Random Hearts

There was no earthly reason why Vivien Simpson and Edward Davis should ever have met But when two unidentified bodies are discovered amid the wreckage of a plane disaster, their separate lives collide and they find themselves thrown together by a passion far beyond their comprehension.
Random Hearts There was no earthly reason why Vivien Simpson and Edward Davis should ever have met But when two unidentified bodies are discovered amid the wreckage of a plane disaster their separate lives collide

  • Title: Random Hearts
  • Author: Warren Adler
  • ISBN: 9780340765364
  • Page: 301
  • Format: None
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    1. Onvan : Random Hearts - Nevisande : Warren Adler - ISBN : 340765364 - ISBN13 : 9780340765364 - Saal e Chap : 1984

    2. In a perfect world, people like Edward Davis and Vivien Simpson would never have met. He's a happily married man; an ambitious aide to an important Congressman who loves his wife. She's a happily married woman; a housewife with a young son and a dog who absolutely adores her lawyer husband. They are each living the good life - or so they believe. There is absolutely no earthly reason why they should ever meetUntil a commercial airliner crashes into the Potomac River with eighty-four souls on boa [...]

    3. I know now why they say the book is always better than the movie. I semi-enjoyed the movie but LOVED the book. It's about 2 couples whoses lives all entertwine when an airplane crash claims the lives of a man and woman (who are both married to other people) The surviving spouses are left with the heartbreaking realization that they really did not know the person they thought they knew best in the world. The two surviving spouses decide to trace back the steps of their cheating spouses (together) [...]

    4. I read this book because I had watched the movie, Random Hearts, this book was too tragic. Their spouses died in a plane crash, discovering facts that suggest they were having an affair, the surviving spouses then go into a spiral of self destruct.(Blaming themselves) The two innocents, the dog and the child were sent away, why not give the dog to the child who was being raised by the grandparents? Why give up the child that earlier in the book the wife was devoted to? Too difficult to finish th [...]

    5. Saw the movie and was intrigued; book was better. Starts as a love story between two high-powered DC insiders, but they are killed in a plane crash. The rest of the story is about their spouses who are left wondering what they did wrong. They reflect on their lives and end up falling in love and realize they are doing the same thing as their spouses. In the end they understand and forgive. Excellent character study with good ending.

    6. I'm not sure which came first - the book or the movie. This is the same story as the movie with Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas. Obviously the book is better, with more detail, more romance and more emotion. It was an okay book, but I don't like how bitter the characters are. The bitterness is perfectly justified, but it makes me uncomfortable nontheless.

    7. I am not snobish when it comes to literature. I like both high brow and low brow books. There are good and bad books in both categories. Even if this was a book about loss of one's Life mate, somehow it did not touch me. This could be a good miniseres, but as book not so good in my opinion

    8. I preferred the movie version. The book was slightly different but dragged a bit. I guess that is why they changed the movie to incorporate other scenes. Interestingly though, one can see Harrison Ford in the lead role. It is as if the book was written from him.

    9. I enjoyed the movie so I wanted to read the book as books have more characters and storyline details. There are significant differences between the movie and the book, and I preferred the movie version.

    10. The beginning was a little confusing for me. I realized, that I like books that are written in first person and from one person's point of view. The plot was too simple, I knew how the story would play out after reading five pages. Also Edward and Vivien's relationship developed too fast.

    11. This book was on a list of books that I read before 2005. So, I am adding it to my read books on GoodReads.

    12. Great beach read! Read it in one day. Mildly engrossing but doesn't require much energy, just go with the flow.

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