I'm the King of the Castle

I didn t want you to come here So says the note that the boy Edmund Hooper passes to Charles Kingshaw upon his arrival at Warings But young Kingshaw and his mother have come to live with Hooper and his father in the ugly, isolated Victorian house for good To Hooper, Kingshaw is an intruder, a boy to be subtly persecuted, and Kingshaw finds that even the most ordinary I didn t want you to come here So says the note that the boy Edmund Hooper passes to Charles Kingshaw upon his arrival at Warings But young Kingshaw and his mother have come to live with Hooper and his father in the ugly, isolated Victorian house for good To Hooper, Kingshaw is an intruder, a boy to be subtly persecuted, and Kingshaw finds that even the most ordinary object can be turned by Hooper into a source of terror In Hang Wood their roles are briefly reversed, but Kingshaw knows Hooper will never let him be Kingshaw cannot win, not in the last resort He knows it, and so does Hooper And the worst is still to come This extraordinary, evocative novel boils over with the terrors of childhood and won the Somerset Maugham Award Hill s exploration of a juvenile ghoul and his natural prey is a brilliant tour de force Guardian
I m the King of the Castle I didn t want you to come here So says the note that the boy Edmund Hooper passes to Charles Kingshaw upon his arrival at Warings But young Kingshaw and his mother have come to live with Hooper and hi

  • Title: I'm the King of the Castle
  • Author: Susan Hill
  • ISBN: 9780140034912
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This novel reflects the anger and breakdown issues of the 70s and Susan Hill portrayed the issue of bullying in a poignant manner. Mental bullying and the pressure it adds on a child. Kingshaw is the characters who get bullied.What angered me is how Kingshaw’s mother thinks only for herself and forgets her son completely as soon as she meets a new man.Susan Hill was able to show us the gradual mental breakdown of Kingshaw till it reached a point where life became unbearable.Click On The Color [...]

    2. I had to read this book for English class, and from page one I was bitter about having to do so. Having been stuck with a 'Lord of the Flies' wannabe instead of the glorious Great Gatsby which was oh-so conveniently pushed off the reading list just that year, I moped about and only got around to finishing this book today, half a year after it was assigned to us - a record, I think, for a book that takes all of maybe 3 to 5 hours to read. I can now say, with no reservations whatsoever, that I abs [...]

    3. Wow; that was exhausting! I don't mean that it was a mentally tiring book to read; just that it was emotionally over-powering. Although things are pretty damn bleak for him from the start, what tore me apart was the way young Charles Kingshaw, the lead character, was given little morsels of hope all the way through, only to have them unceremoniously ripped away from him every time, by Hooper, his bully cum step brother; and by the adults in his life, who were so concerned with their own happines [...]

    4. I had to study this for my GCSE English a while ago This is a horrific story. Why anyone would want to read about developing torment and isolation for an entire story, I have no idea. I recall nothing pleasant about this story, HOWEVER it was written well with interesting symbolism throughout the book, and I find this upsetting, even frustrating(?) that the author should have put such fabulous talent and effort into creating something so dark and painful.

    5. If you'd like to read about two stupid brats bickering for 200 hundred pages, this is your book. It was not creepy in the way that I hoped it would be, just annoying. The parents were two of the most idiotic characters I've had to read about in a while. Their sheer ignorance and blindness to Charles' condition made me want to shoot myself in the face.

    6. A dark and gloomy book about a hunter and his prey,a tormentor and his victim.What we today call bullying is described accurately and poignantly in this book.Two little boys are fighting one another.The fearful Kingshaw and the sarcastic Hooper.Hooper does everything in his power to harm the other boy.He won't let him at peace and just when Kingshaw thinks he is finally winning this race,things turn upside down and the countdown begins only now things are getting really really wild.

    7. I am not going to whine about this book in a way many people did. In other words, I don't blame Susan Hill for making it "way too depressing and creepy" just because I realize that this is just the way she writes. Also- stating that you hate this book because one particular female character irritated you to an extent that you considered "shooting yourself in the face" is not a very good reason for rating it so low. After all, well-written antagonists should make you feel disgusted with them. Wha [...]

    8. Ok guys, after reading your comments on my initial rating of 4 stars I agree. I can't really rate something on the premise of how good the writing is, if I absolutely and truly hated the characters. I mean I stand by what I said earlier the writing is good, except the bit about the crow I mean since when to crows chase people across fields? It's completely absurd. But I absolutely despised Mrs Helena Kingshaw, what is wrong with her? She puts hooper (who by the way is a cowardly, whiningh) over [...]

    9. I'm doing this book for my igcse and honestly this picture sums up me and everyone else's feeling for the entire book! :and then are teacher asks us if we like the book and we all know if we say we don't she'll be pissed so all of us are just like: GOD. this is my life.

    10. Creepy. Disturbing. Emotionally exhausting. But in my opinion, I'm the King of the Castle is one of the most well-written novels out there. It seems wrong to say that this is one of my favorite without me appearing to be someone twisted and all that, but let me tell you: this is probably one of the most interesting books that I've read for ages.This should be more popular, and this definitely shouldn't be priced at 10 pesos (though of course I am not complaining about that part). I will admit, I [...]

    11. If any of you follow my read list, you'll know that this is a very unusual book to pop up in my reviews. My taste in books tends to stray towards YA or something romance-y. This is the complete opposite. And I mean complete.I'm the King of the Castle is a book written for adults. It challenges them to think about whether a child's personality and their mentality is shaped by family circumstances, or whether they're born like that.Naturally we think "Of course they're shaped by their family! Who [...]

    12. I enjoyed this, but only because I'm not British or of the time period. If this had been written about American boys, I would have DNF'd it, since the author seems ignorant of what boys are actually like. You can make characters like these boys, but such a background was not present here, and it seems the author did not have the courage to bring this to the conclusion the initial premise demanded.

    13. I studied this book in secondary school (high school) in the UK. The teacher described it as a book "about bullying". I think if the book had been described to me a surreal quasi-supernatural fantasy set outside of the conventions of the contemporary world experiences by Western children today, I would not have found it so unpalatable. So, for anyone else who has experienced or been recommended this book as an example of a bullying story, I feel a kind of duty to explain just how unhelpful this [...]

    14. I didn't like this book. I now what it tries to say, about what isolation can do, about bullying and injustice, but I didn't really feel it. To me, Hooper, Mrs. Kingshaw and Mr. Hooper were nothing more than stock characters, almost caricatures. Hooper only has to point to Kingshaw to be believed, while Kingshaw can say whatever he likes: no-one will listen to him. This passed the point of being annoying till it got downright stupid.

    15. It is well written, but the subject matter was too depressing for me. We had to study it in school, so I wouldn't choose to read a book like this anyway.

    16. This was the crappiest, most horrible, terrible, crappy, stupid, dumb, horrible, stupid, stupid, stupid book I have ever read.

    17. I'm the King of the Castle is about the deep isolation and injustice possible in a child's world. Susan Hill is clearly aiming at fear in all its incarnations, but the only fear it really captures is that of being right in an adult world that is wrong; of being misjudged by everyone around you; of having nobody who shares your particular sanity.Being a child in the circumstances of Charles Kingshaw is to live in a system that makes no sense; a world in which you need to speak out, but has no mec [...]

    18. From the very first page, the book started with death in it. Even the cover is of a young child outside but not smiling which has an eerie feel to it. This book is about the theme of childhood but the dark side of childhood. Most books talk about the happiness and the joy of childhood while this book explores a side that most people would't like to read. Even though I disliked what was happening to the characters in the book, I was still very interested in the book.It is about two children who h [...]

    19. What a truly disturbing and miserable book. At the same time it is certainly well written and evocative.It accomplishes its goals in making readers confront the brutality of bullying and the darker parts of the human spirit. This is an IGCSE coursebook in a class I am teaching, and I think it will work well as a text for analysis of language. However, I do wonder why the texts often considered literature force students to confront such grim views of human existence. Is that inherently of greater [...]

    20. Horrible, brutal and cruel. Charles is tortured physical and psychological. Edmund doesn't have a single piece of soul in his heart. He is the best description of a human monster. How a child could get like that I don't understand. The author fails to describe it. Charles's mother is also ignorant and cruel. How can she love another child more than her own? That was hard to dig and accept. I've read this till the end in hope that he'll be able to find happiness, but his finding of it was relativ [...]

    21. For me personally this story was far too distressing, but I do think it has a powerful message to put across to kids, particularly those 'alpha' leaders who may pick on other kids without thinking much of it to really consider their actions and the consequences.

    22. I liked and hated this book at the same time.I liked it because it was so well written and structured by Ms Hill that you could feel being slowly driven down an excruciating journey into the chasm of the unbearable life of one dear boy.I hated it because i am a parent and i can imagine the hell the dear boy had to go through. We all know very well that words and taunting can cut deeper and last longerch more than any physical harm can do. Although the book was written in the 70s, it seems I do s [...]

    23. نهاية القصةكان لها أثر مؤذي على نفسيتي و قد تؤذي كل القراء, عندما تفقدكل شيءو يتجاهلك الجميع, تفقد الإهتمام,تحتاج إلى من يفهمك فلا تجده, تنظر ولا ترى أحداً حولك ,ماهذه الحياة التي تعيشها , هذا ما كان يحس به الطفل كينغشو نهاية مأساوية للأسف,,

    24. 'I'm the King of the Castle' Is a book that has really blown my mind. From reading it I've realized that things as cruel as this really happen in real life. The book is about two young boys who clearly cannot get along, even though one of them attempts to form somewhat of a good relationship with the other at times, but without success. The characters in this book really force me to cringe at some times, specifically Mrs. Kingshaw and Mr. Hooper, the parents. The fact that they are so oblivious [...]

    25. Two very different young boys have to get on and live together, as the father of one and the mother of the other start a relationship. I was in the fourth form (15 yrs old?) and it was a set book, as it has been for many years since.As a school set book, we'd be asked to read a chapter ahead before the next class. Few of us ever did, of course, and we'd get caught out and be given essays or detentions as punishments or whatever. I was getting tired of this sort of stress, so one week, in the boo [...]

    26. 'Im the king of the Castle' can be directed to a varied audience. It can be read and enjoyed by teens at the age of 14 and above. Although 'Im the King of the Castle' looks like a book for young teens or children it was originally written for parents and adults ,to show how cruel children can be and what could be the result of it, before entering the GCSE syllabus.I think 'Im the King of the Castle' is a very moving yet twisted story. It inspects and goes through the minds of two young boys in a [...]

    27. Susan Hill's I'm the king of the castle is very widely thought out. She made her characters have a deeper understanding and story other than the basic information. Each character has had an event in life that has effected him/her, and she constantly switches views and perspectives between the characters so that we get each point of view. The whole book is written with one big basic problem but there are other smaller stories that build up to make the big problem descriptive. I feel that the rela [...]

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