (Freefall, which was also excellent). This book is an excellent addition to the Tunnels series. It follows on from 'Tunnels' 'Deeper' and 'Freefall'.'Closer' is as much a page-turner as the other three and it is slightly easier to read and enjoy. This could be partially related to the plot being interchanged between different members in the group, as well as d [...]

    3. This book is called Closer it is the 3rd book in the Tunnel series by Roderick Gordon. Its is about Will Burrows a kid who's dad discovers an underground world and goes missing. So Will and his friend Chester follow him underground to find out where he went. But Will gets separated from Chester and gets back with his dad, his father finds out that Will's supposed sister Rebbecca has a twin and they work for the evil group called the Styx, Wills father jumps off the edge of a place called "The Po [...]

    4. Closer by Roderick Gordon is a very interesting book. Will is in the center of the earth, in a place no one knows even exists. He and his friend Elliot have to escape from this world deep inside the earth to prevent the evil Styx from using a virus to take over the outside world. On the surface, Drake, another of Will's friends, plots against the Styx and tries to stop them. I liked this book because it had a lot of action and suspense, like when Drake is carrying out on his plan to stop the Sty [...]

    5. You've probably read the other 3 tunnels books if you haven't. suffice it to say. Get. Them. Read. Them. Love. Them. I love this series.P.S. If you have red this poor Chester gets all the badness badosity? Badovity?

    6. The only reason this book is four stars is because I haven't read the others in this series for a long, long time and really had no idea what was going on. Half of the people I didn't remember, apart from the main characters. But, all of me not remembering what this series is about aside, this is a seriously good book. Before reading, I remember thinking that they should just end the series already, but now that I've read this one there's a lot more stuff to wrap up. Maybe it's because Freefall [...]

    7. Ages 10-14. Book 4 of the Tunnel series. In this futuristic world, Will, Elliott and Dr. Burrows have left Rebecca One for dead and have taken a "journey to the center of the earth", where they've discovered pyramids and vestiges of an early civilization. Chester is taken hostage by crazy Martha on their journey Topsoil (aboveground), and must escape to find his parents. Drake, taken for dead, has made an alliance with Elliott's father, a Styx (the enemy) who claims to be against the Styx's camp [...]

    8. Excuse me? The Rebeccas are alive? JUST DIE ALREADY!!Well, basically I can't give this book a super high rating, because everybody seems to keep dying - except for the people I actually want dead.Let's make a list of all of the dead people! Uncle Tam, Imago, Sarah Jerome, Cal, Dr. Burrows, Leatherman and do you notice something? NEITHER OF THE REBECCAS!! Why?? Why couldn't they just die? DIE REBECCAS! If they don't die in the next book, I will hunt them down and kill them myself. I don't think i [...]

    9. I loved the series because they use strong vocabulary and description, so I learn a lot of new words. The characters are always scheming, and making plans that depend on many factors, I would find it hard to be able to come up with things like that.

    10. Butuh nyaris 2 minggu untuk menyelesaikan buku ini, tepatnya sih 12 hariSaya sempat kebingungan soal lokasi cerita dengan adanya pencantuman daerah dengan matahari yg selalu bersinar di dalam pusat bumi.

    11. I've always assumed that the adventure of Will Burrows and friends are over in Closer. I was completely wrong. The story gets bigger and better and all the more addictive. I couldn't put it down.

    12. This is one of the better books of the series, but I am ready for the story to wrap up. How long are they going to milk this story; when can we expect the conclusion?

    13. I had been waiting for months for the fourth installment of the Tunnels series, "Closer", to be released.And finally it has.I read the book in a couple of days, so caught up was I in the ever-developing story of Will and friends.The previous three novels have been a joy for me, pure ecstasy.I adore the whole world Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams have spun from their creative imaginations and I am so glad I have had the privilege of seeing the plot bloom and thrive, pulsate with excitement and [...]

    14. This book, Closer, is the 4th book of the Tunnels series. It is very suspenseful and fast paced.Overall it was interesting but the last chapter endsIdk, weird. Like one part shouldn't have been there. ( Nothing inappropriate, just wierd and unnecessary.) If you haven't read the first 3, then don't read this one until you have. Unlike some series, you can't just read them in any order or you will be confused.

    15. Makin seruKedua orang tua Will & Chester pun jadi terseret dalam petualanganAkibat dari bola cahaya kedua mata Mrs.Burrows buta tetapi ia memiliki indera penciuman yang tajamMr. Burrows mati di tembak salah satu kembar RebeccaEddie, tiba-tiba muncul dalam buku ke 4 ini yaitu ayahnya ElliotBanyak kehilangan tapi ada orang-orang baru yang munculKonflik juga semakin rumitLoved this book.

    16. This is an amazing book. Awesome that this exciting book is a series, but even better that one chapter can totally change the emotion felt towards this book. However, this was a sad book, considering the fact that many of the characters died, but still good nonetheless. Also, the series has a habit of allowing many of the characters to survive actions that nearly everyone in this entire world cannot. Getting shot, walking it off like it was a little prick in the thigh. Doesn't really make sense, [...]

    17. Another great installment in the Tunnels series, which I love. This one did not disappoint. The adventure, mystery, nefarious plots, lifelike characters, and science were still there from the previous books, but there was even more.From the start in the first book, I have been impressed with the character development. A lot of adventure-filled science fiction books seem to skip this part in order to include more action. But Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams knew what they were doing. They used [...]

    18. Imagine a pile of snow blowing up in your face. That's what reading Closer is like.Why snow? Because if snow did happen to blow up in your face one day, you'd probably think, "What the--? Snow doesn't do that!! That can't happen!!" And while reading this entire book, you're bound to think the same: "What the--? That can't happen! That did not just happen!" Well, it did. In the form of pure awesomeness.***I will warn you, there are some spoilers from here on out. If you wish not to be spoiled, th [...]

    19. SinopsisSetelah penyerangan mendadak oleh Will dan Elliot, kembar Rebecca terpaksa harus melarikan diri. Parahnya lagi, Rebecca Satu terluka. Rebecca Dua pun berusaha menyelamatkan saudaranya dan akhirnya berhasil tiba di suatu tempat yang penuh dengan pasukan Jerman.Sementara itu, Chester dan Martha berhasil menuju permukaan bumi. Malang bagi Chester, begitu sampai ke permukaan, kelakuan Martha semakin menggila. Martha menyandera Chester untuk memastikan agar anak itu tidak kabur. Martha member [...]

    20. La cuarta entrega de Túneles verdaderamente lleva tus emociones al límite, estamos más cerca del final, más cerca de la verdad y más cerca de entender quienes son los verdaderos enemigos. Es cierto que muchas de las acciones de los styx no están encaminadas por el camino del bien pero también es cierto que ellos lo único que quieren lograr es la salvación del planeta que comparten con los seres de la Superficie. Aquellos seres de la Superficie han acabado con el planeta Tierra y no son [...]

    21. I did enjoy the previous book, Freefall. But, this book is much, much better than Freefall, despite some little things I found difficult to digest.In this book, Will, Dr. Burrows, and Elliott got separated from Chester and Martha, this time in their own accord. They went to another layer inside the Earth, while Chester and Martha went to Topsoil. Well, unfortunately, things didn't work out well for any of them, yet. Two other underground communities were discovered, new significant character was [...]

    22. CloserBy: Roderick Gordonpages: 508Genre: Fiction"Closer," (the fourth installment in the "Tunnels" series) is probably the best one since the very first book, Tunnels (also the name of the book series). In the series, protagonists Will Burrows and Chester discover an hidden hole outside Will's house, which they explore and eventually leads them to a massive underground city called The Colony. From there, Will and Chester must adapt to the new life there while trying to find a way back home. In [...]

    23. I guess maybe you had to have read the first books in the series. I like a page-turner fantasy, especially an alternate-world type. This one was about a race of people who live way below the surface of the earth and tunnel up to have a hand in the course of world events. I picked the book up at our local library and so it was very much like coming into the last part of the last season of a series. There were lots of cuts to different scenes, lots of back story, and lots of tying of loose ends th [...]

    24. After reading the book Closer by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, I give this book a total of four out of five stars. I give this book that rating mainly because of like I stated in my review of the previous book, Freefall, that the series continues to find new ways to entertain and build up story. They were so far successful in my view point. Although I only gave it four/five stars because of the different and confusing vocabulary sometimes, I still enjoy this series as one of my favorites.S [...]

    25. I started the Tunnels series in 2008 when one of my friends lent me her copy. I instantly fell in love with the series and it's characters, though it took me another two years before I braved the school library and borrowed the second book and then another three before I finally read the third book. Since then, I've had the series on hold at the public library just waiting for my list of to-reads to diminish. And then the time came, they were ready for pick up, the last three books in series. I [...]

    26. I've generally enjoyed this series so far, but with this book and the one before, I've had a hard time sympathizing with any of the characters. I know most sci-fi is plot-driven rather than character-driven, but I feel so disconnected from these characters at times that when one character dies in this book, I was actually glad to be rid of that person. The characters are flat, and some of the events of the last two novels seem unnecessary. I'm still not sure what the function of the Land of the [...]

    27. Closer is a book based in present day London. The two main characters are Will Burrows and Dr.Burrows who find an inner world on their treacherous journey to the surface of the Earth. While they are there Dr.Burrows is shot to death by his fake daughter Rebecca who turns out to have a twin sister. Closer involves many shoot out scenes and and numerous deaths perfect for people who like action and adventure Closer is also a very strong page turner because every page is filled with suspense built [...]

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