Left to Die

When Jillian Rivers opens her eyes, she s trapped in a mangled car Then a stranger comes to her rescue But something about him sets Jillian on edge And if she knew what is lying out there in the Montana woods, she d be truly terrified.
Left to Die When Jillian Rivers opens her eyes she s trapped in a mangled car Then a stranger comes to her rescue But something about him sets Jillian on edge And if she knew what is lying out there in the Monta

  • Title: Left to Die
  • Author: Lisa Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781444710045
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Left to Die”

    1. Ugh. This book was so incredibly dumb, I couldn't believe I actually spent $5 for it. It dragged on and on. Although the book is about a serial killer, the book doesn't really probe into the killer's mind or really explore his motives. The reader is left clueless (of course, you are encouraged to buy another book to find out what the heck is really going on). All in all, I really did NOT like this book. It seemed like one long prologue.

    2. This was my first Lisa Jackson book and I really enjoyed it. It was fast moving, had a good plot and I connected with the characters. What I found most frightening is that a nut job, serial killer is walking among the public and no one is the wiser. There are actually two different stories going on surrounding the brutal killings and parts of the story are told from inside the mind of the killer. A little romance mixed with suspense is always fun and in this case dangerous. At the end of the boo [...]

    3. Amidst an unusually bad Montana winter, a serial killer is at work near the town of Grizzly Falls. The killer "rescues" his female victims when their cars careen off of a mountain road. Most of them don't realize that their accident was caused by the killer shooting their tires out. He then carries them off to a remote cabin in the mountains and wins their trust by tending to their wounds and lulling them into trusting him. Weeks later he will leave each victim tied, naked, to a tree, to die fro [...]

    4. Okay, but not too exciting. I was annoyed because it didn't solve all the mysteries. It left a major part to be solved in the next book. I don't like books like that. Fortunately, the book was not that gripping, so I don't mind if I don't find out the answer.

    5. Chilling and Terrifiying!A serial killer is in Grizzly Falls, Montana, shooting the tires of vehicles containing one lone occupant, a woman, his latest victim. He brings them to his ‘hide-out’, lets them recuperate somewhat, makes them dependant on him to the point of ‘wanting’ him. He takes them out, completely naked in the middle of winter, ties them to trees and leaves them there to die of exposure, leaving behind a star carved into the trees above their heads and a cryptic note using [...]

    6. I'm normally a pretty big fan of Lisa Jackson but I have to say her last two books,this one and Lost Souls did not thrill me. The idea for this book is great but it really goes nowhere. Yes one mystery is solved but it leaves the main story of the book unresolved,supposedly to be finished in Chosen To Die which doesn't come out for a year. Basically this book is nothing more than an almost 500 page build up to that book. Overall it was ok but definately not one of her best.

    7. Please note that I gave this book 3.5 stars but rounded it up to 4 stars on .So here's the thing. When one is on a boat for 9 days and realize that the Kindle/Nook gods have forsaken you and you realize that your boat has a library (oh yeah baby) you grab a book that looks interesting. I finished and started this book all on the same day and really enjoyed it, though I had some problems with having a third lead (really not necessary and also confusing) the pacing, and also with the cliffhanger e [...]

    8. The "when" and "where" I read the book is the biggest part of the 3 stars. We had just spent a week in Montana and Wyoming, muscles pleasantly sore from hiking, cameras full with decent photos of sunrises over mountains and geysers of Yellowstone. I was on the Acela Express, travelling First Class from Boston to New York, chilled wine and all. "Left To Die" was a random paperback I had grabbed in the train station for the 3-hour trip.I have certainly read worse, and as a thriller this one is som [...]

    9. Okay, this book ticked me off. I did not appreciate having it end on a cliff hanger. I do not have the next book in my possession and will have to look for it. I strongly resent such manipulation by the author and was tempted to rate the book lower because of it.But I did like it, for the most part, till I realized that it was not going to be resolved until the sequel. Although once I reached the so-called end, I found that the story involving Jillian Rivers was maybe just a little too hard to b [...]

    10. The woman's body is found lashed to a tree, naked, and frozen to death. The calling card for this scene is the same, yet different as the others. The letters carved into the tree above the victim are the same as the others but with the addition of this victims initials added. The star is still carved into the cold bark, but at a slightly different location. Her wrecked car has also been discovered, the tire shot out and all identifying items removed from the vehicle. The killer has struck again. [...]

    11. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?If I hadn't wasted almost 15 hours for NO conclusion! What could Lisa Jackson have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?She could have wrapped this plot line up in THIS book, not force readers to waste another 15 hours listening to the next book in this series "Chosen To Die". By hour 5, I "Wanted To Die"!!!How could the performance have been better?Other listeners seemed to hate narrator Alan Nebelthau's fast pace. [...]

    12. We are introduced to a pair of female detectives, Selena Alvarez with some dark secrets and Regan Pescoli, a divorced mother of two teenagers who give her endless grief. Set in the cold winter weather of the desolate mountains of Montana, a serial killer is setting up car accidents for women driving in secluded roads and leaving them to die tied up to trees. Jillian Rivers narrowly manages to escape the killer when she is rescued by Zane McGregor, a mysterious loner and she feels a growing attra [...]

    13. Really liked this book - the downfall - it's a cliff hanger!!!Very large cast of characters and at first seemed overwhelming, but Ms. Jackson knows how to make a story flow.Some red herrings cast in your way and I was a bit confused until the story really began to unfold. So how many serial killers are there lurking in the mountains? You'll have to read the book and figure it out for yourself. :)Some romance with a bit of apprehension, all-in-all a good book and introduction for me to Lisa Jacks [...]

    14. Two-haiku review:Serial killerKidnaps women, leaves to freezeFemale cops seek himMajor cliffhangerExcellent, complicatedBut end pissed me offWould have given it 5 stars, except for the damn cliffie. I hate cliffhanger endings in books!

    15. What a powerful book. This was my first Lisa Jackson book but definitely won't be the last. The book ended kind of abruptly though leaving me with a lot of questions.

    16. Allahtan yazar beni yanıltıp güzel bir ters köşe yapmış.Sonu da heyecanlı bitti.İkinciyi de bulduğumda okuyacağım.

    17. I was not expecting to like this book considering how I felt about the last two Jackson books that I listened to. However, I loved this one. This is the first of a series featuring Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli. It's a thriller and we are following a serial killer. All we know is he likes to drag naked women to trees and leave them to die from the cold. (It's winter in Montana.) There is no sexual assault and this book is not particularly violent. (Which is great!) But we have two [...]

    18. It was good. Kind of slow in the middle and you have to read the next book to figure out who done it. That pissed me off. But the good parts were really good. I'm not reading the next one to find out the ending. :/

    19. What a Roller Coaster of a Ride, Keeps you on the Edge of your SEAT!!! Onto the 2nd Series, Chosen to Die!!!

    20. Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli work in a small town where nothing seems to go wrong, apparently. That's all about to change as there is a serial killer on the loose in the woods around Grizzly Falls. Deep in the winter wilderness of Montana, one by one, the killer sets up car accidents for women driving alone down secluded ice covered roads. Then he rescues them, cuts them out of their cars, treats their wounds and convinces them he's going to rescue them. He is diabolical in his tr [...]

    21. After reading previous reviews I had my doubts about this book but I'm a big fan of LJ, so I had to give this book the benefit of the doubt. Yes, one of the biggest plots of the book is not tied up in the endever, the main plot is as it revolves around Jillian. That's the way series books aremething has to be left dangling so the reader will want to buy the following book(s). However, had I read this when it first came out I would most definitely have been put off by having to wait a year to rea [...]

    22. In rural Montana, a serial killer is leaving women nude, tied to tries in the winter so they die of exposure. But it gets worse: Apparently he is shooting their tires, causing them to be in accidents, 'rescuing" and helping them before he kills them. And he is leaving a mysterious message with carvings and each scene building up to something the police have yet to figure out.Now, Jillian Rivers, has been in an accident after someone shot her tire out - she is injured and in an isolated cabin wit [...]

    23. This is the first book I've read from this author and it wasn't bad. The story revolves around a serial killer in a small Montana town. After causing women to crash their cars, he nurses them back to health, gaining their trust, then proceeds to tie them to a tree to die from exposure. This also includes the side stories of the two main detectives working the case, as well as a victim. It ends up that there are multiple things happening involving these deaths, and as is usual with this type of b [...]

    24. Un premier tome vraiment réussi qui donne envie de lire la suite de la série.Je me suis lancée avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme dans cette nouvelle série écrite par Lisa Jackson et je n'ai pas été déçue.Pour changer de la précédente série "Nouvelle-Orléans", on se retrouve ici avec un duo de policiers féminin, aux caractères diamétralement opposés, deux héroïnes réalistes et attachantes avec leurs qualités et leurs défauts mais aussi leur situation de famille imparfaite.On les [...]

    25. First of all what a way to end a book. The characters in this book were interesting because depending on the view point that you were reading changes wither you liked them or not. It was interesting that there were actually two cases in this novel rather than one, nice little plot twist. I do have to make this comment that the Detective's children are selfish brats and I didn't care for them one bit. But other than that the book was good.

    26. This was the first book by Lisa Jackson that I've read and I really enjoyed it. It had me hooked from the very first page I read and didn't let go till the very end, although In felt like there were some parts in the book that dragged for me, but overall a very good read.I can't wait till read the rest of the series and see what happens.

    27. I was tempted to rate this 3★ but now that I know there are 2 more books to follow it gets a solid 4★ I love a book set in winter or stormy weather so this was perfect for me, loved how creepy it was at the start but wish the tension lasted longer, overall I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to reading the next one

    28. I know it's a part of a series but there so much that is unresolved. It just doesn't feel finished. That being said, very suspensful.

    29. It was pretty good -- I'm going to read the second in the series mostly because of the cliff-hanger ending!

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