It s been three months since musician Miranda Grey became a vampire and married David Solomon But when a powerful force from David s past appears, Miranda begins to realize how little she really knows about her husband.
Shadowflame It s been three months since musician Miranda Grey became a vampire and married David Solomon But when a powerful force from David s past appears Miranda begins to realize how little she really knows

  • Title: Shadowflame
  • Author: Dianne Sylvan
  • ISBN: 9780441020652
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Seriously? Are you? This is a joke right? This is Fother Mucking joke, RIGHT? Because I can't. I seriouslyI. *pinches self* I'll wake up. I'll wake up.Click for spoilers and curse words because I'm just so(view spoiler)[ Seriously, I'm about to rant, there is a spoiler here. I'm giving you time.URGH! It was a good book, it was getting good and then BAM. Just like that it turned to shit. I didn't know, I didn't realize that a series that had started off pretty amazing could justumble like that.I [...]

    2. I was planning to start this book today but now that my nosey self has stumbled onto a major spoiler I have no interest in reading this book anytime soon. I loved Queen Of Shadows, but now that I have discovered that David becomes a complete A$$h@!€ in this book I don't care to read it. Its these character inconsistencies that cause authors to loose faithful readers. I did something I Never do after stumbling upon the entire plot spoiler, I returned this book back to B&N. I loved Queen of [...]

    3. Gosh! I read this book because they're was a huge uprising against it! I didn't know why people disliked it, but I was excited to find out. And after giving the book a chance and making several excuses for the characters and the author, I officially say that this book sucked!Was the writing bad? NOHorrible Plot? Not reallyMain Heroine a doormat to a piece of crap Hero? BINGO!What was the author thinking. I thought to myself after reading this book. I have three possible reasons for her blunder: [...]

    4. Also from AMZThis wasn't a sequel to Queen of Shadows. This was another book entirely that decided to demoralize all the characters. The book was somewhat promising in the beginning what with the whole plot with Prime Hart. I thought for sure that the whole issue with him would be the very motive of this book, but I thought wrong. Instead, the author chose to make a work of perfectly good urban fantasy/romance novel and turn it into jerry springer for vampires.--Spoilers aheadI knew this book wa [...]

    5. Well, there goes another series. This book was a huge disappointment to me. I stayed up until 3 a.m. last night finishing it, hoping and hoping, that it would redeem itself. But no. I finished it knowing that I will never read another book in this series. Frankly, I might just give up on the author because of the direction this book tookbut that might be my PMS talking.(view spoiler)[When it comes to scifi/fantasy novels, I think my tastes are pretty diverse. I'll read just about anything, enjoy [...]

    6. Wow, after only 3 months he cheats on her! Doesn't sound like soul mates to me. I could see how after a few centuries they might try other people for awhile but the way David was going on about Devon was terrible. I might have been able to forgive David if he hadn't kept pinning after Devon even after he realized how much he hurt Miranda. Also, he was the one to initiate it when Devon was the one with the 'open marriage' and he was such a wuss about dealing with it all. I know quite a few really [...]

    7. I don't think I've ever had to force myself to finish a book. And I don't think I've ever actually thrown a book across the room. And I don't think I've ever hated a book as much as I hated Shadowflame. And through it all, I just have one question: WHY??! Why did it have to happen? Where did Devon even come from? The whole situation feels just wrong to me. What's the point of having something like that happen? There was no need whatsoever to have something so disgusting take place. This book and [...]

    8. This had the potential to be something great considering how wonderful the first in this series was.But I just couldn't get past the heroines husband cheating on her with a man while she lies injured she's feeling everything her husband and his lover are doing, ICK, and though he tried to make it up to her it seemed like he would do it again given the opportunity. How do you go from professing your love and claiming your significant other is your whole world and then jump at the opportunity to t [...]

    9. This is a spoiler free review. The big bad spoiler will be referred to as “The Event”.It’s hard to avoid the controversy surrounding this novel unless you were on a deserted island for the last few weeks. It’s also hard to avoid the big bad spoiler for this book but to say that a lot of readers were disappointed would not be an understatement. I usually go into a book without any preconceived notions. I want the author to wow me and make me believe that their paranormal world is real. I [...]

    10. Shadowflame is a book that will polarize readers. The previous Shadow World novel, Queen of Shadows, was classified as urban fantasy but also worked as a romance. Having read Shadowflame, I think I may have lead some readers astray by calling Queen of Shadows a romance in my review last year. Thinking of this series as romance may cause disappointment in Shadowflame. The conventions of romance dictate that, once the hero and heroine are fully committed, the author doesn’t mess their relationsh [...]

    11. I gave up. I'm not one of those people that avoids awkward story lines. I read a lot of weird and/or dark books. But the blatant infidelity in the main character's marriage, and how little time it apparently takes her to get over it just really annoyed me to no end. I flipped to the end, read the last couple pages, and I probably won't ever continue this series.

    12. This book gets 2 Stars and that might be generous, the actual story is good, the writing is good BUT what the author has done is taken characters that the reader base had emotionally invested in from Queen of Shadows and destroyed them. The actions in this book are in no way the actions of the characters she created in Queen of Shadows, this might have been an outstanding book if she had made it book 1 of a new series with new characters but by destroying the images most readers had of the h and [...]

    13. Over the last couple of years I have read a lot of Urban Fantasy, and one of the things that has bothered me most about the genre is the expectation that everything is perfect and roses between the couples. If you bond, you lose your identity and all the baggage that you're bringing in suddenly disappears in a poof of rose-colored smoke. That's not how relationships work. Ever. It may be how they're done in Paranormal Romanceland, but Shadowflame is not a paranormal romance, and these relationsh [...]

    14. What did I think of this book?SERIOUSLY?Plot is ok but forgettable.Relationship is a mess and unforgivable.Characters?? I don't give a shit anymore.Miranda: She keeps developing new skills! Just dump everything to her already! And for thinking of (view spoiler)[ sharing / working things out among the four of you? Woman, are you dumb or what?! Did your transition from human to vampire damaged your brain? REALLY? Aren't you all bad ass about how Prime Hart treats his women? HELLO? And you are ok w [...]

    15. CAUTION: SpoilersI have mixed feelings for this book. I liked that the book wasn't predictable, that a mainstream UF have LGBT characters that actually play a big role instead of being a gal-pal's BFF, that the author had no qualm killing off characters. Yet I was totally pissed off about David's infidelity.You think Miranda would dump his ass but it's too bad she can't—she would die. Seriously. Because of the stupid soulmate bond, if she even spend three days without close physical contact wi [...]

    16. Everyone who read Queen of Shadows knows that this series is dark. Miranda's ability and what she experienced (in QoS) could have completely wrecked her. Instead, she overcame her fears, learned to control the powers that had her believing she was insane, and found a man to care for her while giving her the space she needed to heal. As it happened, that man was her Signet-chosen Mate. The darkness of the Shadow World, Miranda’s new world, doesn’t end there. ”Blood, chocolate, and a hot sho [...]

    17. *Rating* D-*Genre* Unknown since the author has no clue what Urban Fantasy is truly about. PNR? Uhm, perhaps a more suitable designation. *Review*Shadowflame is the second book in the Shadow World Series. It picks up three months after the events of Queen of Shadows with Miranda Grey now married to Prime David Solomon and has become Queen of the Southern States. She is a fledgling vampire, a powerful empath, and a psychic whose powers continue to grow and exceed expectations. She has been trying [...]

    18. I read Queen of Shadows and was just wowed off my feet. For some reason I kept picking this one up and putting it down never quite starting. Looking back it was an omen.(view spoiler)[To start what the heck happened to David? In the first book David was smart, kind, charming and a force to be reckoned with. In this one he seems lost, he has absolutely no self-control, his self esteem is shot, seems to indulge in a lot of self loathing and the kicker is he is a cheater. The cheating thing really [...]

    19. SHADOWFLAME succeeds the previous Queen of Shadows in so many ways and you are left wondering if it is even possible to turn the pages fast enough. Dianne Sylvan has truly created a vampire world that I want to be apart of for years to come.Miranda is now Queen and wife of David Solomon, Prime of the South and since becoming a vampire her life has changed more ways than you could possibly imagine. She is a very young vampire, but in our eyes she is the wisdom of one born to be queen. David is a [...]

    20. "Your balls + my gun, you rat bastard." That basically sums up my review of the book.I've tried writing this review a few times ~ spoiler free ~ but having a hard time. Let's see how I do.If you haven't heard about this book, I will be very surprised. A big nasty happens. I wasn't happy with it but there was a lot of explaining and while I felt Miranda handled things too easily, I was willing to go with it. Until. The. End. and now I'm just sick.Not just because of David but because of what happ [...]

    21. 5 starsd I don't care what other people think!I was so enthralled and thought how can I give this book the credit it deserved. How high can I place this among my favorites among my PNR reads, and why it touched me differently?How can I love another bad-ass human-turned-vampire Queen? David Solomonat's why! When your husband is David, 350 YO and counting, he has fought, lived and lovedeply. Only 3 three months in her new role, Miranda ready for ALL of his secrets? This book was filled with intens [...]

    22. OKI read the reviews.I was on full spoiler alertI knew what was coming a certain extentd I even went into it with, I'll admit a pretty damn bad attitude towards itIS BOOK ENDED UP BLOWING ME AWAY!I would resort to my eldest spawns favorite quote of 'it actually blew my dick in the dirt'but I hate to admit to myself that I'm that little of a Lady so I'll just stick withWOW!The stuff that everyone seems to have the most problem with was theren't want to give it away if you're NOT into hearing anyt [...]

    23. EDITED: I returned the book. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE MY RAGE. I am in the midst of reading the book and i got to THAT part of the story where David commits adultery three months into the marriage. I feel like I just been blindsided by a truck. SERIOUSLY!!!! seriouslyis just made the book so much less appealing to me. I loved the first book of the series and was looking forward to reading more about Miranda and David being in love for hundreds of years. AND THREE MONTHS INTO THEIR RELATION [...]

    24. ''I don't think I've ever had to force myself to finish a book. And I don't think I've ever actually thrown a book across the room. And I don't think I've ever hated a book as much as I hated Shadowflame. '' from Aug 08, 2011 Dija ''Crossed this series off my list. I wish I could get those hours I wasted reading this book back.'' from Jan 04, 2012 juliet''I gave up. I'm not one of those people that avoids awkward story lines. I read a lot of weird and/or dark books. But the blatant infidelity in [...]

    25. I feel compelled to write a review because I do not agree in any way with any of the venomous and/or furious 1-star reviews this book received. In short the book is well written, and I enjoyed it even more than Queen of Shadows. Queen of Shadows got my attention and piqued my interest, but this book really challenged the characters and revealed their inner selves in a way the first book did not.Yes, the book has infidelity. No, it's not gratuitous or needless like some other reviews suggest. In [...]

    26. SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERSShadowflame is the second instalment in the Shadow World series and to say it packs an emotional punch is an understatement.In the Queen of Shadows, Sylvan shows herself to be a talented Urban Fantasy in overall character and plotting development. She has an easy flowing style which i found a pleasure to read. The actual writing style in Shadowflame is much the same but her controversial subplot involving a "gay for you" adulterous relationship is where she loses a lo [...]

    27. Shadowflame picks up, pretty much where Queen of Shadows left off. Miranda, is the newly appointed Queen and eternally soul-mate-bonded to David the Prime of the South. While all is not perfect and they are still getting to know each other, things are progressing nicely in her life and all is pretty well. That is until it comes to light that there is an assassin in town; a visit from a sick, deranged Prime and visit from another sick, deranged Prime threatens to throw Miranda and David way off t [...]

    28. I am really disappointed with this book. I loved so much the first one, Queen of Shadows. I also translated for some friends who don't know English. for them read it. I am a romantic reader, I wanna see the hero and the heroine together and happy. I know that someday something would happen to disrupt this relationship, but, they had just three months!!! WHAT? WHY?I don't understand why the author wanted destroy David's image, I don't understand why the author wanted destroy Miranda's image, beca [...]

    29. As the first of this series was about finding yourself; Shadowflame is about coming into yourself. Being ok with who you are; or if not being ok, than at least accepting yourself where you are in your life and in the relationships closest to you. The non-stop action and plot themes are wonderfully enticing. I was unable to put the book down and longingly await the next in the series. The characters developed well and are becoming good friends. I hope that Ms. Sylvan goes further into developing [...]

    30. Very disappointed in this book.I loved Queen of Shadows and i kept reading Shadowflame with a hope that it would get better but it didnt. Im not sure in what direction Miranda and David's relationship is going and im not sure i want to keep reading to find out.

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