The God Project

Something is happening to the children of Eastbury, Massachusetts Something that causes healthy babies to turn cold in their cribs Something that strikes at the heart of every parent s darkest fears Something is taking the children one by one Now, an entire town waits on the edge of panic for the next nightmare there must be a reason for the terror they all know it.Something is happening to the children of Eastbury, Massachusetts Something that causes healthy babies to turn cold in their cribs Something that strikes at the heart of every parent s darkest fears Something is taking the children one by one Now, an entire town waits on the edge of panic for the next nightmare there must be a reason for the terror they all know it But no one ever suspected
The God Project Something is happening to the children of Eastbury Massachusetts Something that causes healthy babies to turn cold in their cribs Something that strikes at the heart of every parent s darkest fears S

  • Title: The God Project
  • Author: John Saul
  • ISBN: 9780553262582
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Holy shit, where do I beginThe book opens with an infant's death. SIDS is a horrible fucking thing. We watch a very believable scenario in which the mother doesn't want to believe her baby girl is dead. This section is really well done. Broke my heart. And then the fuckery begins. The author moves on and tries to explain SIDS through fictitious devices. I thought this was tactless. People deal with this horrible reality far too often. It is the number one cause of death in infants. It's terrifyi [...]

    2. All Fall Down is also published as The God ProjectThe door was slightly ajar.There was no sound from within, and for a moment [she] felt an unreasonable sense of panic.This is an uneasy read.The first half of the novel is innocuous enough. A bit leisurely even. That is… until the trap is sprung and you realise that the false sense of security was exactly what the author was counting on.I had some suspicions, and even although at least one turned out to be true, I didn’t quite see the ending [...]

    3. I am so happy that I rediscovered how awesome John Saul is. I am going to have to put him in my favorite author list along with Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Bentley Little and Laurell K. Hamilton. Just that little list alone should give you a little insight into what my favorite types of books are. If you've read my blog before though, you'll know that I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. In The God Project Saul focuses on a little New England town where children are dying in their s [...]

    4. I always enjoy reading a John Saul book every now and then because you can always count on several things: good writing, evil children, satisfying story. The God Project is no exception. The story centers around two families and their two boys: Randy and Jason. But these aren't ordinary children. After the death of Jason's infant sister, the parents work to discover a cause but the cause may be closer to home and worse then they could have imagined. A quick easy read for horror fans. It is not o [...]

    5. THIS BOOK WAS THE SH*T WHEN I WAS 13!Seriously, back then this was the coolest book I had ever read.I refuse to revisit the inside of the pages because I KNOW it will not hold up to the standard set in my memory from 28 years ago.

    6. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book. I have a little bit of a problem deciding what the main genre is. It is certainly science fiction, but it is also a thriller and a suspense and a mystery. Children keep disappearing in a small town and there is an epidemic of crip death too. The mother of a crib death victim is completely unconvinced that her baby died of normal crib death and starts trying to find out what is really going on. That makes the story a mystery to be solved. Once she starts maki [...]

    7. I had given this book 3 stars until I came to the end. "The God Project" is about genetic engineering, which has been practiced for a long time now, and how it's being abused for government purposes. Doesn't sound too far-fetched as this point, does it? The company devoted to the scientific research for this specific experiment was funded by a pharmaceutical company, and the department of defense. I liked the mysterious survey that no one knew anything about, and the fact that the women who didn [...]

    8. I had so much high expectations about this book. Sadly i couldn't quite get in to this book. It was my first ever John Saul book that i can recall reading. i don't think i've read any of his work's before and  it left me very disappointed. This book is over 30 years old and it simply hasn't aged well. It is a horror novel about genetic engineering, as several people in a small town suspect their children may the products of an experiment in human evolution. The ending also. Well i was very di [...]

    9. This book is extremely interesting and not a terrible summer read. The idea of something being wrong with out children or happening to them as being the most frightening thing that a parent can think of or experience is not new, but the way Saul gets in the psyches of the adults involved is fantastic. The story moves quickly and easily enough, and is well-written enough for belief suspension, which is not always the case for sci-fi/horror. Worth your time I think, and thought provoking too. It d [...]

    10. Once again I am reminded of John Saul's reliability. I've read a half-dozen of his books and the worst of them was still pretty good. A big point of his stories are the characters are just flawed humans acting as flawed humans should. There's no great underlying preachiness, he picks a target, one within the realm of reasonable fear, and builds some chills and thrills. This one tackles heartlessness of science and military industry to convey a particularly chilling tale with a super-good-times f [...]

    11. This story was only a little over 300 pages but was pretty boring. I'm guessing that maybe in the early '80s, the genetic engineering and computer critiques were new and fresh and enough to make up for the rest of the story. I thought the writing style was a little amateurish considering how revered Saul is. I'm guessing that maybe his later books are better.

    12. I read this book as a teenager and I have to say, this is by far still one of the scariest things I have ever read. I sum it up as the Stepford Wives meet the womb. If you want a good thriller, this one you should pick up!

    13. I read this one over 20 years ago, but the ending still sticks with me. The writing is so-so, but I feel the ending was so awesome that it deserves 4-stars.

    14. Maybe I'm being harsh but the creepy artwork and blurb on the cover of this book seem kind of misleading to me. A thriller it may be but a horror it is not. And the author's decision to focus on a pair of hysterical mothers unravelling the mystery of their children's true nature rather than the body horror/awakening of the boys involved drains way too much of the eeriness out of this story. It's a shame too since the plot showed a lot of potential. Disappointing.

    15. I enjoyed this, but not that much -- and I can't quite put my finger on why. The mystery definitely kept me with it through the book, trying to figure out what was going on. And I was very sympathetic to the families who had lost their children, and felt they were were well-drawn as characters. But a part of me simply had trouble embracing the story as a whole. In part, that may be because for each of the component elements (to be more specific would be a spoiler), I've read other works (e.g by [...]

    16. I own a few of Saul's books and do enjoy the stories. I picked this one up as a break from my normal authors but similar genre. The idea behind the story and everything was pretty good, the ending I was glad was not the typical "happy ending" so made me a bit proud that the author did not give in and do what was all expected. However I think it could have been better told. I got in to the story easily enough and finished the book quickly, but about half way through it seemed to peter out and bec [...]

    17. De diabólico no tiene nada el proyecto sin embargo me ha gustado mucho, aunque el inicio es un poco lento después empiezan las muertes y las descripciónes sangrientas que tanto me gustan del autor

    18. Interesting read.Great story line that kept me eager to keep reading. I did get confused with so many characters but the ending will definitely keep me thinking.

    19. Good book. Medical thriller of sorts. Decent plot, suspenseful and not predictable. Great but not what you would call a happy ending.

    20. Sally Montgomery heeft alles wat ze wilt. Een goede baan, een liefhebbende man en twee gezonde kinderen. Maar dan komt dochter Julie te overlijden. Volgens de dokter wiegendood, maar Sally denkt aan moord en wilt dit bewijzen.Enkele dagen later verdwijnt er een 9-jarig jongetje. Weggelopen zegt de politie. Ontvoerd zeggen de ouders. Als beide moeders in contact met elkaar komen, willen ze de zaken tot de bodem uitzoeken. Het antwoord is hun gruwelijkste nachtmerrie. Ze krijgen hulp uit onverwach [...]

    21. This is my 3rd John Saul book and my admiration for him just grows. Some books are just amazing that it leaves me speechless at the end (just like a Jeffery Deaver book). The first few chapters of the book would leave you wondering: is a supernatural force responsible for the death of a baby? Is a sect responsible for the kidnapping? Or is there something inherently evil within the children?The suspense goes down admittedly in the middle part of the book because you now knew what's happening. I [...]

    22. “The God Project” begins with every new parent’s nightmare – a child dying of SIDS. Sally and Steve Montgomery are devastated when their new baby girl, proclaimed perfectly healthy barely 48 hours beforehand, dies from crib-death. Sally, distraught with grief, refuses to accept that her healthy baby died for no discernable reason and starts to investigate a medical research group called CHILD. It would seem that the children surveyed by CHILD share flawless health records and early death [...]

    23. I need to warn you ahead of time that this post does have some very slight spoilers in it. I don't give away anything specific, though, so I definitely encourage you to read on.All Fall Down introduces us to two families: the Montgomerys and the Corlisses. After the Montgomerys' daughter dies of SIDS and the Corlisses' son disappears, both families are thrown into chaos. Sally Montgomery is looking for answers, but doesn't know who she can trust. Steve Montgomery wants his family to just move on [...]

    24. [Spoilers]This book made me furious. I'm gonna rant in this review. The story starts off with the mother watching her baby sleeping, going downstairs to finish her work, and goes backup stairs to sleep. Her mother instincts kick in, and she checks on both her kids, the baby and the older son, and she finds out that her baby is dead. The doctor said the baby died of this disease, I forgot what it's called, and this book got my attention and my emotions in this first chapter. Her mother comes and [...]

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