Dolce amore selvaggio

Ginny Brandon is swept from the ballrooms of Paris to the desert sands of Mexico and into the arms of charismatic mercenary Steve Morgan But this fearless heroine and hero of all heroes must first endure countless unforeseen dangers before they can enjoy sensual, exhilarating passion that burns between them.
Dolce amore selvaggio Ginny Brandon is swept from the ballrooms of Paris to the desert sands of Mexico and into the arms of charismatic mercenary Steve Morgan But this fearless heroine and hero of all heroes must first end

  • Title: Dolce amore selvaggio
  • Author: Rosemary Rogers
  • ISBN: 9788845422690
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell says:

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest💙 I read this for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2018 Reading Challenge, for the category of: Antebellum/Civil War/Reconstruction Romance. For more info on this challenge, click here. 💙Every time someone says romances are too light, and that they don't have enough action, I want to throw a bodice ripper at them. SWEET SAVAGE LOVE is one of the early bodice rippers, when the authors were still working out the formula, and was pub [...]

    2. Because 5 measly stars is so woefully inadequate.You should see my copy of this book. It came without covers, front AND back. Truly a rarity in my collection, but it was a freebie on Paperbackswap, so I couldn't complain. It now sports a hot pink cover (courtesy of card stock from the office supply closet - thievery for a good cause) with a B&W xerox of the cover image (courtesy of the internet), and it's all laminated in packing tape from the local Dollar Store.I am nothing if not resourcef [...]

    3. Damn you, Rosemary Rogers!Any attempt to compose a review of your cracktastic epics results in a complete implosion of logical thought processes and reason! Not to mention that I begin to question my ethics, values, and moral compass when at the turn of every page my sane brain says "This is CRAZY!" and the other half screams "More, more, MORE!!!!" This entire review will be a struggle to remain coherent, but I'll try. Rosemary's enthralling chaos makes plot summaries impossible. "Stuff happens" [...]

    4. The book that started it all.Everyone's first modern romance novel they read in the 70s at age 14-20 or thereabouts. Who can forget Ginny and Steve.Love to see everyone giving it either 1-star or 5! The granddaddy of all romance novels deserves nothing less than an extreme, high-drama reaction. Yes, it said the "F-word" and the hero rapes the heroine and she loves it (what the hell is he supposed to do after he's ripped her bodice? Apologize?).Hell, yes, rape and sex are about power and exactly [...]

    5. I tried, I really did. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. WTF is romantic about this story? The part where he rapes her? Or the part where he slaps her? How about the part where he washes her mouth out with soap? Oh I KNOW! It's where he keeps calling her a whoreFG no thank you. I love bodice rippers but I kind of like the hero to not be a masochistic ass-wipe.

    6. The dysfunctional relationship between two batshit protagonists was initially a hoot to read but in the end, the story was overlong. I had to drag myself through the horrors of the last quarter and I was glad to leave both of them on the last page.

    7. Wow! I feel as if I've been run over by a steamroller! I found this book to be very emotionally intense. There was even a point in the book when I asked myself " Can I continue to read this? " The book revolves around Virginia "Ginny" and Steve Morgan.Their relationship can only be described as a love/ hate relationship on steroids, laced with crack, while funneling tequila! Mix in a little smuggling, war, espionage, adultery, torture and a lot of rape. All of this takes place in Paris, the US, [...]

    8. ****SPOILERS**** READ AT YOUR OWN RISKThis book took me on some wild ride! I've had it on my to read shelf for a while now but was always intimidated to read it since I've heard far and wide about the abuse the heroine had to endure. I admit I was a wuss before, but I am a wuss no longer! The verbal sparring and fighting between Ginny and Steve was off the charts! They were a bunch of nut jobs and I loved it! Steve Morgan is a rake, and I don't mean the type of rake that everyone says is a rake [...]

    9. I'm starting the New Year off right with some fabulous buddy-reads. BR in January with Korey and Queen Snowflake Nenia!REVIEWI heard about this book when I was a teenager, before I even really knew what a bodice ripper was. A friend of my parents had this book, and when we saw it at their house my mom knowingly said "Steve and Ginny." I sneaked a glance at the title, and thought "sweet savage love" was something I REALLY wanted to read about.A few years later I tracked the book down and devoured [...]

    10. Pre-Reading (5/9/15): I wasn't sure until I read the prologue but this was the first bodice ripper I ever read (I was 15, at that point) and I was not expecting the crazy in it. I'm excited to re-read this and see how I read it now. ETA (3/16/16): I will sum up this book with one sentence. You can see where a lot of western romances get their inspiration, and they pale in significance to this book. It's very hard to top this book.Also Roger's wrote parts of this book one-handed, I swear. ;)Bewar [...]

    11. I could not believe that no one had made a movie out of this book when I read it years ago. This was my first historical romance novel and I could not put it down. The writing was so colorful and Rosemary Rogers made Mexico sound so romantic. I eventually tired of "bodice rippers" like these and the impossibly gorgeous heroes and heroines who hated each other through most of the story as they lusted after each other in spite of themselves. The title says it all. But I remember "Sweet Savage Love [...]

    12. This book is a very hard read. There are harsh scenes that you rarely see. It's difficult to shock me, but I found my jaw dropped numerous times. The author was fantastic. It was very well written and put together. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because there was so little positive to offset all the horrible things that happened and because it's LONG. Definitely worth the read, though, if you have the stomach.

    13. From DoraLady @ Ami:'It is a tough read. The heroine gets raped and abused not only by the hero but by others.'

    14. There are 2 listings for SSL as well there should be. Fabulous beyond words, the standard by which all Steves will forever be measured to their detriment. The five stars are mostly sentimental, you understand. This was the first explicit bodice ripper I ever read, read again, and read the good parts a third time. It was new and shocking and I rehashed it with my student coworkers to get us through full days at a summer job working an assembly line. Oh, how we adored the de-virginization scene b [...]

    15. I read this book when I was 11 or 12. Oh, sure, with the internets today, by the time a kid is that age, they've seen donkey shows and worse, but back in nineteen-eighty-something, this was quite the eye-opener. Porn without pictures. It was freaking awesome. I read it, I think my friends read it, who knows how many fifth-grade girls learned about pretty much everything (except donkey shows) from that very copy before I got it back? Thank you, library sale! After I had read and re-read and re-re [...]

    16. Rape rape rape. Name-calling, violence, rape. He rapes her repeatedly, kidnaps her, abandons her, and he's her true love? Ick. Maybe I'm too spoiled by respect and humor in contemporary romances to appreciate this, but it's a nice marker for how far the genre has advanced.

    17. The book that kicked Harlequin romances in the crotch and changed how romance novels were viewed by women and some men. Great action, great mystery, white shot sexuality. The total package.

    18. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!And that was partly because it was so sensual, raw and explicit to a then 17 years old boy. 12 years on, and I can still remember vividly the exact title of the book, word by word. I remember well the white cover with the 70's style font rendition and who could have forgotten about the red tint that surrounded the edge of the pages. Yes, this book was released in 1974 - I read it in 1998. Despite the already ancient look and feel of the physical appearance of the book - the st [...]

    19. Great book. I'll go looking for the rest of the saga. Four stars instead five because two issues: too long episodes where h and H were apart and some of the scenes were too cruel for me, especially the things that happened to the hero. It seems I become slowly used to the sometimes ridiculous storyline changes in BRs. It's amazing how many times some of these books change their direction and let the characters become someone entirely different at the end of the story.

    20. The Mother of All Bodice Rippers. None are worthy. Note that there are TWO listings for this classic title on . Two Steves, yay.

    21. *** 5++ Original Brilliant Sizzling Stars *** Heat/ Romance (5 HOT Stars)/Plot(5 Stars)/Setting(5 Stars)/Characters (5 Stars)My first and most beloved and reread Historical Romance - other than the Wolf and the Dove. I loved this story! I probably read it at least a half a dozen times (especially the romantic scenes) after I first read it - over 30 years ago. I recently went back and read it again - just for the nostalgia.Readers and reviewers should keep in mind the book publication time frame, [...]

    22. A Worthy Classic That Influenced the Genre of Historical Romance, But More Savage than Love.This was Rogers’ first novel and it became a best seller and an all time classic in modern historical romance. Her writing is superb and her storytelling truly excellent. Published in 1974, it was also one of the first to throw open the bedroom door and include subjects like rape and violence against the heroine, all woven into an intricate plot. Set in the late 1800s in the American West and Mexico (du [...]

    23. Rosemary Rogers rarely disappoints to entertain or shock with a good bit of wtf-ness, and judging by the claims of many reviews, I expected her debut work to be an explosion of forced seduction, hate sex, non-pc abusive heroes and drama galore. What I got was surprisingly run of the mill for a bodice ripper and certainly run of the mill for a Rogers romance. The opening letter from the publisher on the battered copy I managed from the local book store was even more of tease, eagerly promoting th [...]

    24. If you look up "bodice ripper" in the dictionary, you'll find this book. Steve and Ginny, the couple who love to hate (and hate f$?k) each other, are gloriously codependent, and this is a somewhat entertaining historical romp. Yes, Steve has a cruel streak, but I don't mind that in my fictional alpha heroes. What I didn't like was Steve's constant manwhoring. Worse yet, at about 60% of the book, the story takes a very gruesome turn; frankly, this was more violence than I bargained for. However, [...]

    25. Loved it! LOVED IT!!! Pure unadulterated entertainment from THE Rosemary Rogers. This is what I call a fulfilling read baby! This book has it all - great writing, brilliant plot, adventure+romance with the perfect amount of wtf factor, but let's get straight to the point. My favourite thing about this book is the current owner of my heart - Steve Morgan. Aaaah what do I say about my dearest Esteban? What I really liked about his character is how he remained a jerk till the end of the book lol, h [...]

    26. This was literaly the first romance I ever read was when I was young. Of course, now I'm 45 and the love scenes have been surpassed by a few other writers but they're still good. I was first married and my mother-in-law gave it to me when she saw how bored I was since I was allowed to work. I remember being shocked by the romance scenes. I was fascinated by the incredibly strong-willed leading lady. Not to mention the very forceful hero. I have read this book many times and it never fails me. I [...]

    27. I read this back in the 70's. My first romance novel. I fell in love with her characters. She wrote two more sequels with these characters. I read a few more of her books before I tired of the romance tales. I wonder if I would enjoy them today or is it better to keep the fond memories????

    28. Abandoned at page 125. I could not get interested in the plot. It just seemed to drag on, and I didn't care for any of the characters. It's just not for me.

    29. Buddy read with Nenia and Heather :)For a book like this I am not expecting a) nuanced, realistic characters b) likable characters, c) any kind of historical accuracy, or d) plausible/healthy romance. I want to be entertained by trashy, over the top melodrama. I want the soapiest of soap operas. I want to turn pages thinking what's next? more fighting? more sex? more violence? More, more, more, craziness. That's what I want. This largely delivered.Rogers doesn't write soaring poetic prose but st [...]

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