The Key

This year I intend to begin writing freely about a topic which, in the past, I have hesitated to mention even here I have always avoided commenting on my sexual relations with Ikuko, for fear that she might surreptitiously read my diary and be offended So begins The Key a forthright and moving tale of a middle aged man deeply in love with his younger wife In spite of This year I intend to begin writing freely about a topic which, in the past, I have hesitated to mention even here I have always avoided commenting on my sexual relations with Ikuko, for fear that she might surreptitiously read my diary and be offended So begins The Key a forthright and moving tale of a middle aged man deeply in love with his younger wife In spite of that love, they have grown physically apart, each unsure of the other s thoughts and desires until the day Ikuko discovers the key to her husband s diary with its desperate hints of jealousy and voyeurism The key, she realises, to his very soul
The Key This year I intend to begin writing freely about a topic which in the past I have hesitated to mention even here I have always avoided commenting on my sexual relations with Ikuko for fear that she

  • Title: The Key
  • Author: Jun'ichirō Tanizaki
  • ISBN: 9780099466871
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:

      Παίζουμε το «κρυφτό» των ανικανοποίητων πόθων;ΕΓΩ θα είμαι το ψέμμα και θα προσποιούμαι την αλήθεια. ΕΣΥ θα είσαι η αλήθεια και θα υποδύεσαι το ψέμμα. Θα κρυφτώ κι αν με βρεις θα ικανοποιήσω όλες σου τις κρυφές ερωτικές επιθυμίες!!Αν δεν με βρεις θα είμαι στην ντουλάπαΈνα πα [...]

    2. المجتمع الأسيوي دوما يتسم لدى الآخر بغرابة متفردة‏بعاداته وتقاليده التي تخصه وحدهوالتي دوما ما تستحوذ على فضول الآخروهنا يحاول تانيزاكي الغوص بنا إلى داخل المجتمع الياباني‏لنتعرف أكثر عليه دون طلاءيحاول أن يعرفنا من منظور مختلف ‏على ما يكمن خلف الابتسامات المهذبة والان [...]

    3. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، داستان <اعترافِ بیشرمانه>، به زندگیِ مردی میپردازد که استادِ دانشگاه است و با زنی ازدواج میکند که از یک خانوادهٔ آبرودار و بزرگ است زنِ استاد، شهوتِ زیادی دارد و میلِ و خواسته هایِ جنسیِ او، از حدِ معمول بیشتر است. زمانی که استاد پا به سن میگذارد، دیگر تو [...]

    4. قد تبدو فكرة الرواية غريبة نوعا ما لأنها تتناول علاقة زوجين بشكل غريب لكن الفكرة تدور حول خجل الطرفين في علاقتهما الجنسية وولع الزوج بجزء من جسد زوجته الكاتب يتناول هذه القضية قضية الخجل وهو المعتاد عند أهل الشرق ويضعها في إطاره الغريب أسلوب المراوغة والمكر بين زوجين اثنين [...]

    5. This book was, ironically, one of the only classics I manages to find in a collection of popular/mainstream literature. I stopped wondering why after ten pages. It is short nd concise and very hot and perverse, and you even have the excuse that it is classical Japanese literature--what's not to love?Fortunately, it is also much, much more than cheap eroticism. Indeed, to read it as an exciting bedside reading is to miss the point entirely. It is rather a psychological novel, based on the partial [...]

    6. Το βιβλίο είναι γραμμένο με τη μορφή δύο παράλληλων ημερολογιών όπου δύο σύζηγοι , παντρεμένοι χρόνια, καταγράφουν τα γεγονότα και τις σκέψεις που αφορούν τη σεξουαλική κυρίως σχέση των. Ο καθένας γράφει υποτίθεται κρυφά από τον άλλο, αλλά ταυτόχρονα και με στόχο να διαβασ [...]

    7. This is my favorite Tanizaki book. Tanizaki is a master in story telling. His central point to me is around the impossibility to create real, deep, human connections and be able to establish a channel of communication: you feel that no matter how hard you try to connect to another human being, you are destined to fail. Although we should know better, we will use tricks and deception and in the end we will have distorted and ruined any chance we had of creating a real and honest relationship that [...]

    8. It's funny to read a two-diary he-said she-said novel so soon after reading John Fowles' "The Collector." In that one, the idea of the unreliable narrator is stronger; here we seem to have reliable narrators, until the stunning denouement proves at least one of them to be intentionally misleading - for a purpose that would be a spoiler. And it's a fairly astonishing purpose. This is a story about the tragic results of poor marital communication and divergent needs, though at heart the needs of b [...]

    9. Odd little book. Middle aged couple reconnect through wife getting blind drunk and hubbie then ravishes her as she pretends he is hubbies best mate. Their daughter brokers an affair between her mother and the best mate whilst hubbie is incapacitated through a stroke.Daughter may know best mate quite well - she is suspiciously clued up on love hotelsHusband dies and daughter plans to marry best mate, and wife/mother/lover will move in with the both of them in a menage a trois.I may have missed so [...]

    10. Published in 1956, after its author had to censor it due to the explicit sexual content, Kagi comes only a year after Lolita, the other Classic I've read since the beginning of the new year.I couldn't have chosen two books more similar in their recurring themes, in the violent protests they caused in the Countries where they were published, in the way they both depict the contrast between two different, but greatly codependent worlds.Tanizaki Junichiro had two favorite subjects: erotic obsession [...]

    11. A piece of garbage any self-respecting writer would never have inflicted on the world. Was there a weekend novel writing contest in Japan in 1956? That’s about how much care it feels like Tanizaki took in “shaping“ this mean-spirited little tale about odious characters getting it on. I can’t imagine how the diary-writing structure could possibly have been employed more ineptly.Do yourself a favor and skip this joke of a novel and go directly to his masterpiece, The Makioka Sisters. Or, i [...]

    12. الاسلوب سلس والترجمة جيدة والفكرة في حد ذاتها كويسة, المشكلة اني حسيت بالملل.

    13. An elderly professor plays cat-and-mouse mind games with his younger wife. She has what he claims is an insatiable sexual appetite and he feels he is no longer able to satisfy here, partly due to age, partly because she is extremely conservative and reserved and refuses to try anything other than the 'traditional way', hence his inability to work up a passion. As she is also very reticent, she refuses to discuss the problem with him and so he devises a way of 'talking' to her through his diary w [...]

    14. النجمتان لأسلوب المؤلف في بنائه الرواية، أما قصة الرواية فلم أشعر معها بالمتعة أبدا.هناك ثلاث ترجمات رصدتها لهذا العمل، اثنتان تحملان اسم المفتاح، وأفضلهما تلك التي ترجمها خالد الجبيلي عن دار الجمل.أما الثالثة فعن دار ورد وصدرت تحت عنوان مختلف هو: اعترافات خارجة عن الحياء!ف [...]

    15. A novella structured around alternating diary entries, and dealing with the sexual obsession (again) of an older man with his "much" younger wife. (Only 11 years, in fact.) Interesting in parts, though also somewhat repetitive and artificial in parts. Ths is late Tanizaki (1956)

    16. The Key หรือ KAGI ของ จุนอิชิโร ทานิซากิ แปลไทยโดย สุจินดา ขันตยาลงกต ชื่อไทยคือ เดอะคีย์ สนพ. บ้านหนังสือช่างเป็นหนังสือที่ทำใจลำบากในการรีวิวแท้ ประเด็นที่เล่มนี้เล่นไม่ใช่เรื่องที่ [...]

    17. tết độc lập đọc sách khiêu râm thế này đây =)) có cuốn nghiên cứu về bác này nghe tên hấp dẫn :Visions of Desire: Tanizaki's Fictional Worlds, ghi chú lại đây để muavề cơ bản thì nên đọc cho biết :P

    18. Bir yerlerde okumuştum, Tanizaki'nin tercihen insandaki saplantıları konu aldığı söyleniyordu. Bu tümüyle doğru. Bu saplantıların yaşamı anlamlı kıldığına, bir avuntu sağladıklarına inanıyor. Anlattığı bütün hikayeler bu eksende dönüyor.Tanizaki 'Anahtar'da biçem olarak günlükleri tercih etmiş. Saplantılı bir koca ve ondan o kadar haz etmeyen ama muhafazakar yetiştirilme tarzı yüzünden isteklerini bir şekilde kabul eden karısının tuttukları günlükle [...]

    19. Gostei da forma simples e intimista da escrita, quase, quase como se eu fizesse parte da históriaGostei dos diários e dos segredos neles reveladosGostei de Iku-Ko, a mulher. Educada, segundo as tradições feudais, na obediência e dever, mas pela qual todos se "sacrificarão de boa vontade", para satisfação do seu desejoUm livro deliciosa e impudicamente perverso.

    20. أول تجاربي مع الأدب اليابانيولو إني مش متأكد إذا كان ده أدب ولا قلة أدبع العموم الكاتب متمكن من أدواتهو مش هيكون آخر عمل أقرأه له

    21. مذكرات زوجين, كل منهما يكتبها خلسة عن الآخر, وكل منهما يشتكي من الآخر, وكأنه في حديث غير مباشر معه, ويتمنى كل منهما أن يقرأ الآخر مذكراته تلك, ليتمكن من إيصال ما لا يستطيع قوله مباشرة أمامه.يشتكي الزوج الذي يكبر زوجته بعشر سنوات تقريباً متطلبات زوجته كزوجة, فهو مع تقدم العمر تض [...]

    22. رغم كون الرواية استعراضاً لمذكرات شخصية لزوجين في خريف عمرهما إلا أنها كانت ذات حبكة غرائبية .الزوج يعاني من رفض زوجته الانصياع لرغباته الخاصة و تعاني هي من تبعات تردي وضعه الجنسي .أيضاً الزوجه لديها رغبات مكبوته ولكنها تكره زوجها وتنفر منه .يلجأ كل منهما للمذكرات الشخصية وه [...]

    23. This book is incredible for numerous reasons, but its brilliance reveals itself most easily and most characteristically to me in two ways:1. This is one of the most refined, subtle, and elusive, yet intoxicatingly sensual portrayals of sexuality in literature I've come across. The nature of sex here really does seem to reflect a very traditionally Japanese style where things are hinted at masterfully or referred to evasively but never wholly revealed, which mirrors the actions of Ikuko and her n [...]

    24. The Key is a story about a 55 years old Japanese husband who’s madly in love (and lust) with his 11-years-younger wife. They each keep a diary, with the hope that the other would read it. The book contains their alternate diary entries, from his side and her side. Each insists that they would never read the other’s diary, even though they know it exists. Which is apparently a big lie. Each entry is smartly calculated with the account that the other might very well read it. It’s in a way, i [...]

    25. what a sweet and sour little menage á quatre, only 160 pages, but I enjoyed them all in the odd company of this married couple from Japan – Japan being the key word here, because I think it was/is very typical behaviour – the novel was published in 1956. The secrecy between husband (age 55) and a ten year younger wife, the sexual frustrations, the lover, the pretending is all very entertaining, I wouldn´t have read another 100 pages though, it is very slow paced. I loved the humour, it is [...]

    26. Tanizaki sort of reminds me of Moravia for some reason. Both writers make me horny. "The Key" is about a middle-aged man who loves his emotionally distant wife - and explores ways of finding new sexual twists and kinks as well as each one keeps a diary of their activities. Sensual to the max and very human.

    27. La llave (1956), de Tanizaki es una pequeña obra maestra del erotismo y del monólogo interior. La minuciosidad con la que describe los diferentes sentimientos con los que reacciona un matrimonio hacia sus relaciones amorosas raya la perfección. Con una acertada estructura en forma de diario, permite al lector entender los distintos puntos de vista y lo mantiene en vilo hacia el no por breve, menos sorprendente final. El momento de su escritura (1956) hace aún más interesante su lectura y a [...]

    28. The only reason I finished this was because me and my buddy-read partner wanted to have grounds to completely roast this book. Let the roasting commence.Perverse, problematic (so much sexism?????), utterly unlikeable characters, plain writing. I feel like Tanizaki went, “Well, how can I write the most pointlessly repetitive and predictable plot ever, think up the most detestable cast of characters, with some perverted scenes thrown in here and there to irritate the hell out of the poor souls w [...]

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