Diary of a Mad Old Man

Diary of a Mad Old Man is the journal of Utsugi, a seventy seven year old man of refined tastes who is recovering from a stroke He discovers that, while his body is decaying, his libido still rages on unwittingly sparked by the gentle, kindly attentions of his daughter in law Satsuko, a chic, flashy dancer with a shady past Pitiful and ridiculous as he is, Utsugi is wiDiary of a Mad Old Man is the journal of Utsugi, a seventy seven year old man of refined tastes who is recovering from a stroke He discovers that, while his body is decaying, his libido still rages on unwittingly sparked by the gentle, kindly attentions of his daughter in law Satsuko, a chic, flashy dancer with a shady past Pitiful and ridiculous as he is, Utsugi is without a trace of self pity, and his diary shines with self effacing good humor At once hilarious and of a sadness, Diary of a Mad Old Man is a brilliant depiction of the relationship between eros and the will to live a novel of the tragicomedy of human existence.
Diary of a Mad Old Man Diary of a Mad Old Man is the journal of Utsugi a seventy seven year old man of refined tastes who is recovering from a stroke He discovers that while his body is decaying his libido still rages on

  • Title: Diary of a Mad Old Man
  • Author: Jun'ichirō Tanizaki Howard Hibbett
  • ISBN: 9780679730248
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I haven't the slightest desire to cling to life, yet as long as I live, I cannot help feeling attracted to the opposite sexArousal, when the does the trickery of eroticism salvage the ironies of life? The seduction of youth stemmed from the perversion of old. The seduction of beauty leached on to the perversion of ugliness. The dichotomy of potent sexuality surpassing physical impotency cultivating a sovereign desire in pursuit of an alluring beauty. The aesthetics of romanticism nurtured by the [...]

    2. This text is exquisite in social juxtapositions. The power of a woman wet neck kisses glimmer in the form of a cats eye stone, and the loss of power moans in the tear drops of an old man begging for that exchange again. "It hurts, Satsuko!"Tanizaki is brilliant in his positioning throughout the book. The diary itself is positioned against the cold medical abstractions in the ending nurse and doctor journals. This effect is stunning- it is those who are quick to diagnose who become mad.Time, and [...]

    3. اول تجربه لي مع الادب الياباني ، وكانت البداية سيئه اقل ما يُقال عليها انها ممله ولا هدف يُرجى من قرائتها

    4. Светът на възрастните хора ми става все по-интересен, може би преди съм ги пренебрегвала, подценявала, дори страняла от тях. Така че както харесвам книги с главни герои деца и юноши, напоследък откривам все по-голямо очарование и в света на старците.В самото начало ми беше тр [...]

    5. Tanizaki's diarist is a 77-year-old man with two obsessions: the various drugs and medical treatments that might relieve his constant physical discomfort, and his daughter-in-law Satsuko. With regard to the first of these he is a rationalist with a precise medical knowledge: ". . . he is very well-informed about drugs--enough to give a young doctor stiff competition," his doctor writes (p169). With regard to the second, his daughter-in-law, "the mad old man's" attraction is irrational, darkly er [...]

    6. يوميات عجوز مجنون انتهيت بالامس من هذا الكتاب للكاتب الياباني جونيشيرو تانيزاكي ، يبدو من خلال بحثي عن الكاتب انه مغرم بتأليف الكتب التي تكون بصيغة يومياتحاول الكاتب هنا ان يوضح الحاله الانسانيه للفرد المقبل على الموت وكيف انه من الممكن ان تتغير تركيبته النفسيه والفكريه ، [...]

    7. Utsugi tem 77 anos. Vai escrevendo no seu diário, conforme as terríveis dores na mão o permitem, os seus pensamentos, recordações e "aventuras" do dia-a-dia. Pensa na sua própria morte, sem se assustar, divertindo-se a recriar os seus últimos momentos e o que acontecerá depois. Apesar do declínio físico, as suas fantasias sexuais continuam bem vivas, as quais são fortemente estimuladas pela sua nora Satsuko, que lhe proporciona emoções que quase o matam; nada de especial pois pouco [...]

    8. This book is about an old man who is sick, horny, and has this sexual urge to make it with his daughter-in-law. The family is ok with that. Even the son has a 'sure go for it dad' kind of attitude. The daughter-in-law lets the old man play a little but he has to pay. Since he's impotent he can only kiss her feet or lick her legs or let her dribble spit in his mouth. But all of this excites him and raises his blood pressure to stroke levels. So he thinks about death a lot. Actually the old man is [...]

    9. لم أكن متحمسة لكلمة مثل 'مات' كما تحمست لرؤيتها وأنا أقرأ هذه النوفيلا.

    10. العمر يتقدم بشكل مرعب والجسد يشتهي العجبياللبؤس، عجوز مجنون يشتهي زوجة ابنه وينحت قدميها في صخرة مثل صخرة قدمي بوذا

    11. Erotic thriller, as what the mad old man says. How interesting to read about an old man and his obsession (which soon written in Nurse Sasaki's report as abnormal sexual impulses). Wicked and madness, bizarrely amusing at a point. Loving the writing style-- though few boring details, but quite entertaining. Towards the end the diary leaving me with a bit of sore heart-- reading about Utsugi journey to prepare on his own grave and burial-- with still, a bit of his crazy sexual intimacy in between [...]

    12. ملاحظة: اقتنيت الكتاب بناء على توصية الناشرلا أظنه من الكتب التي يخسر القارئ شيئا إن فوّتهايتحدث الكتاب عن عجوز يتفنن في الإنحراف وهو في أرسل العمريحسب للمؤلف قدرته على تصوير الحالة النفسية للعجوز، كما أنه ينقل شيئا من صورة المجتمع الياباني بعد الحرب العالمية الثانيةأشير أ [...]

    13. هذه النقطة ( انحراف الرجل العجوز ) ليست بجديدة علي، ومن زمان طويل جدًا أعرفها عن اليابانيين في أكثر من أعمالهم الاشهر (الأنمي ) ،فهم دائما يرسمون الرجل العجوز بأنه مازوخي ويحب النسوة وبمجرد ما يراهن حتى ينزف أنفه من شدة الإثارة لديه ،وعندما تكون الأنثى خجولة إما أن تصرخ أو تصف [...]

    14. Extraordinaria indagación en la tragedia de nuestra propia e inminente decadencia. A Tanizaki no le hace falta gritar: escribe como si nos estuviera hablando en susurros que son como flechas. Y de esa manera transmite el pánico ante la muerte, lo banal (y sin embargo terrible) que es la degradación del cuerpo, y cómo esta impulsa una segunda degradación (de orden moral). Gran libro. No es sin embargo, un libro para cualquier lector: la gente muy joven, no por falta de lecturas ni de intelig [...]

    15. I know next to nothing about Japanese literature, and I came across this book by utter accident, but it turned out to be far more complex than what the blurb promised, which was father-in-law/daughter-in-law incest porn. Oop, did I say porn? I meant EROTICA. Well, it is that at least, with a good dollop of foot fetishism (neither incest nor podophilia nor "yellow fever" being my particular thing at all, I should add)—though it's hard to tell if erotic focus on feet is considered paraphilic in [...]

    16. Il romanzo, scritto in forma di diario, narra dell'ultrasettantenne Tokusuke Utsugi, un anziano benestante ma pieno di acciacchi e prossimo alla morte, che s'infatua di Satsuko, la nuora un po' coquette. In questo diario Tokusuke annota gli avvenimenti della giornata e, soprattutto, i pensieri feticisti che ha nei confronti della nuora. Dovrebbe essere un romanzo psicologico ed erotico ma questi aspetti sono molto superficiali e poco approfonditi.L'erotismo si limita a pensieri feticisti del vec [...]

    17. Normally I don't like to compare writers based on their geographical proximity or shared language, but for me to ignore the similarities of this book and Mishima would be retarded. There is an old man who in the beginning of the book says he's very attracted to me who dress as women, but not men who don't. Later we find he likes beautiful women (who doesn't?), but only the ones who are cruel are the ones who really get his attention. In another part of the book he is fantasizing about his daught [...]

    18. Tanizaki at his best. This is a funny book that had me up late into the night. I could only hope that no one else in the house could hear me laughing so hard. The second half sobers up a bit as Utsugi's fantasy life takes increasingly strange turns in real time. Utsugi's desire to have the headstone for his grave modeled on Satsuko's foot is the ultimate in religio-erotic fantasy. Hibbet's translation could not have been better. Deserves 4.5 stars.

    19. An old man, his body failing him at every turn, still has the mind of youth and a healthy libido that is a prisoner to his sagging appearance. Enter Satsuko, his sporty daughter-in-law, who becomes the object of his fantasies primarily a desire for her feet. When there is the slightest favoring, his fantasies leap into high gear, and a dying old man is rejuvenated with a plan.This is an amazing novel that perfectly captures the male desire to still be attractive despite the obvious external ev [...]

    20. เป็นตาเฒ่าที่ยังรักและชัง มีประเดนที่น่าสนใจอยู่เยอะในเรื่อง ทั้งสังขารที่เสื่อมลงแต่ตัณหาเป็นแรงกระตุ้นให้อยากมีชีวิต ทั้งที่ก่อนหน้านี้ยอมรับความตายที่จะมาโดยทุกขณะ กา [...]

    21. Livre qui traînait dans ma PAL depuis des lustres. Toujours agréable de retrouver la forme du journal dans la littérature japonaise et la plume d'un grand auteur. C'est fin, doux, percutant et juste. Belle lecture et jolie moment.

    22. história sem julgamentos do que é a velhice e como lidar com os problemas decorrentes, doenças, dores, libido

    23. بما تبقّى له من أيامتانازاكي جونيتشيرو (1886 _ 1965) يعدّ من أهمّ الرّوائيين والقاصّين في الأدب الياباني المعاصر. انحدر من عائلة عريقة من التّجّار، وكان لِعَمّهِ مطبعةٌ كبيرةٌ. عاش طفولةً مدلّلةً حتّى دمّر زلزال ميجي طوكيو في العام 1894، وصار يخشى الزّلازل مدى حياته، بعدها تراجع د [...]

    24. I read this interestingly awkward novel by Tanizaki last month but I didn’t know how to comment on it. One of the reasons is that it is a bit hard to write on the issue of psychology/psychiatry related to the 77-year-old protagonist since I have no expertise on the matter and I am merely an enthusiastic reader of his works. However, as time went by, I’ve decided to write my review simply to share what I thought and a few ideas why we should read about this bizarre, eccentric old man. Moreove [...]

    25. The diary style the book is written in makes it very easy to read, and also quite quickly. I don't know if it's because of the short 'chapters' in the form of day-to-day diary entry, but I definitely processed faster than I thought I would. The writing style on itself of course influences it as well - the pacing is done very well and though quite uneventful events are described, it does not get boring. There is just the right amount of details, either in the MC's describing of what happened that [...]

    26. “No es necesario haber leído a Tanizaki para saber que el Japón ha sido siempre, al pie del continente asiático, una llanura envuelta por la inmensidad de la noche” escribió Yukio Mishima; no podría corroborar tal cita –nunca he viajado al país del sol naciente–, pero me parece que da cuenta de la belleza en la prosa de Tanizaki, y de una literatura que, como señala Alejandro Zambra, “de todos modos sentimos, por momentos, inquietantemente próxima”.Ya había reseñado “La m [...]

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