Dying for Chocolate

Goldy Bear is the bright, opinionated, wildly inventive caterer whose personal life is a recipe for disaster, with bills taking a bite out of her budget and her abusive ex husband making tasteless threats Determined to take control, Goldy moves her business to the ritzy Aspen Meadow Country Club Soon she s preparing decadent dinners and posh society picnics and enjoyingGoldy Bear is the bright, opinionated, wildly inventive caterer whose personal life is a recipe for disaster, with bills taking a bite out of her budget and her abusive ex husband making tasteless threats Determined to take control, Goldy moves her business to the ritzy Aspen Meadow Country Club Soon she s preparing decadent dinners and posh society picnics and enjoying the favors of Philip Miller, a handsome local shrink, and Tom Schulz, her than friendly neighborhood cop Until, that is, the dishy doctor drives his BMW into an oncoming bus Convinced that Philip s bizarre death was no accident, Goldy begins to sift through the dead doc s unpalatable secrets But this case is seasoned with unexpected danger and even unexpected revelations the kind that could get a caterer killed.
Dying for Chocolate Goldy Bear is the bright opinionated wildly inventive caterer whose personal life is a recipe for disaster with bills taking a bite out of her budget and her abusive ex husband making tasteless thr

  • Title: Dying for Chocolate
  • Author: Diane Mott Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780553560244
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Book Review3 of 5 stars to Dying for Chocolate, the second installment in the Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery series, by Diane Mott Davidson, published in 1992. I stumbled on to this series after college and quickly purchased the first five or six books to read as quickly as possible. It's one of those series you should read the first few in a row, so you are immersed in the cozy world of fun. And with a title all about chocolate, how could you resist? The recipes in the book look fun and simple. Bu [...]

    2. I needed something to read while on a trip, and this book was given to me by my Mom assomething 'light, easy to read when you can't really concentrate, and fun'. Yep, she was right. I found out later this is the third in a series of 'culinary mysteries' featuring a main character who is a caterer and has the (sorry) ridiculous name of Goldy Bear. The 'Goldy' is explained as a childhood nickname that carried over into adulthood. I must say I think this was unfortunate for everyone, because even t [...]

    3. Goldy has taken a job to be a live-in chef for an older couple. She hopes to avoid the abusive ex. But avoiding him isn’t easy when they share custody of their son.Meanwhile murder follows her.Good book with a solid plot.

    4. There are some likable things in this novel: the food porn, interactions with Shultz, Marla, and the quaint setting. But Goldy in the end is too much of pushover for my tastes, even her bratty son bullies the hell out of her. She does make a wry remark or two at times but only to the harmless (that are usually trying to help her). Along with the dated feel to the dialogue and my total confusion re: John Richard ( seriously how does a documented abuser get unsupervised weekends with their child, [...]

    5. Warning! don't read this book if you are on a diet! This is the first of the Goldy Bear cozy mysteries that I read. I enjoyed it so much that I went back to the used bookstore and bought more books from the series. Then I went to the library to read all the copies that they stocked. These are just fun books to read. The best part of the stories for me are the descriptions of the food/coffee and the inclusion of recipes! I have tried many of them and they are good. If you are looking for somethin [...]

    6. I love listening to this series on cd audio as I drive. Great culinary mystery series and fun to listen to. I am waiting for book 3 in the series to arrive now. I recommend to anyone who likes a good mystery that is not too complicated or "deep".

    7. Although this is just the second book I've read this series is really good and I'm looking forward to many Goldy Bear antics and mysteries

    8. Starting over with the wonderful Goldy Bear series. This is No. 2. Davidson has written 17 books in this series! Eek, I shouldn't have dropped out; I'll never catch up.* * * * *This is a great one. Goldy's relationship with Schulz warms up. As always, Davidson includes yummy recipes.

    9. 2.5 stars because I like the character Goldy and her bevy of friends, family, and neighbors in Aspen Meadow. But this story was weird! In one of the opening scenes, a middle aged woman hosts an aphrodisiac dinner in an attempt to win back her philandering husband. But this is not an intimate dinner for two, but a party for 6. Guests, when you are trying to seduce your husband? Wait, it gets weirder. One of the middle aged couples can't make it at the last minute, so the hostess invites two high [...]

    10. A very fun mystery about the caterer, Goldy Bear, and a murder she tries to solve. It was much better than the first of the series, as it not nearly as full of the heavy history of her abusive husband. (He played only a minimal part in the story this time.) And I have to say, the author succeeded in leading me astray on who the murderer was almost until the very end. A light book that is great for a fun read. The recipes in this book sound devine, and I found myself wanting to stop reading just [...]

    11. At this point, I don't know why I am still even reading this series (this is the 6th I've read, obviously not in order). While I enjoy the mysteries, the characters are completely annoying. Goldy whines about everything, Arch is a spoiled brat, and Marla, while not too bad in this one, is a complete busybody, albeit a kind-hearted one. Tom is the only decent person to be found. And I have 5 more on my shelves. *sigh*

    12. This book was a little slower than the first book in this series and didn't pick up until near the end. I did enjoy revisiting the wonderful cast of characters. Goldy, our catering heroine, takes a live in cook job with General Bo and Adele Farquhar, in Aspen and between them and their neighbors, the well off Brian and Weezie Harrington, I got a bit confused as to whom she actually worked for cause it seemed someone had an event almost every evening! But that is one of the wonderful parts of the [...]

    13. As mystery stories go, the villain wasn't predictable but possibly could have been guessed, while the reason and back story never could have. My issue really was that Goldy never seemed to do that much investigating. It was more prompting every once in awhile from Tom to ask questions, and she had to be there anyway, sometimes she would overhear stuff, other times she would be in the right place at the right time, and even still the wrong place at the wrong time. She didn't act like a detective [...]

    14. I like chocolate and I like a cozy mystery every now and then, so how can this book be bad? Well, think again. It started out ok, but there were so many things that did not make sense or just fit too perfectly together to make the story work. Spoiler Alert: She broke into Miller's office, she told her policeman boyfriend (kinda a boyfriend I think, considering he proposed at the end, which also didn't make sense) and she did not get charged with breaking and entering or even reprimanded. She cat [...]

    15. The Goldy Bear mysteries is overall typical of banal mystery paperbacks, but regardless I genuinely enjoy reading it.Spoilers ahoy.Pros of book #2Light, witty, realistic portrayal of mother/son dynamic and dealing with abusive exes and custody sharing. Goldy is genuinely funny and self-aware, I chuckled a few times. I'm into Schultz, even though I wonder if he's more attracted the her catering career than her personality (which by and large is rather caustic). Sardonic humour is my cup of tea, a [...]

    16. When I read the first book in this series, I wasn't sure if I would read another one. And yet, I was interested enough to give the second one a try. I did like the book and I think the series as a whole is starting to grow on me. It was slow and choppy in spots but ends with a bang and twists that I enjoyed. I didn't guess the killer or how all the threads would pull together. My reaction to the main character is on par with my star rating. I like her, but hoping to get to know her better with f [...]

    17. Goldy Bear is the caterer in Aspen Meadows, Colorado. To protect herself and her son, Arch, from her abusive ex-husband (a well known doctor in town), she accepts a summer job as a live-in cook at a very secure home. Part of the arrangement is that she can run her catering service from the Farquhar's home. And thus we start at this point in Goldy's life. She's seeing a very nice policeman, but has cooled it because she's just started up with Philip Miller, a college flame who's a shrink in town. [...]

    18. * "Dying for Chocolate" (Goldy 2) by Diane Davidson puts poison on chocolate, coffee (view spoiler)[ even contact solution (hide spoiler)]. I read this after "Fatally Flaky" with at least one dish from the 11 full recipes in this earlier book. I could guess how the first murder happened, but not who or why. I believe I tried her recipe(s) before without success. Caterer Goldy moves in with friends who have better security after her ex-husband threatens. After unpleasant meals with neighbors, two [...]

    19. Though this book was a good read I felt that it had a few setbacks.First of all, the book took awhile to get into. I think it was because of the introduction of an almost entirely new cast of characters, only five of the major characters who appeared in the last book appeared in this book, and even the setting changed some. I felt that it was a hindrance to the pace and action of the book.However, some of the new characters were lovable and I hope that they will reappear in future volumes of thi [...]

    20. I read this book as part of a reader's choice at my library. It took a long time to get into, and I didn't really like any of the characters. It's book two of a series, so maybe the characters are easier to relate to if you've read from the beginning. It was interesting to read because it was published in the early 90s, so there were no cell phones or internet. She went to a library and read from an encyclopedia at one point. It was weird being engulfed in a time period I actually remember (as o [...]

    21. If I could use a fart noise instead of a star I would. This was my first Goldy Bear book and I will not be reading another one. The main character is incredibly unlikable. She's selfish and rude and completely clueless, an odd choice for the protagonist of a detective series. She's a terrible mother. Aside from the fact that naming your son Archibald borders on child abuse, she regularly releases him to his violent alcoholic father and his stereotypically busty blonde girlfriend. The story sucke [...]

    22. I've read a number of the books from this series, and this one got to be hard to get through. A lot of the converstations were hard to follow. It was like the author used a random phrase generator for lines in conversation. I would have to keep going back and re-reading a conversation to make sure I was reading what I thought I was reading. However, the story line itself was pretty good.

    23. Truth be told I didn't finish, I got about 2/3 the way through and my dislike of the main character Goldy just grew. She is such a one dimensional character and I never understand why Tom Schultz would be interested in such an aloof person other than potentially for her cooking. I don't even care who dun it any longer.

    24. This one is slightly better than other book of this author I read recently. There is a like bit more mystery. However - I really don't like the main character, she is quite rude, selfish and doesn't see any flaw in herself. Book is rather slow-paced and there were moments I had to struggle with it a little. It idn't seem that cozy all in all

    25. I have read a number of books in this series, but not in order. So, recently I started from the beginning. This is book number 2. I like these books. Goldie is always cooking, she is a caterer after all, and the food sounds delicious. The recipes are included at the end. A good murder mystery.

    26. This is one of those cookbook mystery novels. Definitely not reading another one of these. Although the end was unexpected there weren't a lot of clues to lead you there. The heroine wasn't really involved in solving the mystery. I will not read another.

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