Ai Ore! Love Me! Vol. 1

Reads R to L Japanese Style T audience Mizuki is the female prince of her all girls school and the lead guitarist in an all girl rock band Akira is the male princess of his all boys school and wants to join her band Love may be on his mind, but romance is difficult when everyone keeps mistaking Mizuki for a boy and Akira for a girl When the lead singer of Blaue RReads R to L Japanese Style T audience Mizuki is the female prince of her all girls school and the lead guitarist in an all girl rock band Akira is the male princess of his all boys school and wants to join her band Love may be on his mind, but romance is difficult when everyone keeps mistaking Mizuki for a boy and Akira for a girl When the lead singer of Blaue Rosen announces she is moving overseas, Akira does all he can to convince Mizuki and her bandmates to let him join But will a resistant Mizuki allow him into her band, much less her heart
Ai Ore Love Me Vol Reads R to L Japanese Style T audience Mizuki is the female prince of her all girls school and the lead guitarist in an all girl rock band Akira is the male princess of his all boys school and wants t

  • Title: Ai Ore! Love Me! Vol. 1
  • Author: Mayu Shinjo
  • ISBN: 9781421538389
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Want the gist of my review in three words? Ew. Skip it. Ai Ore starts out mediocrely; not good but not all that awful. But after the first chapter or so, it just collapses into cliched and, more importantly, disgusting. My first and most subjective complaint is the art. It’s just ugly. The art alone almost made me drop it four pages in. I wish I had. It’s almost a parody, how angular it all is. The male looking characters look like they have triangles for heads, slits for eyes, and got their [...]

    2. Absolutely disgusting. Selfish, dramatic characters with a rudimentary plot focused entirely on the shock value of putting the characters in sexual situations. a plot point even suggests that rape should be used as a punishment. Which is so morbid I can't even think properly.

    3. So it took me a while until I got into this manga. It was so hard for me to get straight who was who. My mind kept telling me that the guy was the girl and the girl was the guy. Once I got the hang of who was who. I really enjoyed this manga. I like that it's different from any other manga I've read and it's so much bigger than any manga I've seen, which was a plus for me. I have been cutting back on buying manga because I read them so fast that I feel they are too expensive for me right now so [...]

    4. I absolutely adore this series , I read volume one through seven and I cant wait to get eight when I get money, not only is it super cute , its kinda hot , it seems like yaoi , because the girl looks like a guy and the guy looks like a girl , I absolutely recommend it .

    5. *Trigger warning: discussion of sexual violence I read the first book because I thought the description looked interesting, however the overall lack of consent regarding almost all sexual activity (kissing, etc) makes this a poor read. The lead male character is very sexually aggressive and his behavior is not made to seem wrong, and additionally the attempted rapes are very disturbing. Disturbing by nature and the fact that a main character orders a man to rape a woman to "teach her a lesson" f [...]

    6. I like this mangakas work mostly and this series stared off pretty cute. I can't remember what turned the tide but I did drop it a few books in, but great premise. 3.5 stars

    7. ~3.5/5[Also available at my blog.]I haven’t read anything else by Shinjo that I remember all that clearly; I think I read the first volume of Sensual Phrase several years ago, and I think I’ve glimpsed through another of her series. I never really had enough interest to invest in any of her manga, though. Mostly, they seemed dramatic and clichéd, but not something that I really wouldn't like, but I never got around to actually reading any of it. With VIZ releasing this recently, I decided t [...]

    8. Mizuki is referred to as the Prince of her all-girls school, which sits right next to the much more poor all-boys school. What adds even more sparkle to her spotlight is that Mizuk is the lead guitarist for the band Blaue Rosen, a band that her and her best friend had made together. But now that her best friend is leaving for New York, the band will have to find a new lead singer! If only Mizuki would give inNext door, at the much poorer all-boys school, Akira is called the Princess of his schoo [...]

    9. Synopsis:Mizuki is the female “prince” of her all-girls school and the lead guitarist in an all-girl rock band. Akira is the male “princess” of his all-boys school and wants to join her band. Love may be on his mind, but romance is difficult when everyone keeps mistaking Mizuki for a boy and Akira for a girl!When the lead singer of Blaue Rosen announces she is moving overseas, Akira does all he can to convince Mizuki and her bandmates to let him join. But will a resistant Mizuki allow hi [...]

    10. I was browsing the graphic novels and manga at the library and figured I would just pick up a few first volumes to see if anything new would reel me in. Weirdly enough almost everything I looked at was gender-bending. Ai Ore was one of those. Even more bizarre is the fact that the girl (who looks like a boy) in Ai Ore is named Mizuki… just like Hana-Kimi’s heroine. They’re very different characters though, so I should be able to keep them separated. This manga is definitely weird (but what [...]

    11. This is a series review of books 1, 2 & 3Full review can also be found on: Paein and Ms4Tune’s Book BlogI didn't have this full description when I started to read it, I thought it was a band and that they were guys and no one knew Mizuki was a girl, I didn't realise it was a whole girlband and that they were all dressing like boys. Though I knew there was an attraction to boys looking like girls (in all boys schools), I didnt realise there was one for girls looking like boys in all girl sc [...]

    12. I have conflicted thoughts toward thisFIRST THINGS FIRST: The short one is the boy. The tan haired one is the girl. There are a lot of awkward gender themes, even though it's not yaoi or yuri or anything. If it bothers you, no more further reading is neccessary ^^Alright, art is wonderful, assuming you like the style, which is pretty typical of a shojo. They are relatively attractive characters, and obviously a bit switched around. For instance, I admit that Mizuki wasn't too bad looking. img3.l [...]

    13. Mizuki's boyish features have her as the prince at her all-girls school. She rocks the stage with her all-female band called Blaue Rosen. Akira is considered the princess of his all-boys school next door because of his feminine frame. Akira wants to join Mizuki's band when their singer moved away. Mizuki was against it as first but finally gave in. What is in hold for these two??This took me quite awhile to get into. In the beginning, I was really annoyed by the fact that the girl looks like a g [...]

    14. RANT ALERT NOT PROOFREAD This book is awful simply awful, so awful in fact I only skimmed the last 20 pages first off I love genderbend books like Your and My Secret: Volume 1 and After School Nightmare, Volume 1. But this book is the worst. As one reviewer said the art is so bad it looks like a satire of shojo manga. My huge beef with book is the rape or attempted rape honestly when I'm just skimming the end it's hard to tell, I do know earlier in the book that the main girl got her shirt torn [...]

    15. Interesting twist - girl who looks like a boy, boy who looks like a girl. Definitely made for confusing romantic scenes (I had to CONSTANTLY remind myself Mizuki was a girl). Always thought this was Yaoi - imagine my surprise, although it certainly still looked and felt like it. Loved the concept, but it was too sexual for my tastes - most definitely on the Mature side of Older Teen. Akira was way too forceful, and I never quite pinned down his character - he was gentle one minute and a beast th [...]

    16. I haven't read a genderbender in a while. Even though I read the summary, clearly saying that this was a genderbender, the first few pages caught me in a surprise.Ai Ore! consists of an all girl band who looks likes guys, and a guy who looks like a girl and wants to be in the band, and at the same time is in love with one of the members of band. Read this over and over again until you are completely familiar with it.Genderbending aside Actually, I'm not done with that. Throughout the whole volum [...]

    17. Several years ago when I signed up for the Viz Manga website, they were having a special for new members. The special was that new members get to choose one volume of their choice and it was for free. So I chose this manga because I thought it looked interesting and was in mood for some shojo manga.I am glad that I didn't pay for this manga because I was disappointed in it. I thought the characters were kind of annoying, especially the lead male character. The art was okay. It wasn't horrible or [...]

    18. This volume left me cut between two different emotions. On the whole I found the style of art to be fun, the aspects of gender fun when explored, and the added bit of sex talk to be a bit more accurate for a couple of 16-year-olds than traditional shoujo. However what actually legitimately shocked me was the end of this volume. I will state this now while trying not to spoil anything: there is a definite trigger warning for rape in this volume. Which is pretty heavy going for the first volume of [...]

    19. i doubt that i'm going to continue thisere's so many scenes that makes me mads intriguing, i can give it thatever, i dislike the heroine and her school, including the studentse blurb about the book implied about it being a story of gender bending idiotsdly, its shounen ai drama.i like shounen ai but the existence of the heroine makes it annoying 'cause it won't be one.if its a shoujo, i was more hoping for a cute story.if my curiosity wins out, i might pick this up again. the new teacher seems c [...]

    20. I picked this book up from my library at random while searching for new manga to read. Best random book ever! I love the idea of the gender-bending characters and the idea that a guy who looks like a girl should fall for a girl who looks like a guy is just awesome. It is definitely a teen manga however it is still cute and playful, twisting it's darker edges into a thrilling novel. I love the romance which is rare for me, and I found the supporting characters promoted the development of the roma [...]

    21. Omg this book was so good, it has cross dressing and music and humor, its really funny :)I so love Mizuki ,i can totally relate to her, she has a hard time expressing her feelingsg Akira is so funny, at first you think he's just some harmless guy but then he turns out to be a man with a mission ,and that's to become Mizuki's boyfriend :) he goes about is a crazy insane way but it is so funny :)Can't wait for the next book :)

    22. Type of text: graphic novel/manga At first I was confused but the more I read it, the more I loved it! By the time I even finished reading the first chapter, I was already squealing and grinning and laughing. I absolutely LOVED it!The characters are unique and always have a surprise or two up their sleve. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT! READ IT! By the time you finish this book, you will be very happy.

    23. This was one of the first mangas that I have ever bought. I loved this the first time I read it and still love it. I love the story line and and the character designs. The mix of personalities is great and I love how it captures what it is like to be unique. I can relate to the characters and that's what I like about reading manga. You're able to get a sense of what the life of the characters would be like. I can't wait to read the next book. ^-^

    24. Quick manga that I purchased while at Little Tokyo. I've only read the first volume to this but I hope that the rest is just as good. Ai Ore is a hilarious romantic manga about an all girl band that admits a boy into the band. I honestly can not wait till' I finally purchase the next volume.I feel as if I should warn you though about some of the scenes in the manga. But then that wouldn't be any fun really.

    25. I was really enjoying this manga - it's very funny and an entertaining romantic read - until I reached the end of the volume. It seems light and like a typical romance at first, but it gets a bit more disturbing towards the end, to the point that despite how much I enjoyed the series so far, I'm not sure if I want to continue reading this series.

    26. I liked it. It always threw me when there were moments when Akira actually looked like a guy and Mizuki actually looked like a girl. And I liked Akira until I reached the end. Nowt so much. Now he scares me. ; A ;

    27. You knowere were countless times during this volume that I thought, "I should just stop reading". I had to keep reminding myself which one was a girl, and which one was a boy. I was more confused than entertained.

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