Sleeper Code

Teenager Tom Lovett suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy at least, that s what his parents and doctors have always told him The truth is, he s actually a sleeper assassin, and when the lights go out, a killer emerges.
Sleeper Code Teenager Tom Lovett suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy at least that s what his parents and doctors have always told him The truth is he s actually a sleeper assassin and when the lights go out

  • Title: Sleeper Code
  • Author: Tom Sniegoski
  • ISBN: 9781595140524
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooWelcome to the world of Tom Lovett. At sixteen, Tom is homeschooled, but not for the reasons that many students are. No, Tom is homeschooled because his parents don't believe that he can function in a normal high school. Because Tom has narcolepsy, a disease that makes him fall asleep at any moment, and sometimes for days at a time. These attacks, as he calls them, haven't happened in over two weeks, and he's determined to get his parents to let him attend a public [...]

    2. This is a fast faced, action packed, eye popping book about a 16 year old assassin. however, the boy does not fully realize that he is an assassin because his "killer" side is masked by the lies of his family(i know that sounds weird,but you'll understand if you read the book);He is told that he is simply a unlucky boy who has Quentin's narcolepsy, which is a genetic disorder that causes random blackouts, but is really a project specimen that had gone into the wrong hand; has a split personality [...]

    3. The Sleeper Code was written by Tom Sniegoski. It was published on July 2006 by Razorbill. In my opinion, I thought this book was fantastic. You could vividly imagine the characters in each place as the plot developed. Each character was overflowing with detail, and after awhile you feel like you know each character in a special way. The plot was fast paced and it felt like you had to keep turning the page to find out what came next. For example, there was a quote at the end of a chapter and aft [...]

    4. "Sleeper Code" is a mix of a few sci-fi thriller premises with some interesting twists - some parts Bourne Identity, some parts "My Own Worst Enemy" (the Christian Slater series that was cancelled prematurely some time ago) - but intended for a young adult crowd. Tom is a home-schooled teen with a rare form of narcolepsy that disables him enough to sleep for days. But as he starts to test the boundaries of his condition and finally meets a girl his own age he likes, Tom realizes that his life is [...]

    5. This is a sensational book! It embodies all that is great in an action book. Tom has a huge secret, one that even he is not aware of for many, many years. The people in his life are not who he thinks they are and his illness, a severe form of narcolepsy, is a bigger problem than he ever dreamed. Tom's narcolepsy has been exploited by some really bad people who are supposed to be the good guys. Just when he finds out the truth the lid is blown off the secret in so many ways.Madison is the girl ne [...]

    6. Tom Lovett suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy. Whenever an attack hits him, he doesn’t know if he’ll be out for a few minutes or several days. Tom’s parents keep a close eye on everything he does since he never knows when he’ll have an attack. He is home schooled and doesn’t have any friends his own age. Tom is extremely isolated and lonely.Tom can’t believe his luck when a beautiful girl moves in next door. Madison notices Tom too and doesn’t waste any time introducing herself [...]

    7. Photina HaumschiltGenre: AdventureTom Lovett has a rare disease known as Quentin's Narcolepsy. It can make him fall asleep for days at a time or have hallucinations that leave him in a cold sweat. The hallucinations and attacks have gotten worse and he starts thinking that something is wrong. All Tom wants is a normal life. Then he finds out his narcolepsy is a cover for a second persona that lives inside of him and that his hallucinations are real. Now he has to find out who or what he is while [...]

    8. I really really enjoyed this book. It honestly took me about 6 hours to read in one day once I got started I couldn't put it down. I could feel myself anticipating the sequel before I was even finished.

    9. Things don’t always go your way, and sometimes they can be life changing. This is the main theme in the story of adventurous fiction, “Sleeper Code,” by Tom Sniegoski. Tom is also the name of the main character. Tom is in almost every single part of the book, so the author does a good job describing him. Most important about Tom is that he has a severe sleeping disorder called narcolepsy, which makes him sleep for up to five days at a time. As a result of his narcolepsy, Tom starts having [...]

    10. This book was amazing. Sleeper Code, by Tom Sniegoski, covered everything I enjoy reading. Sniegoski introduced each character at the perfect times and explained them well enough that I didn't get confused. The plot, even though it was really bizarre with the narcoleptic attacks, made sense. There was also more than enough action scenes to keep me reading and not get bored. The only thing I didn't like was how it ended on a cliffhanger, I understand there is a sequel but cliff hangers annoy me. [...]

    11. Teenager Tom Lovett has a sleeping disorder that makes him sleep for sometimes five days at a time. He feels trapped, that his parents don't understand what he's going through, and is worried he'll never have a normal life. What he doesn't know is that his disorder is a lie, and something else is happening while he's unconscious.I have to say, I didn't make it halfway through this book, despite being interested, liking the writing style, and fascinated with the story plot (which is why I have it [...]

    12. This novel starts off in the world of Tom Lovett. A sixteen year old boy, Tom is homeschooled, but not for the reasons that many students are. Tom is homeschooled because his parents don't believe that he can work and be normal or acceptable, in a normal high school. Because Tom has narcolepsy, a disease that makes him fall asleep at any moment, and sometimes for days at a time. These attacks, as he calls them, haven't happened in over two weeks, and he is extremely determined to get his parents [...]

    13. Sleeper Code, by Tom Sniegoski was a pretty good book. When new characters were introduced I did not get confused, he explained them very well. The plot was kind of weird with the narcoleptic attacks. There was so much action, you could not get bored. The only thing I did not like about this book was how it ended, the book just left you hanging until you read the sequel. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes plot twists and action.

    14. Tom Lovett has a rare form of narcolepsy that can incapacitate him for days at a time. Madison Fitzgerald is the new girl next door, who moved in with her aunt and uncle to wait out her parents' divorce. But Tom's nightmares have more of a basis in reality than he suspects, and when the killer that stalks his dreams turns up in waking life, he has no idea who he can trust. Because everything he's ever known is a lie. Including himself.The prose is very tight, very focused on telling the story an [...]

    15. This was a poorly executed, Jason Bourne rip-off mess. I mean literally, some of the phrases from the book are actual lines from the movie, such as "the ultimate killer, one that doesn't know that they are one." And of course it's horribly paced. for a 275 page book with pt. 40 font, the action only starts on page 200. I mean really. If you're gonna have a short book, cut to the chase! Also, the characters are totally unlikeable, have no personality, and go through dramatic character changes wit [...]

    16. Interest level: 6th +Reading level: mediumGenre: science fiction, suspense, adventure, narcolepsySeries: Sleeper ConspiracyNarcolepsy is a disease that causes people to fall asleep any time during the day, and Tom is a teenager that has had to live with this condition ever since he was diagnosed at 8 years old. Having narcolepsy means that Tom has to be home-schooled, he has to take medication, and his parents hover over him every minute of the day. But one day Tom discovers that there is more t [...]

    17. Tom Lovett has a rare form of narcolepsy that can knock him out for days at time. He can’t function normally, because he never knows when he’ll have a spell, and so he is homeschooled. He yearns for a normal life.What Tom doesn’t know is that he is living a double life, and his narcoleptic spells are covers for his missions. Tom shares a body with Tyler Garrett, a sleeper assassin who kills professionally. But when the barriers in his mind between Tom and Tyler start to break down, Tom dis [...]

    18. When I'm looking down at the reviews i'm thinking "I'm going to look like a total moron if even try to review this book" so dont laugh because there is a very large age differance between me and you. I went to the library in my town and picked out 5 books they were: The Hangman's Curse, Sleeper Code, I am the Messenger, Monster, The Hunger Games. So when I got home around noon I started to read and i literally read nonstop (extept meals)until i finished them at 9 the next morning thats how good [...]

    19. This book was AMAZING! although the sequel is better I think. It had a great concept and idea and it was well written. Suspense galore!The main character is a teenage boy named Tom Lovett. All his life he's suffered from narcolepsy which means he can fall asleep at any time. This disease has stolen days and even weeks of his life. He's tired of feeling helpless and tired of not being able to lead a normal life.And then one day, his whole life changes. He finds out that his normal life as Tom Lov [...]

    20. I started reading this because it was a gift, and I was sure it was going to be boring. It sure started out that way, the first couple chapters explaining nothing and mostly consisting of Tom, the main character, and Madison, his neighbor, angsting over there less-than-perfect circumstances. But a couple chapters in, it really started to pick up. If you can get past the oh-so-slow beginning, the story becomes fast-paced and exciting, things finally becoming clear, questionings finally getting an [...]

    21. Interesting concept, no doubt. Original. The story was predictable in parts, and shocking in others. The characters were well done, believable, though they felt kind of '1.5-dimensional'- not quite making it to 2-dimensional. Slow at points, the book is riddled with sporadic action that will have you gripping the book with white knucklesIt's not really a character story, more of an action/plot story that, when you've finished it, will leave you wanting to read something else, something that will [...]

    22. Tom Lovett has always been told that he has a rare incapacitating form of narcolepsy. To his amazement, he learns that during the time he believes he is experiencing a narcoleptic coma state, he is actually split into another identity, Tyler Garrett, who works as an assassin for a government agency. Tome decides to take on the evil agency that has created and is using this split personality. The book is a fast, enthralling read which is difficult to put down as it moves rapidly from one interest [...]

    23. I decided to read this because a reviewer compared it to Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne novels. Whilst the concept is perhaps vaguely similar, the writing is clearly aimed at a much younger audience. The violence lacks aggression but the story isn't short of a few thrills, and the end is certainly left hanging so that I've got to finish up. A very short book, really - I started reading about 11:00 PM and was finished within a few hours.

    24. It felt like I was reading a typical teen action movie. By that, I mean the action scenes were vividly described, the emotional moments were cheesy, and the dialog was pretty cliched. Also, high kicks feature prominently. To paraphrase Artemis Fowl, does that do anything except look flashy? But then, for readers looking for a good fluffy flashy read, this is it!

    25. I loved the whole idea for this book. It was a very unique idea and I think it was written extremely well. This book is about teenaged boy, who suffers from something called "quintens narcolepsy". Normally, this doesn't phase him that much, until he learns what actually goes on when he's sleeping.I highly recommend this book for people who enjoyed the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore.

    26. I enjoyed this - the plot is a little predictable but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment of reading a well-written story. It was good enough that I have now downloaded the second book in the series. I read Sniegoski's fallen angel series a while back and Sleeper Code will appeal to anyone who liked those books.

    27. Not bad at all -- lots of action, but not so much that it's hard to follow. I typically don't like action adventure type books, but this was quite enjoyable. Good boy book. I don't see myself taking the time to read the second part (The Sleeper Agenda), but I'll definitely recommend the series to patrons!

    28. it's a bit too action adventurey for me. but i liked it enough to read the second one. the love story was better than the real plot to me but it doesn't pass the Bectel test. still, interesting enough for me to read the next time.

    29. I enjoyed the book, what a marvelous idea! an unknown double life, gruesome though. a little fuzzy about whether i've finished the first book, or just halfway through, but certainly am excited to read the sequel :D

    30. This is a great action book. It was definitly aimed at teenagers who can relate to Tom. Tom is home schooled and has a serious case of narcolepsy. There is a great climax at the end and for anyone that likes Alex Rider, Artemis Fowl or Bourne Identity, this book is for you.

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