What's a Girl Gotta Do?

Robin Hudson s life is getting complicated Her estranged husband s girlfriend is not only younger, prettier, and successful she s pregnant Robin s job on the trash crew for the prestigious All News Network is rocky, too She can t seem to keep from making on the air faux pas Now her loathsome boss wants her to investigate a sperm bank Her elderly next door nRobin Hudson s life is getting complicated Her estranged husband s girlfriend is not only younger, prettier, and successful she s pregnant Robin s job on the trash crew for the prestigious All News Network is rocky, too She can t seem to keep from making on the air faux pas Now her loathsome boss wants her to investigate a sperm bank Her elderly next door neighbor vilifies her and assaults her, under the delusion that she is a call girl A blackmailer tries to shake her down And her disdainful cat, Louise Bryant, refuses to eat unless Robin stir fries her food Just a normal day for a single, urban professional female Then this spunky and appealing but slightly rumpled, third string reporter in Rita Hayworth s body finds herself accused of murder She thinks her apartment may have been burglarized because it seems tidier than when she left it Robin wants to trust charming supervising producer Eric Slansky but is afraid that the super handsome, super amorous Super Prod may be the murderer.
What s a Girl Gotta Do Robin Hudson s life is getting complicated Her estranged husband s girlfriend is not only younger prettier and successful she s pregnant Robin s job on the trash crew for the prestigious All News Ne

  • Title: What's a Girl Gotta Do?
  • Author: Sparkle Hayter
  • ISBN: 9780140244816
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Review and links at clsiewert.wordpress/2014/1Before there was Stephanie Plum and Isabel Spellman, there was Robin Hudson. I discovered Robin long before Plum came around, and for those who became disenchanted with Evanovich’s kooky series, there’s a lot more to love here. With her ingenious poison-ivy window defense system and her homemade personal defense (“I still had two backup systems in my purse, a bottle of cheap spray cologne spiked with cayenne pepper to approximate Mace and a bat [...]

    2. This is a kindle reissue of the first in the Robin Hudson mystery series. This was first published in 1994 and the entire series ran to five books:What’s a Girl Gotta Do?Nice Girls Finish LastRevenge of the Cootie GirlsThe Last Manly ManThe Chelsea Girl MurdersI remember reading this book when it first came out and I hope that this new kindle edition will get this series a whole new audience, because Robin Hudson is a wonderful lead character. When we meet her, Robin is thirty five, a lowly th [...]

    3. My friend insisted that I read this book quite some time ago I bought it right away, but then it just kind of sat around. It really shouldn't have taken me this long to get around to taking her advice!It's a light-hearted, humorous murder mystery but I have to admit that, for me, what really made it shine wasn't the plot but its spot-on depiction of the New York City that I moved to. The book was published in 1994 and set shortly before then. The main character, Robin Hudson, lives in the East V [...]

    4. Reading the last five, six or seven books in the Stephanie Plum series made me sad for the main character. The books didn't make me feel good for the heroine. I wanted more for Stephanie Plum, more than it seems Janet Evanovich wants to give her, and don't think she will ever find it.After reading Sparkle Hayter's “What's a Girl Gotta Do,” I was reminded again of how stagnant Stephanie Plum has become. Hayter's book is about a television journalist, Robin Hudson, who for better or worse, can [...]

    5. Once upon a time, Robin Hudson had a good marriage, a promising career and she wasn't a murder suspect. Pretty good life, right? But none of that is true anymore, because, at 35 years old, she’s getting divorced, she’s been demoted and to make everything better, a mysterious guy who knows things about her past is found dead and she’s a suspect. Her husband is now happy with another woman, she hates her new boss, her crazy old neighbor is convinced she’s a prostitute, but nothing is gonna [...]

    6. What's a Girl Gotta Do? By Sparkle Hayter is a 2014 Open Road Integrated Media Publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This quirky murder mystery featuring Robin Hudson was originally published in 1994 and is now available in digital format. Robin Hudson is a reporter whose light was once shining brightly until she made a few very public gaffes and now she is barely hanging on to her career. To complicate matters, her husba [...]

    7. Robin is a stimulating person and she will enticed into following the this mystery. Robin is a third level TV personality who has made some goofs landing in the Special Events department. She has elderly cat she recused Louise Bryant who controls her life. Robin is waiting for divorce to become final and has problems with her husband and his girl friend who work for a rival network. Robin gets a call from stranger who tells her to be at All News Network party. He tells her to be there he will re [...]

    8. Here is Hudson, aspiring TV reporter, demoted to ‘special reports’ – the undercover investigation of a messed up sperm bank that seems to mix up the donors – after she ripped a major league belch her first chance to ask a question at a White House news conference.But that’s not the worst – her old bat, 80 year old downstairs neighbor think she parties with an apartment full of transvestites and prostitutes nightly, she’s separated from here Casanova husband who now seems to have th [...]

    9. This is a detective story with added humour and some romantic complications. The detective story is not bad, it moves through the various revelations and potential suspects in a reasonable way and does not stretch the bound of credibility. The humour is quite nicely done too, although I think I would have liked it more if I had known the cultural references. The romantic complications are pretty much standard fare, but don't detract from the book.I am unlikely to read more in the series; this is [...]

    10. Robin Hudson is a smarmy, smart-mouth, slightly dumpy, quite rumpled, cable news reporter. Her independent streak ensures she can't maintain friends, husband, or good investigative assignments. But she's getting real good at attracting blackmailing and stumbling over corpses. HmmmWill a good brain, determination, a smarttitude, and a Rita Hayworth figure, be her protection--or the instruments of her demise?

    11. Loved all the Robin Hudson books. Someon recommended them too me qhwn I was between Stephanie Plum books and it turns out I liked them more. Hayter's books are somewhere between Hiassen and Evanovich.

    12. Picked by my book club. This was a quick read and I had to admire the balance of humour within this mystery story, in fact it was the humour that kept me reading on. Eventful and although slow in places the ending tied it up nicely.

    13. Very funny and snarky series that I was sorry to see end after only five books. Hayter draws on her own experience as a CNN reporter/writer as background for Robin Hudson and her cohorts.

    14. One of my friends told me about these "tart noir" books and I read them one after the other. Funny, smart, cynical, sexy -- my kind of a mystery.

    15. Breezy, bawdy, beach read.The trials and tribulations a 30-year old reporter in New York City working for a 24-hour all news network in the 1990's.Ms. Hudson starts out the 90's at 30 years old and through five books reaches the mellinium and 40.On sale ($1.99) and mentioned as like Izzy Spellman. Ms. Hudson is not nearly the character that is Izzy, but fun and a few good quirky supporting characters depsite terrible cover art.

    16. I don't know how I could have, but when I got to the last quarter of the book, I thought, "I've read this before." Still, this is a quick read that really moves along. Protagonist is a smart cookie.

    17. Excellent first novel. They always get some leeway, but this one was spot on.Great protagonist. Great action and believable characters.

    18. I gave this entertaining story about a journalist with a troubled life four stars. Some of the circumstances were very entertaining.I received a complimentary Kindle copy of What's a Girl Gotta Do? by Sparkle Hayter, published by Open Road Integrated Media from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

    19. A Witty Narrator and a Decent MysteryIt's pretty darn hard to come up with a good mystery and a funny story. Sometimes you can find a good mystery with some clever hard-boiled one liners and sometimes you can find an engaging funny story built around a fairly lame mystery, but it's just hard for anyone to pull off both in the same book. That's why it's nice to be able to recommend this and why it's no surprise that when this book was first published it won a lot of first book and comedic mystery [...]

    20. Wise-cracking amateur gumshoe network reporter Robin Hudson finds herself drawn into hunting for a killercolewbrown/2016She refused to eat anything from a can unless I stir-fried it with greens and oyster sauce. Oddly enough, I do this every night for her. I open a can of Hill’s Science Diet and stir-fry it in a little olive oil with some bok choy. I do this for a cat I’m not even sure likes me.-Sparkle Hayter (What’s a Girl To Do p 54)The thing is, I still sort of believed in love. I was [...]

    21. koeur.wordpress/2014/11/18Publisher: Open RoadPublishing Date: November 2014 (1994)ISBN: 9781497678316 Genre: Mystery ThrillerRating: 4.2/5Publisher Description: Meet Robin Hudson. Dumped by her husband, she’s been demoted to third-string reporter at New York’s All News Network. Her downstairs neighbor thinks she’s a hooker. Louise Bryant, her finicky cat, refuses to chow down on anything but stir-fry. Now Robin’s being blackmailed by a late-night caller who knows her childhood nickname [...]

    22. It is obvious that Sparkle Hayter is familiar with tv news rooms just from the confidence with which she describes process and I'm sure there are as many people with whom to be familiar as she describes but I'm glad the number we were working with reduced by halfway through this mystery as I was having trouble keeping the staff organization clear in my mind. The book is really about characters and their relationships as I've never seen a bodies disappear from the action as quickly as these did. [...]

    23. 3.5 starsIf a murder mystery can be cute, this is it. The murder kind of took a back seat to the protagonist Robin. Robin jokes a lot of the time. But, it distracts from the fact that she is dealing with a mom that is mentally ill, the fact that hes cannot have children, her husbands infidelity, and maybe her father dying when she was 10. Not to mention her work environment. Or rather her boss and the stories she's made to cover. Robin is separated from her husband. He is now with someone younge [...]

    24. WHAT'S A GIRL GOTTA DO? - DNFHayter, Sparkle - 1st bookNothing is going right for Robin Hudson, a spunky, sexy, "slightly rumpled, third-string reporter in Rita Hayworth's body." Her husband has left her for a prettier, and much younger woman; she's been demoted to the tabloidtesque Special Reports unit at the All News Network after an on-air faux pas at the White House; and a blackmailer knows some of her worst secrets. To top it all off, Robin becomes a suspect in a brutal murder. Gathering he [...]

    25. I received this e-galley from Net Galley and Open Road Integrated Media in exchange for an honest review. And, here it is. Ugh, this one was a difficult one for me. The ending was very good. However what I had to go through to get there was frustrating. I put this book down three times. I don't do that. The only reason I kept going back to it was the fact I requested it yeah, I asked for this. I made a commitment and saw it through. Ugh!! I just kept wanting to slap the main character, she gravi [...]

    26. Really love the Robin Hudson books - she's much funnier than Stephanie Plum and the books are light and very entertaining. Hayter's background was with CNN news and you see a lot of references to that world in here, but the entertainment for me comes from a character who is down-to-earth, funny, and human. The ending is a great twist as well. Am glad I chose to ignore the two "I just couldn't get into it" reviews below - uhhhh, why write a review if you're really saying nothing at all about it? [...]

    27. “All That’s Sparkle’s Is Not Gold"As a source of excitement, Sparkle Hayter’s first Robin Hudson novel has no peer, with the possible exception of a glass of warm milk. A blackmailer appears in the first few pages, blackmails several women at an all-news cable station for money and sexual favors, and then is murdered by page 30. Who killed him? Who cares? He was a cad who deserved what he got. Then nothing much happens in the 200 pages or so from page 30 to about 30 pages before the end [...]

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed this book written by Canadian author Sparkle Hayter, a journalist who has worked for CNN and Global Television, amongst others. The author's inside knowledge of television journalism adds to the plot and the telling of the story. This knowledge creates an air of realism in an otherwise funny, quirky tale. Robin Hudson is a character that is hard not to like. She doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut and manners and good housekeeping are simply foreign to her nature. She i [...]

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