Thiaoouba Prophecy

Planeti v vesolju so, tako kot ljudje, manj ali bolj razviti Avtorja so prebivalci najbolj razvitega planeta v na i galaksiji, planeta Thiaooube odpeljali na svoj planet To ni bila ugrabitev, temve potovanje, ki je imelo namen pou iti avtorja o nekaterih duhovnih stvareh, ki zadevajo planet Zemljo.
Thiaoouba Prophecy Planeti v vesolju so tako kot ljudje manj ali bolj razviti Avtorja so prebivalci najbolj razvitega planeta v na i galaksiji planeta Thiaooube odpeljali na svoj planet To ni bila ugrabitev temve po

  • Title: Thiaoouba Prophecy
  • Author: Michel Desmarquet
  • ISBN: 9780646313955
  • Page: 210
  • Format: None
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    1. I've found this by 'accident' .t a day goes by that i don't feel lucky after that. This book was so amazing to me in a way it 'rings all the bells' about any doubt you can have or about any previous research you've been doing Maybe the best book on planet earthwho knows?

    2. This insane and deeply racist book was, remarkably, reprinted a few times in USA. Relates a ridiculous and (unintentionally) very funny account of alien abduction. He (the author) knew the abductors were very clever because they spoke French! Some of it is so absurd that I was crying with laughter; but at some point the reality of it (in all seriousness) sinks, and it is also very sad. The author clearly has a mental illness. The publishers must have known, and yet cashed in on it, knowing he wo [...]

    3. This book is also called THE THIAOOUBA PROPHECY. It resonates with those who always dreamt of life on other planets, ancient civilizations, Journey to other galaxies. Such an incredible experience of a man who was directly transported to another galaxy in an alien space ship. The journey is so wonderful and the message is clear. To look the divinity within and not outside.

    4. I have read this book now 4 times, I think it deserves a critique to be written which I will work on. For now, here is a drop to wet the lips.Stated Proof from the book.Color on performanceThe theory that colour and thus Aura's are important to the psyche (they mention a weightlifter who constantly under performed when he saw pink).Link ncbimh/pubmed/19Alien InterventionThe book was dated prior to the declassification of NASAs project westford where they launched millions of needles (twice) that [...]

    5. Brilliant story. It's fantastical in it's claims, but honestly even if it's not true, it's so imaginative it's still a great read. Really enjoyed it.

    6. While reading, as first published, "Abduction to the Ninth Planet," I became further interested in the ideas being ventured in the book/journal. This book was recommended to me by a friend who thoroughly enjoyed it and found it be to enlightening. Overall, I was beyond pleased with this short, intellectual read. There really is no smooth transition into the book to prepare you for the heavy, metaphysical ideas written in non-fiction by Marquet. By taking notice of the cover and short excerpt on [...]

    7. Truly fascinating, I don't think there are any perfect words to describe the reading of this book. It is insightful and challenging, it provokes the reader to think outside of the box and to be aware that there is more going on than we realise. Personally some of the things that stood out the most were spirituality and how noise effects us.

    8. Unfortunately I really don't feel the story to be true I liked the pacifist messages the author transmits, but for someone with a knack for artistic imagination, it's not so hard to write something like this. It's enough to read a little about chakras and spirituality and you can crop an acceptable scenario. If you really practice meditation, then it's a piece of cake. I do, so this 'new mentality' is nothing new for me, it didn't open my eyes. And in the material area, everyone can find real fa [...]

    9. Your spirit will be reborn when you die and your Astral body passes through the River of Oblivion.Does that make sense?No?Then the rest of the book won't make sense either.The author claims to have made to go on a trip with extra-terrestrial beings who told him about the Creator Spirit who made all things.These beings are the same that sent Christ,apparently,the same who periodically kill off entire peoples as mentioned in the Bible.Now they sent the Author to spread the same message Jesus sent, [...]

    10. Fun read, creeped me out a little bit. I might have bought into it had I never read a Jane Roberts book, but it's too simplistic for it to have any ring of truth. I highly recommend "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul," by Jane Roberts, for a more plausible and multifaceted explanation of the meaning of life.

    11. You must have some milage into the unknown before reading this great book otherwise it's pretty mind bending and unacceptable for many many people and better for them not to read it at all so you're warned

    12. One of the best books I've ever read. Very enlightening and holds many answers to questions that I have been asking myself for years. Will read again as the author suggested. So glad I found this. :) :) :)

    13. It's a book with a strong message, really worth reading or rather it's a must read. You will not regret spending some time on it.

    14. Love the way the author has claimed that this incident has happened to himself. Weather it's fiction or not, this book gives a fantastic overview into life and our spiritual selves.

    15. An excellent read. Will give you a new way of looking at the things around you. Read it like fiction, and you'll love it. Apply your brain a tad too much and you'll be disappointed.

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