Zombis rubias

Desde el momento en que Hannah Sanders lleg a la ciudad sinti que algo iba mal.Hab a muchas casas en venta y la ciudad parec a infectada por una calma sobrenatural Entonces, el primer d a de clase, Hannah se topa con un grupo de animadoras, las chicas m s populares del colegio.Lo curioso era que son casi id nticas rubias, guapas y p lidas como cad veres.Pero Hannah quiDesde el momento en que Hannah Sanders lleg a la ciudad sinti que algo iba mal.Hab a muchas casas en venta y la ciudad parec a infectada por una calma sobrenatural Entonces, el primer d a de clase, Hannah se topa con un grupo de animadoras, las chicas m s populares del colegio.Lo curioso era que son casi id nticas rubias, guapas y p lidas como cad veres.Pero Hannah quiere encajar desesperadamente, a pesar de que su amigo Lukas no para de repetirle que, si no cubre sus espaldas, acabar siendo rubia, popular y estando muerta igual que todos los dem s zombis de esa ciudad Querido lector debo advertirte de que, si compras este libro, har as bien en hacerte con un ejemplar de Zombi gu a de supervivencia , de Max Brooks Te har falta Publishers Weekly El libro de Brian James es bueno si te gustan los zombis Quiero decir que si los zombis te asustan, como a m , tendr s pesadillas Lo digo en serio Library Journal Despu s de leer los horrores de Zombie Island , de David Wellington, las animadoras zombis de Brian parecen casi inocentes Casi Book Sense El nuevo libro de Brian James, Zombis rubias , demuestra que, tal y como se ven a oyendo ltimamente, los zombis est n de moda Y A New York
Zombis rubias Desde el momento en que Hannah Sanders lleg a la ciudad sinti que algo iba mal Hab a muchas casas en venta y la ciudad parec a infectada por una calma sobrenatural Entonces el primer d a de clase Ha

  • Title: Zombis rubias
  • Author: Brian James
  • ISBN: 9788498005165
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. As another fan of zombies and YA lit, I've been looking forward to reading this book all summer, but I was terribly disappointed and frustrated by the wasted potential.The author does a good job from the beginning evoking a sense of unease about Hannah, her father, and their new home in Maplecrest. Part of this mood comes from the hints that Hannah's father has a dark past as a former police officer. A dark past that is brought up every time Hannah mentions her dad, moving, or police officers (a [...]

    2. Lukas: This town is full of zombies!Hannah: Whatever!Lukas: You'll see!Hannah: You read too many stupid horror comics.Lukas: Hrmph.Repeat for 100 pages.The book had a mildly surprising ending, but the rest was a repetitive slog narrated by one of the most unlikeable characters I've ever read.

    3. Fabulous premise (come one, who DOESN'T think all the "popular" kids in high school were zombies?), but extremely poor execution. Our heroine Hannah is bland and unlikeable; her dad is laughably incompetent and unbelievable; wary sidekick Lukas comes off as being very much a kicked puppy who inexplicably keeps coming back for more of Hannah's abuse (and if he knows what's going on, why is he staying in town, anyway?); and the ending, which was probably supposed to be Scary, felt more like A Majo [...]

    4. This was a tough one for me. This book had me feeling bipolar in some ways. It had these really great moments where I felt the author would redeem the female lead for me, and then he would go back down into this pit of unlikablity. Hannah wasn't a character I would call strong. I guess with the way the author wrote her, he pulled if off if that was his goal. She was weak-minded, superficial, selfish, and really mean. But I also felt that every female character in this book was laid out to be thi [...]

    5. I picked this book for the cool manga-esque illustration on the cover and the hope of a wonderful story about decapitating undead blondes. What I got was a big pile of 'blah' that reminds me how many guys cannot write from inside a teenage girl's mind.Hannah is forced to uproot her life every few months when her dad's many debtors find out where they've gone off to. This time, she's landed herself in Maplecrest- a small town that feels oddly empty (almost every second house is for sale). Althoug [...]


    7. I was disappointed with this book. I picked it up thinking it'd be a fun quick YA story involving zombie high school drama, but it was pretty monotonous. The first 3/4 of the book is all the main character in denial and acting sort of whiney, and the last quarter is her finding the truth but not really being the one to do anything about it. The ending just annoyed me because it doesn't really wrap anything up and is supposed to be threatening but since we don't really SEE the zombies do anything [...]

    8. This book was okay. There was nothing really special about it, but it **kind of** kept my interest. I liked the overall idea of the book and the zombie theme. However, I think it could have been executed a little better. For example, I picked this up hoping to get some major zombie action. Well, it was until the last 20 pages that Hannah even found out that they were zombies. And, even then, there was no flesh eating awesomeness, for the conclusion was blah. It just took waaaaayyyyy to long for [...]

    9. I picked this book up close to a year ago at a library book sale near my house. I don't even remember if I purchased it or my son but somehow I ended up with it. And for the life of me I don't know how, because when I picked this up out of my TBR pile my first thought was "What the hell was I thinking with this book?"! But It is only 232 pages and I figured one less book in my stack and because it's so short I could endure a bad read.But that was not the case. I actually kind of liked the book. [...]

    10. funny, and scary, too. as ever, james, shows a keen sense of the absurd, inviolable rules of high school life. the adult characters are particularly well drawn, which is also unusual in a y.a. novel. some of the action sequences are killer, so to speak. a great look at high school, then or now. if you like zombies, you'll dig this book; if you went to high school, you'll love it.

    11. James, Brian. 2008. Zombie Blondes.I loved this book. I just LOVED this book. It was just so readable. Compelling I guess is the proper word for it. I was just hooked from the very beginning. "There aren't any rules to running away from your problems. No checklist of things to cross off. No instructions. Eeny, meeny, pick a path and go. That's how my dad does it anyway because apparently there's no age limit to running away, either." Our narrator, a teen girl named Hannah Sanders, is tired of ru [...]

    12. I bought this book because I needed a book that started with "Z" for my A to Z Challenge. This was the first one I ran across and actually, I enjoyed it.Hannah’s dad has had trouble ever since he turned in some dirty cops. Now he and Hannah move around every 1 to 6 months to stay away from bill collectors and harassment for his past.Their newest town? Maplecrest. It seems like a ghost town driving in. Houses are For Sale everywhere.Hannah makes a new friend at school, but he’s not the most d [...]

    13. Nenapadá mě nic, co bych o knize řekla, protože všechno už vyjádřila anotace. Bohužel mě ale nenapadá ani čárka do samotné recenze. Strhující kombinace ságy Stmívání a Stepfordských paniček. To hlásá přebal knihy. Stmívání miluju a na Stepfordské paničky se taky ráda podívám. Název knihy je celkem ucházející, navíc jsem knihu vyhrála tak proč si ji nepřečíst? Když jsem ale začala knihu číst nebylo to to pravé co jsem čekala. Už od toho co Hannah [...]

    14. I was really looking forward to reading this book. It has a cool cover (good art is scarce these days, isn't it?), a title that cracked a smileI was disappointed.There's nothing really wrong with this book, I guess. But it had so much potential. There are so many threads that could've been picked up and woven into the story. So much that could've been further developed. And this dude isn't even a bad writer (for the sake of the actual writing, guys) for YA fiction.So. From the beginning we get t [...]

    15. I think the author pulled off really well Hannah's self-consciousness and self-doubt - to me, the zombie-cheerleaders plotline was secondary to the story being told of Hannah moving to a new school and dealing with all those issues that you face there - starting over, making friends, being ostracised, trying to figure out your place, etc. She was so clueless about the zombies and perhaps a bit boring in parts (Lukas was a lot livelier), but I think most teenage girls will find something relatabl [...]

    16. This is one of those books I put on the back burner for quite some time because I wasn't sure how good it would be. I am so glad I finally took the time to pick it up. I think I could have devoured it in one sitting if given the chance. I was constantly questioning what the final outcome would be and if Lukas was just some weirdo hell bent on hating the popular kids or if there was something really wrong with the it crowd. Even the setting of the book adds to the eerie quality that something wei [...]

    17. Being the zombie enthusiast that I am, I really loved this book! It was a good mix of horror (but not very scary) and contemporary fiction/school popularity.Hannah and her dad are constantly forced to move around to new cities because her dad cannot afford to pay rent, and they're always running from previous lives. When they arrive in Maplecrest, Hannah knows something is wrong. She becomes friends with Lukas, a pretty awesome guy who is so obviously the bestest character, who warns her that th [...]

    18. This book falls into the "candy" category: it's good for what it is, but you should only expect one dimension. So. Essentially this is teen horror. Hannah and her father move to a small town with a disproportionate number of beautiful popular people. Befriended by Lukas, the local creepy kid/true ally who continually warns her of the popular crowd's evil intentions, she notices an increasing number of strange occurrences. Consider the title and you see where this is going.A few things. One: Hann [...]

    19. Creepy! Definitely not the book to read when you're home alone on a dark and stormy night.Hannah and her father move around a lot, so Hannah is kind of an expert on being the new girl. Her newest home is Maplecrest, a tiny town where the cheerleaders rule the school and everyone else is just wallpaper. Seems like every other place Hannah's lived, until her new friend Lukas warns Hannah that the pretty and popular cheerleaders are actually undead cannibals that need fresh blood in order to stay " [...]

    20. Hannah Sanders moves to a new town with her loser dad, and she tries hard to fit in. And, I'm sorry, but I'm sick of reading books about female characters with low self-esteem who want nothing more than to be a member of the cool, bitchy it crowd. Can you tell I feel strongly about this crap? I mean, really, where are the strong kick-ass characters in the zombie/werewolves/fairy novels? Must the girls make stupid decisions because they are tempted by the cute evil boy?Hannah, in her stupidity, d [...]

    21. Omg, I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this book. I didn't think it would have been that entertaining but I thought it really was. It had bad reviews but I still really wanted to read it because I had never read anything like it before (not really into the whole vamps, werewolves, zombies thing) but since it was on sale I decided to pick it up. This book reminded me a lot of the movie Jennifer's Body which I really liked (as much as you can like a zombie movie) so it made me like the book more [...]

    22. I enjoyed this quick read, but it wasn't fantabulous. I thought it could have used just a little more back story - the author hinted about things that happened in the past that was influencing current behavior, but he didn't give much info about those events. I kept thinking there might be a connection or something or maybe a breakthrough? But, I did like the ending. After looking at his pic in the back, it doesn't really surprise me that he'd end it this way. Then again, I think I must not have [...]

    23. Kniha vypadala zajímavě, anotace mě upoutala. Avšak u toho to také zůstalo.Celý děj knihy mi přišel prapodivný a sešívaný a ke konci jsem upustila i od toho, že ta kniha je klišé. Ona byla absurdní - tím špatným způsobem.Na druhou stranu nějaký děj to mělo, připomínalo mi to však nějakou rozmixovanou parodii na Twilight a Stepfordské paničky. Ocenila jsem však konec - nad nudnou průměrnost knihy se dost vyvyšoval, i když nevím, jestli právě ten nezpůsobil [...]

    24. This book was extremely weird. It takes being obsessed with being popular to a whole new level! At first I thought it would just be about some girl that was trying to be a wanna-be. But nope! the girls she were trying to be like were actually zombies. and she either had to become one of them, or become their next food source! (They have to have human blood to stay young and pretty.)This is one of my favorite books. I've probably read it about six or seven times now. :P

    25. A lot of people asked me why was I reading a book like this (by looking at the cover). It was defiantly a fast read, very interesting, and different & original. I was always told "Uh, that book is a lame zombie high school version of Means Girls." And all of them admitted that they never read it. Like I said, it's a fast read and it's almost like a mystery for the first-half. I recommend this book to people who aren't into the typical zombie novels.

    26. This book brings back zombies is a fashionable way ! (:How Brian James Describes the Zombies is awesome because they are girls so its really unexpected .The Story Actually Goes A Little Slow which dropped a star rating .I also was quite annoyed at the Girl Main Character ( I forget her name HAHA) because She Didn't Listen to The Guy's Warning . Anyway I Recommend this book to any girl who loves a good fantasy fiction book :D

    27. Ok, I'll admit it. I only picked this book up for 3 reasons: the cover was an illustration by Sas Christian, it was about zombies, and it was set in a high school. I was rewarded for consumer motivations with an ok piece of horror teen lit. A lot of suspense is built up throughout the book so I guess it could be construed as maybe a little scary. It would make a great B movie, and I actually quite liked the ending, despite what some reviewers have said- it wasn't too predictable!

    28. This was a crazy book! I didn't like the ending because I think it ended all too quickly and all at once. I think the main character should've told their dad what had happenewd and booked it out of there. I left it very general for those wqho have not read the book. I definately recommend this book to people who don't get scared easily.

    29. Me esperaba más de este libro. La protagonista es demasiado tontorrona, en vez de pensar un poco por sí misma culpa de todo a la imaginación del "friki" del instituto y se deja llevar por su afán de ser popular Quitando el tema de los zombies, este libro es como cualquier peli americana donde la chica nueva quiere ser amiguita de las animadoras y con ello conseguir ser popular

    30. A girl living in a wide eyed nightmare. No, not school drama. well i guess you can put it that waym.If you would call having the most popular beautiful kinda girls that you envy being zombies!I loved it! creepy and suspencful, had me on the edge! i love zombies!

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