The Cater Street Hangman

Careless of both murder and manners, Charlotte Ellison and her sister, two determinedly unconventional young women, ignore Victorian s and actively join the police investigation, led by young Inspector Thomas Pitt, into the murder of their servant girl Reissue.
The Cater Street Hangman Careless of both murder and manners Charlotte Ellison and her sister two determinedly unconventional young women ignore Victorian s and actively join the police investigation led by young Inspecto

  • Title: The Cater Street Hangman
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780449208670
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Historical mystery has turned out to be a favourite genre of mine. There is something very intriguing about watching the police attempting to solve crime without the use of all our modern techniques. Often, as in this case, the murderer is captured in the act which is pretty conclusive!I had a few small issues with this book, for example the occasional info dumps which I actually skimmed. However these were more than made up for by the excellent story and the characters. I loved the little roman [...]

    2. I read this on a day I stayed home sick from work. I felt terrible, but escaping into this book gave me several hours of wonderful distraction. Perry perfectly evoked the spirit and flavor of the era and what life was like for an intelligent and curious young woman in a time when those were not considered favorable attributes for women.The mystery is good, touching as it does the obsessions the Victorians had for sex and religion. The best thing for me in The Cater Street Hangman is the sense of [...]

    3. 3.5 Stars Imagine if you will a society that expected women to stifle their feelings for the good of all. A proper lady would marry, bear children and serve her husband and family. She was to be pleasing and her household was presumed to run with complete order. Her goal was to avoid any cause for upset and she was expected to look the other way when necessary.Charlotte Ellison was a product of the times. Though they loved her immensely, she was the bane of her parents. In her early twenties, sh [...]

    4. I stayed up until 5:30am listening to this audiobook, because it was due back at the library today. I can't say that it was wasted time. It was a pretty good book and the narrator, Davina Porter does a satisfying job. However, I didn't love this book. I think the major issue I had was that I found most of the characters unlikable.Charlotte did grow on me. She had some notions and beliefs that weren't ideal (she tended to be very naive about things and was somewhat snobbish and judgmental towards [...]

    5. The Cater Street Hangman is the first Charlotte & Inspector Pitt novel by Anne Perry. I had read some of the Pitt mysteries as a teenager and thought I might start at the beginning of the series and read them through. I remembered being fascinated by them at the time, but memory isn't always reliable. In fact, the story is intriguing, well-written, with an interesting twist at the end and a strong component of social commentary that is as relevent today as to the time period in which the sto [...]

    6. The Cater Street Hangman is the first book in the Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry. Inspector Pitt caught a case of the killing of young ladies at night around Cater Street London. During his investigation, Inspector Pitt met the beautiful Charlotte Ellison after the death of her maid. The Readers of The Cater Street Hangman will follow the twists and turns of Inspector Pitt investigation into the murders and will wonder if Charlotte and Inspector Pitt will fall in love.I never thought I would e [...]

    7. Some history, before I dive into the book. Yesterday, I read about the late Dee Dee Blancharde who clearly suffered from Munchhausen by proxy. One thing led to another, as it does so often in such cases, and soon, I was reading about the infamous Parker-Hulme murder case. Imagine my surprise when I read Hulme was actually a critically acclaimed writer! So I bought the Kindle edition of this book five minutes later, and here we are now. Right off the bat, for some reason, the blurb made me think [...]

    8. I never really got into the rest of the series (or the Monk ones), but I really like this book. Rereading it now, there's a definite modern feminist slant, but it's never to the detriment of the plot, and is a big part of shaping Charlotte's characterization. The mystery is well-plotted and engaging, and you can practically hear the gas lamps sputtering

    9. What I thought I was getting: (i.e. the synopsis on )Careless of both murder and manners, Charlotte Ellison and her sister, two determinedly unconventional young women, ignore Victorian mores and actively join the police investigation, led by young Inspector Thomas Pitt, into the murder of their servant girl.What I actually got:Charlotte: "Oh my! These deaths are so tragic. I'll say everything that comes to my mind. Isn't my brother-in-law hot? Women are so down-trodden."Emily: "Oh sure this guy [...]

    10. This is Anne Perry’s first published novel, and it’s not too bad. I look forward to continuing this series (27 books!) which takes place in the late 1800’s, about 20-30 years later than her other Victorian mysteries featuring William Monk.This book describes the meeting, under tragic circumstances, of Police Inspector Thomas Pitt and Charlotte Ellison, the daughter of a banker. Young women in Charlotte’s neighborhood are being murdered, and Pitt investigates the crimes while initiating a [...]

    11. Anne Perry obviously did a great deal of research on Victorian England for this book, and she certainly paints a detailed picture of that time and its people. She definitely reveals the hypocrisy of the age. However, the conversations during which Pitt enlightens Charlotte about the “criminal underworld” and other aspects of life unfamiliar to her began to feel like the author lecturing the reader. While I liked Charlotte and Pitt, some of the other characters became tedious at times. Perhap [...]

    12. How can I not like this? It combines two of my favorite things… historical fiction and a murder mystery! It’s set in Victorian-era England, and I think all the intricacies of social life at that time are well portrayed. It must have been so stressful living at that time and always worrying if you’re doing and saying the right things! It seemed to me that the worst thing one could do was be “impertinent”.I’m not sure how I feel about Anne Perry’s somewhat sordid past, but I really e [...]

    13. Anne Perry is beloved and prolific. I picked up many books and discovered they belonged in series. At first I worry historic society will feel too oppressed to enjoy or relate to protagonists. This writer shows a world without reciting an instruction manual and a reasonable percentage of scenes scurry towards the point of the story. With mystery, that is a must. In fact I would encourage her to let us unwind, following revelations. Her novels end with a thud; exciting but I would love a chance t [...]

    14. Crime fiction? Really? Mmm, Anne, I know you can make it better.The only really good thing has been the end; so unexpected. Andok, I like how you let us know the characters. But I hope a lot more from you! Come on!

    15. First in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt historical mystery series set in Victorian England in 1881.The StoryA number of murders committed by the same person brings Inspector Thomas Pitt to the Ellison household with questions regarding the victims. Naturally, being a respectable household, the Ellisons clam up. Then one of the household becomes a murder victim and Pitt becomes a regular, if mostly unwanted, fixture.And so the summer winds into fall with few clues but leaving time for some in the [...]

    16. First in a series of books about Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. It is important to read this one as it sets the stage for all the characters in the rest of the series. The strange thing about this books is the way Thomas and Charlotte decide to get married. One day Charlotte is not sure how she feels about Thomas and within a few pages they have decided to get married. Perhaps I don't understand Victorian social conventions at all, but I thought that was a little strange. Still, Perry has to further [...]

    17. Quando saiu este livro fiquei desde logo com grandes expectativas. Mas saíram goradas. Este livro foi uma completa desilusão porque de policial teve muito pouco.O Estrangulado de Carter Street é mais um romance de época com um toque de mistério. Numa pequena localidade têm surgido casos de raparigas novas que aparecem estranguladas, sempre sob o mesmo método e na mesma altura do dia: à noite.Opinião completa: marcadordelivros/2

    18. This is the first in Anne Perry's Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mysteries, and one of my favorites. I fell in love with Anne Perry's books when I read Pentecost Alley. I bought it not realizing it was part of a series. After reading it I knew I had to read the rest of them. I love the rich period detail she gives her books. She really brings Victorian London to life like no one else.

    19. 3.5 stars!After slow started this book was quite a surprise.I like Charlotte, eventhought she was rude at Thomas first but the guy didn't seem to care much with her attitude. He wanted her and at the end he got the girl!:)Oh the way Ms. Perry described Thomas's hair reminds me to Edward Cullen's hair, lol.I know I know, Thomas exists long before the teen vampire!It's a good start for this long series and yes, not as good as St. Cyr but not a light mystery crimes either. And I'm glad I found anot [...]

    20. Slow beginning that builds.Enjoyable story that makes meexcited to continue with the series.Narrator Davina Porter is so good.Clean except for Mild Foul Language.

    21. I have long heard people talking about Anne Perry, and thanks to Open Road republishing her Pitt mysteries, I finally got the chance to read her myself! The Cater Street Hangman was originally pubished in 1979, but it holds its own against the newer books in this genre. I'm a huge fan of Deanna Raybourn's Lady Julia Grey series, so it's kind of the standard to which I hold other mysteries, and I can't help but compare a bit while reading. Here's howThe Cater Street Hangman stacks up:With this fi [...]

    22. Though I have been reading Anne Perry for some years now I had not read the first in her Thomas & Charlotte Pitt series. I am so sorry it took me so long. When we meet Charlotte in this story she is a strong willed young woman whom people believe will never marry as she has no feminine or weak attributes that most men admire. Her family is not rich but well to do so she must never marry below her station. When young women are murdered near Charlotte's family home Charlotte meets Inspector Pi [...]

    23. Adult fiction; period drama. This is not so much a mystery as it is a novel set during a time of terror wreaked by a serial killer, since there is very little sleuthing done but rather a lot of hand wringing and arguing amongst family members (sister rivalries! marital transgressions!), until finally the main character is attacked (and thus the murderer's identity is finally discovered, and there the book just ends). The book deals quite a bit with the inequalities in moral standards for men vs. [...]

    24. This is the first time I've read an Anne Perry novel and I was pleasantly surprised. The novel takes place during the Victorian age where the author brings out the social norms/mores for women and social classes during that era. The book centers around young women being found murdered just down the street from the Ellison household on Cater Street. This is the first in a series of novels featuring the characters of Inspector Thomas Pitt and Charlotte Ellison, the high-bred daughter of an upper-c [...]

    25. J'ai fini et je m'empresse de commencer le second :) (en même temps j'ai un livre qui compile les deux premiers tomes, ça serait dommage de l'abandonner maintenant!

    26. I do love a good mystery and this one kept me guessing until the very end. Unfortunately some parts of the storyline feel a bit rushed and that ending was rather disappointing for my taste.3/5

    27. Excellently written, an exciting mystery story with interesting and relatable characters. I read a couple of the later books in this series and enjoyed them so much I wanted to go back and read from the beginning. I absolutely love that the Inspector and the gentry lady end up together. Perry is certainly conversant with the social structures of the time and her descriptions of the places make you feel as if you were walking down those fog shrouded streets while being stalked by a murderer.You h [...]

    28. I've been on the lookout for a series I can dig my teeth into and the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mysteries may be it. The good:- I have a thing for historical mysteries, and is there any better time or place for them than Jack the Ripper's London?- Perry doesn't assume that the reader knows all the history and social mores of the time and weaves in explanations unobtrusively. We learn about Victorian gender roles, class, marriage, crime, and more. - All of the characters, from our heroine on down [...]

    29. The Cater Street Hangman (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #1)There was a little too much focusing on dresses and who was in love with who, but I went into this book expecting it, so it didn't annoy me that much. I really liked the emphasis on the expectations for men and women during that time. Charlotte came across as a bit too naive to believe, but I liked how she pushed back against what was expected of her. The mystery was interesting and while I wasn't surprised with the revealing of the kille [...]

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