Running in Heels

To say that Babs has been my closest friend for sixteen years is rather like saying that Einstein was good at sums We were blood sisters from the age of eleven before my mother prized the razor out of Babs s, But now Babs, noisy and as fun as a day at the beach, is getting married And Natalie Miller, twenty seven, senior press officer for the London Ballet, panics WhatTo say that Babs has been my closest friend for sixteen years is rather like saying that Einstein was good at sums We were blood sisters from the age of eleven before my mother prized the razor out of Babs s, But now Babs, noisy and as fun as a day at the beach, is getting married And Natalie Miller, twenty seven, senior press officer for the London Ballet, panics What happens when your best friend pledges everlasting love to someone else It doesn t help that Nat is dating a guy named Saul Bowcock As the confetti flutters, her good girl veneer cracks, and she falls into an alluringly unsuitable affair that spins her crazily out of control Nat is on the rebound and allergic to the truth about Babs s relationship, her boyfriend s ambition, her parents divorce, and her golden boy brother s little Australian secret Her mother s lasagna and her roommate Andy s fuzzy slippers are also monstrous affronts But what Nat really needs to face is the mirror and herself.Wickedly witty and refreshingly honest, Running in Heels is a hilarious look at the lies we tell ourselves and the unwanted truths that only our best friends can tell us.
Running in Heels To say that Babs has been my closest friend for sixteen years is rather like saying that Einstein was good at sums We were blood sisters from the age of eleven before my mother prized the razor out of

  • Title: Running in Heels
  • Author: Anna Maxted
  • ISBN: 9780060393212
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This book contained:-a wedding-a divorce-several fist fights-several eating disorders-the main character getting fired from her job-three different boyfriends, including two breakups-a storyline about an illegitimate daughter-various fights between family members-food being thrown at the wall-people moving in and out of each other's flats-several dance sequences-some hot sexAND WAS STILL BORING, STUPID AND POINTLESS. Anna Maxted, you make me want to punch myself in the face.

    2. I read this book years ago. But since I was on a chick lit diet of books at the beginning of the year, I went and found this book on my shelf. I do love re-reads just because you find out more about the book and also your tastes in books over time. I initially loved this book. I mean ridiculously loved this book when it came out. I thought it was smartly written and I also felt sad for the main character Natalie. Now almost more than a decade after I bought and read this book I realize that the [...]

    3. I ended up enjoying this book a lot more than I anticipated. It started with some characters that I didn’t particularly like and then all of a sudden it was revealed that the main character, Natalie, was anorexic and the book was about her struggle with that as well as her relationships. I didn’t really like or believe the supposedly wonderful, close relationship with her best friend, Babs, before she got married. Anyway, I actually thought that her struggle with the ordeal was very accurate [...]

    4. I bought this book many years ago, when it first came out, and, as with many books in my life - to my shame - has languished on a bookshelf for years whilst other books and indeed other things in life have come and gone. In a bid to reduce the clutter, I am trying to get through some of these older books, and ended up grabbing this one at random. And I have to admit to wondering what it was about this book that ever appealed to me in the first place? I can only assume that I was going through a [...]

    5. Ugh. That’s all I have to say. The only reason I finished this book is because I bet my friends five bucks that I could read a book faster than her, and she chose this book for me. It revolves around the central character Natalie’s seemingly horrible life. Her best friend “abandons” her by getting married, she uses men and then hates being single, and whines most of the novel. What does she whine about? Well, besides the ENTIRE WORLD, she has to deal with anorexia/bulimia, poor self este [...]

    6. I thought this book would be right up my alley and hoped it would give me funny insight into what my girlfriends went through when I was the first of our group of best friends to get married. What i got was another chick lit book where the main character is an unemployed publicist/journalist and an emotional mess and yet men fight over her like idiots (but she sleeps with all of them) and ends up with her finding the right job/career and right man, who was there all along (with her parents' mid- [...]

    7. Anna Maxted’s second novel is even better than her first. Once again, you will laugh and cry with the main character, Natalie, who is struggling with a whole list of issues, and anorexia is just the tip of the iceberg. Join her on her journey to become healthy and beautiful – both outside and in. It’s a feel-good book with a real-time message. It’s a great story and a great read.

    8. At first I did not like this book it was not what I expected. I thought it was a light fun chick-lit/romance. When I read it the for the 2nd time I found the book to be very insightful into the world of eating disorders.

    9. I enjoyed the book, but I picked it up to be my first "fluff" read of the summer (a la Shopaholic series) because the cover was very chick-lit. It was really good, but not fluff. It dealt with serious issues.

    10. I thought this book was going to be a chiclette book and found it to address a very sensitive topic. I really respect the author.

    11. Silly and frustrating. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 because at least I finished it (although, that might be because it was written at a 3rd grade reading level).SPOILERSThis book can't decide if it wants to be a goofy chick lit romance, a serious novel about eating disorders, or a scary book about one woman's unhealthy obsession with her best friend. Even if it had decided, none of the elements are done well. One of the characters moves in and out of the apartment every time they have a spat. [...]

    12. The first half of this book killed me. Everything goes wrong for this woman and she won't just speak her mind. It drove me crazy. She finally gets a hold of herself and sees her life falling part and decides to make some changes, yay! It was a tough book for me to get through but in the end I'm glad I did.

    13. Liked that in the first pages are clues about the disorder, but when you read further, you understand The struggle and progress are well written. Didn't found the book funny, more dramatic then funny.

    14. I found this book on the "international literature" table of a small bookstore in SOHO. Despite it being a non-challenging book, it took me at least a month to read. Not sure why. There is no arguing that Anna Maxted is a hilarious writer. I laughed aloud nearly every time I sat down to read "Running in Heels." RIH introduces us to Natalie Miller, a twenty-something working in PR at a ballet company and desperately trying to balancewellfe. There's nothing that Natalie has under control, least of [...]

    15. A week ago I had my 4th ´Bookcrossing-Birthday, and this book has been on my shelf almost all those years (since Dec 2003). Although it did sound interesting, I somehow never came around to read it. Can't explain why, only that there are always soo many books to choose fromSince I couldn't decide what to read next, I decided to read my "oldest" BC-Book (meaning being longest on my shelf), and I guess this is it.Now, the story was indeed very interesting, funny, amusing, entertaining and also se [...]

    16. This is the first book I read by Anna Maxted, many moons ago, and I revisited it as I was deciding what to clean out from my bookshelves. I'm going to keep this one, plus the other two of Maxted's that I own.For a fluff book, this one (like her others), takes on difficult topics, like destructive relationships and an eating disorder. Natalie is a press officer for the Greater London Ballet Company, when she loses her best friend Babs to marriage. In the ensuing mess, Natalie manages a meltdown, [...]

    17. I read this book back in 2009 in a day or two, and loved it. That was before I started writing reviews on here, I only gave star reviews, and i gave it a five. At the end of January, I was cleaning out things and saw this book. I wanted to give it away, since i hate keeping books lying around after I have read them, if i own them, but decided to re-read it first, since I liked it so much the first time. I read most of it in one weekend, then near the end, it kind of dragged, and i read a ton of [...]

    18. I'm a fan of Anna Maxted and loved Behaving Like Adults and Getting Over It. I was looking forward to Running In Heels but unfortunately it just didn't do it for me like the others did. This was in large part because I had a hard time identifying with Natalie, the main character. Throughout the first half of the novel I was dying to tell her to grow a backbone. And through the second half I just wanted to say enough already. It's hard to empathize when you don't truly understand the problem. And [...]

    19. ok i finished it. almost threw it aside a few times, but i got sucked in at the end. tried to squeeze way to much in- family issues, relationship troubles (3 different boyfriends in one book), friendships. and then the main character all of the sudden has an eating disorder that was revealed half way through the book and hardly was foreshadowed at all. to top it off it was talked about by the characters pretty lightly in the book but the behaviors described were VERY SERIOUS. like go to the hosp [...]

    20. It was lovely to read a book that made me laugh out loud - some cracking one liners from Ms Maxted. The book was a mix of light hearted chicklit type material, liberally interspersed with characters who had deep seated problems, moral messages chucked in along the way. I suppose in some sense - there was almost too much in the book - brother with a real issue, absent father syndrome, mother who appeared to love son best,a user boyfriend, larger than life best friend who is a female firefighter, [...]

    21. When I picked this book up, I thought it would be fluffy chick-lit, and was surprised to find out part way through that it was dealing with some pretty heavy issues (like anorexia, for instance). As it turns out, for the most part it was a really good book, but I struggled through a part in the middle right after it is revealed that the main character is anorexic (which really seems to come out of the bluei had to re-read the part where they reveal it twice to make sure I correctly understood wh [...]

    22. This is my favorite book by this author. It's possible that it's because it's the first one I read. It's also possible that it's because the character is a bit of a dork, in that she references television like nobody's business. She also shares my passion for Nutella (hazelnut spread). It's the little things, no?I digress . . . the bottom line is, this book makes me laugh hard enough to look like a crazy person when I read it in public. At the same time, it is laced with a serious side that remi [...]

    23. Full disclosure: I have a thing for British chick lit. Anna Maxted falls into that category, though she often attempts to deal with subjects a little more serious than the average "shopaholic" book. This book is no exception, dealing with the main character's eating disorders and emotional issues related to her childhood and parents' divorce. I think Maxted writes well, and this book interested me enough to finish, but I'm not racing to read all of the rest of her collection. Her characters aren [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book. It read like a fun, lightweight chick book (think Shopaholic series), but with a more serious backbone. Natalie is another main character who has man/job/parent issues, but in this case, there are deeper reasons for the events that happen rather than her just being a flake who needs to take herself more seriously.POSSIBLE SPOILER UNLESS YOU'VE READ EVERY OTHER REVIEW:My one real complaint is Natalie never gets counseling for her anorexia, not is she encouraged to by a [...]

    25. This isn't the sort of thing I would normally choose to read, but wanting something quick and non-taxing, I grabbed it off the shelf. It's about Natalie, who starts to loose control of her life when her best friend gets married. Dating unsuitable men, becoming distracted at work, fighting with her family and starving then binging, she spirals out of control, unable to see what is really going on around her. To be honest, I didn't really like Natalie at all, but the story that weaves its way arou [...]

    26. A beach read, for sure. I'm normally a big fan of chick lit, but [spoiler alert.ough it wouldn't totally ruin a reading] the protagonist's anorexia is handled a little sloppily for my taste. Maxted has the symptoms of anorexia down to a tee, which is exactly my problem. I think the fewer "how to" manuals we give young women about disordered eating (someone with a problem could gloss over Natalie's protein-deficiency-induced hair loss and start imitating her workout regimen), the better. I'd be c [...]

    27. Anna Maxted writes chick lit books with a bit more substance even though they might not appear that way on the surface. In this book the main character is upset that her best friend is getting married and she's worried about not being able to call her at all hours anymore and all that other stuff so she's having a hard time. Then as you keep reading you realize that she also has a pretty severe eating disorder which kind of comes at you as a surprise probably because it's really kind of downplay [...]

    28. Its been a while since a book has pulled me in and made me forget about the magazines and mindless tv. This book did just that. I started off thinking that it was another chick-lit brain candy book so appropriate for the end of the summer and it ended up being so much more than that. The characters were easy to relate to, even though they all had their own issues. There was depth to the conflicts and the author reveiled the separate issues and conflicts so artistically, it was life like. I'm sur [...]

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