Flirt Club

When two self professed middle school drama geeks Isabelle and Annie a.k.a Cisco and The Bean fail at their attemps in romance, they start Flirt Club, an after school support group for similarly afflicted friends who decide to take decisive and strategic action with hilarious and touching results.
Flirt Club When two self professed middle school drama geeks Isabelle and Annie a k a Cisco and The Bean fail at their attemps in romance they start Flirt Club an after school support group for similarly affli

  • Title: Flirt Club
  • Author: Cathleen Daly
  • ISBN: 9781596435728
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I won this book through a First Reads Giveaway. Thanks very much! =)- My Description -Isabelle (Cisco) & Annie (The Bean) need help. They can't seem to get boys interested in them. They don't know how to flirt, so they form The Flirt Club.The Flirt Club is founded with the hopes that it will strengthen ties with boys and help the members learn how to flirt.- My Review -This book is marked to young adolescents (like 13-15 year old readers) but the book was very mature as there are some sexual [...]

    2. As a high school teacher, I was thrilled to be able to add this book to my classroom library. There's a waiting list to read it because my students just love it. It's a great book for young adults and to tell you the truth, I really liked it too.

    3. A first reads win!!There was so very much of this book that I really liked! Seriously, I read it in a day and for a book aimed at middle school students the fact that it held my attention that well says a lot. I felt like I was back in middle school all over again (gulp) with all the lovely emotions involving boys. I laughed out loud many times and even had to describe/ read several parts to my husband. I could probably read similar things in my own journals from this time. There are just a few [...]

    4. Izzy and Annie are best friends and in the 8th grade. They don’t quite fit in with the popular crowd and like most middle-graders Izzy and Annie wish to be more like those that time seems to stop for. They’re tired of being the outsiders. Together, along with a couple other girls in the same predicament, form the Flirt Club. As members of this secret club they take notes on how the popular kids flirt. They hope to learn a lot from their observations and be so bold to draw enough attention an [...]

    5. When I first noticed the book “Flirt Club,” I wrote: First rule of Flirt Club: Don’t talk about flirt club!”But in this delightful young adult novel of friendship and angst, the first rule of Flirt Club really is “Don’t talk about flirt club.”Annie (Bean) and Izzy (Cisco) have been friends forever. But as eighth-graders, their goal this year is not necessarily to get boyfriends, although that is the ultimate goal, but to learn how to flirt and talk to boys. The entire young adult n [...]

    6. I'm struggling with my star rating. I really liked how the notes were realistic. My husband was reading over my shoulder at one point and was like, "I can't even understand what they're saying." But I assured him that some girls really do write notes like that and joke around like that. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book and felt like Daly got that almost perfect. I was reminded of notes I wrote and of how some of my former students talk to each other. As far as the plot was concerned, it [...]

    7. In Flirt Club, by Cathleen Daly, two 8th grade drama geeks, who have been best friends since kindergarden, take a shot in the romance department. As they fail horribly, the two girls, Isabelle and Annie, who also go by their spy names Cisco and The Bean, create a flirt club, which is a secret after-school club which takes place in one of their houses. After many days of failed attempts, they finally gather three other girls from their school dramas with similar problems - Ariane, Myrna, and Lisa [...]

    8. I gave this book three stars because it made me actually laugh out loud which is a hard thing to do. It's a cute story about some shy girls (wallflowers) who want to be more outgoing and flirtatious with boys around them. This book was pretty funny and is defintely not just for teens. I would note that it does touch on sexual activity and I thought for 8th grade girls (which is the age of the girls in the book) it was not appropriate content. I would not recommend this book to anyone under the a [...]

    9. I was very excited to find out that I won this book and I started it as soon as I received it. I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was. It was very entertaining and cute, and dealt with real life problems facing girls. I was also impressed that even though this book is about middle school girls, it is written very well and not in the kind of childish way I would have expected. It even references Jane Austen and her time period! I was able to connect with the characters, and at time [...]

    10. I was hoping for a cute little palate cleanser, but this was just too trite and boring to do the job. Turns out middle school flirting is much less fun to read about than it was to experience. Repetitive and lacking depth, I still debated three stars for generally innocent cuteness and strong bonds of friendship, but that ended after one too many notes to a best friend about being constipated from nerves plus one (8th grade!) girl's "woohoo!" response to being felt up.

    11. its interesting but im not sure if its a good interesting because it's just about two girls who write back in fourth to each other so the letters are what make up the story and the girls that right letters are bad at flirting and they make up this weird club called the flirt club and its really confusing to because they are also bad at writing letters to each.

    12. Review posted on Reading Lark on 1/26/11: readinglark/2011/I need to begin this review by making it perfectly clear that this is a cute read for middle school students, but it was just not for me. There were some things I really enjoyed, but they were far outweighed by my complaints. As always, even though this book wasn't my favorite, I can understand the thought and effort put into the work by the author.I really enjoyed that this book is told only through notes and journal entries. I always f [...]

    13. I got this book through the First Reads program.At first I was really excited about this book because it seemed similar to "Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging," which I really enjoyed. It's about a group of 8th graders who are trying to figure out flirting, boys, and teenage life. They are self-proclaimed "drama geeks" and audition for every school play together, hold "flirt club" meetings on the weekends, and spend the school days trying out new flirting techniques and writing each other [...]

    14. About The Book: When two self-professed middle school drama geeks - Isabelle and Annie (a.k.a. Cisco and The Bean) - fail at their attempts in romance, they start Flirt Club, an after school support group for similarly afflicted friends who decide to take decisive and strategic action with hilarious and touching results.My Thoughts: The story is told through notes to one another and journal entries. I don’t know why, but I kind of like that sort of story-telling. The book is for young adults/t [...]

    15. Full review on Reader's Dialogue: /book/show/87I love this book! It's so much fun, and such a real glimpse into the workings of middle-school minds. Told entirely through journal entries and notes passed back and forth between Cisco (Izzy) and Bean (Annie) with an occasional note from the other girls in the group, the story captures the way girls in middle school think and talk, and what they think and talk about. Especially the way girls feel the need to rehash every little thing that happens - [...]

    16. This story is told entirely by notes and journal entries. Annie and Izzy have been best friends for nearly their whole lives. They keep up with each other throughout their busy school days by writing notes back and forth and leaving them in each other’s locker—and use code names: Annie is “the Bean” and Izzy is “Cisco.” Soon after they begin their eighth-grade school year, they realize that they are hopelessly lacking in the flirting with boys department, so they decide to start a se [...]

    17. This was such a cute book. I really liked it. I loved everything about it. When i first saw it at the library, I had my doubts about it. But then I started reading, I was instantly drawn to it. Not only was it easy to read, but the format fit it really goodly. The author's style of using notes, diary entries, and others was good and something you don't normally read in books. The letters showed the really nice friendship and the craziness between friends and they were pretty funny. The diary ent [...]

    18. There were some things I liked and something I didn't like so much making this just an overall okay read. I really enjoyed the whole form of the book -- the notes, diary entries, Flirt Club documenting. All the notes totally reminded me of things I wrote when I was in middle school. I didn't really enjoy how some of the stuff just didn't really jive for me with their ages.I loved the characters. They were so weird and crazy -- just like me in middle school. I loved that while they kind of though [...]

    19. Annie and Izzy are two friends in middle school who are clueless when it comes to knowing what boys like. So instead of just floundering around they decide to form the Flirt Club. A club that is dedicated to figuring out what kinds of things qualify as good flirting and who they should practice on (it starts off with practice on a pet cat). Pretty soon things are happening with actual *gasp* boys and perhaps the Flirt Club is working after all.This is a funny book that I enjoyed for the most par [...]

    20. Flirt Club by Cathleen Daly.Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviewsWhen two self-professed middle school drama geeks––Isabelle and Annie (a.k.a. Cisco and The Bean)––fail at their attemps in romance, they start Flirt Club, an after school support group for similarly afflicted friends who decide to take decisive and strategic action with hilarious and touching results.(Synopsis provided by )This book is very fanciful and full of the sweet pie in the sky attitude that a lot of young girl [...]

    21. In an effort to gain the attention of the boys they like, two friends establish Flirt Club, a group that meets weekly to study, discuss, and practice the fine art of flirting. Through notes, lists, and diary entries, best friends Izzy and Annie share the silliness, flirtations, new friendships, and heartache of their eighth grade year.This story is mainly about the strong bonds between friends. I like how silly, innocent, creative, and smart the girls are; they are quite refreshing considering s [...]

    22. 3.5/5I loved the premise of this novel which is two geeky best friends communicating the story through notes and navigating the complicated world of middle school friendships and romances by forming a "Flirt Club." Over the course of the novel, they learn some surprising things about boys, old friends, and relationships.This was a pretty cute book; I especially love that it's told through notes as I am a sucker for epistolary novels. Main characters Annie and Izzy were super tight best friends ( [...]

    23. The book Flirt Club is a great read. Two girls, Isabelle and Annie, believe that they are secret agents called, Cisco and Bean, and send letters two each other during school. Thought the school year they want to be noticed by other boys in their grade. Too bad that they are the geeks of school. Annie and Isabelle create the "Flirt Club" to help each other out with flirting and getting boys attention. Soon a few more girls join the club. After several semi successful meetings the girls are gettin [...]

    24. Annie and Izzy are best friends who write notes to each other (the book's main format) and start a flirt club to practice talking to boys. The book isn't so much plot-driven as it is boyfriend-driven, as each girl (and the girls that join the club later) try to get a guy.Overall, this book was a cute read that really emphasized the friendship between the girls. However, there were some really weird things about the book that were probably meant to be quirky but came off weird. This includes one [...]

    25. This was the first book of the New Year that I read.While it was very cute and sassy and definitely a nice clean cut read, it was more of a read for the 10-14 age group. I do have to say that is was very well written. I have previously read YA books and they were stronger than this, although as I've stated it will definitely be a hit for the 10-14 age group.This is a story of Cisco and Bean (Isabelle and Annie) and their lack of knowledge of how to be cool and how to refine flirt techniques.They [...]

    26. *I won this ARC in a giveaway on . So i am honored to repay the author with a review.This book was an extremely cute read, but mostly for middle graders. I won't say i didn't enjoy it but i'm pretty sure eighth-grade girls would enjoy it far better than me once they get over their Twilight craze. :)Izzy and Annie are best friends and in the 8th grade. Together along with some other girls they make themselves a club that helps them research and evaluate why the populars flirt so much. Adorable id [...]

    27. I entered to win this one for my teenage daughter, but I may read it, too!Okay, my daughter read "Flirt Club" and here is her review:This book was a fun read but I don't think I would have just chose to read it myself. (My mom won this book on ) I have to admit, I did pick up some somewhat helpful hints to flirting who knows if they will work or not! But I didn't like that on almost every single page throughout the book the characters would say something like (the lord's name in vain) save us fr [...]

    28. This book was a fun read but I don't think I would have just chose to read it myself. (My mom won this book on ) I have to admit, I did pick up some somewhat helpful hints to flirting who knows if they will work or not! But I didn't like that on almost every singly page throughout the book the characters would say something like (the lords name in vain) save us from or thank (the lords name in vain) or something of the sort. I haven't been bothered in other books I have read, but since the chara [...]

    29. I really, really enjoyed this book. I would definitely read a sequel if there ever was one. I didn't know what to expect from it and in the beginning I wasn't sure about it but I grew to love the characters. I love reading books in "diary form" where they are writing in a diary or notes to each other. It was really easy to picture all of the characters and the setting for me. The only reason I gave it four stars was the fact that the ending was lacking to me. Also some of the things these two 8t [...]

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