The Rabbits' Wedding

Truly exquisite large pictures tell a sweet story of two little rabbits who lived happily ever after in the friendly forest CS Will delight the youngest ones Of unusual beauty SLJ.
The Rabbits Wedding Truly exquisite large pictures tell a sweet story of two little rabbits who lived happily ever after in the friendly forest CS Will delight the youngest ones Of unusual beauty SLJ

  • Title: The Rabbits' Wedding
  • Author: Garth Williams
  • ISBN: 9780060264956
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Ah, once-controversial picture books! This sweet, gently-told and illustrated depiction of idyllic love and marriage was once attacked for its interracial pairing of a black rabbit and a white one. (For all I know, there are still people who object to it for this reason.)Williams, when confronted with being a promoter of miscegeny, said he "was completely unaware that animals with white fur, such as white polar bears and white dogs and white rabbits, were considered blood relations of white bein [...]

    2. I very vaguely but fondly remember reading The Rabbits' Wedding, Garth Williams' sweet and delightful tale of two rabbits who tie the proverbial knot a few months after my family had moved to Canada from Germany (in the winter of 1977, thus about forty years ago, when I was ten years old). It was a school library book, and although I was a bit embarrassed at having to read picture books in grade four/five because my English language skills were at that time not yet sufficient to tackle so-called [...]

    3. It frustrates me to see adults imposing their ideas about race and the institution of marriage on this book, because I had a very emotional response to it when I was a kid. I still do.At heart, it's about how you express that you love spending time with another person, and the sadness when it comes time to say goodbye. As the Beach Boys once sang, "wouldn't it be nice when we can say goodnight and stay together?" That's what the wedding does for these rabbits. It's an innocent book about compani [...]

    4. The Rabbits' Wedding by Garth Williams is such a cute book. I would have never thought this book would get banned. After reading it this past week, I realized how it would start controversy. There is one white rabbit and one black rabbit. Since this book came out in 1958, it was in the middle of segregation in the United States and with the rabbits' begin white and black it wasn't going to sit well with other people. The theme of the story were perceived as racial integration and interracial mar [...]

    5. It is Banned Books Week, and I am reading Challenged/Banned books. This is the fourth book for this week.This book was banned because one rabbit is white, and the other is black, and they get married. The book was super adorable, I was just awwing, and squeeing. Especially as the story continued, and the rabbits got closer and closer to each other, and that moment when the black rabbit wanted to be with the white rabbit forever and ever. And the wedding was just terrific, I loved that all the an [...]

    6. I really wish the the star system was different. "It was ok" should be 3 stars. Because 2 stars looks like a negative rating, when really it's a middle-of-the-road rating of it's okay. Anyway, so, this book was ok. I wanted to like it more because who doesn't love Garth Williams' illustrations? And then, it was also a banned book, which makes it even more alluring. But honestly, aside from the cuteness of the bunnies, Logan was bored by it. I thought the repetition went on a few pages too long. [...]

    7. The pictures by Garth Williams are truly lovely, but the story otherwise is not worth much. And I do think it might confuse children. Can kids not stay friends with their play mates for evermore, unless they get married, here and now?! Maybe this story is tongue-in-cheek and has some personal reference to the author's life, but as a stand alone it's odd. The enumeration of all the little bunny games was cute, but the rest was just nonsense.

    8. This book is disturbing and sexist. The relationship between the rabbits is not healthy and the black (male) rabbit is manipulative and passive-aggressive with the white (female) one. I was very surprised that this book could ever have been intended or received as an allegory for racial harmony. To me, it is an obvious allegory about an abusive person insisting someone marry him out of jealousy and a need to control and possess the other.

    9. This book is about a black rabbit and a white rabbit who play games together and ultimately decide to get married. It was a little slow-paced for my five year old son. If you wanted to, you could use this book to teach that interracial marriages are A-OKAY.

    10. I did not care for this book's marriage rules,marriage-like-relationships drool message. Artist Garth Williams is a master of drawing very sad rabbits though:everydayislikewednesdaysp

    11. I wanted to read a banned book for Black History Month. This book was banned for promoting inter-racial marriage in 1958.

    12. Totally cute story of two bunnies who are friends and each has a secret crush on the other. When they both realize this, they decide to get married and all their forest friends are invited. The illustrations are charming and colored in muted tones of green and yellow, with the black and white bunnies. A perfect little picture book for kittens – especially the ones who love rabbits and romantic stories.Why this book was challenged and then banned (from ): The Rabbits' Wedding was published on A [...]

    13. The Rabbits' Wedding I learned about this book when a friend and I were talking about Garth Williams. It is a very sweet book. Crazy to think it was banned because a black rabbit wants to marry a white rabbit (right up there with Sylvester and the Magic Pebble being banned because the cops are pigs) life in the 1950s/60s must have been wild. 

    14. This beautifully illustrated, old-fashioned, romantic children's book has a sensational historyom :"The book was banned over its perceived theme of interracial love. The story was about a black rabbit marrying a white rabbit. Some have noted the obvious logic of illustrating the rabbits with two different colors so the reader might tell them apart more readily. Others, in their quest to depoliticize the book, have claimed a perception of the black and white motif as, perhaps, a reference to yin [...]

    15. Because, I reading this books that for my study English and study in life.English to study at school I did. But I'm each began to study English as for add life so wide. Well, this books more popular in Japan. Although my first reading and in English. Picture and sentence's both to all beginners such a best. Sure, Happy end included story too that I enjoying. And adding I found to my one missed. Word's until to untill. And well, I like expression ! " The little white rabbit opened her eyes very [...]

    16. My parents received this book as a wedding gift. By the time I was old enough to read it, they were already divorced. But my mom still loved this book. It has a sweet, gentle air, and to me, a very old feeling.It follows two rabbits, a black and white one, as they play and munch on clover each day. Sometimes the black rabbit looks very down, and the white rabbit asks, "What's wrong?""Oh, I was just thinking." Eventually the black rabbit gets around to telling the white rabbit how he feels, and t [...]

    17. I first came across this beautiful books years ago when I was teaching young children, sadly not in time to share it with my own children when they were small but still in time to share with my grandchildren. The whole book is simply a little treasure, a little place of joy and one of the very best children's book I have ever foundd I have looked at a lot!! The pictures are really adorable but it is the storytelling that really touches the heart. It is so simple at one level and yet so very deep [...]

    18. A sweet, completely innocuous title that apparently inspired controversy in the early 1960's because the rabbit wedding is between rabbits of different colors, a black buck and a white doe. Knowing this now, I cannot find any hint in the slightest that the book had a social agenda of promoting tolerance or interacial relationships. Apparently people obsessed with matters of race will see threats to their standards even in bunnies. The book is sort of hazy, romantic and lovey dovey and those rabb [...]

    19. A sweet little book that is the basis for the excellent play, The Alabama Story. Published in 1959 this caused a ruckus between a state senator and a courageous librarian. The senator felt it was brainwashing-an attempt to push a desegregation agenda (One rabbit was white, the other black). What the senator succeeded in doing was cause a stink and keep an average little book in print 50 years later because of the historical squabble.

    20. copyright date, 1958. Could this be one of the first books touching on interacial marriages? A very sweet book about a little white bunny and a little black bunny who are friends. Little black bunny knows that there will come a time when they can not play together anymore and this makes him sad. But little white bunny convinces him that they can be together forever.

    21. I loved this sweet gentle story about two rabbits finding love! I was prompted to read it because this book was the center of an absurd controversy chronicled in the play ALABAMA STORY. bykennethjones/alabamaThe bonus of this book is that it uses an apostrophe (correctly!) right in the title. Yay!

    22. This book was originally banned because of its depiction of interracial love (note the different-furred bunnies!) but once you strip away the inflated controversy, it's a wonderful, sweet, and romantic story of simple and true love. It was one of my favorites as a little kid, and I got Aric a copy before we got married.

    23. It blows my mind that the Alabama State Library censored this book in 1958, feeling that it was integration propaganda--a black bunny marrying a white bunny. The illustrations are very sweet. The I doubt that the story, being so slight, would be published today--but the times were different then.

    24. Sure, it's the kind of picture book that would be completely forgotten today if not for the brouhaha over the rabbits' "races." But that doesn't mean its old-fashioned sweetness doesn't have value. I think it's a darling little book, and I love the illustrations to bits.

    25. Black rabbit and white rabbit are friends. Why is black rabbit always sad? He wants to be with white rabbit forever. A beautifully illustrated story that shows that what is on the outside shouldn't be the standard for how we feel about each other.

    26. A children's book that emphasizes the beauty of a simple marriage based on a deep promise of commitment, as told through rabbit love. Also shows the importance of marrying someone who you enjoy spending time with.

    27. Sweet children's book about a black rabbit who fall in love with his friend , a white rabbit. Pictures are done in a muted colors as to not to over stimulate. Suitable for K through 2nd grade.

    28. Very cute little book! I love Garth Williams' illustrations, and this book is lovely. A sparse color palate, due to the printing technologies of the 1950s, but very well done anyway.

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