Who Was William Shakespeare?

The beloved plays of Shakespeare are still produced everywhere, yet the life of the world s most famous playwright remains largely a mystery Young Will left the town of Stratford to pursue theater in London, where his work eventually thrived and made him a famous and wealthy man With black and white illustrations that include a diagram of the famous Globe theater, CelestThe beloved plays of Shakespeare are still produced everywhere, yet the life of the world s most famous playwright remains largely a mystery Young Will left the town of Stratford to pursue theater in London, where his work eventually thrived and made him a famous and wealthy man With black and white illustrations that include a diagram of the famous Globe theater, Celeste Davidson Mannis puts together the pieces of Shakespeare s life and work for young readers.
Who Was William Shakespeare The beloved plays of Shakespeare are still produced everywhere yet the life of the world s most famous playwright remains largely a mystery Young Will left the town of Stratford to pursue theater in

  • Title: Who Was William Shakespeare?
  • Author: Celeste Davidson Mannis John O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780448439044
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Who Was William Shakespeare?”

    1. Now, I'm going to start this review by saying that I don't hate the Who Was series. I think they are one of the better children's biography series out there. It's hard to get young kids interested in history, and they do a pretty good job at it. That being said, I wouldn't have even published this if I had been them. First off, writing any kind of anything about William Shakespeare is risky. There aren't many details about his life, and the ones we do know are questionable at best. Add that to t [...]

    2. In the beginning, this book talks about his life as a child. Then, it talks about his life as an actor and about all of his plays. In the end, it talks about how he died, where he died, and when he died. This book was very interesting and entrancing to read. That is very shocking to here from me because I really don't like biography's, but I loved this one! I recommend this book to people that love history and William Shakespeare. I rate this book a 5 because it was really to the point on Willia [...]

    3. Do you ever wonder who was the greatest play write ever?Well, I know the answer: William Shakespeare. Now you know he is a play write but do you want to know even more about William Shakespeare? Than readWho was William Shakespeare? Join Shakespeare on a fantastic journey through his life. Learn about his childhood, his family, and how he made his famous plays. I would recommend this book to people who love the Who is/was series. I love this book because I love learning about history and I love [...]

    4. The Who Was? series is an excellent way to teach students about a variety of people--both living and deceased. I chose to read Who Was William Shakespeare? because my eighth grade students read Romeo and Juliet at the end of the year. We always do an "introduction to Shakespeare" activity, but I was curious about the information included in this particular book. Who Was William Shakespeare? is a quick one-hundred page read with an abundance of black and white illustrations throughout. It details [...]

    5. So this isn't very biographical, instead it reads more like an annotation of all of his plays and poetry with an occasional tidbit of speculation about his life, family, finances, and character. Essentially it was too early to have anything written about Shakespeare with an air of mystery still surrounding whether Christopher Marlowe wrote everything Shakespeare claimed to write. What it does instead is aligns what was happening in real life to some of what ended up in the plays and how they wer [...]

    6. I read who was william shakespeare by, davidson mannis. This book didn't include much of his personal life but it gave good information about his career. He grew up watching plays that jos father put on since he was mayor. His passion for plays was increased as he got older. Than after traveling he finally wrote some play ideas. He joined traveling actors and go them to performe it. His plays got very popular and everyone knew his name. I personally found this book very fun and interesting.Even [...]

    7. Enjoyed reading this one with my four and a half year old. I love this whole series and we have many of the books, which I read to her. One of my favorite things about this reading time is the fact that she is actually retaining some of the information, and will mention something days later, or ask a question. I highly recommend this series for all kiddos - and start them early! It is never too early for a little non-fiction.

    8. Who Was William Shakespeare by Celeste Davidson Mannis, it covers his childhood and late adult hood and very small section on his young adulthood. There are some very informational parts of the book then there are not.I HATED it!!!!! This book, it was awful, it is the worst who was book ever!!! Half of the story is just not about him but more about London. In my opionon it should be called London and one famous guy named Shakespeare. I would never suggest this book to anyone!! Unless you are a h [...]

    9. I read this book with my 11-year-old daughter. This whole series of biographies is so good for elementary readers. We have been on a Shakespeare kick lately, and it was interesting to read about how his personal life, his plays, and politics in England all lined up.

    10. Good book!Nice to have an overview of Shakespeare's titles and their plots.The character of Shylock and the Shakespearean origin of many English phrases like "wild goose chase" was particularly interesting.

    11. As always these are good for all ages. I took a semester on the guy in college and still learned some cool stuff in this book. This went along with our reading The Tempest for kids. Good combo.

    12. This was my top choice from this series, and I wasn't disappointed! Just wish I'd had this book back when I taught Shakespeare.

    13. This is a quick biography on one of the world's most famous playwrights and provides some great details about Shakespeare's life, while leaving readers wanting to know more. The book also contains lists of the words and phrases attributed to Shakespeare, which may surprise readers (eyeball, love letter and majestic, to name a few). Great for those who like reading about the lives of others!

    14. This book by Mannis had a lot of depth in history to it and was shown not only as a read for young children but for young people too. Though I have one objection- it will most likely not be interesting to the age group that it's recommended for (kids 7yr-10yr) and I think it would be much more appriciated by girls and boys that are a little older and would understand everything (though if you are homeschooling a child, I would highly recommend) because it wasn't just dealing with Shakespeare him [...]

    15. Biography: This easy to read biography about William Shakespeare provides lots of information in an amusing form. The author tells about what Shakespeare's early years as a child were probably like, since little information is available. Illustrations of typical homes in the 1500s and vivid descriptions of the town of Stratford, make the time period come alive for readers. Within the chapters, the author has included two page additional informational spreads on topics that students may need to k [...]

    16. -Grosset&Dunlap, leaves3.0-Time: 12/11=34min, 12/12=20min, 12/13=15min, 12/17=40min-7 words summary: -plays-poetry-theater- "the Globe""Romeo and Juliet"-"Hamlet"-return-Discussion Questions:1. Which Will's work(poetry/ tragedy/ plays) do you like the best??A. I like "Romeo and Juliet". I know it' s a kind of tragedy, and the end was really sad. However, the process to fall in love each other is my favorite! Romantic:-)2.which Will's work(poetry/ tragedy/ plays) do you want to read or watch [...]

    17. "-Grosset&Dunlap, leaves3.090mins in a week 7 words: plays-poetry-theater- "the Globe""Romeo and Juliet"-"Hamlet"-returnDQ:1have you read his works ever?A. I like "Romeo and Juliet". I know it' s a kind of tragedy, and the end was really sad. However, the process to fall in love each other is my favorite! Romantic:-)2.which Will's work(poetry/ tragedy/ plays) do you want to read or watch as a modern version??A. I'm interested in "Hamlet" now! Actually, I heard that "Hamlet" was played in E [...]

    18. I have been reading a book called “Who was William Shakespeare?” This book’s genre is Biography. It is about our best playwright - William Shakespeare. I like this book because I love his poems and stories. This book tells me about William Shakespeare’s life. My favorite part of this book, is when William Shakespeare write a play called “King Lear”. The play is about old King Lear who decides to give his kingdom to his three daughters. But somethings happen out of his expectation. Th [...]

    19. William Shakespeare, famous for his plays, showed perseverance in different ways. When he was young, Will had to go to school and that meant he had to rise before sunrise, eat breakfast, finish his chores and walk to school. He was at his desk at 6:00am and school ended twelve hours later at 6:00pm. The only days off were Sundays, which were market days and he helped his parents work at the market. But he liked school so he still did it. When Will was older, he liked to make plays so much, that [...]

    20. Lots of people do not know much about Shakespeare, but did you know that after Queen Elizabeth died King James the 6th of Scotland took over the rule of England. Shake spear admired the queen when he was young. But when King James saw Shakespeare's play he named his acting crew the Kings Men. Shakespeare lived in the late 1500s and early 1600s, he actually survived Black Death, or the Bubonic Plauge twice as it swept through England. I think that this is a good interesting book that holds a lot [...]

    21. Grosset & Dunlap Penguin GroupLevel:3.05/9(Thu) 92min.7-word summary1.England 2.Playwright 3.Children 4.Owner 5.The Globe 6.Masterpieces 7.MysteryDiscussion QuestionQ:What play that he made have you ever watched in a theater or on TV? If not, what do you want to watch?A: Actually, I have never watched them. If I watch one of them, I will watch Romeo & Julliet. I have known his name and his masterpieces since I was a junior high school student, but I did not know how he had spent his life [...]

    22. 7/1(20min)7/2(20min)7/3(20min)7/4(20min)7/5(13min)=93min7words: England-words-learnd-playwright-children-tragedies-return Discussion Question: Will's eleven-year-old son, Hammer's death came at a time when money was no longer a problem for Will. The following year, on the spring Will bought a pretty house for his family. Which do yo think more important family (relationships) or money ?Answer: I think relationship is more important than money. Because I do not like be lonely. I cannot do somethi [...]

    23. Who was William Shakespeare by Celeste Davidson Mannis: Is a book about William Shakespeare and his early life death and his achievements. William Shakespeare is one of the greatest playwrights of all time in this book explains it.In my opinion William Shakespeare is kind of boring I would not want to single player face because they're very very boring I would hate every player watch from watch William Shakespeare I think the things he writes are very boring. I recommend this book to anybody who [...]

    24. Who Was William Shakespeareby Celeste Davidson Mannis is about WIlliam Shakespeare, an actor, poet, and playwright. He lived in the same time period as the Bubonic Plague. Is that how he died? How many plays did he write? Who did he marry? Find out in this awesome book! I thought that this book was very interesting. It was very informational and written so that anyone could understand William Shakespeare's life. I would recommend this book to people who like plays or are doing a biography projec [...]

    25. Title-Who Was William Shakespeare?Time-5/17=30min,5/20=30min7words-playwright,theater,mistery,Laten,marry,six children,poetryDiscussion Question-Q. He made many theater, for example, Romio and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet. What theater did you watch his movie except for these movie?A. I'm not sure his other's movie, but I like Romio and Juliet. This story is very good love story.I didn't know he could speak many language, and he learned Laten. When I read this book, I was surprised to hear that. [...]

    26. -penguin level3.0 -Time 10/12 30min 10/14 35min-7 word summary Shakespeare-England-famous-Actor-made-many-playDiscussion questionShakespeare borrowed some great play frow other play. He had great talents.Q. Have you ever made or producted something which you think good?A. When I was a junior high school student, I made another story of Urashima-Taro which is Japanese famous story in Japanese class.I think that this is my good work.Shakespeare's play is so good. Probably, many people know his pla [...]

    27. Overall this book was okay. This book may be short but it is full of information and it's fun to read. The only thing I didn't like about the book was that they knew so little about his personal life. It's understandable because it was 400 years ago but I'd like to know more. I don't know why he left his family when he had three kids but it's nice that he always supported them. I did like that the author told the plot of some of his popular poems and plays. I would recommend this book because it [...]

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