Forever Summer

Forever Summer Two Books In One from bestselling author Alyson No l Laguna Cove Cruel Summer Summer A break from the burdens of school Deep tans, deeper thoughts Far away from the everyday Closer to making dreams come true What does summer mean to you For the two teenage girls in these two unforgettable novels, summer means being torn away from the famiForever Summer Two Books In One from bestselling author Alyson No l Laguna Cove Cruel SummerSummer A break from the burdens of school Deep tans, deeper thoughts Far away from the everyday Closer to making dreams come true What does summer mean to you For the two teenage girls in these two unforgettable novels, summer means being torn away from the familiar and finding new friends A new place in the world A new sense of self And maybe even new love along the way .When you re having the time of your life, you never want it to end.
Forever Summer Forever Summer Two Books In One from bestselling author Alyson No l Laguna Cove Cruel Summer Summer A break from the burdens of school Deep tans deeper thoughts Far away from the everyday Closer to m

  • Title: Forever Summer
  • Author: Alyson Noel
  • ISBN: 9780312604394
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Lets see what this one will give us. Ever since giving up on the Immortal series, I kind of try to avoid her books. Doesn't hurt to give another chance.

    2. My English review : betweendandr/2012Mon avis en français : betweendandr/2012Cet ouvrage comprend deux romans qui sont totalement distincts l'un de l'autre, donc deux histoires complètement différentes mais qui ont toutes les deux un point commun : l'action se déroule en plein été, à proximité de la mer (sur une petite île grecque pour la première et sur la côte californienne pour l'autre) ce qui en fait une excellente lecture en cette période d'été. Ce qui m'a donné l'envie de li [...]

    3. I love summer reads! This book contain two books of a great summer, filled with finding yourself, new loves, and new friends.The first book, Laguna Cove is about a girl named Anne who moves half way across the country after her parents nasty divorce. Anne is dumped in an abandoned home and hates it. Let me say the both these stories deal with a divorce and finding peace in it. Anne had to learn to deal with her mom's new relationship and her dad's career. The parents I felt were selfish. For me, [...]

    4. Laguan Cove: I really don't know what to say. I thought the plotline would somehow be a little more complicated or maybe it's because of - once again - the boring fact that I've probably exhausted myself reading enough books that I find it quite challenging to find a good book to read. A book that can surprise me. Don't get me wrong - the book started out okay, but I just felt it spiralling down as it went on. It was all too predictable. Ellie won the surf competition. Anne and Chris are togethe [...]

    5. First of all this actually has 2 books in one, the first one is Laguna Cove and the second is Cruel Summer. These were my first Alyson Noel books to read and I was actually very disappointed. Normally I like summery novels like these but I found both of these books so completely boring. It took me so long to finish and I had to force myself to finish both of these books. The book "Laguna Cove" felt to me like it moved so slowly and when I finally reached the end it didn't even resolve any of the [...]

    6. Laguna CoveThis book followed four girls through their first few months of their new high school year. Each girl has a different problem a majority of them revolving around guys. Most of the characters were well developed, some of their personalities more shallow then others. All the girls have "at home" problems as well as "school problems". Since all four girls are very different personality wise, you can most defiantly make a connection with at least one of them. Portrait magazine even said " [...]

    7. Very interesting and is a different romance book than I thought. I liked how it was more unpredictable then most of the books I read.

    8. If you’re searching for the perfect summer beach read, look no further than Forever Summer by Alyson Noël. Forever Summer consists of two books—Laguna Cove and Cruel Summer. Below, I will review each book separately and then discuss which story I preferred. Laguna Cove Laguna Cove follows four girls—new comer Alyson and pre-existing residents Ellie, Lola, and Jade. While Anne struggles to fit into the Californian lifestyle after moving from Connecticut, Ellie prepares to score a surfing s [...]

    9. This book contains two summer-based stories by the same author, though neither seem to be linked whatsoever. I will review each story separately. Laguna CovePlot:The plot reminded me a lot of Zoey Dean's The A-List, only a bit more tame. There were several storylines though the major one involves two girls being jealous with one another as well as a surfing contest. I found most of the plotlines entertaining and liked it better than The A-List. This book had a little more depth to it. Not a ton, [...]

    10. Since two novels are included in this book, I'll review each of the two seperately, and then compare the two together. Laguna Cove: I found that this one was the perfect summer beach read, why didn't I read it sooner? InForever Summer,we have Anne, who's mother sends her to live with her director father in Laguna Beach, California. When she immediately fits in with the cool surfer crowd, Anne must choose between love and friendship, or the other way around. Learning to surf, going to her first H [...]

    11. So, as all of you probably know, this book is a 2-in-1. First off, let me just say that the cover art of this book is absolutely gorgeous. I love the body language of the models, and the sun shining down on them. So, onto the reviews:"Laguna Cove": I really really didn't like this book. I hated how there was really no main character. Of course it was Anne, but the story seemed to focus too much on the other characters, so it didn't really seem like she was in the spotlight. Speaking of Anne, I h [...]

    12. Book 1 – Laguna CoveThis was a quick and easy read. This is the first book by Alyson Noel I’m reading, just because I happened to find it on my shelf and decided to check it out. It was quick easy, fun read. Sure there are some points I liked and others I didn’t but overall a good book to wind down from reading something heavier. We start off by meeting Anne who has recently moved to California from CT to live with her father. Here she meets a large group of friends who have been friends f [...]

    13. *Re-read 2016, Actual Score 4.5 stars. Even though it's the dead of winter here in Melbourne, Australia and we've got serve weather warnings and blistering cold fronts after watching the film 'Kings of Mykonos' I was seriously in the mood for some summer ya contemporary. I know - where is the logic in this? Perhaps I just wanted to escape the cold for a moment and pretend that I was in a world of sun kissed skin, blue skies and the endless possibilities of romance. I just keep telling myself; on [...]

    14. Forever Summer is a story about loss, love, and finding your way to happiness. There are two seperate stories in this book: Laguna Beach and Cruel Summer. I will be giving a small review for each one.Laguna Beach: 3/5 stars. I enjoyed this story. It has 4 different POV's and each character has an interesting story. However, sometimes it got a little confusing as to which character it was. All in all, it was entertaining and I sympathized for the characters and what they were going through. There [...]

    15. I finished the first book, and I can't say I'm impressed. It was over-all pretty anti-climatic. I can admit that while Ellie does get her little surf sponsorship, that was kinda cute and it was a little happy ending. But nothing really happened during the book. Everything that took place happened really fast, like it happened and then was forgotten really quickly, which makes you believe nothing was really important. So I couldn't pick out a really good plot line. All the characters were too sim [...]

    16. This book has come as such a surprise to me I'm amazed that I haven't read it sooner. It was different than expected and very enjoyable. Though both books were very similar they had a different feel to them, which is a big relief because I would not like to read two of the same stories. As for the similarities and how they differ; both are contemporary and both follow a main character that is on the move due to a divorce, but one is moving to be with her dad in California and the other is moving [...]

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed both books in this fantastic duo novel. Both stories were equally intriguing, and made me lust summer (which is a huge compliment considering I hate summer). They were short, got to the point, and the characters were developed perfectly. There were unexpected twists and the writing style keeps you hooked every page. I couldn't put it down and I kept reading this book! I truly enjoyed it and I want to read more books by this author! I can't choose which book of the two I like [...]

    18. I bought this book on Kindle hoping to get a typical corny summer teenage romancey novel. However both stories had major flaws. I loved Laguna Cove and its storyline but it ended so abruptly that I did not even realize it was over until I was onto the next story and I was so disappointed with the lack of real closure that it was hard to appreciate the good parts during the story. Frankly, I found Cruel Summer very annoying. The main character, Colby is very immature and constantly complains abou [...]

    19. The first book, Laguna Cove, is about a girl named Anne who's moving to California to live with her dad. The second, Cruel Summer, is about Colby, who goes to Greece for the summer while her parents are going through an incredibly acrimonious divorce. They're both about adjusting to what seem to be less-than-optimal circumstances (although can I just say that moving to California or spending a summer in Greece both seem pretty awesome to me?) and they're both incredibly fun. I liked Anne better [...]

    20. Do you want to read a cliche, corny romance that's not even set in summer? Perfect, then read Laguna Cove. There are a million things I didn't like about this book. After finishing Laguna Cove, it really stopped me from reading Cruel Summer because the first story sucked. A lot. It's the typical romance story: New girl has hot boyfriend, they fight, they make up yay they live happily ever after! Exept, the thing about this is Chris and Anne, they don't even make up. One chapter they're ignoring [...]

    21. I have to say I love loved Laguna Cove and I gave this book 4 stars because of Cruel SummerThat girl just wrote and wrote emails and letters.t my fave book. *Spoilers*Laguna Cove ooh this book was awesome, great and good.ease please tell me there is going to be book 2/sequelWe have to know what happens between Chris and AnneI can say that Chris will end up with EllieI don't like the idea but he change when Anne told him about Ellie's feelings towards him. Anne is looking at Jake in another light [...]

    22. I haven't read Cruel Summer yet, so I'm just gonna talk about Laguna Cove. I really liked the beginning of the story and the fact that there are so many different characters and conflicts. The problem is the end. I mean, there are so many things left unsaid. It was like Alyson Noel got tired of the story and just wrote something to finish it faster. Also, I think the couples were all wrong. I didn't like how everything turned out to be. I really hope there'll be a second book. I think it's kind [...]

    23. Since I'm only 13 pages in I have nothing to judge. BUT it starts off that she's on a plane. It's like "Umm Ok." I didn't find that out until like page 3 it should say "So im taking off to go to Laguna Beach, where my Dad's moved" Or something like that. I haven't read much but I do also hope to hear about how she got there, why her parents spilt, and why she has to live with her Dad instead of her Mom. If she just became swim captain, why would she be "FORCED" to move with her Dad. And flipping [...]

    24. Yeaht the greatest book in the world but more on that later!Edit:So as a whole this book wasn't great. In fact I would probably only give each book in this bind up a 1.5 or maybe 2 and that's being generous. The one thing that was the same in both books, that made me dislike the book so much was actually the main character(s). They were so unlikable and believe me, it is hard to like a book when you can't even like the characters.I also did not like the switching of perspectives in the first boo [...]

    25. HATED Laguna Cove. The character were all annoying and petty. I read some of it and skimmed the rest. This made me decide not to read The Immortals Series by Alyson.Like Cruel Summer. The main character started off annoying and unlikable as well, but it was a cool format, and a cute plot, though the writing felt a little forced. This book made me decide to read The Immortals Series by Alyson. ;)O stars for Laguna Cover (first time for that)3 stars (on the scale, not my blog's) for Cruel Summer. [...]

    26. This book was actually two books in one. The first story Laguna Cove was okay. My biggest problem was all the POVs (4). Many times I would get confused as to who was telling the story. This story had a lot of potential to be really good but fell short when it ended with lots of questions unanswered. The second part Cruel Summer was just that cruel. It was told through emails and letters which made it hard to connect to the characters. I couldn't wait for the story to end. THe first part of the b [...]

    27. It was okay. I read the first 10 chapters so fair and it talks about these amazingly smart/gorgeus/popular girls that even with their stragight As theyre not called nerds. Anne is new and she already know one of the most popular/hottest guy in the school. I'm reading and then I go to the mirror and see:1) im just 5'6 <--totally average height for a 14yr old2) brown hair, brown eyes <---nothing special3) I move ever 1-3 years and guess what? I''m never popular and I have a personality and c [...]

    28. So i wasn't a big fan of laguna cove at all. I didn't like the ending and it left me hanging. But then i read cruel summer. I have to say i didn't like it at all in the beginning thinking Colby was to winy and annoying but then the book picked up and i truly did enjoy it. I liked the ending, and it didn't leave me hanging. So much better then laguna cove. If you want to read one of the 2 books i definitely recommend you read cruel summer.

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