Mind Your Own Business

Lutishia Lovely dishes up a decadent helping of love, lust, greed, and secrecy in this riveting tale of a family s soul food dynasty.Life is good for the Livingstons Business is booming, Taste of Soul is launching a West Coast division, and Bianca Livingston and her brother, Jefferson, are vying to head it up which means their long simmering rivalry is about to boilLutishia Lovely dishes up a decadent helping of love, lust, greed, and secrecy in this riveting tale of a family s soul food dynasty.Life is good for the Livingstons Business is booming, Taste of Soul is launching a West Coast division, and Bianca Livingston and her brother, Jefferson, are vying to head it up which means their long simmering rivalry is about to boil over Having completed a culinary course in Paris along with a hot love affair Bianca feels than ready to take the reins in L.A Her parents insistence that she marry a man of their choosing only fuels her ambition Jefferson is hoping the position will free him to be with the secret L.A love his family would never approve of But the two soon realize that between their meddling cousin, Toussaint, and the return of an enemy bent on crushing the Livingston empire, they aren t the only ones in this competition And when company money mysteriously starts disappearing, they ll find it s hard to run a business when no one can mind their own Lovely once again expertly illuminates the wacky world of the devout and devoutly devilish Publishers Weekly on Reverend Feelgood Vibrant characters, artful storytelling, and an original voice make Lutishia Lovely worth every moment Donna Hill A great new taste in the literary world Carl Weber
Mind Your Own Business Lutishia Lovely dishes up a decadent helping of love lust greed and secrecy in this riveting tale of a family s soul food dynasty Life is good for the Livingstons Business is booming Taste of Soul

  • Title: Mind Your Own Business
  • Author: Lutishia Lovely
  • ISBN: 9780758265791
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I listened to the audio version which was pretty good. I plan to read & enjoy many more books by Lutishia Lovely.

    2. Headline:1 Thessalonians 4;11 (NLT) Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you beforeThis book was rich with characters, situations and some drama; let’s take a look at the players. First the patriarchs of the Livingston dynasty are twins Adam and Ace. Their dynasty is built on soul food restaurants, and cooking shows, that the Livingston children and other family members run.First up is Bianca, the family thinks her [...]

    3. This book was more juicy than the first one. Them Livingstons is not to played with. Drama Drama and more Drama my kind of book.

    4. It's the Livingston clan against the world. No one who ever dated, work for, or knows a Livingston want to get even with a member of that family no matter what. In walks a nut case who dares to try and get even. Big big mistake.

    5. Anither banger by one of my favs it had its drama, edge of the sit, nail biting moments, as well as joy and tears. Loved ever word I read.

    6. Wow, what can I say without giving anything away. The drama surrounding the Livingston Corporation and family is never ending. I can't wait to read the next book "Taking Care of Business" got to see what's up with Jefferson and Divine; Chardonnay and Quintin. I must say, I read a few chapters each day and couldn't wait to continue reading, really kept me captivated.

    7. So many things happened in this book and I enjoyed them all. I can't wait to pick up the third book in this trilogy.

    8. Once more Ms. Lovely has created a drama-packed, well-plotted page turner. I enjoyed this book very much, even though it seemed slightly less true-to-life than the first book. Most prominent of these was that the Livingstons are depicted as having much more wealth (holdings in the "tens of millions," million-dollar gifts given to the sons of the family when they turn 30), than would seem plausible for people who simply own a few soul food restaurants all located in one city (with a recent branch [...]

    9. Mind Your Own Business is the second installment in “The Business Series” by Lutishia Lovely. The storyline follows siblings Bianca and Jefferson Livingston as they vie for the same position to head the West Coast expansion of the Taste of Soul restaurant, the family business. Beyond the obvious accolade, they each have personal reasons that are propelling them to fight for the opportunity.Bianca is engaged to Cooper Riley, Jr a prestigious lawyer and family friend, but after an affair while [...]

    10. This novel had me hooked within the first 4 chapters. I was in shock by how much was going on so early in the book. I couldn't wait to get to the end to see how it would unravel. Lutishia put together a very well written novel. I especially like how she let the reader into the Livingston Family. She let you know who was who without confusing you (this family is HUGE). No matter what, they were sure to stick together. I enjoyed the book so much I was ready to fly to ATL to Taste of Soul that food [...]

    11. As soon as I got this book, I put down the book I had been reading. The first book in this series, 'All Up in My Business' had sold me on this new group of characters and even more so on the author, who I had already become a fan of during her previous series. As soon as I began reading MYOB I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. This book grabbed me from the beginning and again, I couldn't put it down. The storyline branched out to include Bianca and Jefferson Livingston, siblings who were competin [...]

    12. Just finished an awesome read by Lutishia Lovely in her business series, "Mind Your Own Business". Once again readers will be delighted to know the Livingston clan is still sizzling in the kitchen and in scandal. In this segment Bianca and her brother Jefferson both vie for the management position for the family's TASTE OF SOUL restaurant in California. Even though their thoughts are on expanding the family legacy each sibling has their own agendas and secret love affairs that they are keeping f [...]

    13. The Livingstons are back and the saga continues!!!!!!!You would think that running an restaurant empire wouldn't produce major drama but when you have people like Quintin and Shayla who have been planning and plotting to bring that empire down since their fall, it is always going to be some drama!!!!!Taste of Soul is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the Atlanta area and is expanding to the West Coast but who will head it up? Bianca wants to go to Los Angeles so that she can figure ou [...]

    14. This story picks up where All Up In My Business left off and the storyline continues to be a very realistic one.The Livingston family is trying to find out about the missing company funds and tracking down the person or person's responsible for stealing from their Soul Food CorporationDrama plus drama all through the pages of Mind Your Own BusinessThis was a great read and I truly enjoyed reading Mind Your Own Business and All Up In My Business. This was a true page-turner and there were a few t [...]

    15. This was a great sequel to All Up In My Business. Lovely tied up all the loose ends, as well as incorporating new drama (the Livingstons are no strangers to drama) into the mix. In this follow-up, Bianca and Jefferson Livingston, the children of Ace and Diane, are vying for the management position at the new West Coast location of Taste of Soul. While Bianca and Jefferson are putting forth their best professional effort, they each have personal motives for wanting to relocate to LA from Atlanta. [...]

    16. The Livingston family is back, with more sexiness and much more drama. The sequel to "All Up In My Business" mainly focuses on Bianca and Jefferson, the children of Ace and Diane. They are competing for management of the family restaurant "Taste Of Soul" in Los Angeles, CA…both for different, yet similar reasons. Brothers Adam and Ace are still trying to find the man that shot Adam…Quinton. They are not prepared for the skeletons unveiled and the aftershock of their search. This series is de [...]

    17. Another page-turner. I couldn't bring myself to pull away from this story, wanting to know what happens next in each chapter, until I looked up and saw that I spent a day with non-stop reading this book. The only time I stopped was to feed my son, use the rest room, or check my emails. I laughed, cried, screamed and hollered falling in love with each character and their story. I cannot wait to see how it all plays out. There are twists in each corner and I must admit that one, no two of them sti [...]

    18. Mind your own business picks up where All up in my business ends. Again, we meet the Livingston clan. This time we learn more about Diane, Adam and their kids, Jefferson and Bianca. Bianca, who is engaged to one of Atlanta's prominent families' one son, but she is having second thoughts. Jefferson is caught up with a woman from the wrong side of the tracks. Again, we also have the familiar players Ace and Candace and their kids. Ace and Candace are trying to put their marriage back together afte [...]

    19. Drama! drama! drama! is all I can say.I didn't read the first book for this story All Up in My Businessever, this second book by Lutishia Lovely dishes up a decadent helping of love, lust, greed, and secrecy in this riveting tale of a family's soul food dynastyis book is like a soap opera.The Livingstons are a very successful family in the restaurant business, but as in every family, there is plenty of drama and secrets.

    20. The book got off to a slow start and almost made me think I'd made a bad choice for my next audiobook but it didn't let me down once I got over the beginning hump. I also didn't realize there was a story before it so I plan to read that in the near future. And I know there has to be a follow up in the series because the book ends as if to say "wait until you see what's coming next". So bring it on Livingstons and friends/frenemies!

    21. WTF was what kept running through my mind the entire time I was reading this book. Lutishia Lovely keeps hitting us with one curve ball after another. This series is full of Drama, Drama, and more Drama. Everybody is all up in the Livingstons business and causing problems left and right. I can't wait to read the next book and see how everything unfolds.

    22. This is the 2nd book in the series and it was wonderful! The levingston family is still running a successful restaurant business in this book. This book brings its focus on 2 siblings Bianca and Jefferson. Its started off kind of slow but once this story started getting exciting it was truly hard to put down. I found this book so funny, surprising, and suspenseful. The ending was so shocking!

    23. This is the second book in Lovely's business series. I thought it was a great read! It held my attention from the beginning. It didn't take a long time for me to get through it. I believe that I would have read it in one sitting but; life gets in the way. There were many surprises throughout the story. that one would never be able to predict. I highly recommend this book.

    24. I really enjoyed Mind Your Own Business, Lutisha Lovely does a fantastic job of giving a synopsis of the first book without dragging the storyline out like some authors do in sequels.I enjoyed how she has so many twists throughout this story, it makes you keep reading to find out she's going to end this saga.

    25. Oh my goodness. This book is fantastic. Just sad that I didn't find the first one in the series first. But that is okay. Looking forward to reading the other two. The twist and turns are phenomenal. I think this might be my first time reading Lutishia Lovely and I'm hooked.

    26. So the drama continues which is to be expected with the wealthy. A good follow up to the 1st and look forward to the 3rd. Sometimes her scenes are a little too descriptive and is just plain TMI but the story is good.

    27. It was a good read. It definitely wasn't as good as the first book. To me, the bok was like a sosp opers. Everyone wasdating someone in the same circle.

    28. Lutishia has done it again! The Livingston's Series is so good. I love the drama, suspense and love that flows through this family.

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