Croce del Sud

Una strage, percepita con chiarezza nel suo nefasto profilarsi, scuote la sensibilit di tre abili poliziotti Per sventarla occorre trovare il nesso fra un atto vandalico ai danni della statua del presidente della Confederazione americana Jefferson Davis, un oscuro sabotaggio informatico e il brutale assassionio di un anziana donna Con quello che si riveler l incarico pUna strage, percepita con chiarezza nel suo nefasto profilarsi, scuote la sensibilit di tre abili poliziotti Per sventarla occorre trovare il nesso fra un atto vandalico ai danni della statua del presidente della Confederazione americana Jefferson Davis, un oscuro sabotaggio informatico e il brutale assassionio di un anziana donna Con quello che si riveler l incarico pi difficile della sua carriera, Judy Hammer, ex comandante della polizia di Charlotte, giunta a Richmond per mettere ordine nella complessa trama malavitosa della citt Aiutata dal fedele vicecomandante Virginia Weste dal giovane agente Andy Brazil, la Hammer deve per fare i conti con la diffidenza delle autorit locali e sfidare l attentatore a scoprirsi.
Croce del Sud Una strage percepita con chiarezza nel suo nefasto profilarsi scuote la sensibilit di tre abili poliziotti Per sventarla occorre trovare il nesso fra un atto vandalico ai danni della statua del pres

  • Title: Croce del Sud
  • Author: Patricia Cornwell Annamaria Biavasco
  • ISBN: 9788804486206
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Set in Richmond Virginia, "Southern Cross" is Patricia Cornwell's sequel to "Hornet's Nest" and features the three main characters of that novel, Police Chief Judy Hammer, Deputy Chief Virginia West and Officer Andy Brazil. The story also includes a raft of criminals and border line crims with endearing names such as Bubba, Fluck, Muskrat, Divinity, Smoke, Beeper, Sick, Dog, Pigeon, Weed and Weed's late brother Twister. Plenty of animals featue in this book too with almost more-human names than [...]

    2. This book is a sequel to Hornet’s Nest and it would be best to read them in order of publication. But if you don’t want read both, Southern Cross makes sense on its own and would be the one to go for. Hornet’s nest is good, but Southern Cross is better. It features the same three main characters, Chief Hammer, Deputy Chief Virginia West and Andy Brazil, now a fully qualified police officer.The plot involves a planned mass shooting by a character named Smoke, and the efforts of the police t [...]

    3. Southern Cross depicts the experiences of big-city police in Richmond, Virginia. Police chief Judy Hammer has been brought in to clean up the force, bringing with her deputy Virginia West and good-looking rookie Andy Brazil.There is a bad guy, some suspense, and way too many characters. I found myself irritated with a lot of things early on in this story:1. Tons of characters, most of them minor who don't seem to have too much to do with the plot. The most annoying thing about them are their nam [...]

    4. The second Cornwell book I ever read was Isle of Dogs. I hated it so much that I donated it to the book burning event my friends host annually. Each person is supposed to bring the worst book they've ever read. Isle of Dogs earned that privelege.Southern Cross was only slightly better than Isle of Dogs, and that's being generous. I'm not much into rednecks, and this book is full of them. Mostly, I hate this type of book, in which a series of completely unrelated folies collide at the end in a ve [...]

    5. I read the 3 Andy Brazil books against advice from more than one person. I wanted to see for myself if they really were that bad. I liked the Scarpetta books (although I thought that the endings of some of those books were too rushed, too contrived). The Andy Brazil books are nothing like those! Hornet's Nest is probably the best of the three, although the characters are shallow and unconvincing and the plot is weak and implausible. There is some humour and some sexual tension which is frustrati [...]

    6. If I could give this disaster of a book zero stars, I'd be tempted. The "plot" is a mishmash of nonsense that depends upon absurd coincidence and supposedly intelligent characters making genuinely idiotic leaps of let's-call-it-logic that none of the people around them bother to question or even wonder about. Because they're so implausibly dim, none of the protagonists are even remotely sympathetic or interesting. Add to this the author's ham-handed, blunt instrument use of language -- by turns [...]

    7. Although Cornwell has a few very good series, this one is not satisfying. It features two infuriating characters and a cast of stereotypes. The story relies heavily on a character that is a teenager. Additionally, it is clear that Cornwell does not want to kill off any of the characters because they are all necessary/likable in their own ways. Therefore, although the primary threat is built-up as scary, he doesn't even deliver. The reader also knows who he is from early on in the book and so tha [...]

    8. This could honestly be the worst book of hers I have ever read. Random people who seemed to have no need to be in the story were introduced all over the place, some near the ending of the book for absolutely no reason.The one character who I basically read the whole book to find out his fate was Weed. If she had focused more on his story this would have been an excellent read.Sorry Ms. Cornwell but you missed the mark on this one!

    9. I thought this book was strange, for lack of a better word. I don't know if the author intended to do so, but it came across almost like a cartoon representation of the police department in Richmond, Virginia and most of the characters could have been played by toddlers in a daycare

    10. A whole bunch of characters with little plot. If this is your introduction to Patricia Cornwell, it's a really bad place to start.

    11. I guess my thoughts will be shorter than the blurb for the book. It was even lamer than the first one. And while I enjoyed some the main characters in the first one and was laughing from time to time; this time I could not make my mind how this book was even published. It is really random ideas poorly developed and poorly connected.First, this gang, which not a gang but a psycho with some strange plot; then this boy, who is slow, but not slow but a genius, bringing down the whole psycho's plot d [...]

    12. A strange, and at times unsettling, mish-mash with some nice touches of humour in what is at its heart a very dark story. Listening to the story (and others written by Cornwell) I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't an aspect of 'brand placement' advertising going on the seemingly constant naming of brands is becoming, for me, annoying.

    13. I've been dragging through this book. I guess I'm not a fan of Andy Brazil, West, and Hammer. I've read half the book and decided to close the book as finished. I'm not attempting the third one. I've read books by Patricia Cornwell before and found the very good. I'm not sure why these two do not hold my interest. I'm not recommending to read or not read these books.

    14. I'm continuing my Cornwell re-reads. This is the second Andy Brazil book. I'm not a fan of this world and it's characters, but I did like this book better than the first Andy Brazil book. That said, I'm moving on to Black Notice.

    15. I enjoyed Southern Cross lots - great to read a Cornwell book not written in the first person, and the humour was great too. Surprising really, although maybe it shouldn't be, to read a book that is so different in style from the authors main-stream series books.

    16. I picked up two of Patricia Cornwell's books at the library so I read the 2nd one even though the 1st one wasn't up to snuff . . . don't quite get how this is the same author of Kay Scarpetta . . . don't remember those books being as stilted as this series . . . and I soooooo want Brazil to shine.

    17. I was hoping this would be better than the first in this series, but was dissapointed that it wasn't. It was an okay book for a quick summer read by the pool.

    18. After 200 pages I gave up, plot taking too long to get going and too many characters that confuse the plot and make it move slowly.

    19. What the hell did I just read? This book should have been titled "Horrible People from Richmond". Because the title was really important; it was the reason I picked this book. (Southern Cross is my favorite song). And I wouldn't have picked it if it had had a different title. So that old adage "don't judge a book by its cover"; I guess the same holds true for book titles.I haven't read anything by Cornwell before (and I have to say I'm going to be reluctant to read anything else) BUT I will say [...]

    20. Scroll down for the English version.La Cornwell anche senza la Scarpetta non delude Avevo letto il primo libro di questo filone, incentrato sul comandante Judy Hammer, diversi anni fa e ammetto che, essendo abituata a seguire le avventure di Kay Scarpetta, non lo avevo apprezzato un granché, per cui avevo rimandato per molto tempo la lettura di questo secondo romanzo (per più di 10 anni).Credo di aver fatto bene, poiché da allora ho sicuramente ampliato le mie letture e possiedo adesso gli st [...]

    21. I like Andy Brazil - he is now a police officer, and on Virginia West's team that has moved to Virginia to straighten out the police force - along with Judy Hammer Unfortunately, insecure Judy Hammer disses him when she thinks he's interested in his new land lady (who is in fact an 81 year old woman), and insecure Andy is unable to break through her barriers to find out what is wrong and both start to 'pretend' relationships with others hmmmm3 months in, and things are rough a teen psychopath, S [...]

    22. Cornwell introduced a trio of characters in her book Hornet’s Nest and returns with them in this adventure. Police Chief Judy Hammer, her deputy Virginia West and reporter turned rookie cop Andy Brazil are dispatched to the Richmond Virginia Police Department where they become enmeshed in the personal and political machinations of a big city police department seeped in corruption and intrigue. They bring with them a sophisticated computer program for tracking criminal activity and a methodolog [...]

    23. Hammer, West, and Brazil go to battle crime in Richmond, Virginia. Cornwell revels in exploring historic information. After each novel, I investigate to verify the data. Jefferson F Davis and his second wife, Varina, are buried in Hollywood Cemetery, in Richmond, Virginia. The cemetery also contains a statue of Jefferson Davis. Hammer, West, and Brazil fight the growing juvenile crime spree. Many of the minor characters are notable, such as Bubba. In the beginning of the book, Bubba appeared to [...]

    24. I didn't think I was going to like this much when I first started it, but I eventually got the hang of the black humour and found myself giving it some grudging chuckles. I very much liked Weed, the teenage protagonist who is forced into graffiti painting, but does it in a wholly artistic and heartfelt way, and only in poster paints(!); and of course who can object to a blond god of a protagonist/detective named Andy Brazil? I have always found Cornwell's Scarpetta series to be a bit on the grue [...]

    25. Police Chief Judy Hammer has been hired to clean up the crime rate. Reeling from the recent death of her husband, and resented by her staff and the city's establishment, she is joined by West and Brazil on the most difficult assignment of her career. In the face of overwhelming public scrutiny the trio must bring order and sanity to a city in trouble. I enjoyed the book not as good as other mystery's I have read, it's the first book by Patricia Cornwell I have read. I should have read the Hornet [...]

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