Red Dragonfly on My Shoulder

Thirteen haiku about animals, translated from the Japanese and illustrated with collages and assemblages.
Red Dragonfly on My Shoulder Thirteen haiku about animals translated from the Japanese and illustrated with collages and assemblages

  • Title: Red Dragonfly on My Shoulder
  • Author: Sylvia Cassedy Kunihiro Suetake Molly Bang
  • ISBN: 9780060226251
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Red Dragonfly on My Shoulder”

    1. A nice bunch of haiku illustrated with interesting photos of collages made from found objects. Unfortunately, the illustrations by Molly Bang didn't always do it for me. The poem about the dog sleeping in the sun was illustrated with a picture of what looked like a dog more dead than asleep. The poem about the "butting, tumbling cat" was illustrated with a cat asleep--not exactly a match to the poem! Nevertheless, there were some gems: the poem about the fly praying for his life, the poem about [...]

    2. More haiku! (No zombies though.) Sylvia Cassedy and Kunihiro Suetake have translated some absolutely lovely Japanese haiku but the real wonder of this book are Molly Bang's collage illustrations made of cookies, beads, yams, clamshells, rocks, buttons, copper wire, screws, safety pins, and lots more! A 1992 book there's only 2 copies left at SPL (CEN, HIP) so if you want to read it, do so now!

    3. A children's book of haiku illustrated by the wonderful Molly Bang. I was especially taken with the leaf-sparrow in the rice-rain to illustrate Buson:All at once, the storm!Overcome, a poor sparrowgrasps a blade of grass.

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