What Would Mr Darcy Do?: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

The truth will come outThere s only one gentleman to turn to when a lady is in desperate need of answers With scandal descending on the Bennet family again , Elizabeth absolutely refuses to drag Mr Darcy s name into this shocking situation But how on earth is she going to get her family out of trouble this time without his involvement Hiding things from Mr DarcyThe truth will come outThere s only one gentleman to turn to when a lady is in desperate need of answers With scandal descending on the Bennet family again , Elizabeth absolutely refuses to drag Mr Darcy s name into this shocking situation But how on earth is she going to get her family out of trouble this time without his involvement Hiding things from Mr Darcy is getting and impossible, especially since he s started letting his feelings show
What Would Mr Darcy Do A Pride and Prejudice Variation The truth will come outThere s only one gentleman to turn to when a lady is in desperate need of answers With scandal descending on the Bennet family again Elizabeth absolutely refuses to drag Mr Da

  • Title: What Would Mr Darcy Do?: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Abigail Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9781402240935
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Steamy, sensual and yet chaste…just saying.Source: library ebookOur author begins our story four months after the debacle at Kent. We are in Derbyshire and Darcy is on his way to the Inn in Lambton to see Elizabeth. When he enters the inn he is advised that the Gardiners are on a walk and the young lady is in the private parlor…alone. As in canon, when Darcy enters he finds a distraught Elizabeth. She had just received the letter from Jane informing them that Lydia had eloped with Wickham. A [...]

    2. This variation is just delightful, deciding that I needed a book that would restore my equanimity after reading Consequences by C.P.Odom!(make sure you read Consequences great book) I knew that I could do no wrong with Abigail Reynolds! When Darcy happens upon Elizabeth in the inn at Lambton whilst reading her sister Jane's letter, instead of leaving he stays. Abigail's Darcys are usually very passionate and I am not keen when authors portray him that way but Reynolds gets away with it. I absolu [...]

    3. This variation picks up Pride and Prejudice at the point of Darcy going to the inn at Lambton. Lizzy has just read the bad news about Lydia's elopement and the variation here is that Darcy doesn't leave the inn, but instead stays to comfort Lizzy. In fact, he does a remarkable job of distracting her from her woes so that when the Gardiners return they find Lizzy and Darcy in an embrace! She is unwilling to enter into an engagement straight away, as they don't know each other well and she is awar [...]

    4. I was surprised that absolutely nothing happened in this story. At all. What happens if they admit their feelings? They make-out all the time. Wow. What a story. It's just a collection of moments where Darcy and Elizabeth can make-out and then talk about their bad behaviour. I could not imagine either of them being so wanton, when the canon has them juxtaposed against Wickham and Lydia. I was very disappointed.

    5. My Thoughts:Ahhhhhwhat bliss this book was! I loved the little twists that Reynolds put to her Pride & Prejudice variation. It made for an interesting read and she changed the story up just enough to keep my attention. This was certainly a fun way to spend a few hours!! I absolutely loved 'To Conquer Mr. Darcy' that I read last year and one of my favorite aspects of that book was the way the author added some steaminess to Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship. Well, she didn't let me down with [...]

    6. The question all men should ask themselves "What Would Mr. Darcy Do?" 😂*happy sigh* Is there any hero better than Mr. Darcy? With his brooding nature, passion, fierce loyalty, and LOOKS! Hehe!This version of Darcy was that and more. I loved how much he loved Elizabeth. He was so afraid to lose her and didn't hesitate on a second chance when he saw her at Pemberley. It was nice to see in this version how he gave Elizabeth reassurances (wink wink) after she receives the letter from Jane about L [...]

    7. I’d always wanted Darcy to give some assurance to Elizabeth before leaving the inn that fateful day in Lambton and so this variation sounded very interesting to me. The opening scene when Darcy makes clear his feelings and is assuring Elizabeth that he does not wish to severe the acquaintance between them because of Lydia’s recent behaviour. Darcy certainly has a very successful way of comforting and assuring Elizabeth! The development of certain well-known characters such as Bingley and Geo [...]

    8. I do enjoy different angles on classic literature, and in particular, enjoyed Pamela Aiden's trilogy on Darcy. A friend lent me this book and also The Last Man in the World, and I had very high hopes for them. I thought the concept was brilliant - I love "what if" stories - but was very disappointed in the execution. I thought everyone was completely out of character, and the story was less Jane Austen and more Harlequin romance. I had hoped for a geniune story that describes an alternate ending [...]

    9. What Would Mr. Darcy Do? (originally self-published as From Lambton to Longbourn in 2008) is another enthralling Pride and Prejudice variation by Abigail Reynolds. In this variation, Ms. Reynolds takes up her pen and asks: What if Mr. Darcy doesn't leave the inn at Lambton when Lizzy receives Jane's missive about Lydia and Wickham? What if Lizzy, realizing she had grossly misjudged him, extends an olive branch to Darcy by thanking him for his hospitality and courteousness towards her and her rel [...]

    10. This is a sweet variation where our favorite couple come to an understanding after Pemberley This Darcy is adorable and there's nice tension between Darcy and Elizabeth Predictable, feel-good story

    11. What if you took all of the suspense and conflict out of the second half of Pride and Prejudice?To be fair, I still enjoyed it, and enjoyed the mental vacation that most P&P retellings/sequels allow me, but even when there was the potential for an interesting conflict (one that would have never arisen in the original) due to a misunderstanding about who Elizabeth was involved with, Reynolds quickly did away with it without using it for more than a chapter and to no effect.Basically, if you w [...]

    12. Though I was familiar with Abigail Reynolds and her Pride and Prejudice/Pemberley "variations" series (and had even seen this book with a different title, From Lambton to Longbourn), I had never actually read anything by her.  I'm not sure why, maybe it was the covers or that there were just so many of them I was afraid they were churned out and passionless.  Whatever the reason, I didn't pick them up, and I see now that I need to rectify that.I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Did I enjoy it u [...]

    13. I would like to hereby bestow the title of ’Queen of the Austen Retelling’ to Abigail Reynolds. Abigail is the author of six different variation novels and is in the process of writing a sequel to one of them, Mr. Darcy’s Obsession. She writes exquisite Pride and Prejudice variations that grip the reader from start to finish. Her latest publication, What Would Mr. Darcy Do? was originally published with the title From Lambton to Longbourn. What Would Mr. Darcy Do brings us back to that fat [...]

    14. Reread (audio version) 2/19/16Yes, it's been less than a month since I read this, but I needed something that I knew I would enjoy that was available on audio. My general impressions were largely the same--though somehow the kisses that Elizabeth and Darcy shared prior to their marriage seemed far more sensual when read aloud. Probably due to my tendency to speed read.One thing I will say about this, though, is that I was not fond of the narrator. Pearl Hewitt had a pleasant voice and did a good [...]

    15. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Valentine's week should be spent in the company of Elizabeth and Darcy.This book is neither the best nor the worst P&P "variation" I have read. My favorites remain the Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy by Pamela Aidan, and Mr. Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange.From Lambton to Longbuorn (more recently published with the title "What Would Mr. Darcy Do?") is a cross between Austen and a Harlequin Romance. The story picks up in Lambton where Elizabeth [...]

    16. In the past I may have gone so far as to give this a three or four star rating but I have since then encountered more P&P variations with more substance that I cannot really rate this book any higher than 2. This is probably the most light-weight Reynolds what-if novel, with a fairly quick resolution, virtually no conflict, and mostly page after page of Lizzy and Darcy discussing their misunderstandings, making out, and the few times they're not together, thinking passionately about their fe [...]

    17. This 'what if' P&P story explores the idea of Darcy and Lizzy sharing their true feelings right at the time that Lizzy learns of Lydia and Wickham's perfidy. You should be aware that this is the newer version of 'From Lambton to Longbourn'. I really enjoyed where the story went.Secondary characters like Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam take a larger role. My only disappointment was (and this is probably just a personal thing) I felt it was too short. I enjoyed the plot and the characters, b [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. It's a what if book. What if Elizabeth and Darcy spoke about their feelings for each other at the Inn in Lambton. The reason why I liked this one, is because I really believed all the charecters actions were realistic to how they are protrayed in Janee Austeen's work while giving them a fresh spin. While I enjoyed other adaptations, I somtimes felt that the charecters weren't really Darcy and Elizabeth. I didn't get that feeling with FROM LAMBTON TO LONGBOURNE.

    19. This Pride and Prejudice variation begins right after Lizzy and Darcy meet at Pemberley. Darcy rides to the inn in Lambton to see Lizzy just as she receives the awful news of Lydia's elopement. Forced to disclose everything to Darcy, she breaks down in tears. It's here that the variation breaks from canon, as Lizzy realizes this is the last time she might see Darcy. Recognizing all that he means to her, she gathers her courage and apologizes to him for her harsh refusal in Kent. Overcome by her [...]

    20. It was short and I appreciate that it didn't retell the entire P&P story, it just picks up where Lizzy finds out about Kitty running away.

    21. I did like this, but the "conflict" felt a little too easy so I wouldn't put it as my favorite Abigail Reynolds, although it was a delightful story.

    22. I’ve read one of Abigail Reynolds‘ Pride And Prejudice variations before, Mr Darcy’s Refuge, and I absolutely loved it. I wanted to give another one of her variations a go and What Would Mr Darcy Do was the first of the remaining five that caught my attention. What Would Mr Darcy Do? starts at Lambton, with Darcy coming across a very upset Elizabeth after she has received news of her youngest sister’s elopement with the dreaded Mr Wickham. The scene unfolds much as it did in the original [...]

    23. Cette réinterprétation d'Orgueil et Préjugés commence à l'auberge de Lambton, au moment où Lizzy reçoit la lettre de Jane lui annonçant les déboires de Lydia. Premier point important donc, il faut quand même déjà connaître un petit peu l'histoire et le passif des personnages pour comprendre ce qui se joue sous nos yeux. Dans un "what if", on s'attend également en général à ce qu'un évènement vienne bouleverser le cours des choses alors qu'ici, il s'agit seulement de l'attitude [...]

    24. I delved back into the Regency period with What Would Mr Darcy Do?. As one of Abigail Reynolds earlier books, I wanted to compare it to Alone with Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation which I greatly enjoyed recently (for my review, click here).Ms. Reynold's skill in writing our favorite couple is, as always, excellent. She writes a passionate Darcy, always more real and earthy than the Darcy portrayed in Austen's novels. This isn't a criticism. Austen wrote as a woman of her time would [...]

    25. Bon c'est mignon mais où sont Darcy & Lizzy ? Les personnages sont tellement modifiés qu'ils n'ont plus rien à voir avec les originaux ! Lizzy est tellement éloignée de l'originale qu'à côté d'elle, Lydia passe par un parangon de vertu. Darcy n'est pas mieux Où sont passées la retenue, la hauteur et la pudeur du personnage ? Plus grave, alors que toute sa famille est menacée du déshonneur par la conduite de sa jeune soeur, Lizzy passe son temps à se focaliser sur ses propres pr [...]

    26. Rather than immediately retiring from Elizabeth Bennet’s company as decorum would demand, Darcy remains at the Lambton Inn to offer Elizabeth comfort after she reads Jane’s letter containing the dreadful news of Lydia’s elopement with Wickham. His kind words of understanding become a conversation about Elizabeth’s changed feelings towards him and, finally, a kiss right as the Gardiners return from their walk.Rather than allow society to force Elizabeth into an engagement with him, Darcy [...]

    27. Abagail Reynolds is one of my favorite authors when in comes to Pride and Prejudice variations. I have read several of her novels and have fallen in love with each one. She takes the question 'what if?' and applies them to the original story line. In this novel, What Would Mr. Darcy Do? Abagail Reynolds addressed the question, What if Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett were upfront with their feelings for each other at the Lampton Inn?" The storyline takes off in a new direction. Elizabeth and Mr. [...]

    28. WHAT WOULD MR. DARCY DO? by Abigail Reynolds is a fast-reading sensual and emotional tale of love conquering all despite supposedly insurmountable odds.In this latest of Ms. Reynolds's PEMBERLEY VARIATIONS, Darcy, instead of concealing his feelings at Lambton, proposes to Elizabeth after she tells him Lydia has run away with Wickham. Despite his proposal, Elizabeth convinces herself the disgrace to her family is too high for his love to overcome. She requests time to consider, while ultimately p [...]

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