I Do, Now What?: Secrets, Stories, and Advice from a Madly-in-Love Couple

Bill and Giuliana Rancic are now the hosts of NBC s Ready for Love, a new relationship show featuring three of America s most eligible guys searching for their soul mates.Five million viewers tuned in to The Style Network for Giuliana DePandi and Bill Rancic s fairy tale wedding in Italy, as the passions, tears, and champagne flowed But what happened once the honeymoon waBill and Giuliana Rancic are now the hosts of NBC s Ready for Love, a new relationship show featuring three of America s most eligible guys searching for their soul mates.Five million viewers tuned in to The Style Network for Giuliana DePandi and Bill Rancic s fairy tale wedding in Italy, as the passions, tears, and champagne flowed But what happened once the honeymoon was over After all, she s been stationed in Los Angeles as one of E Entertainment s most popular personalities, and he s kept his home in Chicago, where this handsome winner of The Apprentice has been busy running an empire of his own How, we ve wondered, is this marriage really working out With all the funny, frank, and characteristically down to earth personality that fans of their hit reality show, Giuliana Bill, have come to adore, this glamorous couple takes you behind the scenes of their real life marriage Like all newlyweds, they ve faced the big issues that wedlock manages to invite, including money to merge or not , household chores she s disorganized, he s a neat freak , arguments without staying mad , and trying to have a baby it s not as easy as they thought Sharing their newfound and sometimes hard won insights, they offer suggestions on such topics as communication, giving and receiving support, trust and jealousy, quality time, friends and in laws, fighting fair, and sex and romance A must read for newly married couples, or those about to take the plunge, or anyone who wants to know the secrets of everlasting love, I Do, Now What is an upbeat real world resource for the most ambitious journey of a couple s life marriage From the Hardcover edition.
I Do Now What Secrets Stories and Advice from a Madly in Love Couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic are now the hosts of NBC s Ready for Love a new relationship show featuring three of America s most eligible guys searching for their soul mates Five million viewers tuned in

  • Title: I Do, Now What?: Secrets, Stories, and Advice from a Madly-in-Love Couple
  • Author: Giuliana Rancic Bill Rancic
  • ISBN: 9780345525154
  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Can you say over-compensating? We get it. They're in love. But truly secure couples don't need to advertise.Speaking of securitywhy do they feel the need to share text messages and email passwords with one another and actually use them "when we're bored"? I'm sorry, but you can have a wonderful marriage and still be an individual person with individual interests and opinions.In terms of the financial advice, they offer a lot of common sense tidbits, as well as a lot of hot air that would be bett [...]

    2. Ok, I'll admit it. I like the Rancic's. Sure, they are celebrity jet-setters with seemingly everything that anyone could want. Fame, fortune, clothes lines, their own shows, houses in L.A. & Chicago. But, from what I see, they really do have a close, happy marriage with advice for every married couple, no matter how long or little time you have been married. They offer advice that is relevant in all relationships. Life is short, have fun and enjoy those around you. There are much bigger issu [...]

    3. I know some of the criticism this book received was that these two have not been married long enough to write a book on marriage, but obviously its not going to be the older couples who have been married for 30+ years that are interested in this book. I thought it was a good book for a young couple, maybe not the most profound book on marriage, but they had some good tips. I think my favorite parts of the book were hearing the inside scoop on their private life- like Giuliana's dating past. I di [...]

    4. I really liked it, I really like them in general. Although they have some super good advice on marriage, it is apparent in certain areas when dispensing advice that 1)they do not have to worry about a budget and can spend money more than the average bear can and 2)they don't have kids! It is a lot harder to be whimsical and spontaneous when you have to worry about what you are spending on a date and arranging for children to be cared for. I do love these two so I won't hate, I'm just saying.

    5. I just love Giuliana and Bill, so I don't know if I can be impartial.I've wanted to read this book for some time. I really enjoyed the look at another couple's marriage and what works and doesn't work for them. Though a lot of it is common sense, it did give me a few ideas of things that I could incorporate in my marriage to help keep it strong for years and years to come. I liked the "inside" look at their marriage. It's nice to read about a couple so dedicated to their marriage especially in H [...]

    6. I have to say, I felt this book was fantastic. Yes, it was super specific to their lives and their marriage but I enjoyed it and I might not agree with everything they said but it was well written and I'd recommend it.

    7. I have to say I didn't have super high expectations but this book really surprised me. It was fun to read and had a lot of common sense advice and tips that I think are helpful.

    8. I picked up this book because I LOVE Giuliana & Bill! Very cute personal ancedotes about marriage and relationships in general.

    9. No, this is not an adult book, yet it's not a little kid book either. I'd say geared more towards middle school/junior high age children, maybe even as low as 4th or 5th grade in interest level. But some parts may be a bit too scary/creepy for the younger ones. (Yes, I regularly read kids books. I figured out early on it is a great way to see what my kids are reading and what is influencing them.) As the title says this book is a the beginning of a series, and a very good beginning at that. Andy [...]

    10. I marked it as "did not want to finish" not because it isn't good, but because it doesn't really apply to me as a permanent singleton and because I really have to get it back to the library. I read about half and skimmed the rest. The book is frequently cute, generally thoughtful, but kind of preachy. It's as much a product of Bill's motivational speaker career as an autobiography - too self-help book for me, but many people will like that aspect. They set it up so that each chapter has a theme, [...]

    11. I became helplessly addicted to the reality show "Guiliana & Bill" while out on medical leave from teaching because of the love and friendship shared between these two people. I even cried along with Guiliana as they faced infertility issues. (I am a softie and I just hate to see people hurt!) When their book came out I knew I would be reading it, and I must say for what it is, it is a five star read for me. Most people that know me know this isn't my usual genre, but I think the thoughts ab [...]

    12. ***CHECK PAPER MUSTANG (papermustang) REVIEW SITE FOR GIVE AWAY OF THIS BOOK UNTIL NOV. 4TH***This story is written deep in the heart of science fiction. From the beginning, it’s easy to tell this is going to be a life-changing story and certainly is for the very believable Andy McDougal. Try as you might, even if you don’t like sci-fi that much you will be drawn into Andy’s story.Whether you feel sorry for him or want him to fail, it doesn’t matter. The author leaves that up to you and [...]

    13. Marriage advice and stories from the stars of the reality show, Guiliana & Bill. I enjoyed the stories and banter between the two of them -- as it reads exactly like an episode from their show -- but the marriage advice was anything but rocket science. This could be because I've been married for almost 17 years while they'd been married only 3 when they wrote this book. "If the grass looks greener on the other side, it's because they take care of it." - Cecil Selig"Marriage is the one choice [...]

    14. This book was given to me as a wedding gift, and I knew nothing about Giuliana or Bill going in. With that said, it was painful. I honestly stopped about 20 pages in to look them up online to find out if they are still together because I couldn't imagine them lasting more than six months based on what I had read. Giuliana boasts about her little white lies all throughout the book, and let's be honesta lie is a lie. She thinks it's funny to waste Bill's money, and she insults his intelligence lef [...]

    15. I went back and forth between "it was okay" and "I liked it". I actually really like Giuliana- I watch her on E!News and on her show Giuliana and Bill. But even so- I didn't love the book. Even though the couple has been through some challenges (e.g infertility), they have only been together for 4 years and married for 3. Therefore, it is a bit hard to believe that they have already figured out all the secrets to a long happy marriage and we should all listen.It also felt a little "preachy". The [...]

    16. I was quite impressed with this book! Before Kristin told me who this couple was, I just thought it would be a good newlywed read, nbd. As I started to read it more, I got so caught up in Bill and Guliana's lives, and I am now telling Kristin that I want to watch their show :) They just seem like good people, a great couple to model one's life around. The book design too was very easy to read and follow. Each chapter is a different topic every couple faces, with an introduction by both, then a b [...]

    17. Okay, I admit itI like reality tv.I watch Survivor, I get obsessed with Big Brother, Khloe is my favourite Kardashian and I've watched an episode of Guiliana and Bill's show.They are cute. She seems real, he seems a little stiff but willing to loosen up for the woman he loves.They hadn't been together long when they wrote this book so I thought it might be weird to get martial advice from a couple who's been together for 4 years and married for only two. But their advice, like the anecdotes incl [...]

    18. I started watching the InStyle show Giuliana & Bill, and then got hooked into reading this book by them. While I'm not married, I think they offered good tips in relationship advice in general.I did like the thoughtful things that Bill would do for Giuliana, but the book, to me, made it seem like he was always fixing Giuliana's bad habits or lies, or that he was the victim when things went wrong in the relationship. However, watching their TV series, it seems that Giuliana can be a bit of a [...]

    19. This is such an awesome book! I absolutely love them as a couple and love to watch their show. I read this book a couple months after I got married and I thought it was such a perfect read. Giuliana and Bill have such great advice on relationships. I love how the book was written as if G and Bill were right there with you telling their story. I really want my husband to read it because I think he would get a laugh once and awhile and really benefit from their advice as well. I would definitely r [...]

    20. Had a few funny and cute parts, but all in all it just seemed like common sense to me pet peeve!!: 'I trust bill, but it's the other women I don't have faith in.'ok, don't willingly send your husband out with a gorgeous intelligent woman at all times that he may grow to like, but it takes two to tango and he is the one who spoke those vows to you, he is the one who should be wearing the ring and taking it as a sign of his fidelity and commitment to you. Unless the "other woman" roofied him, it i [...]

    21. Well the positive is that the book was easy to read and interesting because it read like "their voices."I was disappointed, though. For one thing, most of the anecdotes they shared were featured on their show. So that was boring. Another problem I had with it is that they've only been married for two years. A lot of their advice was strange, because it seemed so giddy and honeymoon-phaseish. I guess that's because they are still in the honeymoon phase! I'm not sure someone should dole out advice [...]

    22. Eh. It was ok - I borrowed it from a friend and I wasn't overly impressed. I expected more of a story about their first years of dating/marriage. It was also very preachy, and made me think they really thought highly of themselves. The whole book was based around telling the reader how to have a great marriage. But their tips were basically "here are the things that we do and you should do them too because we're super duper awesome!!!"Definitely not something I recommend unless you are looking f [...]

    23. I really like the couple and it was nice to see how really down to earth and family oriented they are. It is very refreshing to see something other than a 20 year old Hollywood star getting married because they "want to." It's nice to see that marriage is still respected and valued. It is true that marriage is hard work and does take lots of respect and patience. Also, being from the Chicago area, I totally understand Bill's feelings about the "good ol' midwest." Even so, I feel like some parts [...]

    24. I love anything Giuliana and Bill Rancic. I love their reality show and how they communicate with each other. I enjoyed this book as it was broken down into chapters on a variety of marital topics, like communication, family, work, etc and it was divided into quotes from both Bill and Giuliana which showed how they have worked through problems and situations in their dating and married life. It was interesting just to read about how they work through problems, but you can actually read their tal [...]

    25. I thought this was a fun read. I enjoyed the back and forth between Giuliana and Bill. Tying their own stories to marriage concepts made it interesting to read through. Granted, a lot of the things they talk about are learned early on in a relationship. My husband and I went through things like this years ago. But it's nice to be able to relate on some level. It's also nice to have as a reminder. Several of the topics are things you should work on throughout your marriage. Overall, I really enjo [...]

    26. I love the Rancics reality show and this book is written more or less word for world how they talk and I think I would have loved this book if I had the audiobook instead. But I didnt so the book got a bit slow at times.However I really liked it, it gave some good advice and I definitly learned something from it. Not stuff I didnt know but more stuff I should have in mind more often. I found the chapter about fertility very interesting and I appreciate that they shared it with the world.

    27. I really enjoyed this book. My mom suggested I read it after we saw them on the view over the holidays talking about their fertility issues. While they talk about their struggles with infertility, it's really mostly about marriage, love and relationships. What I liked most was that they Bill and Guilliana just seemed like such a "real couple" I wish i had the STYLE Network so I could watch their show. LOL

    28. Read this book in one sitting and found myself shaking my head a few times. It was okay, and since I enjoy their show I could appreciate their witty banter and general love for each other, but I didn't really gain much from reading this to apply to my own marriage, except maybe to constantly surprise my spouse with lavish trips and gifts. Oh wait, I'm not a rich television host. Guess pizza and beer with my husband at home will have to do!

    29. Great advice and anecdotes for newlyweds. I enjoyed the book because B and G keep it real and there's a no holds barred approach to sharing their experience of those first few crucial years in one's marriage. I also enjoyed the fun banter between the couple as the chapters progressed and the fact that you get both a male and female perspective of the situations faced by a couple. Great book for newlyweds, gives you some great perspective on matrimony and how to overcome the odds together.

    30. I am not married, but I caught an episode of their reality show and sort of loved it. I thought the book was great. I found some of the stories about Giuliana a bit annoying and she came across a bit selfish and inconsiderate at times, but what do I know. There are some really good example of how to create good communication and the importance of being honest. These practices can be applied to any relationship, not just husband and wife.

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