Language of Space

This text views architectural and urban spaces as psychological, social and partly cultural phenomena They accommodate, separate, structure, facilitate, heighten and even celebrate human spatial behaviour This guide provides a systematic overview of the idea of architectural space.
Language of Space This text views architectural and urban spaces as psychological social and partly cultural phenomena They accommodate separate structure facilitate heighten and even celebrate human spatial behav

  • Title: Language of Space
  • Author: Bryan Lawson
  • ISBN: 9780750652469
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
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    2. Quite interesting. Some acute insights into the use of space and human perceptions of space. Well illustrated, but still a book by an architect aimed at other architects, and hence quite dry.

    3. کتاب پر از حاشیه است انقدر وسط صحبت ها خاطره و تعریف کرد ک آخر هر بخش نمی فهمیدم چی شد! شاید بیشتر از این ک ی کتاب علمی باشه ی کتاب تبلیغی ترویجی یافته های علوم رفتاری باشه واسه معمارها

    4. nggak ngira bryan lawson nulis tentang 'space'. dia selama ini saya kenal mendalami sejarah 'disain'. saya menikmati bukunya yang lain [yang klasik, semua orang kenal]: 'how designers think'

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