Conejito: A Folktale from Panama

An all star author illustrator team delivers a timeless story about finding love and acceptance.
Conejito A Folktale from Panama An all star author illustrator team delivers a timeless story about finding love and acceptance

  • Title: Conejito: A Folktale from Panama
  • Author: Margaret Read MacDonald Geraldo Valério
  • ISBN: 9780874837797
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. My seven-year-old was telling me about this book they are reading in his Spanish class. He was so excited to read it with me at home. It is rhyming story, a happy read.

    2. Title: Conejito: A Folktale from PanamaAuthor: Margaret Read MacDonaldIllustrator: Geraldo ValerioGenre: Non-European FolktaleTheme(s): Family, Folklore, Journey, PersuasionOpening line/sentence: “One day, Mama bunny told little bunny, Conejito, ‘Conejito my little bunny, it is vacation time’”Brief Book Summary: Conejito is a Panama folktale about a bunny named Conejito who journeys to his aunt’s house, but runs into the fox. With his cunning ways, Conejito persuades the fox not to eat [...]

    3. MacDonald, Margaret Read. Conejito. A Folktale from Panama. Little Rock: August House LittleFolk, 2006.Characters: Conejito (Bunny), his mother, his tia Monica (aunt), Mr. Fox, Mr. Tiger, and Mr. Lion.Setting: woods, and aunt Monica's houseTheme: Outsmarting larger and fierce animalsGenre: Folktale, cumulative tale, tricksterPlot/Summary: This charming folktale from Panama is about a Conejito and his tia Monica outwitting Senor Zorro, Senor Tigre, and Senor Leon. This folktale is interlaced with [...]

    4. Conejitoo is a great folktale book, and I cannot wait to read it to children. The first characteristic that I like about the story, is that is includes Spanish. Spanish is rapidly growing and spreading into a very popular conversation language. I think it is wise to incorporate Spanish into the lesson plans as young as first or second grade, and a requirement for courses to take in college. Also, Conejito teaches several lessons that benefit young children’s learning like when Conejito visits [...]

    5. The book was alright, very repetitive. It is good for early readers who come from a spanish and english speaking background. Conejito is a rabbit who goes and visits his aunt and runs into predators and has to trick them into not eating him. This book has a small message, that you can eat lots of junk foods like cookies and cake. But a child needs to eat healthy, such as drink water and eat fruits and veggies to grow up and be strong. It is a cute story and has a good moral of eating healthy and [...]

    6. This is a great story time book for kids who are about five or six. The kids find the Tia Monica song hilarious and will soon be joining in on the "ooh la la" part and the "gordito, gordito, gordito!" part. Of course the more you can ham it up the better! The big folk-arty illustrations also work well in large groups of kids. Silly in the best way and the kids enjoy learning a few Spanish words too.

    7. This book is simply beautiful. The rhythm of the language and the illustrious are particularly wonderful. Always a favorite in my 2nd grade classroom (especially as I teach in a highly diverse area), the bilingual nature of the book was particularly appealing to my students as it reflects their reality.

    8. Wonderful Latino tale about a little rabbit on his way to visit his aunt. On the way he runs into 3 predators, but convinces them not to eat him until AFTER he visits his aunt, who will make him big and fat. His aunt devises a plan to get him home safely.Cute tale, I will be making it into a puppet show for the library this weekend. CUTE!!!

    9. Definitely fun for storytime! Good for movement themes or to use with other folktales from Latin America. Easy to get the kids repeating "Gordito, gordito, gordito!" Try pairing up with Jose-Luis Orozco's version of "Tia Monica" on his CD Diez Deditos!

    10. I loved the mix of Spanish in the English text! The story was fun, too. I'm excited to find more titles from this author.

    11. Read about how Conejito outwits the tiger, lion, and fox on his return from Teo Monica's home from up in the mountains.

    12. Margaret Mead MacDonald's folktale from Panama. Little rabbit Conejito meets three scary preadtors on his way to vist Auntie Monica - who helps him outwit his enemies and journey safely home.

    13. Great version of a folk tale -- perfect for reading aloud. Lots of repetion and Spanish words (including pronunciation guide in back) and very cute. Another winner by MacDonald!

    14. Conejito is taking a trip to see his Tia Monica but meets a fox, a tiger, and a lion on his way. Bilingual. This would make a good flannel board.

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