Beyond the Far Side

The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks, Inc.
Beyond the Far Side The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks Inc

  • Title: Beyond the Far Side
  • Author: Gary Larson
  • ISBN: 9780836211498
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The only reason I gave such a low score is because I bought another Far Side book and this one has 99.99% of all the jokes which I already have. I expected something totally different but apparently it's just. The same but in a smaller book. Not satisfied at all.

    2. Beyond The Far Side is even funnier than the first, The Far Side. The book is a fairly quick read since there are only 100 panels. This means that it is about one-third of a year of comic strips. Gary Larson had pretty much perfected his humor by the time this book came out. While not all strips are very funny, at least they are interesting as they are usually a comment about the nature of mankind. Others make you smile. And still others make you laugh out loud. I always loved The Far Side when [...]

    3. More inspired lunacy/genius from Gary Larson, this has a lot of great cartoons to recommend - from the penguin, in a flock, proclaiming “I gotta be me!” to the adventurous goldfish “The fool, he’s on the piano”; from the spider doing his web all wrong to the vulture, dressed in clothes, saying “Howdy, I’m a cowboy” - plus the cartoon that got me into the Far Side in the first place, after originally seeing it on a greetings card. Two mosquitoes, one normal sized, the other huge a [...]

    4. The second half is better than the first. At any rate, it contains a number of my favorites. Like the lady wondering what's in her front yard, or "It seems like every summer there's more and more of these things around." The unreachable guy in Hell and "Ooooooooo!" And the cow courtroom confessional and "Rusty's in the club!" "They turned it into a wastebasket?" and "Whoa!That can't be right!"

    5. 1984 Jan 1Who doesn't love the Far Side? Some are less than brilliant, but few are.***2012 Jul 23Oh, who am I kidding? They're all pretty brilliant, they hold up delightfully. What I wonder is: was my sense of humor molded by The Far Side, or was there a twisted streak to it which Larson happened to share? The important thing is that the Offspring are enjoying these, too.Library copy.

    6. I remember being introduced to the Far Side by a very good friend after a heavy session of serious alcoholI know that it's nothing to be proud of [but it felt good at the time], yet I have often wondered if my state of alcohol-induced giggles was entirely down to the Far SideANSWER = IT WAS.The books are outstandingly still funny.

    7. I found this on a pile of papers that I was cleaning up. What a hoot! I forgot how much I loved his humor, and it's a lot more fun looking at dozens of "strips" at a time than waiting for one a day in the paper.My favorites are the ones I have to look at for a while to figure out the joke.Happily, since I was in the Larson mood, I found two large volumes among my book stash

    8. As always, Gary Larson delivers. Beyond the Far Side is funny, provocative, and insightful, like all of Larson's books. Unfortunately, as with most comics strips, it's either all or nothing, love it or hate it. If you like Larson, then you are guaranteed to love this book. If you don't care for Larsonwhy are you here?

    9. Larson's Far Side cartoons always make me laugh, I relish every collection I come across. I like the dark, wry humor. I always recall the unusual activities of cows depicted, but in this collection rhinos are as often the visual punchline.

    10. Larson is not groundbreaking in his humor, his simply draws what most of us have thought before but never admit to anyone. Most of his humor lies in changing the perspectives we're used to. I like a man who still embraces his imagination.

    11. This is a very funny book. If you understand a wide variety of humor this would be an excellent book for you. I found this book very interesting and funny

    12. C'mon. What's not to love about The Far Side? It marks the origins of cool, self-mocking geeks in our society.

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