River Rising

In 1927 Louisiana, Rev Hale Poser arrives in the bayous of Pilotville, looking for his roots In the swamp beyond the cypress lies a lingering evil For years it slept in dreadful isolation Now comes Hale Poser, and it will sleep no .
River Rising In Louisiana Rev Hale Poser arrives in the bayous of Pilotville looking for his roots In the swamp beyond the cypress lies a lingering evil For years it slept in dreadful isolation Now comes Ha

  • Title: River Rising
  • Author: Athol Dickson
  • ISBN: 9780764201622
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This book hooked me right from the start. Having never been to the bayous of Louisiana, I could imagine what each of the characters was seeing and hearing from the author's descriptions. The story brings the horrors of slavery into the early 20th century. Set in the swamps of the deep South in 1927, it takes you back to a time when segregation was commonplace. The author deals with a tender subject, the divide that exists between races which too often not even being part of the family of God can [...]

    2. It's 1927 in Pilotville, LA. The year of the great flood. When Reverend Hale Poser floats into town the questions start. Who is he,ally? What is he doing,ally? Why is he there,ally? And finally what does he know,ally? Although this book is categorized as Christian fiction, it is not preachy or "religious" in the least. The author depicts God's love in a more realistic way than I've see elsewhere short of The Shack by William Young. But Shack-haters shouldn't think this book is of the same ilk, b [...]

    3. One of the more unusual books I have read lately. It was original, I think, and clean. It wasn't a titillating page-turner, but more of a thought provoking book I had to finish. Taking place in 1927, it's about a small village in the swamps near the Mississippi delta where blacks and whites live in harmony but are segregated on Sunday. They get an unusual visitor who seems to have mysterious powers. He eventually uncovers their secrets. It's pretty interesting.

    4. This has become my favorite book, and although not perfect, (the author does have some symbolism that tends to be cheesy and can at times be too abstract) the story is very interesting, the characters are well developed, and the overall message of the novel is wonderful. I highly recommend this book!

    5. I have to admit at the onset I was slightly offended by the use of racial slurs and was unsure if I could stomach the story being told in particular by a white male But knowing Athol is a man of God I stick it out and couldn't be more pleased that I did! This story needed to e told and it held my attention kept me guessing and wanting to know more with every turn of a page I found it interesting that no one would believe there was still slave plantation much like people today who don't believe t [...]

    6. I won't go into the plot here, many reviews have this covered already. I found this a nice easy read for travel, not something that would tax your mind or challenge your thinking to heavily. Given the subject matter I felt the last quarter of the book was a little rushed and the confession at the end somewhat hackneyed (almost felt like we should be looking for those darned kids). If you have some time to kill there ate worse ways to do it.

    7. I really liked this book. It was my first experience with this author, and I love his writing style. I didn't really relate to the people in the book (not that I have to) but even in a historical novel, I like to have some identification. I was drawn into the story world and learned a lot about the historic flood of 1927, but just didn't quite bond with it.

    8. I don't often give books of fiction 5 stars, but this one does, because I am likely to read it again. Thoughtful story set in the 1920s about the relationships of whites and blacks that delves into the darkness of the hearts of men and where the miracles really are. Highly recommended!

    9. Indonesian version:Miracle Man, Sebuah Novel Judul asli River Rising Pengarang Athol DicksonPenerjemah Slamat P SinambelaPenerbit Gloria Graffa Yogyakarta Cetakan I Maret 2009280 halaman HALE Poser, seorang pendeta kulit hitam dari kota modern New Orleans, memutuskan pindah ke tempat sepi, Pilotville, daerah rerawa sepanjang sisi sungai Mississipi, negara bagian Louisiana. Dia tidak keberatan bekerja menjadi pegawai rendahan dari satu rumah sakit khusus orang Negro. Pada waktu itu di rumah sakit [...]

    10. The Rev. Hale Poser is on a mission to find his roots. He was placed in an orphanage at a young age, and as an adult, he chanced upon some papers regarding his parentage. His quest takes him to a small and seemingly quiet community, where whites and blacks co-exist peacefully. But though a pleasant town, there are undercurrents every bit as dangerous as those found in flood waters. Babies have been disappearing in the night, for decades. And the Rev. Poser is determined to find out what is happe [...]

    11. This is a hard book to read for many reasons, but it's a good one. It looks at such topics as racism, slavery, pride, faith and doubt. For my taste, a bit too much of it is thought instead of action, but it's still worth the read.

    12. Great book. At times I couldn't put it down. But towards the end I just wanted to hurry and put it down. Kinda figured out what was going to happen but a good story teller.

    13. An unusual story from beginning to end, it was well written, compelling and plausible with strong, true to life, struggling characters. I enjoyed it. It made me look for miracles in unexpected ways and places.

    14. Disclaimer: This review is for the 2012 issue of River Rising.Based around the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 comes a riveting story by Athol Dickson, River Rising, a mighty novel penned, displaying the true disparity between true racial equality and religious faith. It’s a time when Negro, n—–, or a colored man were terms still used for African-Americans.Reverend Hale Poser returns to Pilotville, Louisiana, in his later years to find his roots. He’d been raised in an orphanage farther [...]

    15. Dickson writes with poetical grace, using the historical flood on the Mississippi River of 1927 as a backdrop. I delighted in reading this work with language that flowed like literary fiction while leading me into a complex mystery story. Significant issues are raised, questions asked.Reverend Hale Poser, a black man with piercing blue eyes, leaves a high paying and respected position as chaplain in a New Orleans orphanage and travels to Pilotville, LA, where he takes a job as janitor in the Neg [...]

    16. Pilotville, Louisiana is a small Mississippi river village nestled back in the swamps. This is where Hale Poser, a blue eyed stranger with a limp, begins the search for his parents. But what he finds in the small town is a mystery. Why are babies disappearing from their cribs? Hale arrives in Pilotville in 1927 and takes a job in the Negro Infirmary. When a baby disappears Hale spends days on end searching the swamp for the infant girl. In the middle of his search he finds that the mystery goes [...]

    17. Plot Summary: What happens, When & Where, Central Characters, Major Conflicts[return]An isolated community on the southern tip of Louisiana receives an unusual visitor--the Rev. Hal Poser. Unusual happenings follow the Reverend, and he soon acquires the reputation of a miracle worker. After aiding a woman with a difficult childbirth, he is admired, but then suspicion falls on him after the woman's child disappears. Poser pokes around and discovers that over the years several infants in the a [...]

    18. River Rising opens with a scene in 1927 Louisiana, featuring an unnamed man poling his pirogue up the fog-covered Mississippi River toward a tiny town. From the start, his appearance and demeanor attract attention. Dickson’s opening had me from the first page. Soon we learn the stranger is Reverend Hale Poser, come to Pilotville to find his roots. His righteous soul is disturbed by what he sees of the community’s hypocrisy. Whites and blacks exist more or less harmoniously during the week, [...]

    19. River Rising by Athol Dickson was a fascinating book on many levels. The novel is set in Louisiana in 1927. Hale Poser, an African-American minister, travels to a tiny community in the bayous of Louisiana to try to find out information about his past after finding a document in the attic of the orphanage he grew up in. When he arrives there, he finds a community that outwardly appears to blacks and whites living and working together side by side in harmony. When a white baby is kidnapped from th [...]

    20. (audio, novel)a. This book starts off and moves along rather well. Takes place in 1927 mostly in the (I’m guessing) fictional town of Pilots Ville, Louisiana. A black man called Reverend Hal(e) Porter (also called “The Miracle Worker” and Moses) by folks, ends up in Pilots Ville and works there as a janitor in a negro infirmary for a very short time. When positive things start to happen after his coming to the town, he and others believe he works miracles. Later we find that the boss, “P [...]

    21. I just finished "River Rising" by Athol Dickson. And I give it 5 stars. I liked this book but at times (not much) I had a hard time following but it could have been because I had a lot of things on my mind at times when I was trying to read it. Hale Poser ( a preacher but prefers to take work as a janitor) shows up in Pilotville, Louisana in 1927 and miracles starts to happen. Then Hannah Lamont (a newborn baby) is stolen and Hale Poser searches for her and discovers not only who he is but a hid [...]

    22. SUMMARY: A well-crafted tale of secrets and evil lurking under the surface in the Mississippi river town of Pilotville, Louisiana, during the great flood of 1927VIEW: Athol Dickson created a book with language and imagery that draws the reader into the slow feel of the Louisiana bayous during the 1920's. His characters strongly represent the feel of the south in the years after emancipation of the blacks and before the civil rights movement that followed decades later. My favorite character was [...]

    23. This book surprised me! I guess partly because I didn't read the description on the back beforehand; and partly because of the way we're thrust right into this fascinating man Hale's arresting, complicated, beautiful world. I marveled at the incredible foreword, and was captivated by the first several pages after realizing I had stepped into the South in the 1920's.This was the first work of Dickson's that I've read: he did a tremendous job with Hale's evolution of worldview, theology, and self- [...]

    24. I feel a little bad for giving this book such a low rating. It started off rather interesting and very mysterious. Being a little hesitant going into the book, this lifted my spirits. Unfortunately, that was not to last. The writing style in this book is a little different. It is heavy on descriptions and light on dialogue. This was not too bad at first. But as it went on, I started feeling like the plot was being drowned by the over abundance of descriptions. I also felt like the book described [...]

    25. Athol Dickson's River Rising was the best summer read out of all the books I read. It's said to be Louisiana's To Kill a Mockingbird, and I believe it after reading it. Set in Louisiana in 1927, it's a novel that takes you back to slavery in a way you never anticipate. Reverend Hale Poser is the main character. He seems to rise out of the mist looking for his roots. Reared in an orphanage, he's searching for his past. When a child goes missing, he refuses to give up the search though others say [...]

    26. 4.5 starsI was blindsided by this book. I started it almost randomly, needing something to read, and was immediately captured by the beauty and richness of Dickson's language, the vivid descriptions and the unusual yet almost familiar characters. It is strange and compelling, and Qana's question to Hale is both startling and saddening. I loved the gradual enlightenment of those in the area, the opening of their eyes to the racism to which they had all become immune, and Hale's final explosive re [...]

    27. This book took place in Louisiana during 1927, and deals with many different racial issues that Christians, both white and African American, of that time period would have had to confront. The horrors of hidden slavery, baby kidnapping, and the way some people could actually justify it in their minds, was interesting. It was a very thought-provoking book as it seems to ask the reader to examine their own attitudes about race. There was one part of the story where I did not feel like Hale Prosser [...]

    28. Simply put, this is a beautiful book. This is my 4th Athol Dickson novel and I've been impressed with each and every one. He writes Christian mystery/suspense but in a unique and challenging way that really makes you think about life and faith. I highly recommend his books. Anyway, this particular one deals with racial prejudice in 1927 Louisiana; a pastor from New Orleans travels to a small town in the swamplands that seems to be free from racial tension but while there a years old mystery come [...]

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