Also published as The Green Man.
Conquest Also published as The Green Man

  • Title: Conquest
  • Author: Lynn Abbey
  • ISBN: 9780380753543
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Conquest”

    1. As with the first volume, it is slow to get going though eventually there is a lot of violence and gore, a lot of it centred around a new villain who is introduced in this book but should at least have been mentioned in the first volume since he is such a threat to Stephen, the romantic lead of this series.Some of the violence is in a fantasy context as magic figures far more strongly in the second half of this book than previously. Also, Wildecent finally discovers who her parents are (at least [...]

    2. Though I enjoyed the continuation of the themes from the first book, this one felt kind of unsatisfying. The women were pretty much swept up with no recourse (reasonable I suppose given the time period) and the events didn't pull me in. And the twist at the end seemed wholly unlikely given the rest of the interaction with the characters. And it felt like it was just starting to go somewhereD there's no third book, while this ends on a cliffhanger.

    3. I loved this book! The only thing I hated, was that it ended! The characters were just starting to gain a life of their own, the plot had thickened, and the tension was perfect, but then it ended! There were meant to be more, but there never were, and it made this book hard to read, knowing it would end on a cliff-hanger. Overall a great book, and still well worth reading, just be warned, you will fall in love just to be left hanging.

    4. this book, and it's prequel unicorn and dragon, were amazing reads when I was a teenager. I remember them vividly and hope to read them again. (I have always thought there should have been 3rd book)

    5. This story (including part 1) is one of my all time favorites. I will admit it can be a little slow at times (but only for a few pages before it picks up again) and some of the story is hard to follow with all the different names of who is fighting who, but the main focus story is fantastic. The only thing I don't love is that it ended with no clear wrap up for my two favorite characters. My imagination has gone wild with it though which is of course an okay thing. My copy is terribly worn out f [...]

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