A Death in Vienna

Art restorer and sometime spy Gabriel Allon is sent to Vienna to discover the truth behind a bombing that gravely injured an old friend, but while there he encounters something that turns his world upside down It is a face a face that feels hauntingly familiar, a face that chills him to the bone.While desperately searching for answers, Allon will uncover a portrait ofArt restorer and sometime spy Gabriel Allon is sent to Vienna to discover the truth behind a bombing that gravely injured an old friend, but while there he encounters something that turns his world upside down It is a face a face that feels hauntingly familiar, a face that chills him to the bone.While desperately searching for answers, Allon will uncover a portrait of evil stretching across sixty years and thousands of lives and into his own personal nightmares
A Death in Vienna Art restorer and sometime spy Gabriel Allon is sent to Vienna to discover the truth behind a bombing that gravely injured an old friend but while there he encounters something that turns his world up

  • Title: A Death in Vienna
  • Author: Daniel Silva
  • ISBN: 9780141019086
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 3.5 starsMulti-lingual Israeli spy/art restorer Gabriel Allon is restoring a painting in Venice when a bomb destroys the 'Wartime Claims and Inquiries Office' in Vienna, Austria. Gabriel's friend Eli Lavon is badly wounded and Eli's staff is killed. When Gabriel travels to Vienna to investigate he meets an elderly Holocaust survivor who claims that a prominent, wealthy, local businessman - Ludwig Vogel - is really a Nazi war criminal named Erich Radek.Before long the elderly Holocaust survivor i [...]

    2. This is 4th novel featuring the protagonist Gabriel Allon, a semi-retired Mossad agent whose day job is now as one of the world's foremost art restorers. The story starts in Venice and includes stops in Argentina, Israel and Munich but as the title suggests it mostly revolves around characters and events in Vienna. The plot concerns a former SS member who has changed his identity and now seeks to bring his hard right-wing brand of politics to Austria. It deals with Austria's lingering anti-Semit [...]

    3. Favorite installment in the series so far!Rock solid airplane reading, with the added benefit of lots (and lots) of travel and fun venues (Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, Munich, Rome, Vienna, and Northern Virginia, ahem), some extremely creative use of history, historical research and archives, and art and religion and banking and OK intrigue and violence and Take my word for it, there's a lot going on here.I admit I was a little slow on the uptake and was relieved (reaffirmed?) when - in the afte [...]

    4. Set across Europe and in Israel, A Death in Vienna is a spy tale intent on righting some of the wrongs of The Holocaust. Part-time spy Gabriel Allon is sent to Vienna by The Office (think CIA, but deadlier) to investigate a bombing at the Wartime Claims and Inquiries office. Following clues to the identity of a Nazi officer, Gabriel travels the globe with an assassin hot on his tail. While this book was very interesting, and I learned more about the atrocities of the Nazis, I can't say it was ri [...]

    5. Another excellent Daniel Silva book. This one delves into the darkness and horrors of the holocaust. A hard one to put down, highly recommend

    6. This was a good (literary) surprise and a tough reminder that sometimes fiction is a classroom for reality. Very well-researched and appealing, it got me hooked from almost the begging. Although it got me on my nerves a couple of times by objectifying female tertiary female characters, I'll never forget the intense story of Gabriel's mother on that death march from the nazi concentration camp and how she represents lots of strong women and people who had to endure the horrors of Holocaust.I'm de [...]

    7. A minha estreia com Daniel Silva e fiquei conquistado. Já andava há algum tempo para o ler, mas foi sempre ficando para segundo plano. Agora que, por razões profissionais, conheci Viena, achei por bem pegar neste livro. Em boa hora o fiz! História com cabeça, tronco e membros, ficção mas com um fio condutor agarrado à História real e personagens muito bem conseguidas.E agora, já sei que se seguem os restantes livros de Gabriel Allon :)

    8. These are books that are excellently written, albeit a bit repetitive Like a cook who found a good recipe and just uses it with slight alterations. Of course it is enthusing and full of suspense, well written and researched I am going to go on reading the Allon series and I am sure that I will still find cause to give four stars again.Maria Carmo,Lisbon 12 September 2016.

    9. Nicely done espionage fiction, featuring art restorer and former Israeli agent Gabriel Allon. The plot deftly mixed historical facts and globe trotting action. Listened to the audio version which was narrated by John Lee who did an excellent job with all different character's nationalities.

    10. Too much about European collaborators and empathetic priests for the Nazis. Not near enough growth and vengeance for Gabriel Allon. 2 of 10 stars

    11. The final work in Daniel Silva's Nazi troika of the Gabriel Allon canon (along with my favorite "The English Assassin" and "The Confessor") is another steady read. What I appreciated about this one is that there isn't as much over-the-top violence or romance, rather a gradual build up to the conclusion (which I still can't decide if I liked or not but I liked the book enough to forgive). Silva writes intelligent thrillers and yet they are very well-paced and readable. I've got the next book in t [...]

    12. I like this series as it's a different POV than the normal espionage books available. I like that Gabriel Allon has other talents in life than just being an assassin, but sometimes I do find it hard to believe that he can be so unaware of the 'bad guys' and often times is saved by actions and choices of colleagues. *That same quality makes him more human than some characters in other series that seem to be All Knowing and Superior in every way- so it's not a complete deal breaker. This book star [...]

    13. This was a re-read for me. I first read this 12 years or so ago. One of Silva's historical fiction novels. This one dealt with war crimes against the Jews in Europe during WW II and roles played by various entities in helping the war criminals escape death penalty after the war. For those who like historical fiction, I strongly recommend this Silva offering.

    14. A Death in Vienna is the fourth novel in a series of novels by Daniel Silva featuring art restorer and spy Gabriel Allon. Silva is a very skilled author and I have enjoyed his novels. After the first novel the "Kill Artist" the next three novels, "The English Assassin," "The Confessor," and "A Death in Vienna" deal with the sins of the Holocaust. They obviously are fictional but they deal with themes that are true and I'm passionate about history so the subject intrigued me. By reading this nove [...]

    15. Algumas passagens de Morte em Viena:"Ele nunca se lembrou de ter ouvido a explosão. Reveka e Sarah foram engolidas numa bola de fogo e, em seguida, projetadas pela onda de choque. A porta explodiu para fora. Lavon foi erguido como um brinquedo, com os braços escanchados e costas arqueadas como um ginasta. O seu voo foi como num sonho. Sentiu-se virar e virar novamente. Não teve memória do impacto. Apenas sabia que estava deitado de costas sobre a neve, numa tempestade de vidros partidos.""O [...]

    16. Sometimes fiction does a better job of getting at the truth of a situation than non-fiction. This is true in particular when dealing with meaning and implication where there's little disagreement about the facts, but what to make of those facts is unsettled.When considering the Holocaust, the issue is not one of fact, except to those who wish to ignore proven facts for political purposes. Rather the issue is how do we get people to understand the unimaginable. In three novels that deal with to u [...]

    17. Though Israeli agent Gabriel Allon's unraveling of the mystery behind the bombing of an aged Nazi-hunter's office keeps the reader turning pages, its real value lies in the haunting story that is told about Gabriel's mother. This novel is most compelling--and painful to read--when author Daniel Silva uses it to shed more light on Nazi crimes during the Holocaust. I hadn't known, for example, that Austria had been particularly fertile ground for Nazi recruitment (though it shouldn't be surprising [...]

    18. 4th in the Gabriel Allon series.[return][return]Gabriel Allon is an Israeli Secret Service agent whoposes as Mario Delvecchio, a very well-known and highly respected art restorer. At the moment, he is working in Venice, and living with his lover Chiara. But Gabriel s life is not his own; he owes his allegiance to Israel and to Ari Shamron, the Old Man of the Israeli Secret Service. Whenever Shamron appears, Gabriel embarks on a mission of death to track down and kill those responsible for blowin [...]

    19. Daniel Silva's novel, A Death in Vienna, isn't a typical spy thriller or a volume that simply plunges the reader into foreign espionage. Rather, it is a story the touches the conscience of every reader as their eyes become opened to some of the greatest crimes committed during World War II. This book opened my understanding and, consequently, led me to the Yad Vashem (the Jerusalem Holocaust Museum) website and with tears in my eyes I saw the only actual photos in the world of men, women, and ch [...]

    20. A Death In Vienna by Daniel SilvaAnother extraordinarily detailed action adventure this book takes place not long after The Confessor. It is a more detailed delving into the Holocaust. This review is sadly repetitious of the previous review of The Confessor. The Kill Artist and The Heist and finally The Mark of the Assassin read way back in 2009 all illustrate the style of Silva as well as the character Gabriel Allon, an Israeli assassin. This book holds true to the style and as the others keeps [...]

    21. The previous two Allon novels and this one sort of form a trilogy with a focus on the Holocaust. The complicity of the Swiss and the Church are the focus of the first two. This one focuses on the broader complicity of many other countries evident in the post-war world. What makes this particular novel stand out is the detailed point of view of Holocaust survivors. This is integral to the plot; it provides the motivations for many of the characters and it causes the reader to feel the need for ju [...]

    22. Neste livro, Gabriel é enviado para Viena para investigar um atentado à organização de Eli Lavon, um velho amigo, que vitimou duas funcionárias e deixou o amigo em estado crítico.No seguimento das pistas, Gabriel é assombrado por um rosto familiar, mas desagradável nesta sua busca, descobre acontecimentos relatados pela sua própria mãe, durante o Holocausto.É um livro mais cruel, com passagens bastante reais do Holocausto, tais como, relatos sobre o que acontecia nos campos de concent [...]

    23. This is a story of a Nazi war criminal hunt. It is another viewpoint of the horrors inflicted upon the jews during the Nazi regime. Interesting to me in this story is the suggestion of the Vatican's involvement in helping Austrian and German war criminals escape capture and aiding them in disappearing into another identity mainly in South America, Argentina heading the list at the time of Peron's administration.I understand this book is one of a series about Gabriel, the main Israeli hunter in t [...]

    24. A complete, pacy and riveting spy thriller. Gabriel Allon is sent to investigate a murder attempt on his friend (much like "The Confessor"). First few pages were smoggy kind but picked up pace once it started to travel in the path of exposing a mass murderer of Jews during the Nazi regime who is living under false identity. After nail biting twists, turns and travel, the climax was also appropriate. Cannot put this book down. I'm sad that I finished reading this book. Eager to read more of Danie [...]

    25. The 4th book in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva. This series is getting better and better as the characters develop and more sub plots are related. This spy series is different to my normal Mystery Thriller genre but rarely fails to deliver. The stories are full of action and intrigue and delivered at a break neck pace and I don't think it will be that long before I start his next instalment.

    26. I wouldn't have picked up this author, except my mom left one (The Secret Servant - which I loved) at my house. This is my 2nd book with Gabriel Allon, Israeli spy, as the main character. The theme of this (it's part of a series, I've learned) has to do with WWII/Holocaust, specifically the surfacing of a Nazi war criminal in Austria. The writing is very good and the storyline kept me intrigued the whole time.

    27. Love Silva and Gabriel Allon. This is book 4 in the series but you don't need to read them in order. Complex plots, complex characters, plenty of intrigue. Good guys who sometimes/often wonder if the end really does justify the means. Evil guys willing to take any approach to get what they want without any remorse or regret. Despite death, evil, tragedy, and sorrow, the good guys always prevail. Silva writes a great journey for them and their foes. Time to choose another Allon tale.

    28. Outstanding. A remarkable adventure that brings to life the horrible pain and suffering of the Holocaust victims and their families. The last in Silva's trilogy related to the Holocaust a necessary journey.

    29. An ugly time in historyThe second world war and especially the sorrowful Holocaust history is something we must never forget. Any attempt to eradicate an entire race must be met with strong g resistance. This book was impossible to put down.

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