Cabel's Story

A free online story by Lisa McMann A companion to the first Dream Catcher novel, Wake, this is Cabel s perspective of the field trip that Janie and he took with their English class.
Cabel s Story A free online story by Lisa McMann A companion to the first Dream Catcher novel Wake this is Cabel s perspective of the field trip that Janie and he took with their English class

  • Title: Cabel's Story
  • Author: Lisa McMann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Really good but a very short read only 13 pages. Left me wishing Lisa McCann would write a whole book from Cabel's point of view. He is awesome. A must for fans of Wake.

    2. I actually read this in like30 minutes, i am so proud of myself.I'm surprised how short this is, and i (as the ijiot i am) forgot Lisa McMann's writing style for a second, and i promise, it was only a second! I totally got back on track and read between the lines and TOTALLY got Cabel's feelings and reasons for what he does. I am absolutely amazed at the rollercoaster ride she can take me on in 13 pages of reading. This is also the first time i have finished an "eBook" of any way, shape or form [...]

    3. Short and sweet. I loved the view into Cabe's life and that little blip where Janie wasn't sure what he was thinking in the beginning of it all.

    4. I was really curious about this short story, since it's from Cabel's POV, but it fell a it short for me. Lisa McMann could've done so much with it, give us more of Cabel's background or something new to broaden the main story. Instead, it pretty much followed the events of Wake and didn't bring anything fresh to it, so it felt rather pointless.For more bookish goodies, check out my Tumblr and Instagram :)

    5. Well, as you all know, this is an companion novel of the series Dreams, by Lisa McMann, featuring Cabel's version of the field trip that Janie and he took with their English class.So anyway, I actually have a thing for novels that reveals or has a male "voice" in it. I would have rate this with a perfect 5/5 stars, considering that I've fallen in love with the 1st novel of the series -- BUT I have one teensy weensy problem which, unfortunately, is a pretty big deal to me It was too' damn short [...]

    6. I have to say, being hooked on Lisa McMann's Dream Catcher trilogy has made me hungry for anything relating to the series and when I found out that there was a novella on Cabel's POV, well, COUNT ME IN. It's a very short read, did little to satisfy my curiosity about this wonderful, wonderful character but now, I am even more in love with Cabel. I won't give anything away but if you can, do read this novella because it will only leave you hungry for more of the series. And that's a good thing. : [...]

    7. I thought this was interesting, although a little disappointing. The character of Cabel Strumheller, in Wake, was so rich in detail, and was such a big part of Janie's life, that I wanted to read more about him and his take on what's happening to him, and to Janie, as their lives become more connected. So, to just cover the field trip part of the book, I felt was a little selfish, haha.I would like to read a re-telling of Wake as viewed from Cabel's perspective!

    8. Η ιστορία του Κάμπελη Lisa McMann σε 13 σελίδες βάζει τον Κάμπελ να μας διηγηθεί τις σκέψεις του σχετικά με την Τζέινι όταν για πρώτη φορά ανακάλυψε ότι μπορεί να βλέπει τα όνειρα των άλλων.Αν θυμάστε στο πρώτο βιβλίο η τάξη της Τζέινι πήγε μια εκπαιδευτική εκδρομή και εκείνη έκατ [...]

    9. Oh, Cabel. I liked the guy in Wake and this story just gives us a touch more insight into him and how he dealt with the bombshell that the girl he had a thing for was able to fall into people's dreams. All things considered, I think he handled it as well as he could have. I mean, that's some freaky stuff no matter how you cut it.Dark, a touch introspective, and it makes me like him even more. Big thumbs up to that.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

    10. 3.5 starsI love Cabel so much. He was my favorite character of this series and it is nice to get some of his point of view here since the books were from Janie's point of view. Obviously, it's a bit repetitive because it overlaps parts from Wake, but it was good to see how Cabe felt about Janie seeing his dream and how he dealt with it. He is so screwed up and he makes me want to just snatch him up and hug him! And this made me want to read the series all over again.

    11. This didn't really add anything to the story for me. I loved the first book in the Dreamcatcher series and I like Cabel but this little mini story just doesn't give anything that wasn't already part of the original story. In fact, the whole bit where Cabel remembers homecoming is very nearly an exact replica of what is in told in Wake. This just wan't much of an addition and didn't really give any insight or dimension to Cabel's character.

    12. That was it?Really?I thought we were going to learn more about what Daddy did to him and maybe his time in the hospital.While we got to see a couple of dreams I'm just a bit curious if this story was supposed to be in Wake and got pulled.Ah.Not satisfied. Not at all. It wasn't bad. it just left me feeling like it should have been more

    13. Ummmmm???Okay?Uh huh?Well i knew going into this that it was just a short little thing, but really? I guess I don't really get why I needed to read this. Or why it was written. I mean it's not bad, but also not relevant. Either way since it only takes 5 minutes to read it's cool. I guess? I do appreciate the pic though *winks* lolz

    14. I just have one problem with this one. It's too damn short! Come on, we like to know more about what's inside Cabel's mind. It's interesting really. Also I kinda like the cover. That guy is exactly like Cabel I have in mind :)

    15. No aporta nada a la trilogía. No sé, con ese título esperaba un poco más de explicación de la vida de Cabel, pero no, lo único que nos encontramos son un par de escenas de la primera novela (escenas encima aburridas) contadas desde su punto de vista

    16. Interesting to see Cabe's side of the story. He's one of the most interesting and insightful characters in the series, so it was refreshing, well writtenAnd honestly, some bits were just plain heart-warming.If you like Wake, you'll love this.

    17. Better than the first book. I actually understood more from this short story than from the entire first novel in the series.

    18. Really short, really easy to read. Win-win.I liked Cabel's POV better than Janie's, actually.

    19. I read the Wake/Gone/Fade series a few years ago for a YA literature class. I just wanted to read something that didn't have to do with vampires or sparkling star-crossed romances and that reminded me of the teen mystery/thriller/horror novels I read as a kid in the 90's. I didn't expect much from Wake. At all. I had only bought it and only intended on reading it. Then I devoured it in less than a day, ran out of the house in my jams and got to the bookstore in time before it closed to get the s [...]

    20. Judul: Cabel's Story (Dream Catcher, #1.1)Penulis: Lisa McMannPenerbit: Simon & Schuster PublishingHalaman: 23 halamanTerbitan: 2010Cerita pendek yang merupakan pelengkap dari Wake, buku pertama seri Dream Catcher karya Lisa McMann.Buku ini menceritakan sudut pandang Cabel tentang perjalanan kelas bahasa Inggris yang ada di buku pertama.ReviewCerita pendek yang, sayangnya, terlalu pendek. Memang menambah sedikit warna pada buku "Wake", tapi tidak banyak. Tidak ada tambahan cerita yang menari [...]

    21. Cabel's Story was included as an extra in my copy of Wake. I just want to say thank you to Lisa McMann for giving me this brief peek in to Cabel's mind.Cabel is my favorite character and the fact that I got to see through his eyes made me love him even more. Too be honest I found his retelling of what happened on the school trip more entertaining if that makes any sense. It might be because of the new pov butStuff I enjoyed:Am I the only one that found his dream kinda funny? (no I'm not a mental [...]

    22. I found out about this story and saw in one of the reviews that this story was in the back of Wake so I looked into my copy and there it was.I thought this story was okay, in just a few amount of pages I was able to get a little more insight into Cabel's thoughts and found that I was in the middle about what to think of it. For one I feel like he leaves Janie to fend for herself too often and yes I get that he is emotionally scarred but why can't he find help with Janie for himself and help her [...]

    23. lili-lost-in-a-book.cIt took me like 20 minutes to read this :PBut it was interesting. I liked getting inside Cabel's head and knowing what was going through it.This is "A free online story by Lisa McMann. Based on the first Dream Catcher novel, Wake, this is Cabel's perspective of the field trip that Janie and he took with their English class."However, it also describes the night of the Homecoming dance when Cabel offered his skateboard to Janie on the way home. Which was super sweet by the way [...]

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