Cracklin' Rosie

A tool for every job A belt for every occasion Blue Jeans and Hard Hats, Book 2Food is Rosie s life, and life is good She loves it, makes it, serves it in her diner, writes about it in her blog, and she s happy At least until a storm puts a rather large tree limb through her roof, and a sex in a tool belt roofer on top of her cabin.But that s not where she wants him NoA tool for every job A belt for every occasion Blue Jeans and Hard Hats, Book 2Food is Rosie s life, and life is good She loves it, makes it, serves it in her diner, writes about it in her blog, and she s happy At least until a storm puts a rather large tree limb through her roof, and a sex in a tool belt roofer on top of her cabin.But that s not where she wants him No, she wants him behind her with a strip of leather in his hand That s what makes her edgy vulnerability is not her style Except the prickly she gets with him, the he turns on the charm.Decker arrives in Blue Ridge, Georgia, with nothing on his mind but a job and some new scenery His legendary patience is tested from the first moment he meets sharp tongued Rosie She s got hips that sway, non stop curves and a mouth that needs to be filled with things that are much sweeter than vinegar.A few singe worthy kisses, and Decker uncovers passions that will likely earn her every red stripe she s begging for And Rosie discovers Decker s got a hunger burning deep inside to give her anything and everything she needs Maybe even forever.Warning Between the sheets of this book you ll find a twist on a decadent southern dessert, sweet rose wine, picnic table sexiness, truck sex, a man who knows how to give a spanking and a woman who knows how to bend over a hot yummy lap.
Cracklin Rosie A tool for every job A belt for every occasion Blue Jeans and Hard Hats Book Food is Rosie s life and life is good She loves it makes it serves it in her diner writes about it in her blog and s

  • Title: Cracklin' Rosie
  • Author: Lissa Matthews
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This BDSM went out of my comfort zone. It is well written just not my style. The heroine Rose is never degraded in anyway, but Rosie is in love with belts and being marked by them she loves the welts and the pain of it for days. In one scene she gets a spanking with a belt and makrs on her butt and across her back, another scene she is gagged and she gets a belt with holes, so they can been seen on her and he can feel them. There is also anal play and toys. I don’t know if some of you like thi [...]

    2. If you're a fan of Lissa Matthews', steamy, erotic reads this should be another book to add to your tbr list.I was actually surprised the sex in this didn't start straight away. At 23% there still wasn't any inserting of tab A into slot B. Very surprising to me, but it definitely didn't take away from the story. And when the bumping uglies did eventually start happening it was in typical Lissa Matthews style. No holds barred, explicit as hell, kinky, naughty sex. Lissa has a smooth writing style [...]

    3. All I have to say is YUM! Well ok I actually have a lot more to say than that *wink* I was lucky enough to be given a copy of the book by Lissa Matthews, as you know I have enjoyed a number of her books (mmmm Vinter) one of which was Sweet Caroline; the first in her Blue Jeans and Hard Hats series. I loved Sweet Caroline and I loved Cracklin' Rosie too. I read it on a plane heading to Spain, I am not the worlds greatest traveller, not because of sickness or fear (although landing and take off ar [...]

    4. The two stars this book got were strictly for the hero, Decker. The heroine, Rosie, was one of the most annoying heroines I've come across. Rosie is nasty, full of snark, and sometimes mean. Decker was patient, understanding and fully invested in trying to help Rosie be true to herself. I have no idea why Decker was so interested in Rosie. There was nothing so great about her that made me think she was worth it.Part of the problem with this book was that Rosie was so rude to Decker for an absolu [...]

    5. "Cracklin’ Rosie is a fireball of fun with feisty character, Rosie, who manages to surprise Dexter with her snappish attitude and a robust sexual appetite."Full review on Sensual Readssensualreads/?p=5109

    6. And I was also given this book from the author to review for my honest thoughts! So here we goFor those of you that know me and those that don't this is my little statement about short books. I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer but it is a short story. So with that [...]

    7. We first meet Rosie in the first book of this series, Sweet Caroline. She's the waitress/owner of the local diner, and she's a pistol. A pistol with a fetish for being spanked. But due to the small town she lives in and their everybody knows everything about everybody else mentality has remained her dirty little secret. Until she meets Decker.Decker is a friend of Buck (from book 1) and after Buck moves to the mountains to be with Caroline, he calls Decker and asks if he wants to go into busines [...]

    8. Rosie loves food. She runs a popular food blog, and owns her own restaurant. Life is good for her and she is happy with the way things are. When a storm blows through, it drops more than just a tree on her house…it blows in a sexy handyman who is going to fix her roof…and destroy her easy going life with steamy dreams.Now she not only wants him on top of her…roof that is, but behind her, under her, beside her. You get the point. But that will mess up Rosie’s easy going life. She realizes [...]

    9. Full review at Ana's Attic erotic books and noveltiesThis really rates a 3.75 and a 4 for Heat. This is a short book, and the second in the series after Sweet Caroline. First of all, I hate the name. I know it is a song (but I didn't till I read the book), but it turned me off to the book when I have seen it before. Makes me think it's a cowboy book, and though I have read some really hot cowboy bookshandymen are way more my style! And the handymen in these books can have their hand-ies (haha ha [...]

    10. Title: Cracklin' RosieAuthor: Lissa MatthewsPublisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.Publication Date: 10-26-2010ISBN: 978-1-60928-230-1Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, RomanceLength: 101 pagesBuy Link Author WebsiteAuthor EmailRating: 5 Diamonds Heat Level: EroticOther: anal/oral play, BDSMReviewer: GabrielleDate: 4/24/11Living in a small town Rosie is positive that she must hide her sexual preferences and never embrace them. When Decker comes to town to fix her roof she is tested beyond her limits. She is [...]

    11. I must confess the first thing that attracted me to this series was the smokin' hot covers! Little did I realize, but I should have having read Lissa Matthews Masked series, that the story on the inside would be just as smokin' hot!I enjoyed Cracklin' Rosie more than Sweet Caroline because of the slower development of the relationship between the two main characters. I liked Rosie when she was snarky, and defensive. LOL I don't know if it's because I too am a fan of the snark or if it just made [...]

    12. Rosie likes her quiet country life. She owns a diner that makes her very happy. The only thing missing is a hot guy to fulfill her sexual needs. Rosie has a dark secret and she’s afraid that if anyone in town finds out they will ostracize her. When Decker arrives in Blue Ridge to fix Rosie’s roof she knows she’s in trouble.Decker is determined to win over the stubborn woman. He will go to great lengths to prove just how right they are for each other. Can Rosie get over her fears and embrac [...]

    13. Good ol fashioned smut. The ending was abrupt tho. While the sex are hot, the characters not so, especially the hero. He comes off as bossy rather than the dominant one, and I don't like how 'intuitive' he is to Rosie's feelings and insecurities. He must have a PhD is psychology that the author fails to mention.

    14. 3 1/2 stars rounded up to 4 because Decker is a sweetheart of a Dom. When he wants to be, that is. Lots of belt action. Lots of talking - things got a little slow in the middle, but the action picked up nicely at the end. Anyone sleep at the Red Roof Inn before?

    15. If you like your stories hot with a lot of kink as the yummy cherry on top then the Blue Jeans and Hard Hats series is definitely for you! My full review is posted at: guiltyindulgencebookclubs

    16. and a double meh.didn't even finish it. like the first one, the story is supposed to feel like we're learning about the main characters. but frankly, all i learned is that there are a lot of people who like it rough. and who treat liking it rough like its some special personality trait.

    17. The publisher's description is aboveI liked the 'hero', Decker quite a lot, but can't say much for the 'heroine', Rosie. I have this marked in my personal notes to NOT read again.

    18. Okay, this one is going to have to go on the back-burner. It just didn't keep my interest. I'll try to pick it up again this Spring.

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