Crown of Serpents

With the discovery of a campaign journal from an American Revolutionary War officer who fought against the Iroquois Indians, the U.S Army calls in their top field historian to assess its contents Jake Tununda, combat vet, Freemason, and half Seneca Indian is stunned when he gleans from the journal s cryptic Masonic passages clues to the location of an ancient shaman s crWith the discovery of a campaign journal from an American Revolutionary War officer who fought against the Iroquois Indians, the U.S Army calls in their top field historian to assess its contents Jake Tununda, combat vet, Freemason, and half Seneca Indian is stunned when he gleans from the journal s cryptic Masonic passages clues to the location of an ancient shaman s crown once protected by the White Deer Society, a secret cult of his forefathers.Jake soon realizes why his ancestors history was best kept buried And why peaceful, rural central New York s Finger Lakes region can be deadlier than any battlefield he had ever facedOWN OF SERPENTS, a mystery thriller set in the former heartland of the Iroquois Empire, takes Jake on a fast paced hunt to find the elusive crown and protect it He teams up with Rae Hart, an alluring state police investigator, as they snake their way across a politically turbulent landscape marked with murder, arson, lies, and deceit Deciphering codes, digging up war loot, and fending off the henchmen of billionaire Alex Nero, a ruthless Indian casino magnate, Jake and Rae s survival skills are put to the test The clues to the crown ultimately lead them deep within sacred Indian caves hidden under the abandoned Seneca Army Depot where the magnitude of the crown s power is revealed.
Crown of Serpents With the discovery of a campaign journal from an American Revolutionary War officer who fought against the Iroquois Indians the U S Army calls in their top field historian to assess its contents Jake

  • Title: Crown of Serpents
  • Author: Michael J. Karpovage
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Masonic fiction is hard to come by, and good Masonic fiction even harder, but Karpovage has delivered both in Crown of Serpents. Beyond the fact that it exists as a Masonic fiction, the book is a fun and exciting read and delivers on every level.

    2. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    3. The following reviews have been added by author Michael Karpovage from his website crownofserpents“Crown of Serpents is a bombshell of a book! Starring Jake Tununda, special forces officer turned field historian, it is a suspenseful mystery and high-fueled adventure all wrapped in one. The action never stops as the hero attempts to foil a corrupt, power-seeking Indian casino owner from obtaining an ancient Iroquois relic that would make him invincible. Precise maps and historic manuscripts hel [...]

    4. Climbing down a hole to find a dead body that leads to the adventure of a lifetime is not what U.S. Army Major Robert “Jake” Tununda had planned. After twenty years of service and a chest full of metals he was looking forward to his new position with MHI or the Army’s Military History Institute as a way to follow his passion of military history with out risking his life on a daily basis, or so he thought.But the body found in the well leads to the uncovering of the truth about a sacred her [...]

    5. Plot: Army Major Jake Tununda is on his wa to an appointment when an emergency call is picked up on his portable police scanner. GPS coordinates read out by the dispatcher indicate he's very close to the scene. So, he stops to give aid. Little does Jake know he's about to become involved in something much deepera plot involving the Free Masons, a Native American secret society, and a politically powerful fellow tribesman bent on gaining even more pose. It all centers around a tidal legend and th [...]

    6. Who would think there was a connections between our American Indians and Masons? This book is a great casual read to enjoy during fall afternoons and evenings.This book is derived from honest roots from the American Revolutionary War and the masonic connections between American Officer Boyd, British Officer Butler and American Indian Chief Brant. Half-Seneca Indian Jake Tununda tries to rescue a local who fell into an ancient Indian gravesite. A button with a white deer holding a snake inside it [...]

    7. If your into Native American culture like i am then i definitely think that u would enjoy this book. You would definitely enjoy this if your a mason who likes and enjoys native american culture or if your just a mason in general. This book is definitely to be considered in the category of page turners for sure. There were times that i found it quiet hard to book this book down and even if i had to put it down it sucked! The main characters are well built and seem to have a moral compass about th [...]

    8. Extremely interesting historical novelKarpovage did a remarkable job weaving historical data and mythology into a story I could barely put down, even to sleep. I know nothing about the Freemasons other than many men in the war for independence were members and some of their symbols appear on U.Srrency. This lack of knowledge was not a problem in reading or understanding the book. I lived in western NY for many years and I could picture the geography and topography in the book. I graduated from h [...]

    9. Major Robert Jake Tununda goes to the aid of a man who fell into a well and begins a life changing experience. Jake is a combat vet, field historian and half-Seneca Indian. Unfortunately the man did not survive, but he had stumbled onto an old Indian burial site. Jake is then called to assess a new find -- the campaign journal from an American Revolutionary War officer who fought against the Iroquois Indians. Masonic passages and other clues lead Jake and state police officer Rae Hart on a hunt [...]

    10. Having lived on the Navajo Reservation for years and meeting and reading everything by Hillerman, I was wary of this book. The cover caught my attention and my two great loves, Freemasonry and Indian Culture, led me to buy the book for my Kindle! The book is the proverbial page turnerbut with so much more. The history, culture and entwined historical fiction really gives the book meat while providing dessert! The book will leave the reader with the sudden urge to explore the Finger Lakes. Alex N [...]

    11. A modern suspense novel interweaving the story of the Native Americans during the various British/American wars with a modern day Military man. The interwoven story makes much more sense when you realize that the military man is also Native American and a historian.We have the bad "Indian" who is trying to take over all the Native Americans in the New York State area.I know the area that the book is set in and there are some small discrepancies. Effecting a rescue near Seneca Lake (Fingerlakes a [...]

    12. Interesting story with fact and fiction woven together with a great familiarity of the Finger Lakes Region. Although I enjoy reading this story, it reminded me of a b-movie I'd see on the Sci-Fi channel. Like so many of those movies, I have a hard time stopping once I start. The story moves well with many cliche lines and scenes. My favorite part was seeing the Finger Lakes Region so described with such detail in this story. I typically read much more fictional stories, so it was interesting rea [...]

    13. I received Michael Karpovage’s, “Crown of Serpents” from Goodread’s first reads. I was a little skeptical about this book because I am not a big fan of history. It became clear to me very quickly that I would have a love of history if I had a teacher who was as passionate about history as Michael Karpovage clearly is. Crown of serpents is book to be treasured. It is filled with mystery, suspense, interesting historical details, and action. The cleaver combination kept me interested from [...]

    14. The amount of research that must have gone into this book is evident and the book shines as a result. The story is gripping and entertaining and Jake Tununda is smart, loyal and fun. I loved the peek at Freemasonry, and Native American folklore. Both are completely woven together in this novel and it is so rich because of them. Can't wait to pick up another Michael Karpovage novel. He doesn't disappoint.

    15. I have read the book "Crown of Serpents" by Michael Karpovage. All I can say is I wish Michael had more books to read. He keeps you interested all the way through the book. Some history is included and I did not want to put it down. A lot of work has gone into his writing and if you get a chance to read this, you will agree with me. Jake is one top man. Indians and Masons. Thanks Michael for a great book.

    16. A pretty good mystery/thriller with a Native American twist. This one's about a recurring character this author has created. Jake Tununda is a pretty typical "this guy is a total badass" protagonist, but at least he also has some brains to go with it. Definitely didn't see the ending coming, and there were some entertaining twists and turns along the way.

    17. I really enjoyed this book a lot. It's loosely based on actual events beginning with the Revolutionary War though it's not really an historical novel. There is lots of action and mystery in the book. I would have given the it a top rating but the characters were a tad bit stereotypical--the book is well worth reading nonetheless.

    18. Great book I found it interesting that Michale was able to weave fiction in with true historic figures. The book caused me to go look at the real historic figures and uncover more for myself. A recommended read for the Freemason friend who likes historic accounts of civil war freemasonry and maybe a bit of Dan Brown-esque fiction.

    19. I cannot begin to explain how much I enjoyed this book, from the get go it captures your attention until the very last page, yet it still leaves you wanting more. You can tell a lot of time, effort and research went into the writing. If you haven't read this book, do yourself a favour and pick it up. You won't be disappointed.

    20. Excellent reading most especially if you come from Upstate, Central, and Western New York. Fast read, mysterious, and thrilling account of Six Nations history, Colonial War practices, albeit a little different from what I know it to be. The author used a bit of literary license but it is well worth the read. Good summer thriller/mystery read.

    21. Great book. Well researched. Great mix of Native American Indian lore, events of American Revolutionary Ward and the Freemasons. Good movement between events that occur at the same that interlock.

    22. An interesting mix of history and fiction and I was fascinated with the American Indian perspective. Michael Karpovage has put a lot of research into this story and then mixed it in with modern day action. A very good read.

    23. This was an excellent book. The history was fascinating. He had a lot of history and back story to get through, but he was able to weave it into the plot with out dramatically slowing down the flow. Nice job!

    24. "Honey, you can mess up my crime scene any time you want.”This was the first book I've read by this author, and I think It pretty good. There is a lot going on, but I never felt lost. What does the quote mean? You'll have to read the book. It's part of my favorite paragraph in the book ;-)

    25. This is exactly the genre that appeals to me. It is action-packed thriller that delivers a mix of factual history, legend, and modern fiction. It was a very entertaining and the author included all the historical information. Looking forward to the next book.

    26. Really good story, well written. Could be another movie! Characters were well created and you felt immersed in the story. Second half of the book was gripping! I couldn't put it down! Well recommended.

    27. Loved this book. I was stationed at Seneca Army Depot, so I knew the layout of the land. Michael Karpovage weaves an intriguing tale of American History with both Native American and Masonic history. I read this in about two days. Highly recommend this book

    28. Very mysticalEnjoyed the history and the fact good won over evil. the free masons connection was a little confusing but it just added to the mystery

    29. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is well written and admirably researched. It is fast paced and very believable. Masonic references are accurate and limited to general public knowledge.

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