Fra le lenzuola e altri racconti

Nei suoi racconti, scritti con ritmo incalzante e forte tensione, Ivan McEwan ci introduce in un universo sempre in bilico tra visioni oniriche e desolante quotidianit , tra grottesche, paradossali ossessioni e impietosa autoironia, tra sdoppiamenti di personalit , allucinazioni solitarie e incapacit di comunicare Uno scimmione, maestro di sensibilit e di ironia, si lasNei suoi racconti, scritti con ritmo incalzante e forte tensione, Ivan McEwan ci introduce in un universo sempre in bilico tra visioni oniriche e desolante quotidianit , tra grottesche, paradossali ossessioni e impietosa autoironia, tra sdoppiamenti di personalit , allucinazioni solitarie e incapacit di comunicare Uno scimmione, maestro di sensibilit e di ironia, si lascia dominare da una scrittrice inaridita, che sintetizza con efficacia l incubo di tutti i giovani scrittori un manichino con sembianze femminili prima appaga e poi distrugge le pi folli speranze di un feticistico, monologante industriale, animato da volont demiurgiche La violenza esplode in una serie di oggetti lucenti bisturi destinati a riproporre ataviche angosce, lucchetti, spade che forniscono gli ultimi echi di spettacolarit a un futuro degno dei classici della fantascienza.
Fra le lenzuola e altri racconti Nei suoi racconti scritti con ritmo incalzante e forte tensione Ivan McEwan ci introduce in un universo sempre in bilico tra visioni oniriche e desolante quotidianit tra grottesche paradossali os

  • Title: Fra le lenzuola e altri racconti
  • Author: Ian McEwan Stefania Bertola
  • ISBN: 9788806533489
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. What a disappointment. It's like McEwan (or his publisher) took all the outtakes from the exquisite, Somerset Maugham award-winning First Love, Last Rites and stuck them in their own collection to capitalize on it. There was none of the sick beauty of his other work, which I know, love, and look for. Each of these stories seemed to be afterthoughts, or B-sides, if you will, but bad B-sides. At least this collection was mercifully short.

    2. decided to plow through mcewan's body of work only to discover that i kinda loathe the early stuff. and while i don't particularly enjoy slamming a writer i admire i find it encouraging that the same guy who wrote this piece o' shit went on to write atonement and on chesil beach. gives all of us toiling away in secrecy and mediocrity some hope, eh?

    3. Probably I prefer these ugly and 'perverted' '70s to the '70s described by McEwan in 'Sweet tooth' BTW: I read this short stories collection in translation many years ago and I have almost no memory of that first reading/book/show/2

    4. In Between the Sheets is Ian McEwan's second short story collection, after First Love, Last Rites - both published early in his career, in 1975 and 1978, and both containing very dark and disturbing literary experiments.Unfortunately, while First Love, Last Rites is a genuine collection of interesting, experimental stories, In Between the Sheets is more like a collection of outtakes from that volume. Both collections feature stories that are twisted and macabre, but while in First Love the macab [...]

    5. I guess I have a very different view from most people here. I enjoyed this book because I felt that it was very well crafted. As absurd as the premises of the stories were, McEwan manages to make them "believable" and yet intriguing through his description. Also, even though it is highly sensual, the stories and scenes were very well written. Such that it is tasteful and artistic, rather than how most romantic novels are "trashy" with those scenes. Case in point: fifty shades of grey; it's like [...]

    6. I heard about this on the Books on the Nightstand podcast. Each of these stories pushes some kind of assumption, sex-related. I knew it was early McEwan so I was hoping for something more along the lines of The Comfort of Strangers but these are more focused on the concept in each story than the relationship between the characters. Quick read.

    7. Very very unsettling. McEwan manages to look at sex in a thoroughly unnerving and disturbing way while maintaining the veneer of normalcy in the stories. Just too weird for me.

    8. Es handelt sich um das letzte in deutschsprachiger Übersetzung vorliegende Buch von Ian McEwan, das ich noch nicht gelesen hatte. Das liegt daran, dass ich zwar großer McEwan-Fan bin, das Frühwerk mich aber nicht allzu sehr anspricht. Da geht es viel um sexuell verwirrte Pubertierende und allerhand Abgründe, dabei nicht schlecht geschrieben, aber oft nicht mein Fall. Diese Werke haben dem Autor den Spitznnamen Ian Macaber beschert und obwohl ich für Makaberes oft zu haben bin, hat mich insb [...]

    9. “Eaters of asparagus know the scent it lends the urine. It has been described as reptilian, or as a repulsive inorganic stench, or again, as a sharp, womanly odor exciting. Certainly it suggests sexual activity of some kind between exotic creatures, perhaps from a distant land, another planet. This unworldly smell is a matter for poets and I challenge them to face their responsibilities.”I gather from other reviews here thatFirst Love, Last Rites is the better collection of early Ian McEwan [...]

    10. This a collection of some of the early short stories of the acclaimed British writer Ian McEwan. They show a broad range of literary styles and thematic interests, but McEwan's characteristic prose style (very smoothly flowing sentences and ideas) and deep interest in sexuality is on beautiful display. He is a young writer in these stories, and they are missing some of the gravity that comes in his later works. This is no Atonement. But that is okay, and if you don't go in expecting something li [...]

    11. Found myself deeply disturbed, and really, I am not easily so. This is either the highest compliment or the highest criticism, depending on what you want to take with you. In an attempt to be more objective, I'd say this is not McEwan's finest hour, though a couple of the stories are definitely worth reading.

    12. This is the second book written by Ian McEwan, which includes 7 very disturbing short stories. I was leary of it because of the title and table of contents, but decided to read anyway due to this self-imposed goal to get through all of Ian McEwan's books. Honestly, I didn't understand most of the stories. Some of the endings left me completely hanging with no clue about what just happened. Warning: there are some graphic words and images in most of the stories.

    13. 'Pornography', the title story, and ‘Psychopolis' (especially the dialogue near the end) are the best. More technically assured than the first collection, and with more bite. I never understand people who find McEwan's early work disgusting, 'shocking' etc. I chain-read McEwan's first three books while lying in Stafford Hospital, and found them infinitely preferable to the ward.

    14. I like some of his novels, despite some cheap POV tricks, but this collection is just navel gazing misogynistic self indulgent and ultimately boring stories.

    15. Quirky and experimental near-erotica by a young writer who would soon become a masterful novelist. I enjoyed finding the flashes of brilliance in this slim volume of short stories.

    16. In this short story collection, McEwan explores human relationships, the grotesque and the sensual lurking in the corners of our minds. Each of the stories engage the reader with a simple yet arresting prose that forces the reader to grapple with often unpleasant ideas and themes. Each of the "freaks and monsters" that populate McEwan's England have a unsettling story to tell. "Two Fragments" is perhaps one of the strongest ones in this collection, following a father struggling to take care of h [...]

    17. Some of my personal favourites from the collection are Reflections of a Kept Ape, and Dead as They Come. Reflections of a Kept Ape was, as the title suggests - about a pet ape, however, the interesting detail is that the story is told from the ape's perspective. He is reminiscing about his eight day sexual relationship with his owner. Although it is quite a strange concept, it works really well and isn't too explicit about it either.On the other hand Dead as They Come is a very graphic novel but [...]

    18. This is Ian McEwan's second publication and, as with his first endeavor ("First Love, Last Rites"), is a collection of short stories.Again, McEwan shows that the short story can be lifted to high art in the hands of a gifted writer and, regardless your opinion of him, most will affirm McEwan is a gifted writer.These stories are diverse, odd, occasionally obtuse and, at all times, engaging.I become more intrigued with McEwan with each work I read and look forward to delving into his more celebrat [...]

    19. Ian’s clear and detatched tone treads the fine line between short stories and poetry in this collection of his work. Whichever side of the coin, these tales squirm their way around perversion and madness, weaving down dark corridors into unexpected twists. A cheating boyfriend is lured into a trap. A father wonders if his daughter’s friend is all she seems. A wealthy businessman finds the perfect mistress, leading him to hell itself. These characters are unafraid to tell their own stories, i [...]

    20. I wonder if I am not as let down as others who wrote such venomous reviews because I have never read McEwan before? people complained that this book made them feel uncomfortable, but I believe that was the goal of the author, to play with the readers emotions, to shock and repulse. I personally found the book a bit predictable and other than the first story didn't really enjoy it very much, but the subject matter nonetheless is taboo enough and described in such Hitchcockian detail that we are l [...]

    21. McEwan writes very disturbing short fiction. Although not as bizarre as the FIrst Love collection, you can still marvel at the way his mind works and the multiple subjects and themes he considers. "In Between the Sheets" is probably the weirdest of all the stories. I hope he will give us another big,big novel like ATONEMENT soon.

    22. I'm a bit glad that McEwan went away from his "Macabre" moniker after his first four books, because while he writes sexy/creepy quite well (a British Mary Gaitskill), the stories sort of blended together for me. I think The Cement Garden is the best of early Ian.

    23. A bizarre yet readable group of short stories. Easy to read, yet not sure how memorable they are. I recommend it, but note that this was written by McEwan while still a young (thirties ;)) author. I would recommend comparing this book to some of his more recent works for his view on human nature.

    24. Sweet-and-sour, slightly twisted short stories about sex and relationships. I wouldn't want to read any of these stories as a novel, but they were great as vignettes. McEwan is amazing at blending the touching, funny, and unsettling.

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